Aaargh! You can easily defeat any monster in a fight for an egg, hold your ground and punc

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Aaargh! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can easily defeat any monster in a fight for an egg, hold your ground and punch forward, jumping around and breathing fire is not the way to go. After three or four falls, your foe will stay down. Keep eating even if no increase is shown on screen, your health will skyrocket. Action Fighter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Try typing in ZBACKDOOR on the high score table to call up the back door and recieve unlimited lives and energy. A.P.B. - All Points Bulletin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Activate the siren as you drive along by holding in the fire button, doing so will cause all vehicles in your path to pull to the side of the road and let you pass. Apprentice ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Call up the level code section on the title screen by pressing the TAB key, then enter these codes to go to various levels. WIZARD GUILD SPELLS ARCANE DRUID FAERIE After the War ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can make to the end with the help of invincibility by holding all the following keys at the same time: Level One - ALT 1 B Level Two - ALT 1 M To go directly to level two without the need for play, just enter the code as 101069. Afterburner ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS and then some keys for various cheats are: < - Decrease Level > - Increase Level G - Increase Missles N - Increase Lives Airball ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can locate the spellbook in the room that also contains the candle. You must pick up and remove the blocks to get to it. With spellbook in hand, back to the starting screen you go and drop it into the top left corner. Then follow the instructions you are given to find the ingredients needed to finish the game. All Games ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This cheat is not for a game called 'All Games', but rather a cheat that will work on all games. Attach a genlock and everything runs 25% slower, giving you a chance to get a feel for those really blazing games that normaly kick your ass without the trainer. If that's not an economical way to cheat though, and you are running NTSC and have the necessary setup, boot the game in PAL to slow it down. PAL users who just can't seem to find a game that is fast enough for them, take heart, a solution is at hand. Switch your machine to NTSC and see a dramatic improvement in game speed (18%). Anarchy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Levelcodes are: 5400, 0101, 3901, 2602, 9902, 4303, 9003, 6904, 3305, 9305, 3406, 0407, 6407, 2008, 7408, 4709, 3810, 0511, 6811, 3212, 0213, 8213, 5014, 1015, 8215, 5116, 0117, 7017, 5518, 2819, 9919, 7320, 2521, 0622, 3722, 1223, 4523, 4124, 1825, 1926, 9726, 5927, 0528. Antep ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Go to the nearest town and offer your items for sale. When ased which item you should attempt to sale, press the keys 1-5. These items are, of course, non-existant, but the shopkeeper must be blind or totally mad, as he will cheerily offer you exorbatant amounts of gold for absolutely nothing. The best thing is, you can repeat this as often as you like and repeatedly sell the same non-existant item to the same fool many times. Their is but one problem with this trick, if you hit numbers higher than 5 this will most certainly crash the game. Archipelagos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hate this game. So finish the first two Archipelagos then smash the RETURN key to select another. Type in the magic number 8421 and bang the RETURN key a few more times. Now you can go wherever you want. A much easier solution is to turn off the computer for at least 30 seconds and boot something else. Arkanoid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pressing the SPACE BAR will pause the game and allow you to type DSIMAGIC, but then you must unpause so you will have all the keys and associated cheats listed below at your disposal: B - Break Opens gates so you can leave, plus bonus points C - Catch Lets you catch the ball D - Disrupt Splits into 3 seperate balls E - Expand Gives you much larger VAUS F - Finale Skip to last level and fight DOH L - Laser Lets you shoot bricks P - Play Bonus Extra man S - Slow Makes the ball really slow and easy to hit Feel free to use each cheat as often as you like, and activate as many modes as you like at once. Now press ENTER to skip levels. Arkanoid II - Revenge of DOH ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DEBBIE S typed to the high score screen will give you infinite lives. Arkanoid III ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As the pink loading screen comes into view, hold down the CAPS LOCK and type IMAGINE. As the opening bit begins to play, type away PETEJOHNSONWANTSCHEAT. Now you may press S and both exits will open allowing you to exit the level without doing much but typing in the cheat right and making up your mind to go left or right. How fun. A better cheat would be to type in DALEY88 at the same pink screen and restart at the same level you last died on. That's more like it. Army Moves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The code for part two is 101069. In the first part hold down ALT 1 D for immunity. To get immunity in teh second part hold down ALT 1 J. Astro Marine Corp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level Codes Zone 01 - NOSTROMO Zone 09 - REPLICANT Zone 03 - DISCOVERY ZONE 11 - KRULL Zone 05 - ENTERPRISE Zone 13 - METROPOLIS Zone 07 - DAGOBAH Atomic Robo Kid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While sitting at the title page type in TUESDAY 14TH and when you press the fire button to start the game you will be presented with an options screen that will allow you to obtain infinite lives, etc. Atomino ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 10 - IDYLL 20 - TAURUS 30 - NEPTUNE 40 - PHOTON 50 - PLANKTON 60 - INFERNAL 70 - FOSSIL 80 - POISON 90 - SOUP 100 - SULPHATE Atomix ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press HELP and type TIME to bust the clock. Awesome ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To become indestructable, gain infinite money and fuel, complete the first attack level. When the shields/weapons screen appears, move the cursor to the top left corner of the screen. This will place it in the shields box. Now press the joystick button while hitting the + key on the keypad. The screen will flash, indicating that the cheat mode has been activated. If the screen does not flash, keep pressing fire and hitting the + key simulataneously. It will work eventually. Now transfer all the energy to the weapons. Shields can still be drained by hits and colliding with objects, but once it reaches 000, the ship can not be destroyed. To win at the game, simply choose the last planet as the destination. Once you enter the spaceport, there will be a short animation showing your ship leaving the galaxy. Hold down the + key on the keypad and press fire. Then during play the F1 key disables enemies, F6 replenishes energy and 1-10 keys give you different weapons. Baal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ During the load push the right button for infinite lives as the screen blanks. Type in LOVEBUNDLE as your name in the hi-score chart to use the games built in trainer mode. In the second cavern there is a force filed that seems impossible to get rid of. To get to the time machine chunk beyond it, simply fall off the right side of the phone booth platform above. Here are all the coordinates of all the jetpack platforms, in the order you should go to them to finish the game. X/Y, X being width and Y being height: Level 1: 31/16 (cartridge 2), 02/25, 52/30 (cartridge 3), 51/00, 24/38, 62/13, 02/50, 64/49, 33/58 (exit to level 2). Level 2: 34/30, 54/12 (cartridge 4), 16/12, 00/24, 03/34, 30/47, 54/12 (exit to level 3). The jetpack isn't used on level 3. The Level 1 teleporter codes are: 13 00 29 16 24 64 53 50 25 04 58 49 48 38 32 68 00 29 And level 2: 12 12 48 56 30 17 54 35 02 34 24 34 02 06 Back to the Future II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause the game whenever you feel like it and type THE ONLY NEAT THING TO DO then watch the game reset, indicating the cheat mode has been activated. Now when you play you have infinite lives. Back to the Future III ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ During the story type these codes for infinite lives 01 - ROTTEN CHEAT 02 - LOUSY CHEAT 03 - LOW DOWN CHEAT Bane of the Cosmic Forge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The password to enter the door in the SE tower of the 1st level is SNOOPCHERI. Use the ROTTEN CHEESE on the MOUSEHOLE. Some small help for playing the game successfully: When you create your characters, it may be a good idea just to make all of them Dracons. This is untested, but unless you have at least one of this fire breathing race you surely wont survive the game. So maybe it would be good to have more. Use a good mix of the classes, try to take one of each spell class and a good solid thief that is at full strength. Get a good enough thief and you dont need a fighter. It may be slow, but keep rolling till you get the best character possible. Be sure to make at least one character female, there are places in the game where this is a must. Dont do it and be sorry later! Diversify your skills. Have each character specialise in a few skills relative to his class. Do not worry about developing weapons skills, you have no use for them if you created your party correctly. In fights early in the game use Dracons breath attack, just be careful not to overextend yourself. Rest after each encounter, backing up your hard work. Allways search the area after a combat. Search each square you step in. Not only this, but search facing all four directions, many things can only be found that way. Thieves are not always true. If you find a lock and have your thief open it, allways guess it is POISON unless you are 100% sure (i.e. tried it before) because it is better to suffer something else than to die by getting this wrong. Dont bash doors early in the game! If your characters are not very strong you will be sorry. Jammed doors do you no good, as you might never be able to open them again. Same goes for picking the lock. Wait till you get a caster capable of conjuring KNOCK KNOCK with at least 18 points (prefereably 24) and do it this way. It is much more sure. Once you know there are secret panels or buttons, keep walking past them until you discover them. You can find them by looking at the maps and know where they are, sometimes it takes awhile to sense them. Barbarian (Palace) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the final level when you confront Drax, walk forward and when the first fireball comes, jump, then do a forward roll into Drax. If you can't even get that far then the best way to defeat an oppoent is to roll into him until he reaches the side, then kick him, roll in to him again and kick him, keep repeating this method and you'll soon finish the game. Barbarian (Psygnosis) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type 04-08-59 for near invulnerability. To kill the final Wizard, you must have a shield. When his shot comes at you, use the defense icon, and it will fly back at him. Barbarian II (Palace) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 1: left, left, right seven times, left, right, left, in the cave, and right. Level 2: right, up, left, up, left, left, right, left three times, up, and left. Level 3: up, right, right, up, left, right, up, right, left, left, up, left, left, up, up, right, right, left, left, up. Level 4: hit the fireballs, then try to leap across. Several low chops will destroy it. Next is the Pit Demon; when he reaches out, use an overhead chop to hit his arms; repeat until death. Next, Drax himself! Wait until he pauses between spells, and hit him with a flying head chop! The End... Bards Tale I - Tales of the Unknown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To get more gold than you will ever need (and then some), transfer all the parties gold to one player. Save him to disk then load him back up and transfer all to another. Keep repeating this process till you have done it to all the players, then exit without saving. Load back up and all your players will have the amount of gold equal to that of the entire party before. Reapeat until satisfied. If your tired of waiting for morning to come enter and exit the guild. Bards Tale II - The Destiny Knight ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If your tired of waiting for morning to come enter and exit the guild. Find a band of illusionists and kill off the front line, have your castor conjure DISRUPT ILLUSION, you will keep disbelieving and gaining expierence. Bards Tale III - The Thief of Fate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For a bit of fun tell the guard at the Mad Gods temple HAMBURGER. Batman the Movie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type JAMMMM on the intro screen for infinite lives. Hit F10 after this to skip levels. Battle Island ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 00 FIRST 16 CONRA 32 EUROP 01 GHOST 17 PHASE 33 STORM 02 GAMMA 18 EXOTY 03 MARSS 19 MOUNT 04 EAGLE 20 FIGHT 05 METAN 21 RUSTY 06 FOTON 22 FIFTH 07 POLAR 23 VESUV 08 TIGER 24 MAGIC 09 SNAKE 25 SPACE 10 ZENIT 26 VALEY 11 DONNN 27 TESTY 12 VESTA 28 TERRA 13 OXXID 29 SLAVE 14 DEMON 30 NEVER 15 GIANT 31 RIVER Battle Squadron ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type CASTOR for invulnerability. Type ELECTRONIC on the intro to call up the game option editor. Battle Valley ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type ROGER MELLIE THE MAN OF TELE to activate infinite lives. BBS Jane Seymour ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level Codes: SLUMBER, INTEREST, BULKHEAD, SHOWROOM, MUSHBASH. Beach Volleyball ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DADDY BRACEY will activate level skips. Now hit F1 to skip levels. Batter Dead than Alien ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can move your ship even when the games paused (ESC). To skip to the last level type QUARANTINE. Typing CHAMP then pressing HELP will show you the cheats available. Keys for cheating: F1 - Scatterbolts F6 - Neutron Bomb F2 - Multi Fire F7 - Clone Ship F3 - Auto Repeat F8 - Shield F4 - Armour Missles F9 - Skip Level F5 - Stun F0 - Extra Power Bars If you type in ELVIE or CHAMPIE, the program reports that the Super-Cheat mode has been entered. Heres the codes: 001 - ELEKTRA 014 - TRIPTYCH 002 - SYZYGY 015 - JABBERWOCKY 003 - DRAMBUIE 016 - WHIMSICAL 004 - PLUG 017 - CORNUCOPIA 005 - SOPRANO 018 - PUNJABI 006 - MAYONNAISE 019 - TIDDLY POM 007 - FAUCET 020 - KEWPIE DOLL 008 - POTATO 021 - SEPULCHRE 009 - WOOMERA 022 - EUPHEMISM 010 - NARCISSUS 023 - GRAMMARIAN 011 - DEBUTANTE 024 - CROSSWORD 012 - FIRKIN 025 - QUARANTINE 013 - ACOUSTIC Beverly Hills Cop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the screen displaying difficulty selection for the game type MELLIE so you can have a bash at all the games. Beyond the Gates ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Entering THE END OF TIME DRAWS NEAR will call up a full character editor that allows you to change your stats and add any item to your inventory. Bio-Challenge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In game pressing ESC to pause the game and pressing G will transport you to the end of level guardian. Hints for the first three levels: LEVEL 1: Get the green armous as soon as possible. If you have all of the amulet, don't go to the sphere unless you have collected at least four lots of monster remains, you'll need them to battle the end of level guardian. He's a bit soft in the head, so time your jumps carefully, and hit him there. LEVEL 2: There are four planets to visit, go to everyone if you want to get maximum points. Again, the green armour is very useful, so get it as quickly as possible. There's loads of ammo for the guardian of this level, unfortunetly that means there's loads of monsters to deal with. The back of the guardians head is the weak spot. LEVEL 3: Stand on the slabs and summersault. There are six planets here, and the transporters are more difficult to so, so you have to watch more carefully. Bionic Commando ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Exit from level 1 exactly when the timer reads 1 for nine lives and a super high score. Blood Money ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press HELP and then 1 or 2 and you will restock your supply of lives or money, respectively. Bombuzul ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Actually there is a hidden pause control in the game. When you press the spacebar to access the overhead map screen, if you keep it held down the clock stops until you release it. When reaching a new level, it's worthwhile to sacrifice a life to see the explosion pattern. When trying to detonate a pulsing bomb, pick it up; it's easier to see its size. You are invulnerable to explosions when teleporting, so use it to your advantage! A blind droid can't activate switches. Also, here's a list of the level access codes: 008 - ROSS 096 - SONG 184 - PALM 016 - RATT 104 - FIRE 192 - LOCK 024 - LISA 112 - LAMP 200 - SAFE 032 - DAVE 120 - TREE 208 - WORM 040 - IRON 128 - SINK 216 - NOSE 048 - LEAD 136 - BIKE 224 - EYES 056 - WEED 144 - BIRD 232 - HAIR 064 - RING 152 - TAPE 240 - SIGN 072 - GIRL 160 - VASE 248 - MYTH 080 - GOLD 168 - PILL 088 - OPAL 176 - SPOT Brat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The codes for The Brat: 2 MIHEMOTO 3 SASUTOZO 4 SUMATZEE 5 NOKITAGO 6 ITSANONO 7 MOZIMATO 8 HOZITOMO 9 MOKITEMO 10 ZUMOHATO 11 CHANASTU 12 NAGAITSU Bubble Bobble ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you can get to boards 10, 20, 30 & 40 without dying a door will appear to take you to a secret level. On boards 7 & 22 wait a few seconds until the umbrella falls and grab it, you will warp ahead 6 levels. F1 - advance 1 screen F2 - advance 6 screens F3 - advance 11 screens Builderland ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level Codes: 1 - BUILD1 4 - OCTOPY 2 - YOTTHA 5 - DIABLO 3 - BEARBY 6 - GOTIUS 3 Cabal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type SCHLIKA during play. The border will flash and now F2 finishes the level. Capone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For invincibilty just shoot the top of the flag pole twice in front of the post office. Captain Blood ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When you encounter a particularly friendly alien, ask it the follwing question using the alien icons: CODE GG1. The alien will then give you the coordinates of another alien called GG. Go to the specified planet and you More[n,Y,=] can ask GG for the coordinates of all the other aliens around by asking CODE INFORMATION HELP. If your met with blind ignorance then put in the name of the alien after the HELP. Captive ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Combos for bases in Mission Two: Masgot..................TR,BL,TL,BR Traphet.................TL,BL,TR,BR Phoopel.................TL,TR,BL,BR Sodcket.................BL,BR,TL,TR Zaitet..................TL,BR,TR,BL Quelosod................TL,TR,BL,BR Saldet..................BL,TL,TR,BR Mieusia.................TL,BLL,TR,BR Pasdet..................TL,TR,BL,BR Leatod..................BR,TR,TL,BL Carrier Command ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type THE BEST IS YET TO BE with game paused and hit the + key on the numeric keypad for near invincibilty. To take over the island in an action game, load up a Manta with two missles on each side and three in the middle. Launch and fly to the opposite side of the island, then fly in at top speed firing violently at the enemy command centre. This will free the island and only take about thirty seconds. Car-Vup ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PUSSYCAT - 9 lives BUMPER - Infinite car bumpers ARNIECAR - 100,000 points WOAARRGGH - Infinite fast turns WHOOPSIE - Start at prehistoric stage But why not just type R.J.TOONE on the scores for infinites? Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You dont have to complete all five Ordeals. Instead, go into the tunnels (from the Noose) and wait an hour. Then leave the tunnels and go to the Masters Eye. Wait around until the master dies. Search his body for the whistle. Use it and a panel will open up. Reach in and grab the egg. Champions of Krynn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ No use being repititous, check out the entry for Pool of Radiance for full details on how to cheat this game. Chaos Strikes Back - Dungeon Master II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Find a dragon and cast MON ZO GOR SAR and hit ESC to pause the game. Hold down the ALT key and type in LORD LIBRASULUS SMITHES THEE DOWN. Unpause the game and slay the beast. He leaves behind a firestaff and your party will be invincible. Chariots of Wrath ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When it says to push the fire to start, push forward instead. Charly ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2:ROOM 22:WORK 42:BANK 3:CLAW 23:GLAS 43:BABY 4:NEST 24:LOOP 44:STAR 5:WORD 25:DARK 45:HINT 6:FISH 26:ATOM 46:CHAT 7:AUNT 27:TALK 47:FOUL 8:RUSH 28:COAT 48:CALL 9:TUBE 29:LOAD 49:LINE 10:RICH 30:LIFE 50:BEER 11:HAIR 31:PICK 12:SPOT 32:POST 13:NAME 33:RING 14:EDGE 34:GREY 15:DEEP 35:BEST 16:CASH 36:DEAD 17:SALT 37:KNOB 18:PACT 38:TASK 19:FIRE 39:BOSS 20:STAG 40:LAND 21:LEAP 41:FREE Chase H.Q. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hold the left mouse button and fire and type GROWLER. Press T for more time now. Before each new level finishes talking hit space and use a free nitro. X & Z make steering easier. As soon as the title screen disappears start tapping the SPACEBAR at high speed and continue until loading has finished and the game begins. Your car will now have a top speed of over 1,000 km/h. Chase H.Q. II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type IN A GARDEN in title page and hit T to get more time. Hold down H and while the game is loading, now all the roadside obstacles will dissapear. Chips Challenge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1: bdhp | 11: cnpe | 21: ugrw | 31: ryms | 41: gkwd 2: jxmj | 12: wvhi | 22: wzin | 32: pefs | 42: lmfu 3: ecbq | 13: ocks | 23: huve | 33: bqsn | 43: ujdp 4: ymcj | 14: btdy | 24: uniz | 34: nqfi | 44: txhl 5: tqkb | 15: cozq | 25: pqgv | 35: vdtm | 45: ovpz 6: wnlp | 16: skkk | 26: yvyj | 36: nxis | 46: hdqy 7: fxqo | 17: ajmg | 27: iggz | 37: vqnk | 47: lxpp 8: nhag | 18: hmjl | 28: ujdd | 38: bifa | 48: jysf 9: kcre | 19: mrhr | 29: qgol | 39: icxy | 49: ppxi 10: vuws | 20: kgfp | 30: bqzp | 40: ywfh | 50: qbdh -----------+------------+------------+------------+---------- 51: iggj | 61: rmow | 71: lajm | 81: scwf | 91: jpqg 52: ppht | 62: tigw | 72: ekft | 82: llio | 92: dtmi 53: cgnx | 63: gohx | 73: qccr | 83: ovpj | 93: rekf 54: zmgc | 64: ijpq | 74: mknh | 84: uveo | 94: ewcs 55: sjes | 65: upun | 75: mjdv | 85: lebx | 95: bifq 56: fcje | 66: zikz | 76: nmrh | 86: flhh | 96: wvhy 57: ubxu | 67: ggja | 77: fhic | 87: yjys | 97: iocs 58: yblt | 68: rtdi | 78: grmo | 88: wzyv | 98: tkwd 59: bldm | 69: nlly | 79: jinu | 89: vczo | 99: xuvu 60: zyvi | 70: gccg | 80: evug | 90: ollm | 100: qjxr -----------+------------+------------+------------+---------- 101: rpir | 111: krqj | 121: bpys | 131: fird | 141: mcje 102: vddu | 112: njla | 122: sjum | 132: zyfa | 142: ucry 103: ptac | 113: ptas | 123: ykze | 133: tigg | 143: okor 104: kwnl | 114: jwnl | 124: tasx | 134: xpph | 144: gvxq 105: yneg | 115: egrw | 125: myrt | 135: lywo | 106: nxyb | 116: hxmf | 126: qrld | 136: luzl | 107: ecre | 117: fpzt | 127: jmwz | 137: hppx | 108: lioc | 118: oscw | 128: ftla | 138: lujt | 109: kzqr | 119: phty | 129: hean | 139: vlhh | 110: xbao | 120: flxp | 130: xhiz | 140: sjuk | Hit the F key in game to call up the cheat mode, you should have some idea the cheat mode is activated because the screen flips upside down. SAGITTARIANS MAKE BETTER LOVERS - Infinte iceboots,keys, shield, mag. I THINK THERFORE I AM - No chips needed 09/12/57 - Infinite time Now you may press F to return to game or C to skip levels. Chop N Drop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Push T while fighting and your guyz pants fall down. Press F and kick your foe to see his do the same. Pressing S lets you change the color of shadows. Chubby Gristle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the title screen, type BUUURRP and have infinites Chuck Rock ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hit ESC on the title page then type FAST AINT THE WORD or UNCLE SAMS or ITS FAIRY BOWBELZ or SHE LOVES CLEANING WINDOWS or LIFE IS MY DREAM for infinite energy. Select zones in levels by typing MORTIMER and use the F keys. Select levels by typing TURN FRAME and 1-5 to go. Fly with ESTRANO. Turn on Caps Lock key. To select levels type TURN FRAME or TURN FRAME LEE and use 1-5 to select. To be able to fly, type ESTRANO. Infinite energy type UNCLE SAM. Clown 'O Mania ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press HELP for extras. Continental Circus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When the first red light comes on push forward. As the second comes up release. On green push forward. The faster the better. Cosmic Pirate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To get to the cheat mode, press the spacebar to pause whilst you are playing a game. Now press full stop while in pause mode. You will get a requester. Type in GZAIMASEN and there should be a sound effect denoting cheat mode operative. This will make you invincible. Once in cheat mode you can choose which spacetruck to attck by recalling the requester and typing GIMMESHIPx where 'x' is mission "A-Z'. This only works before entering the sector with the spacetruck. Crackdown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ During play, pause the game and enter 'SMURF'. Pressing F1 and F2 will now reimburse both player's lives. Crazy Cars II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a list of the roads you are supposed to take: Stage 1: take route 15 on your right, then route 70 on your left and keep going. Stage 2: take route 191 to your right, then route 666 on the left, and then route 160 on your left and keep going. Stage 3: take route 285 on the right and route 60 to your left. Stage 4: take route 70 on the right, route 54 on the left, route 25 on your right, route 10 to the left, and right on route 180. Crystal Hammer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When starting hold down one mouse button. Click the other before the ball appears on the paddle to start at level 26. Crystals of Arborea ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Go to the main character screen, select Jarel then click on the bottle icon. Now press CTRL and V to get full life points plus all the special abilities. Curse of Ra ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEVEL CODE LEVEL CODE LEVEL CODE ----- ---- ----- ---- ----- ---- 001 Wobbler 026 Thoron 051 64738 002 Yeg 027 Amarth 052 67802 003 Cthulhu 028 Thargelion 053 Nibelungen 004 Lovecraft 029 Naugrim 054 Hagen von Tronje 005 Tommyknockers 030 Meremont 055 Donar 006 Watchers 031 Caerweddin 056 Skidbladnir 007 Midgrad 032 Stahlratte 057 Dagon 008 Unicorn 033 Mandelbrot 058 Slawotski 009 Isis 034 von Koch 059 Cullinana 010 Midnight 035 Christus 060 Arta Myrdhyn 011 Kazgaroth 036 Jehova 061 Anna Magdalena 012 Miscatonic 037 92E2JMP92E2 062 Phillip Emanuel 013 Thorbadin 038 Rawheadrex 063 Graceland 014 Mishakal 039 Hellraiser 064 Solly Roger 015 Abanasinia 040 Pinhead 065 Get Funky 016 Earthmother 041 Devpac 066 Twilight 017 Azatoth 042 Einsteinium 067 Dragonlance 018 Akallabeth 043 Protactinium 068 Hathega Kla 019 Silmarillion 044 Promethium 069 Inquanok 020 Draug 045 JS Bach 070 Kiran 021 Sindarin 046 Toccata Et Euga 071 Oukranos 022 Ossiriand 047 Brandenburg 072 Thran 023 Mithril 048 Colonia Claudia 073 Ulthar 024 Glaurung 049 Volksgarten 074 Thalarion 025 Elbereth 050 Terra 075 Ngranek LEVEL CODE ----- ---- 076 Chathuria 077 Entropie 078 Heissenberg 079 Laplace 080 Sona Nyl 081 Differential 082 Integral 083 Hyperzyklus 084 Apfel Mann 085 Chaos 086 Dyakhee 087 Dendrit 088 Neuron 089 Dankreas 090 Panakrea 091 Unordnung 092 Deutschland 093 Germany 094 Music Television 095 John Belushi 096 Rhythm N Blues 097 Gleichrichter 098 Translation 099 Cthuga Curse of the Azure Bonds ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ No use being repititous, check out the entry for Pool of Radiance for full details on how to cheat this game. Cybernoid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At the front screen type RAISTLIN and hit SPACE for infinites. Press N to skip levels. Or, try defining your keys as Y X E S (in that order) for unlimited ships. Cybernoid II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type NECRONOMICON on the intro screen. Press N to skip levels. If you define the keys as Y G R O (in that order) you get infinites. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 4 Daley Thompson Olympic Challenge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To begin each level with 3 full cans of Lucozade, get on to the high-score table, and type HINGSEN-J in place of your name, followed by a quick press of the DEL key. The high-score table will now be titled DEMO, so type in -J again, which will change the title to MEGA DEMO. Now restart the game, and press any of the F keys to choose an event to play with a full quota of Lucozade. Damocles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On Midas reference 577-341 you can find a pyramid which contains a magic crystal. To use it, you'll need the book from the trader at Eris Capital City (13-5). Reading the book while in possession of the crystal will allow one wish to be granted. You may like to try some of the following wishes. I WISH I HAD A CHEESE SANDWICH More[n,Y,=] I WISH I HAD MORE TIME I WISH I COULD RECIEVE 1,000,000 CREDITS I WISH THE UNIVERSE WAS MORE COLOURFUL I WISH I KNOW HOW TO USE AUTHOR'S COMPUTER I WISH I HAD MERCENARY 3 NOW Darkside ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hold down 2 and 8 then press fire for pics of the programmers. Datastorm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hit F10 on the brag screen for some messages. Death Knights of Krynn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ No use being repititous, check out the entry for Pool of Radiance for full details on how to cheat this game. Denaris ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press Z, plug mouse in port 2, hold right button as loads. Defender of the Crown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While loading, hold down K for 1,024 knights in your army and castle. Only works on some versions. If you begin the game at the lowest castle, move all your men in your army and take the 3 high vassal/income territories below. This will give you a lot of men in your army. Move back to your castle ad you will also be able to buy lots of men. When sword fighting move forward, backward, strike, and repeat, you should beat your opponents with no problems. Move your lance until it is just left of your opponents shield, then down a little. Count the number of bounces and on the 5th strike at the lowest possible point. Defender II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GOATY - Invincibility is yours RAVEN - Activates these keys for play; I - Invincibility on/off N - Next level D - Fly auto-pilot 23 levels INCAS - Replaces inviso with smart laser in Stargate ANDES - Power is restored every time laser is fired Passwords; 1) START 5) FLOYD 9) FURRY 13) BEAST 17) LEMAC 21) ZIPPO 25) LASER 29) DEFAD 33) MAGOG 37) FUNKY 41) DONKY 49) KANJI 53) IRATA 57) NEURO 61) STOAT Dogs of War ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type TIMBO then hit F5 for invincibility. Dominator ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type SHAFT on the hi score table for infinite lives. Double Dragon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Play the two player game and get both players killed until you have one credit left and the CONTINUE message is displayed on both sides of the screen. Press both fire buttons simultaneously for infinites. Or try typing R U CALLING MY PINT A POFF! on the title screen and you can kill every opponent by pressing the DELETE kill. When the title screen pops up, type the followings: LEVEL ONE PLEASE (start on level one), LEVEL TWO PLEASE (start on level two), and so on until level four, THE LAST LEVEL PLEASE drops you on the last level, GIVE ME MORE HEALTH PLEASE (lots of energy!), I DO NOT WANT TO DIE (invincibility!). Just remember to say please!!! Also, type Neil Harding in the high-score list and something funny happens... Dr Plummet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ F1 skips to next level, F2 for invincibility, F10 resets fuel & ships. Dragon Breed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause game and type IREM, N will skip level. Dragon Ninja ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type TERRIFIC during the game. Pressing L now advances the game to the next level, and F3 gives you infinite lives. Dragon Lord ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A nice spell to know is this Dragon Spell: 3 Rasgon (grind) (full heat) 3 Haloros (cut) (full condenser) 3 IGELE (normal) (full heat) (medium condenser) 2 Rasgon (grind) (full heat) Dragon Scape ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press TAB then hit 2 for warps to the next level. Dragon Spirit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hit F9 to pause the game then type DRAGON HEAD and then F10. Dragon Wars ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can multi-task Dragon Wars by typing CHANGETASKPRI -1 in CLI. Hitting Amiga-E jumps to the games ending. Dragons Lair ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To watch the game demo press all these at once ESC R/LN7. Then press fire. Dragons Lair - Singes Castle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can play easy mode and still see all the screens, like so; Select the hardest possible setting before starting the game,including disabling flip screen and choosing only 3 lives. Now click on the game icon and do as if you were to start the game. When you are prompted to click to play, just choose exit. Now select easy mode and more lives and away you go. Dragons Lair II - Time Warp ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hammer GET MORDROC DIRK at any time to see the game played to the end, much easier than playing yourself, and more exciting to boot. Drakkhen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For a better character: Get into the character generator section, and enter the character name as 31415927. Then when you are next asked for your name, enter SUPERVISOR. Now play the game and press CONTROL. When a monster appears, quicly hit RETURN. You will do a half turn, take advantage of this and run away. All armour, weapons and treasure inside palaces is restocked when you enter. You can hit the palace, load up, get out, and sell it off for quick cash, repeat as often as you need. Get all the expirence points you want by going to Prince Haagkens castle. Make your way past the bats, past the first fireplace with the trap to the second fireplace. In front of the fireplace is a switch that activates a door two or three rooms farther on in the castle when you step on it. This door leads to a water fountain. Looking into the fountain transports you to a room filled with water that has a never ending supply of water monsters. Take your best weapon and armour with you. Set your character on 'auto kill' and if he or she is able to hang in there, you can leave the character in the room for several hours or all night killing off zillions of monsters. Do this for each of your characters and youll easily be able to kill the giant dragon. Driller ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Upon starting the game you will be facing a small shed. Just shoot it around 20 times and you will be transformed into a jet. Drivin Force ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Click on the both of the 'i' in DRIVIN at main and during the game you cant leave the track. Dungeon Master ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To see someone interesting face the entrance and cast OH EW RA. To advance ninjas have them stand in a hall and throw weapons. Retrieve and repeat. Magic Users should cast spells in the air and fighters just slash at empty space. For a bit of nastiness, return to the entrance with the Firestaff, but leave the power gem behind. Halk isnt as bloody stupid as you think, give him magic objects and he will gain enough spell points to cast LO. Have him keep casting this and his magic powers will develope. Here are some undocumented spells: YA BRO ROS - Leaves a trail of footprints VI BRO - Shield poison DES IR SAR - Darkness FUL BRO NETA - Fire ball shield OH KATH RA - Lightning Bolt d ZO - Open doors DES EW - Weakens non-corperal (undead) beings Dynamite Dux ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type CHEAT to do so. Hit F1-F6 for level skips. Type NUDE to box. Dynasty Wars ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At the title type CHEAT MODE and hit F2 to skip levels. Dyter-07 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When the game loading screen appears, type in GIBB. This activates the cheat mode. When W is pressed you get extra weaponry and when S is pressed your shields are replinished. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 5 E-Motion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When the title screen appears type in MOONUNIT and press RETURN. Now start the game as usual. F1 - skip levels F3 - Skip 10 levels F2 - Go back a level F4 - Go back 10 levels E-Swat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause and type JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MUMU for 99 credits. Ed the Duck ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you are stuck on a particular level and can't get off, press the left mouse More[n,Y,=] button to advance you to the next level. Elephant Antics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type ITCHY ARSEHOLES on the titles page for infinites. Elf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHOROPOO to cheat while playing. Eliminator ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press HELP on the title page and type in the required code to start the new level. 02 - AMEOBA 09 - HANDEL 03 - BLOOOP 10 - ICICLE 04 - CHEEKI 11 - JAMMIN 05 - DOINOK 12 - KIKONG 06 - ENIGMA 13 - LAPDOG 07 - FLIPME 14 - MIKADO 08 - GEEGEE Elite ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When the title screen with the rotating ships appear press A. This will stop the ship from moving. To move or rotate the ship, press the arrow keys, and to get more rotations hold down the A key while pressing an arrow key. To move the ship toward or away from you press O or I . Press D when your finished. Press W while flying to tell your score and the authors credits. Type SARA as your password and hit RETURN. Get to the hack screen by pressing * on the numeric keypad. Empire Strikes Back ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hold down the HELP key and type XIFARG ROTKEV. You can now use the number keys to play the sampled speech and L, C, & D to bring up pictures of Luke, C3PO & Darth Vader. Enchanted Lands ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type TCB RULES FOREVER on the intro screen and the screen will flash. Pressing F3 will allow you to enter an edit. Pressing F2 followed by a space will take you to the end of level guardian. Enduro Racer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After the countdown type CHEAT. Now you can: T - Extra 10 seconds S - Advances one checkpoint F - Turbo speed (210kmh) Enlightenment - Druid II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To find secret levels at the start of the game immediately go left to the desert, then continue left to the fire zone. Head to the upper most left corner of this area and you should see lava with a patch on it that looks like a section of the Firewall spell. As quickly as you can, walk on this patch and you will be whisked away to secret levels. Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This only works in one player mode. When you reach the reptillion, run past it and stand in the center of the joint of the gates that block your way. When here waggle the joystick left and right and keep dropping bombs. In a few moments you'll go through the doors and appear on the other side. Executive Leader Board ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Use a 6I on the 7th hole and you can get a hole in one every time. Exolon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type AD ASTRA on the high score table for infinite lives. Eye of the Beholder ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Make two copies of Disk 2 then make up your parties on both disks. Play the game as usual, but when you find any secret passages or walls, or unlock any doors, insert the other disk and continue playing for a short while. This passes all the data onto this disk. Replace the original disk and continue playing and now, if you get stuck in the game and you have to start again, simply continue with the other disk and all the doors that were previously locked will be open. Plus, you'll be able to pick up the keys that you needed to unlock them as a bonus! Eye of Horus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After PRESS FIRE TO START appears type SPAM for invincibilty and you also wont need to find colord keys to operate elevators. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 6 F-29 Retaliator ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Choose DIDYMEN for your name, click COLONEL icon and hit RETURN. FA-18 Interceptor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Taxi down US 101, turn right at Highway 92, pull up to the EA HQ and blow it away. In mission 6. once you've fired all your missles, you can land on the Shadow Sub and it will refuel and re-arm you. Faery Tale Adventure ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the dungeons and cave you can go through opening doors, restore your More[n,Y,=] position and you will still have all your keys. Repeat as often as you need. Go to the dark evil castle. Stand right up against the force field. Let yourself starve so that you faint. When you wake up, you'll be on the other side of the forcefield. Find the green turtle, jump on his back and start attacking. Nothing will happen except your bravery points will keep piling up. On the Crystal Castle Island press right mouse button while speaking with the Sorceress and luck increases to 65. ASK the Sorceress several times. A secret entrance to the fort exists. On the left side, near even with the door. Save a game to a back up file and patch byte 18 to a non-zero value and you know have these cheats at your disposal: ARROW KEYS - Move very fast over any terrain B - Summon Gold Swan R - Rescue Princess = - Display Coordinates F9 - Increase time by one hour F10 - Location in coordinates Falcon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CONTROL X will rearm your weapons. Fernandez Must Die! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause and type SPINYNORMAN and you get infinites. Fighter Bomber ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUCKAROO for your name and the Amiga speaks to you, then lets you access all 16 missions. Flood ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here are the codes for the first 42 levels: 01 - FROG 08 - GRIP 15 - FOUR 22 - REED 29 - LOOP 36 - BRIL 02 - YEAR 09 - TRAP 16 - GRIT 23 - LIME 30 - SING 37 - EGGS 03 - QUIF 10 - THUD 17 - ZING 24 - QUID 31 - JOUX 38 - HENS 04 - LONG 11 - FRAK 18 - JING 25 - WING 32 - PINK 39 - HAIL 05 - WORD 12 - VINE 19 - LIDO 26 - FLEE 33 - GOGO 40 - SOAP 06 - FRED 13 - UMP 20 - POOL 27 - GIGA 34 - LETS 41 - FOAM 07 - WINE 14 - NILL 21 - HATE 28 - HEAD 35 - QUAD 42 - MEEK Flying Shark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the high score screen enter HSC or KDJ for infinite lives or invulnerablity respectively. Footman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the first maze of New Taste you can hide from the ghosts and collect points from the fruit that emerges periodically, if you go to the upper left corner entrance to the tunnel. Forgotten Worlds ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type ARC at the front screen then hit HELP. Now press S in game to auto enter the shops, and N will skip levels. Full Contact ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In single player mode type: QAZWXEDCRFVTGBYHNUJM (you must not press the S key when you type in this sequence of diagonal keys on keyboard. Fusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press ESC to quit, then E and you can skip levels by using + and -. Same can be achieved by typing SWAMP THING at the brags. To jump right into the editor push diagonaly up/left, fire, then E. Start the game as normal, collect the ship and fly to the extreme top left of the playing area. Disembark from the ship and drive the buggy into the corner. Type in STONKER and re-enter the ship. Now pressing D cycles through the available weapons (including shield plus weapons), and pressing C cycles through the levels. NOTE: when entering a level, it's always best to station the ship at the top left of the screen again, to avoid appearing at an illegal position, or even off-screen. On the second level repeat the above process, getting the buggy back in the top left hand corner, and retype STONKER again. It now enables the ship to fly through walls, and pressing F while hovering over switches allows them to be collected while in the air. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 7 Game Over II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The access code for the second stage is 11423. Gauntlet II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When you open a treasure chest, hold down the HELP key, then when you open a second chest, hold down the INSERT key - a golden cross will appear. Collect this and you'll find your health points rise to 50,000 and you'll also have super shots for the remainder of the level. Gem-X ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B - EARTHIAN C - KENICHI D - INOKHUMA E - BURAI F - BADMAN G - NETWORK H - YOKOHAMA I - EXACT More[n,Y,=] J - X68000 K - TURRICAN L - REDMOON M - CAMPAIGN N - MAGAMANN O - SYVALION P - FMTOWNS Q - CHIERIE R - GAMERION S - ZAWAS Gemini Wings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When you are about to be killed for the 4th time, press the left mouse button to bring up the second player, and keep pressing the fire button until you're killed. You will appear at the bottom of the screen. Or, try typing the following passwords to warp to each level: Type P to bring up password system: 2 - MRWIMPEY 3 - CLASSICS 4 - WHIZZKID 5 - GUNSHOTS 6 - DOODGUYZ 7 - D.GIBSON Genghis Khan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you get a land that isn't connected with an enemy, move everything to your home country. The land will be safe, but if another leader captures a nearby land, make sure you put something back in or he will attack on his next turn. Do not move all your forces into your command unit, or the enemy commander will wait till he is down to his last few men and challenge you to a one on one fight. If you lose he will get half your command unit. Ghostbusters II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hold down ALT CTRL 5 U when Activision logo appears and press fire. This also stops the cable from breaking on Level 1. Ghosts N Goblins ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Play and get a high score. Type in )!( followed by the END option to quit the table. Now start the game as normal, you will find you have lost your armour, but your now invincible and have infinite lives. Ghouls N Ghosts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As soon as the game starts type KAREN BROADHURST for invincibility. If that doesn't work - try the following cheat: When the credits screen appears type DELBOY. Now the next time you play you will be completely invulunerable. Giganoid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press the CAPSLOCK key on the player select screen and a message will appear. Start the game and you have more lives. Globulus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The most important thing to remember is that ALL the puzzles can be solved without losing a life, so if you lose a life and think its the only way to solve the screen, look closely. Some of the puzzles get pretty obscure after level 10, but once you eventually beat them you'll kick yourself for not seeing the solution earlier. Look before you leap. Think about how the screen will look from a flipped perspective. A lot of jumps you make will be unnecessary and waste time and switches if you don't. Make sure you have enough switches, at least 10 per screen. It is possible to get stuck on a downward slope with no way to get back up or kill yourself, and the only way out is to press ESC and start the whole game over. Here are a few codes you might like to try: Level 06 - IVEs8AZ? Level 11 - dynle1cJ Type Zvmo!EG as a password for the cheat mode. NOTE: Use upper and lower case as shown! Gods ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level Passwords: Level 2 - JZS Level 3 - SFJ Level 4 - USX On level two, buy a shield and a magic potion, then get three fireballs and three stars. Spend all of your remaining money on food and health. Collect all the gems in the usual manner, then get a key and make for the exit. Now comes the tricky bit... When you descend the last ladder, two thieves will appear. Make sure that you don't quite have enough energy to survive a direct contact! Before going down the ladder, release your magic potion, then climb down and open the door. Stand in front of the door ready to leave, but don't push up yet! Wait until the thieves jump down at you and as soon as they touch you push the joystick up. You may loose that life, but then something rather strange will happen. The bonus will start to whiz up for quite some time, until the game starts again on world two with 28 extra men and about five million points! Goldrunner ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type EASYMODE on the high score screen and now F9 to skip levels, and makes you invulnerable. F8 turns off cheat (why???). Gravity Force ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 5 - AGNUS Level 10 - PARSEC Level 15 - CRYSTAL Level 20 - REACTOR Level 25 - VISION Level 30 - ORBIT Level 40 - ALIEN LEVEL 45 - FALCON Or type WARPxx where xx is the level number you want. Great Gianna Sisters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While playing hold down the keys A,R,M,I, and N to skip to the next level. On level 3 stand at the end of the row of blocks and jump up to hit an invisible block that takes you to level 6. Gremlins II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type SINATRA on the high score table for infinite lives. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 8 James Pond ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type JUNKYARD and hit RETURN to cheat. Press D to remove locks. Key for Level 3 - Z 4 - X 5 - C 6 - V 7 - B 8 - N 9 - M Judge Dredd ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Log onto the computer as DREDD then type BRUCKEN PLAYING HEROQUEST and exit. The HELP key can now be used to skip levels. More[n,Y,=] Note: Possible a space in HEROQUEST, like HERO QUEST, maybe not, who knows? Karate Kid II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You should enter your name as MYAGI on the high score table. During the game press P to skip to the next level in one player mode. You can, of course, skip right up to the final encounter. In two player mode you can only skip to the next to last screen. Keef the Thief ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For something interesting in this game go up into the tree houses near the left side of the map. When you see a commercial like screen with a woman in it make this spell: Rhino Horn, Black Pearl, Narcicus Root. Kick Off ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can allways make the other guy miss the shot totally just by holding down the firebutton while he attempts to make the shot, it's blocked. Kick Off 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Keep pressing the R key when you take a penalty, this will show you where the player's going to kick the ball. Kid Gloves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause game, then type RHIANNON followed by the F9 key for invulnerablity. If the game doesn't unpause itself, press F1 and then pause the game again and retype above. This will make you invincible. F6 will take you back to the shop and F8 will give you lots of money. Killing Cloud ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mission 2 - A66TG7EZ 3 - 2WWTQ7E3 4 - QXX6G6EB 5 - 3336RWE3 When the game asks for a mission code, enter `1 KILLING'. This will give you 28 nets and 29 PUPS. Killing Game Show ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To call up a map of level one, section one, boot up the game as normal and when asked to hit FIRE, hit the HELP key instead. There it is. Do the same for each section. Kings Quest III ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When casting a spell and asked to recite a verse just hit RETURN. The King's Quest series of games uses the debug command and interpreter for the programmers (up to KQIII) KQIV doesn't have it because of the tremendous size of the game. Have some fun and press the "ALT" key then "D" then "Return or Enter" (I think twice) then type in either GET OBJECT (and type in a random #) or "TP" for transport (and a random #) and see what happens. It works., and if you're tired looking for a certain object the "Get Object" function works great! Klax ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Begin play and hold down either SHIFT key and SPACE together. Now press any key from 1 to 4 for differnt helpful effects. While playing the game, press SPACE and 4 to warp to LA stage. Kristal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fights - Proficent swordplay is essential if your to get anywhere in the game. The neck chop is one of the more effective blows, but the program blocks repetition of single moves. To get around this, occass- ionaly switch to a differnt move in order to enable the neck chop once again. Give generously to the poor and youll be a step closer to ob- taining the Sword of the Spheres. The Palace - To enter the palace, youll need to get the invitation from the elusive Gloop, found in Novala. Once you have it, keep out of fights or you could lose it for good. When you get into the palace, ask Nedrod three questions and he will give you the talisman, which can help you find another useful item. Answer the Princess's question with "Its a secret". She will give you the Ring of Belz, which will only work in conjunction with the spell scroll. In General - Objects are not always found in the same places from game to game, so a detailed search of both fore and backgrounds is often in order. To survive the final confrontation, a high psychic rating is needed, which can be increased by donating skringles to the poor. Dis- orderly conduct can have the opposite effect. The safest technique in the space battles, is to slow right down as soon as you see the aliens shoot them all, then power at full steam until the next lot. Follow Readheads ship if you see it. Heatpro tablets are necessary if you beam down to one of the hotter planets. Makes notes of what you are told, and use any new names or subjects to weavel out every last bit of information from the characters. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 9 Laser Squad ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In LASER SQUAD, for fun do The Assassins on Level 1. Buy no armour, give the corporal an M4000 with two reloads, the next two rocket launchers with four rockets each, and the last two nothing at all. Deploy in the entrance, in the gap in the outer wall , and take the house to pieces with the rockets, waiting for droids or Regix to show up - get them with Jonlan's M4000. I managed to do the scenario with one shot - it went BETWEEN the leaves of the door, blew up against a wall and Regix was on the other side. End of story, fade to black. Last Duel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause and press F9 the hold down HELP, LEFT SHIFT, and 1 all at once then unpause the game and press the function keys to go level hopping. F8 adds five lives to your total. More[n,Y,=] Last Ninja ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To kill the Dragon throw a smoke bomb under him. Last Ninja II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To board the helicopter at the end of level 5 you must first allow the helicopter to leave the screen, then run to the end of the building and jump in the direction that the helicopter left, making sure that you completely exit from the screen. Last Ninja III ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Play the game and try to get into the hihgscore-list. There enter instead of your name ILLBEBACK and start a new game. From there on you got unlimited lifes and you can choose levels with F1-F6! Have Fun! THE COMPANY! Leatherneck ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Start the game as usual, then type CUTHBERTNECK and press F3. All players get protection from enemy fire. LED Storm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type DAVID BROADHURST WANT TO CHEAT and get infinites. If that doesn't work try DAVID BROADHURST WANTS TO CHEAT. Legend of Faerghail ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Load in several of the players that come pre-rolled on the disk, and load an original of your own. Go sell all their equipment, have them withdraw all monies from the bank, and transfer to you. Create new characters and do the same as often as you need, and you'll have plenty of gold to properly outfit you stalwart band. Here are the answers to some of the questions and riddles you'll be asked while you're rummaging around in the dungeons of Faerghil. In the ELVEN PALACE Q: Who is Findal's yougest uncle? A: SCAGNAR Q: Who is Findal's father? A: FINDAIL Q: Who is Findal's great parent? A:ALGANOR In the DRAGONSERVANT'S TEMPLE Q: What lies between myself and my opposite? A: AND In the CASTLE Q: What tries to go up, but stops short, has but one foot, and can not walk? A: STAIRS In the RUINS OF ANCIENT ORACLE Q: The more it gets, the more it eats, and has it eaten all, it dies. What is it? A: FIRE Q: I talk without soul, I hear without ears, I talk without mouth, and I'm born in air. What am I? A: ECHO Q: Two little windows, they have no glass, they stand together like flowers in grass. Two little windows, they show us the world, they show us the stars, the forest, the field, the fold. What could they be? A: EYES Legend of the Lost ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2) STONES 3) LADDER 4) ESCAPE 5) LAVA 6) FINALE Leisure Suit Larry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can go to any location in the game by by hitting ALT-D and entering (TP). It asks for a location number, so enter 008-045. Skip the proof of age questions by hitting ALT X. Lemmings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Keep the Lemmings from killing themselves by typing FQUIGGLY on the title page. Here are the complete codes to all lvels of Lemmings: FUN LEVEL TRICKY TAXING MAYHEM ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- 1 ---------- HBANLMFPDV MFIBAJLNFS NHMFHFALHV 2 IJJLDNCCCN BINCMFHQDO FIBIJLMOFL HMFHFINMHO 3 OHNLHCADCN BAJHLDIBEO IBANLMFPFY MFHFAJLNHX 4 HNLHCIOECW IJHLDIBCEX BINLMFIQFR FHFIJLMOHQ 5 LDLCAJNFCK NHLDIBADEU FAJHLDHBGT HFANLMFPHN 6 DLCIJNLGCT HLDIBINEEN IJHLDHFCGM FINLMFHQHW 7 HCANNNLHCW LDIBAJLFEW NHLDHFADGJ FAJHLDIBIW 8 CINNLDLICJ DIBIJLLGEP HLDHFINEGS IJHLDIFCIP 9 CEKHMDLJCO IBANLLDHEM LDHFAJLFGL NHLDIFADIM 10 MKHMDLCKCX BINLLDIIEV DHFIJLLGGV HLDIFINEIV 11 NHMLHCALCT BAJHMDIJEX HFANLLDHGR LDIFAJLFIO 12 HMDLCIOMCJ IJHMDIBKEQ FINLLDHIGK DIFIJLLGIX 13 MDLCAKLNCS NHMDIBALEN FAJHMDHJGM IFANLLDHIM 14 LHCIKLOOCR HMDIBINMEW IJHMDHFKGV FINLLDIIIN 15 HCEONOLPCU MDIBAJLNEP NHMDHFALGS FAJHMDIJIP 16 CMOLMDLQCV DIBIJLMOEY HMDHFINMGL IJHMDIFKIY 17 CAJHLFLBOT IBANLMDPEV MDHFAJLNGV NHMDIFALIV 18 IJHLNHBCOP BINLMDIQEO DHFIJLMOGN HMDIFINMIO 19 OHLFHBADDV BAJHLFIBFR HFANLMDPGK MDIFAJLNIX 20 JLNACIOEDJ IJHLFIBCFK FINLMDHQGT DIFIJLMOIQ 21 NNHCAKLFDS NHLFIBADFX FAJHLFHBHW IFANLMDPIN 22 NHCMJLNGDO HLFIBINEFQ IJHLFHFCHP FINLMDIQIW 23 HCAOLLNHDW LFIBAJLFFJ NHLFHFADHM FAJHLFIBJJ 24 BINLLFHIDV FIBIJLLGFS HLFHFINEHV IJHLFIFCJS 25 BAJHMFHJDX IBANLLFHFP LFHFAJLFHO NHLFIFADJP 26 IJHMFLCKDV BINLLFIIFY FHFIJLLGHX HLFIFINEJY 27 NHMFHBALON BAJHMFIJFK HFANLLFHHV LFIFAJLFJR 28 HMNHCINMDP IJHMFIBKFT FINLLFHIHN FIFIJLLGJK 29 MFHBAJLNDP NHMFIBALFQ FAJHMFHJHP IFANLLFHJX 30 FHBIJLMODY HMFIBINMFJ IJHMFHFKHY FINLLFIIJO Lemmings 2 - Oh No! More Lemmings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And the complete levelcodes to Lemmings 2 - Oh No! More Lemmings: TAME CRAZY WILD WICKED ---------------------------------------------------- LEVEL 01: ---------- TFLCAHVFBD BAHPUDIJCN UFIBAHTNDI LEVEL 02: IHRTDNCCAD FLCIHTTGBK IHPUDIBKCG FIBIHTUODR LEVEL 03: LRTDLCADAO HBALTTFHBS LPUDIBALCD IBALTUFPDO LEVEL 04: PTDLCILEAF BILTTFHIBL PUDIBILMCM BILTUFIQDH LEVEL 05: TDLCAHTFAO BAHPUFHJBN UDIBAHTNCF FAHPTDHBEJ LEVEL 06: DLCIHVTGAJ IHPUFHBKBG DIBIHTUOCO IHPTDHFCES LEVEL 07: LCAMTTDHAF LPUFHBALBD IBALTUDPCL LPTDHFADEP LEVEL 08: CIMVVLHIAG PUFHBILMBM BILTUDIQCE PTDHFILEEI LEVEL 09: CAHRUDLJAR UFHBAHTNBF BAHPTFIBDH TDHFAHTFER LEVEL 10: IHRUDLCKAK FHBIHTUOBO IHPTFIBCDQ DHFIHTTGEK LEVEL 11: LRUDLCALAH HBALTUFPBL LPTFIBADDN HFALTTDHEH LEVEL 12: RUDLCILMAQ BILTUFHQBE PTFIBILEDG FILTTDHIEQ LEVEL 13: UDLCAHVNAJ BAHPTDIBCE TFIBAHTFDP FAHPUDHJES LEVEL 14: DLCIHVUOAS IHPTDIBCCN FIBIHTTGDI IHPUDHFKEL LEVEL 15: LCALVUDPAP LPTDIBADCK IBALTTFHDF LPUDHFALEI LEVEL 16: CILTUDLQAG PTDIBILECD BILTTFIIDO PUDHFILMER LEVEL 17: CAHRTFLBBL TDIBAHTFCM BAHPUFIJDQ UDHFAHTNEK LEVEL 18: IHRTFLCCBE DIBIHTTGCF IHPUFIBKDJ DHFIHTUOED LEVEL 19: LRTFLCADBR IBALTTDHCS LPUFIBALDG HFALTUDPEQ LEVEL 20: RTFLCILEBK BILTTDIICL PUFIBILMDP FILTUDHQEJ Leonardo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 10 - Emmentaler Level 20 - Alphorn Level 30 - Matterhorn Level ?? - Ivanhoe Or type FREIBIERIC and the screen will flash and tell you you have discovered the secret of Leonardo, giving you unlimited lives. Light Corridor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First a little hint: The green diamonds are essential as these award you with an extra life. Some of the red diamonds will allow control over two bats but this is more of a hinderence as the two bats prove confusing. Avoid the blue squares as they will shrink the size of your bat. 01 - 0000 05 - 2602 10 - 3305 14 - 6407 18 - 3810 02 - 5400 06 - 9902 11 - 9305 15 - 2008 19 - 0511 03 - 0101 07 - 4303 12 - 3406 16 - 7408 20 - 6811 04 - 3901 08 - 9003 13 - 0407 17 - 4709 21 - 3212 26 - 8215 32 - 9919 37 - 1223 42 - 9726 47 - 3030 22 - 0213 28 - 5116 33 - 7320 38 - 4523 43 - 5927 48 - 0531 23 - 8213 29 - 7017 34 - 2521 39 - 4124 44 - 0528 49 - 8431 24 - 5014 30 - 5518 35 - 0622 40 - 1825 45 - 7328 50 - 9932 25 - 1015 31 - 2819 36 - 3722 41 - 1926 46 - 3929 Line of Fire ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the control options screen type OPERATION FERRET and the screen now changes and you'll be invulnerable with the ability to skip levels by pressing 0-9. Logical ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can get a screen editor for this one just by typing THE FINAL CUT. 01 WELCOME 11 DONT PANIC 21 BE HONEST 31 BLUE VELVET 02 THE OTHER SIDE 12 COLORMANIA 22 BLUE N VIOLET 32 PARADISE I 03 QUADRI QUADRA 13 REFRESHMENT 23 THREE PATH 33 CLASSIC ART 04 STONE ROAD 14 FULL MOON 24 DANGEROUS 34 VENI VIDI VICI 05 NICE COLORS 15 RUNNING BALLS 25 THE WANDERER 35 WE LIKE IT 06 MORE COLORS 16 GREEN RIVER 26 SECRET CHAMBER 36 FOREVER HERE 07 REAL FUN 17 TWO ISLANDS 27 FALCONS FLIGHT 37 WONDERLAND 08 PINK AND PINK 18 MORE ISLANDS 28 BLUE ANGEL 38 THE SNARE 09 GREEN PATH 19 TIMES CHANGE 29 FAR THUNDER 39 CURE IT 10 BAD DIRECTION 20 OTHER THINGS 30 A SIMPLE ONE 40 SUN IS SHINING 41 A RAINBOW 51 LOGISTIC 61 WILD AT HEART 71 WALK IN CREAM 42 ARROW ROAD 52 TURNING COLORS 62 THE DARK AGE 72 TOUCH HER 43 TURNING WHEELS 53 PARAMOUNT 63 DIMLIGHTS 73 SHADOWLAND 44 ACCELERATION 54 THE LADDER 64 THE FIFTIES 74 JACK IN BAG 45 THE PRESDENT 55 BACK N RED 65 PICTURE OF HER 75 VITAMIN C 46 HE IS MISSING 56 TREASURE ROOM 66 GORDIAN KNOT 76 STUNT BALL 47 PICKNICK TIME 57 DONT WANT THAT 67 HIGH SPEED 77 MIRRORLAND 48 WHO IS CALLING 58 THE FREE FALL 68 ALEXANDRIA 78 ACE QUEST 49 ANCIENT ART 59 CORRADO BEACH 69 RUNNING TEAR 79 BOA BOA BOA 50 SHE IS GONE 60 MORE POPCORN 70 HER RAINBOW 80 DA DA DA 81 HAUNTED HOUSE 91 SHE COMPARES and the Password for the Editor is: 82 THE SECRETS 92 BIG MOUNTAINS 83 SMILING JOKE 93 TOMOTTOW THE FINAL CUT 84 CHILDREN GO 94 TELEPORTER JAM 85 IT IS ATLANTIS 95 LEVER SUNLIGHT 86 ON THE ROAD 96 NEW EXODUS 87 BLUE IS FIRST 97 THE PEACEPIPE 88 WOLFS MOON 98 FINAL SURPRISE 89 WILD CHINA 99 WHITE MIAMI 90 ITS LOGICAL Lombard R.A.C. Rally ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The complete questions and answers for the T.V. interview section follow, (the questions are not listed in order, they show randomly): 1. What is curious about the Cadet GSI? B: It has a second footbrake. 2. Who won the 1980 Lombard R.A.C. Rally? B: H. Toivonen & P. White. 3. The Ypres Rally in Belgium is held over? A: 24 hours. 4. Which company provided the tyres for the 1988 Lombard R.A.C. Rally? A: Pirelli. 5. Where is Nuremburg 24 Rally held? B: Germany. 6. How long has Lombard sponsered the rally? C: 14 years. 7. Who won the 1977 Olympus Rally? C: Ron Richardson. 8. How many levels are the R.A.C. M.S.A. Rallies held over? B: Five graded levels. 9. What is the nationality of the driver Kenith Erikson? A: Swedish. 10. Carne De Passage is? C: A customs document. 11. How many times has the Ford Escort won the Lombard R.A.C. Rally? B: Eight. 12. What is the overall length of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth? B: 4.46 metres. 13. During what decade did the Lombard R.A.C. Rally not run? A: 1940 - 1950. 14. Who won the 17th New Zealand Rally? C: Franz Whittingham. 15. Which car won the first World Championship Rally for Group A cars? C: Lancia. 16. How much does a Peugeot 205 GTi weigh? A: 880 kg. 17. Franz Whittingham was the first Austrian to? B: Win a World Rally. 18. Which is the only Rally with more than one starting point? A: Monte Carlo. 19. The time spent between arrival control and the stage start is known as? B: Dead time. 20. Part of the 1987 Rally was run at Clumber Park. In which county is this park in? B: Nottinghamshire. 21. A B.M.W. group A car is available in kit form, it is? A: M3. 22. How many times has the Mini won the Rally? A: 1. 23. In what year was the Rally cancelled due to foot and mouth disease? B: 1967. 24. What is the R.A.C. British Motorsport's Yearbook known as? A: The Blue Book. 25. The Japanese Supra 3.0i had which problem in the 1987 Safari Rally? A: Overheating. 26. How many Marshalls are involved in the running of the Rally? C: 15,000. 27. Who was the 1987 Soviet Union national champion? C: Ilmar Rossier. 28. The Nissan 200sx made its first European Rally appearence in? A: Greece. 29. What is the Targa system? B: A route timing system. 30. Who won the seventh Malborough Rally of Argentina? C: Mickey Biassion. 31. Are two-way radios allowed between crews and service-crews? A: Yes. 32. What was the maximum number of starters allowed in the 1988 Lombard R.A.C. Rally? B: 180. 33. What is the alternative route defining system known as? C: The Tulip Card. 34. What is the engine size of the Ford RS Cosworth? B: 1993cc. 35. What is the R.A.C. M.S.A. speed limit in road Rallys? A: 30mph. 36. Which manufacturer won the 1987 R.A.C. Rally? B: Lancia. 37. Who was the first driver to participate in 100 W.C.R. events? A: Hannu Mikoia. 38. Lancia won the Monte Carlo Rally with Aereia in? B: 1954. Loopz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Screen 1:EASY Screen 6:GRVY Screen11:TRBY Screen16:STNL Screen21:GZPN Screen26:PLGR Screen31:KRNC Screen36:BGDK Screen41:FRNK Screen46:ZSZS Lotus Esprit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enter first players name as FIELDS OF FIRE and second as IN A BIG COUNTRY to qualify without doing so. Also try entering MONSTER and SEVENTEEN. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 0 Unknown command '0' Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 10 Hacker II - The Doomsday Papers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COVER H2SC - end screen TITLE H2SC - title page DEMO H2SC - Speeds play and jumps check procedures Hades Nebula ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enter MONITOR when you're on the high-score list. You should now have infinite lives. Hammerfist ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the high score table enter the phrase TAEHC OT TNAW I and restart the game. Now you are able to skip levels via the F-keys. More[n,Y,=] Hard Drivin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Attain full speed then press the N key. You now continue driving at full speed with easy steering, invincibility and unlimited time. Hardball ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Various hints: * Allstars are better than champs, * Only steal if you actually hit the ball, * Try to get a lot of runs early, as the computer team improves towards the end, * Bunting rarely works, * Halfway through the match, swap Laws for Wells and Wratten for Harris. More[n,Y,=] * The best pitchers are Oliver, Perez, Leary, Cook. The others will only be successful for a short while, * Never pitch fastballs to the center as they will usually result in home runs, * Change pitchers after a few innings, because as they get tired, their accuracy and speed get worse. Hawkeye ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause the game and press the DEL key, after doing so, when you die, you will be warped to the next level at the end of the game. Press the 2 key to go back and forth between the stages. Also during the game try pressing the HELP key, unpause the game and continue along your way with an endless supply of lives. Helter Skelter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Start a 2 player game then have player 1 get an extra life. Let both players lose all their lives and then player 2 will return with 99 lives, as soon as he dies once, player 1 will come back with 99 lives. Just incase that's too difficult for you, here are some codes to the levels, maybe you can get someone to type them for you, and play the game... Level 11 - SPIN Level 21 - FLIP Level 31 - BALL Level 41 - GOAL Level 51 - LEFT Level 61 - TWIN Level 71 - PLAY Heros of the Lance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some general tips: Arrange your party so that the first line consists of two strong warr- iors, Raistlin and Goldmoon. This allows you to use Raistlin's magic & the healing staff of Goldmoon without too much hassle. Save Tanis and Riverwind for the later levels, where the bows come in handy. When fighting Gully Dwarves, use Tasslehoff who is the same height as them. His sling stones will never miss. Avoid fighting Hatchlings, they're not worth it. Just turn and run when you meet one; when you reach an intersection move into a new path and wait a little. When you return, the Hatchling will have gone. Killing Bozaks: two methods: 1) get Raistlin to use a web, sleep or charm spell to stun it, then send a warrior to clobber it to death, or 2) select Flint, who is a dwarf; 9 out of 10 times, the Bozak's shots will go over his head get close to enter melee combat, and use low thrusts to kill it. Spectral Minions: they're easy to kill, so use a warrior. Wraiths: a well-timed throw of an axe kills them every time. If you miss, use a sword and chest-thrust movements. Don't let it get too close to you! Spiders: use low thrusts to keep them at bay. If they get through your guard, retreat until you can turn and fight again. The blue and green potions restore health, red slows down monsters, and yellow give your characters extra confid- ence. Hillsfar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When you are attempting to pick locks, make life a whole lot easier by pressing the F key (that key located between the D and G on the keyboard). Horror Zombies from the Crypt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To attain infinite lives just hold down the M key. If that's not enough, type CHEATMODE then you be able to use the F10 key to skip levels. Or maybe some codes would help: Level 1 - Just hit return Level 4 - LUGOSI Level 2 - WOLFMAN Level 5 - NOSFERATU Level 3 - HAMMER Level 6 - GARLIC How about typing BOGEYMAN for infinite lives? Enough already! Hunt for Red October, The ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When surronded by enemy ships, it's quite likely they plan to blow all hell out of you. Don't let them, cheat! Save the game. Restore the game, where the hells have all those subs gone? hehe Hybris ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Load the game as usual and don't do anything until the high score screen appears. Type 'COMMANDER' and then press the fire button. After a few moments press F10. If your ship flickers you are now invulnerable, and have infinite expansions and smart bombs. F1-F5 = Other Six Levels of 'expansion' (you can still capture the capsules) F8 = Advance a level (There are three) F10 = Turn cheat mode on/off You cannot get a high score with the cheat mode on. At the title screen type SPACE or ESC key (I forgot exactly which one) Now you'll get a screen in which you can edit a lot of game parameters. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 11 IK+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To become invincible allow yourself to be hit. Pause the game. Unpause and nothing can kill you. Ikari Warriors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Somewhere you should type FREERIDE to cruise through the game with no worries about enemy fire. Immortal, The ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some codes to help you kick the game: Level 2 - 757fc10006f70 More[n,Y,=] Level 3 - 6e1ec21000e10 Level 4 - 465fa31001eb0 Level 5 - d4bfd41000eb0 Level 6 - bcfef51010a41 Level 7 - 6b10f61010ac1 Level 8 - e590d710178c1 Impossamole ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the high score table you may enter these codes to illict the proper actions, noted to the right of each code, seperated by a dash. COMMANDO - No time limit for weapons HEINZ - Three power bars ANNFRANK - Low energy topped up LUMBAJAK - Double length energy bar OOCHOUCH - Walk on water JUGGLERS - Try it out Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Arcade version) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type IEHOVAH on the title screen and wait till said screen flashes. Now you can press L in the game to skip levels and the number keys 1 & 2 to skip just sections of each level. But also be sure to type SILLYNAM on the high score screen for unlimited continues. Infestation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To get into the underground complex, first find a small, upright, rectangular box with two flashing squares on it; thats the computer terminal. Face the flashing squares, hit F2 to bring up the computer, and enter the words KAL SOLAR to activate it. Hit F2 again to exit. On your way to the computer, you should have passed a shower like structure. That's the transporter. Go back to it and enter it, being very careful to face exactly in the direction of the flashing arrows. This will take you to the complex. Insanity Flight ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To skip to any level simply hold in both mouse buttons, the joystick button, and press the L key. You may need someone elses help for this one. Interceptor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For extra missions select free flight and then press 6 7 8 or 9 to enter the mission. What you have to do is work this out for yourself. International Karate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FREZ - freeze the game PAC - Pacman across the screen FISH - Makes a fish leap out of the water BIRD - Bird across the screen PERI - Periscope rises out of the water Typing FUCK and CUNT results in an interesting message. And that's yer lot. Interphase ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type FENNY (capitol F, rest lowercase) then press left mouse to cycle though all the objects. It Came from the Desert ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Before attempting to go into the ants' nest, you should first save Elmer to get more flamethrower fuel. Some time between the 8th and 10th (I don't remember the exact day), he will leave a note in his station saying that he is going hiking in the SW Volcanic Cone. Go to the volcano, fight the ants, and next day, visit Elmer's station. He'll thank you for saving his life and give you more flamethrower fuel. The entrance to the ants' nest will never appear on the main map, but there are several other ways to get there: - By taking a flight from Hilber's Field. - By driving a tank from a battle going on at a nearby location. - By going south when you are in a battle at the M1 mine. The entrance to the nest doesn't stay open long enough for you to get in before the ants start invading the various locations in the town so you'll have to wait until they do. The 11th is the best day to enter the hole since it is very hot and there are few ants around. If you try cooler days, there will probably be too many of them around for you to handle. Also, if you decide to get to the hole by plane, you can land safely on the dirt road parallel to the tracks leading to the M1 mine. Ivanhoe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To activate the cheat pause the game, type JC IS THE BEST then unpause. N - Skip levels DEL - Kills all on-screen enemies CTRL - Kills the boss dude Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 12 Magic Marble ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 01 - Advertiser Level 02 - Everywhere Level 03 - Toothpaste Level 04 - Connection Level 05 - Cleverness Level 06 - Copywriter Level 07 - Television Level 08 - Cigarettes Level 09 - Complicate Level 10 - Impossible Level 11 - Interested Major Motion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More[n,Y,=] Using both the mouse and the joystick at the same time will give you more power for ramming other vehicles. Manchester United ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you're losing a game whilst playing, simply press the appropriate key/button to start a two player game and the other team should freeze letting you win kinda easily, I should hope. Maniac Miner ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause using SPACE and press the * on keypad. Unpause and you got 9 lives, do it as you need, like when you get low of course. Marble Madness ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stay right where you start. Master Ninja ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On skill level screen hit SHIFT-H instead of choosing a level. You'll get 100 of each weapon. Mean Streets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4660 - Carl Lindsky John Klaus - 4650 4663 - San Francisco Bazil Mallory - 2713 6211 - David Pope Melba Wiedbush - 4122 5170 - Sonny Fletcher Stanford Demille - 3199 4920 - Delores Lightbody J. Saint Gideon - 3891 4650 - Frank Schimming Tom Griffith - 4590 4610 - Arnold Dweeb Carl's Warehouse - 4675 3720 - Cal Davis (Dead) Aaron Sternwood - 0439 3614 - Amiley Monroe Big Jim Slase - 5612 4603 - Lola Lovetoy Bus Locker (rrok) - 5194 4550 - Alcatraz Ron Morgan - 1998 6470 - Ron's Beach House Jorge Valdez - 4931 4577 - Brenda Perry Greg Call - 4753 9932 - Bosworth Clark Della Lang - 2111 0021 - Sam Jones Wanda Peck - 4621 5037 - Law & Order Offices Mega-Ball ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On any level hit RIGHT-AMIGA P for invincibility. Megalomania ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Epoch 1 - IVIAZXFIWMB Epoch 2 - UNNDJHGAZSJ Epoch 3 - MKIAVZLXXSJ Epoch 4 - KPIANBSXXSF Epoch 5 - OMDAXUFERTD Epoch 6 - OJXALURUFCX Epoch 7 - SGSAVNFBZCB Epoch 8 - OXNAVLLXWVV Epoch 9 - QBKBTGFOLEN Megatraveler I ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A quick tip to gain cash. Find a High Tech world with a low law level and buy as many PGMP's as possible, although this may only be one initially. Then go to a lower Tech, higher law level world and sell the merchandise. The ideal pleanets are: LLUN/EFATE (when using the trader character on the disk you can purchase a PGMP for 130500 credits) and STUR/EFATE (where not only is there a PGMP lying on the floor nesar the Gun shop, but they can be sold for 244500 credits). In no time at all and with a little cost (because you are staying within the system) you will gain riches untold! Menace ------m-$--------------------------------------------------------------------- The code for a large supply of shields is XR31TURBONUTTERBASTARD. This code should probably typed while playing, but you can type it anywhere, not that it is likely to work. In fact, it is very unlikely it will work at all for any reason unless it is typed during play. The code for level skipping is XR31 TURBO NUTTER BASTARD then press any key from 1-6 to skip to the corresponding level. Alos you may press RETURN to call upon extra weapons. Mercenary - The Second City ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fly the dominion dart as usual, fly to above 350 metres, level off (your speed should be 1,781 kph) and fire a missile. Pick the missile up once you get close to it and then land. Go to 08,08, take the crashed intergalactic craft and go to 08,06, go underground exit your ship and walk throuth the triangular door - bingo, you now have access to the authors cheat room where you'll get keys to every door, passes out of prison and the ability to carry oodles of goodies in your pockets! Metal Masters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You may press the F4 key to turn off the enemies automatic mode so that he will be unable to move. You can now move forward and kick the hell out of the hunk of scrap metal with no worries as to yourself. Mickey Mouse ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Activation of the cheat mode is as easy as typing 61315688 then pressing these keys for various cheats: F2 - Opens a door to the next sub-game F3 - Starts a fight between you and a witch F4 - Refills your water pistol Midnight Resistance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While the game is running on demo mode, type ITS EASY WHEN YOU KNOW HOW and you start the game with infinite lifes. Midwinter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't bother with the tedious procedures of recruitment, just head straight for enemy HQ with some dynamite and introduce them to Mr. Big Explosion. Also if you start every game by clicking the mouse in exactly the same place on the START screen, every game will be set up identically. Might & Magic II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To earn lots of experience make a backup of your original play disk. Now boot and insert the disk that contains your characters. Save them onto your second backup by going to the inn. Buy three tickets and try to win in all three arenas. Remember to save after each victory. Once you have a victory in each arena, go to the castle where the bishop is held captive. Before entering flick the write protect tab to protect your disk. Then enter and free the bishop with the correct key. He will give you experience if you have won three fights of the same color. Exit and go to town. Open write protect tab and save at the inn. You can repeat as often as you like. Monty Python ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the high scores screen you need to type SEMIPRINI to continue on with the same level. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 13 NARC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As you start the game go right until the first dustbin appears. Kneel down in front of it and keep shooting. It will soon turn blue as the cheat mode is activated. Infinites all around. Narco Police ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MUNICION - Ammo increase by 200 NOAMETZ# - Turn off machine guns in sector # (you fill that in) NOCAMZ# - Turn back on the machine gunes in sector # NOENEMIG - Kill off enemies COMENZAR - Bring the enemies back to life ABRIR - Open any door Navy Moves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 786169 takes you to part two of the game. PART 1: Move back slightly when you encounter a mine. They're much less sensitive from the rear. Avoid jetski bullets by jumping or ducking. When approaching sharks, move the up and down nut left and right. Octopi and sea monsters are easily thwarted by holding down fire until both missiles are ignited and then releasing. Struggle to dock with a submarine? Put a mini-sub in the gap between the tailfin and the hull, face the left of the screen and move upwards slowly, the computer takes over the docking procedure for you. PART 2: The code is 948411. Arrows indicate the direction of the lifts. Kill white marines and flamethrower troops to get more ammo. Stand over the body and search thoroughly. To get the code of an official, you must shoot him with a gun, not a flamethrower. To enter computer codes, stand by a terminal, push up and you'll be asked for a code. Two of the codes are: Transmit message: 1st or 2nd transmission official Open door: 1st or 2nd machine official To open the reactor door, use the terminal next to the reactor. The computer confirms the bomb is planted. Go out, use the game terminal you used to open the door and transmit the following: OABERYAMD. Now type END at the ready prompt and run like hell to the conning tower. Navy Seals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Play until you get a high enough score to get your name onto the high-score table, then enter your name as PSBOYS. Start the game again and press H to pause. Now you can press ESCAPE to skip to the next level. Any time you want to jump onto the next stage, simply press H then ESCAPE. Still, if you can't do the first stages, then skipping to the later ones may be even more embarrassing, so be warned! Nebulus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type HELLOIAMJMP on the title screen. You will now have unlimited numbers of Pogos, and you can also go to each of the eight unfinished towers via an F-key. You can do the same with the second group by accepting the second mission before typing in the password. Nevermind ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To activate the cheat that lets you skip to next level by clicking the right mouse button, type 328GTS on the title page. 00 - MMMRHM 01 - AMMRHA 02 - HMMRHH 03 - VMMRHV 04 - PMMRHP 05 - GMMRHG 06 - IMMRHI 07 - RMMRHR 08 - MAMRHW 09 - AAMRHN 10 - HAMRHZ 11 - VAMRHT 12 - HHMWHH 13 - GAMRHQ 14 - IAMRHB 15 - RAMRHF 16 - MHWWHM 17 - AHMWHA 18 - HHMWHJ 19 - VHMWHV 20 - PHMWHP 21 - GHMWHG 22 - IHMWHI 23 - RHMWHR 24 - MVMWHW 25 - AVMWHN New Zealand Story ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause, press M. After you hear the laser type MOTHERFUCKENKIWIBASTARD for unlimited lifes. Or FLUFFY KIWIS does the same thing. On level 2.4 stand at the entrance to the octopus room and fire to the right a few times. A warp will take you to level 3.1. To access the cheat mode just press "TRY CHEATING" (including the space) keys together while on the title screen. The border should turn grey and when you start the game you have infinite kiwi's and the ability to skip levels by pressing "<-". Anyone heard of the whirl-winds? They advance you levels. Near the end of level 1.1 there are three large steps that you must climb to reach your brother (sister?), who is in a cage. Stand at the left edge of the top step, facing left and jump. But as you jump, fire. If your current weapon is arrows, fire halfway up, but if your weapon is bombs, fire at the top of your jump. A whirl-wind should appear after four hits, and it will take you to level 1.4. In 1.4, you will be in a little box under some water. Go up and to the right, and you come out in a small room with three boxes on the right hand side. Go up these, and you will see 4 long spaces, the top one having an "N" and a "D" in it. Go up to the top one, get the letters, stand in the centre of the space, facing left, and fire. Yep, you guessed it, another whirl-wind. This one takes you to level 2.4. Or on level 2.4 , stand at the entrance to the room where the giant octopus is located and fire to the right several times. A warp will appear that will take you to the beginning of level 3.1. On level 1, part 1, move to the area containing three men with boomerangs, shoot them. Go to the top of the third platform, move to the left, jump and fire five times. A whirlwind in a box will appear, if you enter it, you will be transported to the end of the level. Then you can free Tiki's naughty friend just by jumping. When you recch the ice whale, move to the right-hand side of the spikes, avoid the crystals, and wait until he picks you up. Once inside the whale, you can start shooting, but avoid the ice drops. Meeting the rock monster without bombs makes him difficult to pass. So collect bombs, go to the highest platform and shoot him. Kill it by either dodging the bullets and hitting it when the doors open, or by fireballs. The last boss you encounter is the balloon seal. He cant be killed, by blows to the body, so you must hit the balloon. Be careful for the balloon seal is armed with a cannon and shoots cannon balls at Tiki. The town names are: AUCKLAND, ROTORUA, WAITOMO CAVES, STRAIT COOK, and MT COOK. Neuromancer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When you first begin, sell all your body parts. You can get along just fine without them for now, and it gives you enough to get a half way decent deck. You will eventually need to buy them back before you start entering cyber-space, or you will be killed easily. New York Warriors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stay all the way to the right on level 4 to reach the subway without much trouble. Nightbreed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rather than ripping your hair during the encounter with Peloquin, just switch your joystick to autofire, sit back and wait for the next scene to pop up. Nightshift ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 02 - Cherry, Banana, Banana, Lemon 03 - Banana, Cherry, Pineapple, Plum 04 - Pineapple, Lemon, Pineapple, Pineapple 05 - Pineapple, Pineapple, Lemon, Cherry 06 - Cherry, Plum, Plum, Pineapple 08 - Pineapple, Banana, Pineapple, Cherry 09 - Pineapple, Lemon, Lemon, Cherry 10 - Lemom, Banana, Plum, Plum Ninja Mission ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While playing, on entering a room, push the joystick in the direction of the enemy and hold the fire button. This will freeze them, making them a lot easier to beat up. Ninja Spirit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press F9 then CAPS key then LEFT-SHIFT. The game will continue with an unlimited supply of ninja. If this fails to work try hitting CTRL before SHIFT. Ninja Warriors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are many fun things to do in this game besides play it, here are some of them, but first press the CAPS key before typing them, then after typing them press the CAPS key again: THE TERMINATOR - Ninja body parts explode when you die MONTY PTHON - Enemies walk backwards SKIPPY - Enemies bounce A SMALL STEP FOR MAN - Moon gravity STEVE AUSTIN - Press S during play toggles slow motion on/off MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU - Infinite stamina WARP FACTOR ONE MR SULU - Level skips (keys 1-6) CHEDDAR - Unlimited credits GENESIS OF DALEKS - Photo negative screen mode It may be that you need to press ALT while typing these. Nitro ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To have lots of fuel from the very start of things type MAJ for your name. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 14 Oops Up ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The code for the last level is 4799. The rest of the codes are: PO01,DK51,30FJ,FL59,Q058,FA20,5F6J,CKD4,NF05,D04G,40V8,FDL0,V03D,49F8, WAQD,XO38,UU09,40FJ,X03C,X03C,DK49,G8LD,P49X,A0A5,39VS,XPE4,FE5C,CXE5, 32H4,PD30,10F4,D947,FD4G,DK48,206G,DK39,DGLO,D049,6P05,FO49,4G7H,XPE5, UP9F,AQ1Q,S046,VE96,X94B,E114,D824,84DS,S04L,FOR0,2FF7,R4KG,39GH,PW04, OEP5,R4G6,MF03,OW75,MC90,0OTB,TI27,W3RE,905W,TRP2,6GI3,REWQ,IPOU,HGF6, FUC0,30RT,JUEE,MIRO,GULU,JUG8,R2T7,TUP8,KOP9,BIWI,EB01,SA3A,S4A9,LA8D, MUE0,ER7E,NEPT,W8GA,PI31,2I10,A234,X3Q1,NEC1,GUF7,A3K9,C5J0,JH90,JUBI, V069,T800,4799. Operation Wolf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More[n,Y,=] At the end of a level, between the time when you kill the last bastard and the time appears, rolling the mouse down causes damage to decrease. For the most accurate shot possible, pause the game with F1, position your crosshairs over the selected enemy, unpause the game, click the button and blast him to hell. Operation Thunderbolt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You should get a score of at least 50,000 (good luck!) and on the high scores table enter your name as WIGAN NINJA. Now hit F7 to skip about the levels. But level skipping probably won't help without infinite lives, so type your name as EDOM TAEHC instead and that's what you have. If the game isn't quite tough enough, perhaps typing SPECCY MODE into the high score table will provide more challenge, doubling the amount of enemies. On the title screen you should press F8 and hit the fire button at the same time for laser sights, but on 2 player games hit F2 instead instead of F8. Overlander ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just a few tips - When cruising the highway don't stop shooting, and always choose the highest paid mission. Buy fuel carefully - only enough for that level, after level 1 you MUST buy a leanburner. Try to stay in the middle of the road and travel fast, travelling slowly only burns more fuel. Fire bombs are more useful than smart bombs when you learn how to use them. Bulletproofing is necessary after level 2. When travelling through the barriers the best speed is 90-120mph. Outrun ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type RED BARCHETTA to activate the cheat mode then: T - 10 extra seconds S - Skip Level B - Restart same level P47 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type ZEBEDEE on the high score page then press F1 to skip levels and F2 for more and more lives. Pacland ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When the title screen appears, type AVALON. It should flash indicating you now have unlimited lives! If that doesn't work, try the following: Start a 2 player game. Make it as far as you can with player 1. With player 2, you must be able to make it as far as the fairy to collect your boots. Now that you have gotten your boots, you are going backwards to where you started. Push the THIRD cactus on the way back, and a yellow pacman will appear. Get it, now kill player 2. Continue playing with player 1. Every time player 1 dies, get the yellow pacman with player 2 and kill player 2 immediately. As long as you keep getting the yellow pacman with player 2, player 1 will never die. Hints: Level 1 - Run to the third fire hydrant, and when you get there, jump over it and push it to the left. This will give you a blue hat that will make you invulnerable to the little ghosts that fall from planes. Level 2 - Run to the third cactus, and push it to the left. You will now be invulnerable for the entire level! Level 3 - After getting your magic boots, push the third cactus on the way back for a free life. - Jump on the roof of ghost's car to escape - Only use powerpills when ghosts are in range, or else it is wasted - When you reach the breaktime sign, jump when you are about 1 inch away for a bonus (depending how high you are when the level ends) Pandora ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1: Wait a few moments for amy to appear. 2: Take ID Amy and find the Second Officer. Pick up the Lazer Rifle from the table next to him. 3: Put Lazer Rifle into backpack-don't use it yet. 4: Find the Engineer, take his ID and the Sonic Driver. 5: Find the Lt Commander, take his ID and carry it. 6: Find the Commander, take his ID and carry it. Also take the Code Blue and Code Scarlet. 7: Find the Captain, take his SDI disk and leave the ID Lt.Commander 8: Shoot the Ice Lord with the Lazer Rifle. 9: Carry the ID Engineer to go through the force field. 10: Find the AWOL officer and take his ID. 11: Carry the Sonic Driver and head for the Robomechanic. 12: Swap the Sonic Driver for the Code Ochre. 13: Carry the SDI Disk and go to the SDI computer. 14: Give the SDI computer these items in the following order: SDI Disk, Code Scarlet, Code Ochre and Code Blue. 15: Carry the Engineer's ID and exit the Engineering Section. Then swith to ID AWOL. 16: Go the transporter and enter along the arrow. 17: That's all folks. Pang ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At the map type WHAT A NICE CHEAT, so then the map should change purple, now you can select what level you want to start at, be quick. Paradroid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hit F3 on the title page for an options screen. Pegasus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THERE are only four codes! levels 1. SCREECH 10-19 2. DRAGONFLY 20-29 3. BEEBOP 30-39 4. CELESTIAL 40-49 THE energy is at $1a008 the lives is at $1a002 Peter Beardsley's International Soccer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Continual tapping of the fire button while in possession of the ball prevents any other players from tackling. Pipeline ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The codes are FOLD, EYES, EGGS, TEAR, PEAS, DUCT, & PODS. Pipemania ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The passwords are GRIP, TICK, DUCK, OOZE, BLOB, BALL, & WILD. Pirates ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When fighting against unbelievable odds dont panic. Choose the longsword. Keep using the slash-high attack to cause the most dammage. You may get down to only one man left, but you can still defeat the enemy captain. After you win, select Send A Prize Crew so you will have enough people to sail your ship. Don't attack a nation your home country is allied with, it will upset both of them. Don't wed till you've got all your promotions, your oppurtunities will be much better. Make conversation with all the Governors daughters, however, they might gather important information for you from the Governors mansion. Platoon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type HAMBURGER on the title page. The word CHEAT will appear below the credits. Press your fire button, then F5 when the jungle screen comes up. You are now invulnerable. From here: F1 - Starts where you are F2 - Puts you at the location of the explosives F3 - Takes you to the bridges F4 - Takes you to the village (now vulnerable again) Plauge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get a score ending in a 3, then hit the P key and then ESC. Click on 'no' when asked to play again. This takes you to the title screen with the picture of the drooling barbarian with the gun. Now type: KOM JE ILLEGAAL DOOR DE PLAAG DAN GRIJPT DE JUNGLE COMMAND JE IN DE KRAAG and hit RETURN. The border should turn green. Hit the fire button to return to the game and you will now have infinite lives. Do all this on the first level before you are killed for the first time. Pool of Radiance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Once you find any item you can make as many copies of it as you want. 1 - Create a dummy character. 2 - Load a saved game and transfer all the good items to the dummy. 3 - Remove the dummy character from the party. 4 - Load the dummy character back in. 5 - Transfer the items to other members. 6 - Drop the dummy character from the party. 7 - Repeat steps 4-6 as many times as needed. Populous ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enter KILLUSPAL on the title page to warp to level 999. Powerdrift ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Select any course except D and win all the races, you must get the gold medal. Collect all the gold medals and you enter a bonus round on a secret course with you in control of the F-14 Tomcat from Afterburnner. With no collision detection. Do the same thing on course D and you will be in control of the Super Hang-On bike. Power, The ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level Code Level Code Level Code Level Code ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ 2 - LEVEL2 3 - VISUAL 4 - COWBOY 5 - URGENT 6 - OOPSUP 7 - TOPTEN 8 - D14DH7 9 - ASDFGH 10 - SOLONG 11 - SURFIN 12 - RACKET 13 - BULLIT 14 - QRAZZY 15 - 36F6FR 16 - UNLINK 17 - PIXXEL 18 - EUROPE 19 - NEWTON 20 - FREEZE 21 - LAUNCH 22 - M7MS49 23 - GALVAN 24 - KLOWWM 25 - INDIGO 26 - JINGLE 27 - JOGGER 28 - INSIDE 29 - 5P25PS 30 - KNIGHT 31 - HINOON 32 - NOBODY 33 - GOODIE 34 - OQZAYB 35 - ELTRIC 36 - 187293 37 - QROVVY 38 - DOUBLE 39 - ROLLER 40 - CLOSET 41 - SLOWLY 42 - BISNEZ 43 - 124816 44 - TARGET 45 - ANZING 46 - VOHDOH 47 - Z97531 48 - WOODIS 49 - Y2X3W5 50 - XUQZOX There are more than 50 levels, but there are no more level codes! Powermonger ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These aren't really cheats, but some things the manual was rather unclear about or didn't mention at all. First of all, when inventing, it is often helpful to zoom in all the way on the towns (or anywhere for that matter). It makes things go faster, and your inventions will be done sooner. Also, in order to get a captain on your side, find a town with a captain in it. He'll be the guy in the cape, usually standing in the middle of town. Next, set your aggression level to Passive. Then go and attack the town. Make sure you can beat them first! If you attack on Passive, your men don't kill anyone, but rather forcibly coerce them into joining your side. If you win, you will get everyone in the town on your side, including the captain. PPHammer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 01: NO PASSY 02: TCJHHTCE 03: ABGHBSUE 04: DWWGDJTD 05: WVJFUICC 06: SUGFWHUC 07: ASWERFTB 08: ERTDTEHA 09: AJFCGDVA 10: THCDIBIW 11: AGSDCAHW 12: EFIADWCV 13: BDBBVUJU 14: UCVBATEU 15: BBGVRSDT 16: FADWTRVS 17: AVUAGIFS 18: TURSIHBR 19: BTDSDGAR 20: FRARFESJ 21: BJJUWDCI 22: UIGUBCUI 23: BGWTSATH 24: FFTHTWHG 25: REFHSVVG 26: RCCHFTJF 27: CBSHHSIF 28: CAIIBRDE 29: JVBJDIRD 30: JUVJUHFD 31: CTICAGDC 32: CRBDRERB 33: RJUDTDFB 34: RIGWGCEA 35: CHDWIBWA 36: CFTVBWFW 37: SERFEVAV 38: SDDFVUWU 39: DBAEASRU 40: DAJDRRBT 41: RWGDTJTT 42: RUWDGHSS 43: DTTDJGGS 44: DSFIDFVR 45: SJCJFDJJ 46: SISJWCIJ 47: DHIGBBDI 48: DFBHRWRH 49: TEVHJVFH 50: ADHTSUEG 51: ECESFTWG 52: AAURHRGF 53: SWRUBJBE 54: WVDUDIAE 55: ETATVGSD 56: ASJWAFBC 57: TRCWREAC 58: AIWVTCSB 59: EHIWGBCB 60: AGGAIAUA 61: UEWBCVSW 62: BDTBEVGW 63: FCFCVTUV TO USE THIS CODES YOU MUST USE THE NAME: "TRITOON", THE CALCULATION BECAUSE THE PASSWORD CALCULATIONS IS BASED ON THE NAME! (SMART GUYS) * Predator ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ F10 restores your energy. Predator II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Start the game as normal and pause the action. Now type in YOU'RE ONE UGLY MOTHER and restart the action. You should now be some kind os super-cop with infinite energy. Maybe then you'll stand a better chance against the villains and the nasty, scaly-skinned alien killer! Prehistorik ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After killing the strange turtle-like creature on the first level, you should come to a screen with two carnivorous fish bouncing up and down in the water, along with four banks. To get to the secret room don't jump over the first well. Instead, jump inside it and fall down into the secret room! Later on the first level, look out for a ladder near some water which leads up to a platform containing an egg. Climb the ladder and take the egg, then go to the left into the water to find the submarine room. There is also a way to find some hidden extra food. Go to the third screen of level three and jump forward hitting empty space. The hidden food should now appear. Prince of Persia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skip levels using the key combination of either CAPS J or CAPS L, whichever one works. Prophecy I - The Viking Child ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here are the codes: DENIS - The forest THE BLIZ - The bridge SHARKMAN - The labyrinth NYMHARSW - The desert Puffys Saga ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause the game when your health nears zero, then run your fingers along F1 thru F7. You'll get 2000 healths, 4 keys, 4 Goms, and you'll be transported to the next level. Also, if you have 2 Goms, you can call up a map of the level by pressing the F6 and/or F7 keys. Press F5 and F6 together and you will be advanced to level 7. Press DEL to goto level 8 press it again to go to level 9 Puzznic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When playing the game, press the space bar to bring up the retry screen, but don't release the spacebar. All the time that it is held down the game will be paused and you can work out what to do without having to rush. Level 48 - ICHI MICH 49 - IGAN BARO 50 - PASS WORD 51 - MINA SAMA 52 - NO.O KAGE 53 - DE.N ANTO 54 - KASH IAGA 55 - RIMA SITA 56 - THAN KYOU 57 - MAID OOKA 58 - IAGE ITAD 59 - AKIM ASHI 60 - TEAR IGAT Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 15 Quadralien ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Access codes: level 1- 170961, level 2- 010655, level 3- 610169. And now, some tips: once in the core, you can't quit. So choose droids with good lasers, Jack and Spud for example. The Quadralien mother is made up of 4 separate pieces grouped together and surrounded by Earthling boxes. The mother can only be destroyed by blowing up each box from a different direction. From the starting point there are three exits: north, east, and west. Go east and destroy the first box, return to the starting point, and go north to destroy the second box. You will now have both droids to blow the remaining boxes. Go west through the one-way force field, and get the other. Don't forget to keep recharging. R-Type ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enter SUMITA at the high score screen for infinite lives. More[n,Y,=] Load the game; when you get the "insert disk 2 and press space" prompt, press HELP and type ME, then press the up arrow (between INSERT and CLR HOME). Now insert disk 2 and press space. While playing the game, you can become impervious to collisions (F5), impervious to enemy fire (F6), get infinite credits (F7), and put the orb in the control of a second player with a stick plugged in the mouse port (F8). Neat! Rainbow Islands ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We all know that collecting the seven different-colored gems gives you an extra life and a 100,000 Bonus Gem once the Boss is defeated. But collecting all of the gems in the correct order of color (from left to right on the gem counter) not only awards you the life and Bonus Gem, it also grants you access to a magical secret room. When you reach the end of the level, a silver door appears. `You don't have to fight the Boss. (Hint A) Even more useful is how to create any color gem. The screen is split into several invisible vertical stripes of color. When a gem falls, its color is determined by the `color' of the area into which it fell. Now all you have to do is guage carefully where the dead enemy will fall to create the gem color of your choice. (Hint B ) Type these codes on the title page: BLRBJSBJ - Fast Feet RJSBJSBR - Double Rainbows SSSLLRRS - Faster Rainbows BJBJBJRS - Displays hint LJLSLBLS - Displays another nint SJBLRJSR - Unknown LBSJRLJL - Continue on all rounds Rally Cross ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As the game starts, follow the railway track and the screen will go blan. Now you will find yourself with 24 tokens with which you can equip your car with just about anything. Raider ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level Codes: SHOT DYKE HIGH LINK PEAR KILN BAND Rambo III ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get on the high-score list and type RENEGADE. Pressing 1,2 and 3 will drop you on the level of your choice. And now for some tips: 1) When inside the 2nd building, wear your IR goggles. 2) Don't walk in front of soldiers, since it will trigger an alarm and about 8 soldiers will jump you! 3) If you enter a dark room, use the glow tube. 4) Never use a gun without a silencer. 5) Turn off the electric door with switch located several rooms away. 6) The mine detector won't work without the generator. 7) The IR goggles won't work without a battery. 8) Watch out for IR beams, since they also trigger alarms. Here's a list of items you can find: arrows, silencer, first aid kit, IR goggles, glow tube, battery, key, mine, detector (in 2 pieces), pistol, ammo, rubber gloves (you never know when you can be expected to perform major surgery!!!) Retaliator ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enter your name as THE DIDY MEN. Click on the Colonel icon and press RETURN. Select the battle area as normal and select mission control. Accept a mission without selecting one. Now play the game as normal. Tap the RETURN key to land without crashing. For infinite weapons use the name CIARAN. Return of the Jedi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At the high score table type DARTH VADER now hit F2 to skip levels. Return to Genesis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type WASP.ASM on the title page and press F5 for invincibility. Revelation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 10 `Sirens` Level 20 `Loader` Level 30 `Player` Level 40 `Result` Level 50 `Dollar` Level 60 `Change` Level 70 `Finger` Rick Dangerous ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type POOKY at the high score screen to continue with the current level. Rings of Medusa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After typing your name type DESOXYRIBONUXLEINSAEURE then press HELP. Rings of Zon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the games options screen press the LEFT AMIGA key to activate cheat mode, then in the game use F9 and F10 to cheat. Risky Woods ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ F1 - for more lives F2 - for more money F3 - to skip to next level Roadblasters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type LAVILLASTRANGIATO on the starting line then: X - Spin Car S - Skip Stage P - Refuel G - End Game 1 - Mount UZ Cannon 2 - Cruise Missles 3 - Electro Shields 4 - Nitro Injectors 0 - Remove all weapons Robocop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause and type BEST KEPT SECRET for invincibility. Robocop II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type SERIALINTERFACE and F9 for energy and F10 to skip levels. Rock N Roll ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type RAINBOW ARTS for your name. To level warp enter: Level number, XX, followed by four digits when added together equal the level number, XX, and then the level number reversed. Example: Level 12 Enter - 12 XX 3333 XX 21 To hear the sountrack type COUNTRY. Find the special hole on level 1. Its suronded by 3 left pointing arrows. Fall down the hole, press the left mouse button. You have warped to level 33. Rock Star Ate My Hamster ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Simply type the word COLBOPS and now press F7 for an extra 100,000 pounds cash. Pressing F8 will make your band play as well as it possibly can. F9 will produce maximum crowds at your gigs. Rocket Ranger ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rescue the professor as this slows down the nazis, they can't use him to increase their efficiency. You will waste valuable time unless you rescue him from the Zeppelin while he is over the Atlantic Shooting the gunner in the Gondola is tricky, the best method being shoot below the gunner and move left and right until you are on target. Gradually move up until you hit the Gondola. When you hit it there is a flash, stop firing and after a few seconds you'll be inside the Gondola. Find the supply of Lunarium before the Fort Knox supply runs out, so infiltrate the Nazi base which recieves Lunarium from the moon. It is in South America or Africa, once infiltrated, your agent there will cary on sending you Lunarium throughout the game. You will have to storm the Nazi base first. NOTE: In a different magazine it recommends you don't waste time rescuing the professor, as you will be always too late. Instead use the agents to find rocket factories, and uranium depots. Rolling Thunder ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type JIMBBBY for infinite energy. Hit I to change levels. Rotor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 1 - GAG Level 2 - LIP Level 3 - FLY Level 4 - MEN Level 5 - AWE Level 6 - TNT PIT for the battle sim. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 16 Saint Dragon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CAPS DECAFFEINATED RETURN for lives. CAPS WEAPON0,LEVEL0,LIVES0 to increase it. Sarakon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Passwords are: LUNKWILL and VRANX Satan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hold down ALT+1+D during game one and you receive infinite lives. Do the same to ALT+1+M during game two for infinite lives and credits. More[n,Y,=] Savage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEVEL 2 - SABATTA LEVEL 3 - PORSCHE Type BRUISER for infinites. SCI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN A GARDEN IN on the title page you can give yourself bags of time by hitting T in the game. Scorpian ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get a high score, type "IMPORTLIGAT" for ten lives. SDI (Sega version) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shoot all the swirling pods, then on the hi score page type in ALERIC. Now use the F-Keys to select any level you wish. SDI (Cinemaware version) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When your in the Russian space station, pick one man and keep firing at him 10 or 15 times. No other men will appear and you can keep doing it until you get the girl. Secret of Monkey Island ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press CTRL-W to skip to the ending of the game. Secret of the Silver Blades ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ No use being repititous, check out the entry for Pool of Radiance for full details on how to cheat this game. Sentinel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A few level codes to call up: 3) 70511958 19) 55742564 80) 18452261 196) 72957558 8) 16257084 36) 97578966 103) 36873128 225) 38546570 10) 43428170 50) 61185004 127) 06567770 11) 40556356 61) 26060764 150) 92856449 18) 68627185 66) 68657887 169) 16788555 Seven Gates of Jambala ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Not the simplest of cheat modes, this. On the title screen type (with spaces) YICKE YACKE H[HNERKACKE hold down the left shift button, hold down 1, release 1, release left shift. The title should turn to blue. Go to the game. Keys 1-7 take you to the levels, F1-F5 select weapons and G to give you gold. Check out the other function buttons too... Shadow of the Beast ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For infinite lifes down both mouse buttons and joystick and keep them held till the Insert Disk 2 prompt appears. This tip does not work on all versions. Shadow of the Beast II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Go to the right until you get to the forest, where the warrior says to you, "DO NOT ENTER THESE WOODS", press the A the type TEN PINTS then it will say THIS ONE IS FOR YOU ROGER. CHEAT MODE ACTIVATED. Level Passwords -------------------- Level 1 - Eternity Level 2 - Sunstone Level 3 - Necropolis Also, try these words in the game: MALETO, KARAM, PIGM, PYGM, SEA, OLD, MAN, COMPA, SACK, PACK, GATE Shadow Dancer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause the game, type GIVE ME INFINITES and unpause the game. There is also a "hot key" for completing levels, but the mag dosen't say which one! Shadow Warriors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ During the intro sequence hold down CTRL, J, ESC, 5, F2, RIGHT ALT (,V, SMALL, ENTER, and HELP. In the game hit HELP for next level and Q for invulnerability to punches and kicks Shinobi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause the game and type: LARSVII - unlimited credits LARSVII - while hloding down left mouse button to enter colour mode Q - while paused lets you eneter music mode. T - When the SHINOBI logo appears and move mouse to control it. Shockwave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A few hints and tips follow on how each of the four zones (armys, factorys, mines and rigs) effect the game: MINES - Each time a mine is purchased the income you receive for each time pass doubles. FACTORYS - The more factorys you have the faster more weapons are produced, these are essential. RIGS - These supply you with the fuel for each mission run. The more rigs you have the greater the amount of fuel you receive for each time pass. ARMYS - For every army unit you own, the enemy slows down, eg. you have one army unit, for each four time passes that occur the enemy won't move for one time pass. If more than 50% of the sector is occupied by the enemy then you will lose one of your assests for each time pass that occurs. The best solution is when 30% of the sector is occupied go an attack the enemy. Sidearms ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1] Hit [CAPS LOCK]. 2] While playing type in FTBOK. 3] You may now use the following keys: 1-5: Weapons Select 6 : Faster Speed 7 : Slower Speed 8 : Lives 9 : Beta Suit T : Game Stats X+#: Set Stage (1-9,0) K : Kill Off Enemy D : Screen Dump/Die C : Clear 'Last' Enemy of Stage R : Restart H : ??? L : Add 100K to score I : Menu Q : Quit to Desktop P] Pause J] Joystick M] Mouse Sidewinder ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you look on disk 2, you will see a screen editor program. You can access a specific level by pressing the appropriate function key. You can save the changes by holding down both mouse buttons. You should back up disk 2 first, since the changes are permanent. Silkworm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Version 1 - hold down the HELP key and keep it pressed while pressing fire and you get infinite lives and can move thru the levels by pressing the numeric keys 1 to 0 and the minus key. Version 2 - If you have the latest version then attempting the above will reveal the message: "Congratulations! you have found the cheat mode... unfortunately it has been ZZAPPED!". If this happens goto the control selection and type "scrap 28' and start the game. Sim City ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hold SHIFT, type FUND and get $10,000. Another tip is to set the citizen's taxes to 0%. Then just before tax collection (December or November if playing at fast speed) quickly set the taxes up to 20%. Then after you collect taxes, put it back down to 0%. This way the citizens think they are not paying any taxes. You can build land on water. Find a straight (horizontal or vertical), stretch of coastline and string a powerline along it. Next, move one square over, out into the water and string another powerline parallel to the first. Repeat as many times as you want. Then just bulldoze all the excess powerlines and you can build on the new land. To MAKE land you simply make a 3 lane highway across any water source. When you make a road by putting 3 sections of road on top of three section of road on top of three sections of road (3 by 3) you make 1 section of land in the middle. WWWWW WWWWW To make more land, just WRRRW WRRRW move you roads over, or L= land WRRRW = WRLRW make your roads 4 by 4, W= water WRRRW WRRRW 5 by 5 etc. Play with R= road LLRRRLL LLRRRLLL it. It'll work. LLLLLLL LLLLLLLL Sinbad ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As you are about to die select the close icon, then continue. Skidz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Start as usual and hold down the firebutton ALT and C together for infinite lives. Hold down fire ALT and M for access to any level. Sku Shark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Back up your second disk, and look at it with the desktop. You'll see some files called "LEVEL(number).MAP". By simply renaming LEVEL5.MAP into LEVEL1.MAP, you can start playing on level 5, or any other level. Slayer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At the end of level 1 make sure your on your last life and kock out all the guns and green monsters, then crash into the machine the monster was in. You'll start level 2 with infinite lives. Confront the end-of-level guardian with one life intact. Press D then crash into its dead body. You'll now have infinite lives. Sly Spy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enter 007 and type SHAKEN NOT STIRRED for cheat. Solomans Key ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type HELP when it says hit a key to load. Sonic Boom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the high score table enter DOUGAL. Next time you play you will find: F1 - Increase energy F2 - Awards a full drone squadron F3 - Skip to next level Sorcery ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type in GAS MASK WHEELER WANTS CHEAT to open all doors, to stop the timer and to be able to enter the '+' part of the game. Space Ace ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To see the entire game just type DODEMODEXTER. Space Harrier I ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you look at disk two, you'll see some files called LEVEL2.DAT (for example). If you rename THEEND.DAT (or whatever it's called) to LEVEL1.DAT, you will see the end sequence without playing the game! Enter your name as RAF for infinite lives. Space Harrier II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you look at disk two, you'll see some files called LEVEL2.DAT (for example). If you rename THEEND.DAT (or whatever it's called) to LEVEL1.DAT, you will see the end sequence without playing the game! Enter your name as SPOT for infinite lives. Spy Who Loved Me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MISS MONEYPENNY for infinite lives, F10 to skip levels. Spellbound ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Try typing HEYYOUDIDYOUCALLMYPINTAWOMANNUTS. Spherical ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The codes are: RADAGAST YARMAK ORCSLAYER SKYFIRE MIRGAL GHANIMA GLIEF MOURNBLADE JADAWIN GUMBA CHACMAL Spittin Image ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fight in this order: Reagan, Pope, Gorby, Pope, Ayatollah, Pope, Botha Pope, Margaret, Pope. Spiderman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When the title screen loads, hit the fire button. When you get the options screen choose 2 and click the button once. Hit 2 on the keyboard and now in game hit HELP key to regain health. Spidertronic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get a high score and enter CHEAT on the screen, press RETURN and then the fire button; the screen will go black; a prompt will appear: Last game level: GAME.LS0 New game level: Type GAME.LS and the number of the level you wanna play. Press RETURN and then the fire button, and you start playing on the desired level. Spy vs Spy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wait by the door to the airport and booby trap all doors, when the other spy has got all the stuff, he will be killed trying to get out. If for some odd reason he isn't killed, kick him a few times. Starflight ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the trade depot at the space station buy " 1000" Endurium. Sell it all back and you have an additional 20,000 mu's. If you only sell 990 back you get 2,714,000 mu's. Starglider ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slow down your ship and hit F1 for fixed sights. BACKSPACE to pause game and JS ARG S for invincibility, unlimited fuel & shields. Press P to get more missles. Press Z for secret object viewer. Press P to pause then use , & . to use objects. Starglider II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slow down your ship & hit F for fixed sights. BACKSPACE to pause game and type WERE ON A MISSION FROM GOD, then press 1. Shield & Weapons are now fixed and press K for weapons. Stargoose ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hit all the F-Keys from F1 to F10 for unlimited protection. Starquake ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The teleport codes: FLIED CHING DAVARO SOLUN TABET LUANG TSOIN KALED ROKEA HINDI SOCHI NICHI BORNO CWORE KWANG ADKEA Starray ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Access the option screen by pressing space. Move down to the view game options screen. Push the joystick left and hit fire. The game screen should appear, center the joystick and press fire again. The options screen should reappear. Move down to the sound on option. Push the stick right and hit fire. If sound on changes to sound off start all over. Return to the view game screen option. Push right and while holding it in this direction hold down the right mouse button. Press the left mouse button. The options screen should change to cheat mode. Return to resume game and continue play with a shield that never depletes. If this doesn't work, try again from a new game. Simple, no? Stormlord ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While the game loads hold the left mouse and joystick buttons. Press the SPACE as the game starts then type MNBYC for infinite lives and time. Press L for level skips. On the credit screen type DRAGONBRIDGE. Stormtrooper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ JAMES CAMERON typed in on the high score screen will get you lives by hitting F9. Street Fighter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To progress to the next level type STREET CHEAT on the title page and press the HELP key. Strider ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hit F9 to pause. Hold down HELP, LEFT SHIFT, and 1. Let go then hit F10 to begin. Now you can use keys 1-5 to warp to the levels. Hitiing F1-F4 will warp to sections 1-4 of each level. Also, F1-F4 revamps energy. Strider II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press the following keys together - HELP, left Amiga and 1 key. Pressing 1-5 will skip through the levels and F1-F4 will teleport Strider to the corresponding level. Start the game and type SWIFT. A cheat icon should appear and now pressing E will replenish Strider's energy, while D will replenish the Strider robot's energy. Stryx ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hold HELP M E for restock everything. Hold HELP M E P for all 4 door passes. Sundog ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can get shields for 350 Cr to 400 Cr, depending where you are. To get them, go to the weapon store and click on the rapid heal, and then click on YES, then instead of clicking on the rapid heal, go right of it, so you are on a blank space. Click now and you will have found a shield which you didn't have before in one of your carrying squares. Though it says 'Shield', after one hit, it will say Shield (7). Super Cars ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When asked to enter your name, type in the word RICH to get half a million quid to spend. Or type in the word BIGC to take you to the last and most challenging level. Enter ODIE for a 2nd level start. Super Cars II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Before you start playing the game type HARD DRIVING (not sure about the space of the G). Suppossed to give you infinite money if it works. For a cheat mode, enter player ones name as WONDERLAND, and player two as THE SEER. you can now start the game in one or two player mode with a cheat mode active. Super Hang-On ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get the high score for the continent and enter 750J for your name. Hold down CONTROL, LEFT ALT, Z, T as the credits changes. Let go of the T and you activate the cheat. Press the AMIGA key to activate your machine guns! Enter new coefficiants for the road turns using the keypad. The initial sets are 60 and 45. Supremacy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you scrap a solar satellite on a planet with no reserves of fuel, you will gain 30,000 tons of the stuff. Switchblade ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type POOKY on the high scores and 1-5 for level warps. SWIV ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type NCC-1701 and hit RETURN during the game for infinites. In-game press P to pause the game and type NCC-1701 then press N, the screen will flash. Press P again to unpause and from there on both players will now have infinite lives. (The - symbol refers to the one on the main keyboard NOT the numeric keypad) After defeating a Goosecopter, fire continously at one of the tokens. After 32 hits, it will turn into a star, which when collected will yield mega-powerful six-way fire. Just be careful not to hit the token again before collecting it, or it will revert back to the one of the ordinary power-up tokens. Sword of Sodan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Play, get a high, type NANCY for unlimiteds. Or boot disk 3 for fun. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 17 Tangram ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 - (Starting Level) 21-95912 41-54796 2 - 03797 22-58819 42-96296 3 - 58829 23-58890 43-50897 4 - 73159 24-85239 44-71231 5 - 88530 25-72851 45-98488 6 - 22585 26-47530 46-40965 7 - 64383 27-46574 47-70834 8 - 50037 28-81152 48-46121 9 - 85164 29-72493 49-31089 10- 07274 30-81093 50-27277 11- 37322 31-51522 51-08439 12- 25105 32-58875 52-38599 13- 70473 33-59092 14- 83524 34-74665 15- 85720 35-36388 16- 71990 36-39793 17- 15683 37-43456 18- 24759 38-51499 19- 10439 39-63588 20- 14278 40-47672 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the security code entry screen type 8859 and press RETURN then enter 1506 and press RETURN. Now enter the correct code and then press HELP when playing for infinite energy. Test Drive ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hold the button as you negotiate curves and you wont crash. Before taking off rev up your engine, you'll gain quite a bit of time this way. Test Drive II - The Duel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AERF - Fast acceleration, quick braking. GASS - Jump to gas station with amazing time. GASST - Jump to gas station with average time. ,BRUCE - Change road signs. BRULE - May be correct to change the signs. 6OUTRAN - Unknown. Before taking off rev up your engine, you'll gain quite a bit of time this way. Think Cross ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEVEL PASSWORD LEVEL PASSWORD LEVEL PASSWORD LEVEL PASSWORD LEVEL PASSWORD 000 JOWOOD 030 FLAMES 060 CATGUT 090 VOYAGE 120 KERNEL 005 CUSTOM 035 ANIMAL 065 FIRING 095 PALACE 125 JUMPER 010 MASTER 040 EPOPEE 070 LADDER 100 DECADE 130 GROOVE 015 FUTURE 045 JAGUAR 075 FIRKIN 105 ARMADA 135 HIPHOP 020 DORADO 050 MATRIX 080 SPHINX 110 ESTATE 140 OFFSET 025 GREECE 055 WIZARD 085 TYPIST 115 GOPHER 145 SUINEG Three Stooges ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slow down the scene selector by entering the slapping game and pulling Curlys ear till time runs out. Thrust ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From the desktop, insert the game disk. Look for the CHEAT.PRG icon and double-click on it. You can survive collisions by typing CHEAT during the game. Thunderbirds ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 2 - RECOVERY Level 3 - ALOYSIUS Level 4 - ANDERSON Thunderblade ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type CRASH to skip levels with the HELP key. Thundercats ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Find a place where bonus comes up frequently and stay their. You should be able to get quite a few free lives. Time Machine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get a high score and enter DIZZY. Now skip to any zone by pressing a number key. Times of Lore ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ No need to fight the orcs on the first mission, grab the urn and get out is the safest way. Brown scroll kills all monsters on the screen, white scroll freezes them for a limited time (act now!), green scroll teleports (use only twice), white potion random energy refuel, green potion complete refuel. Boots of speed are in Treela, magic axe is in Lankwell. Save your game often! When playing at night, turn up the contrast and brightness settings (it won't make the game any smarter, though!). Titan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. J4JMKR 2. HBHCHC 3. 4492LI 5. 2401TO 6. 01LO38 7. 04KJOB 8. 198075 9. OVR70 10. H67JR1 11. 04JBR8 12. RDL89G 13. B8JLJ4 14. DNBE08 15. TMV281 16. LO9U3H 17. 9JHTQN 18. UKUTB8 19. 01HFJO 20. 1R7DCG 21. V30906 22. 4P4192 23. 40RSHP 24. E4DBQP 25. LFPOBO 26. 1H9615 27. MOBOPV 28. B9HH22 29. RN4RH9 30. BG6W61 31. 1W1440 32. 044080 33. E396V3 34. 740330 35. 2L41H1 36. SGOWOO 37. 48H093 38. FU5HJ9 39. OGU9PI 40. 294JBH 41. B608S0 42. P810B9 43. KWOHME 44. HC6YS8 45. 90OPNO 47. OOBI1O 48. HOO1OK 49. 1S4LOF 50. D80N6D 51. 3010LH 52. K47OMT 53. 09UPW9 54. OVE032 55. L29RHL 56. 6ORROR 57. H95LHT 60. 9LQHVU 61. HC932F 62. 117938 63. 6048HG 64. 4F039H 65. VOMO5V 66. CO1FHT 67. OS4500 68. 2U4BO5 69. CF6B71 70. 88H102 71. H844C3 72. OO5HOR 73. NOTON8 74. OD8V01 75. AH3HD8 76. TIDDI2 77. 43L6TV 78. 8HH0H3 79. 1I1S78 80. OIP4GO Toki ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you type KILLER during the game, the screen will flash, activating the in-game trainer. You will now be able to start on any level, by using the function keys, and have infKN[]YH[ZWVn. If you type KILLER a second time, the screen will turn upside down! This makes it quite hard to play. Torvak the Warrior ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type CHEAT................ on high scores and skip by pressing 1-5. Total Eclipse ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hold down 1 to 9 and press fire for a surprise. Total Recall ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LISTEN TO THE WHALES for invincibility. JIMMY HENDRIX lets your taxi become so on the that level. Solve for Level 1 First, go right, collect the gun, then run to the right and jump over the first lift. Keep running to the next lift, go up three times and walk onto the lift that is waiting when you arrive. Go up, then left and collect the gun. Now go right to the next lift and down once. Go onto the next lift, and go up as far as you can see. Walk right, off the lift and run right to the next lift, picking up the object on the way. Go up on the lift, run right and go down three times on the next one that you come to. Run left, go down on the lift and run left again to collect the object. Run right to the first lift and go up, then go to the next lift and go up twice. Run right and go up on the lift once, then run and jump right. Collect the heart, run right,drop down through the hole and run to the exit. Toyota Celica Rally ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When asked to start the cars engine, press CTRL C to freeze the timer. Or C for the next stage. Trailblazer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On titles hold down HELP, I, 1, and 2 then type CHEAT. Now in game: F3 - Remove gravity F5 - Change ball shapes F6 - Changes other players ball HEAR - Just listen to the laugh Trained Assassin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let the demo start then press and hold down 2,4, Y, LEFT CURSOR, and 7 on the keypad for infinites. Also hold down A, T, ., 4 and ENTER on the keypad. Now F1-F5 changes level. Transwar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the title page enter ALEXANDRA for infinite lives. Treasure Island Dizzy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here are some objects, and where to use them: CHEST - Below the Cliff SNORKEL - In the water GRAVEDIGGER SPADE - In the grave on Island 2 MAGIC STONE - Totem Pole (Island 2) DETONATOR AND DYNAMITE - Mine (Island 1) AXE & BIBLE - Bridge (Island 1) POGO STICK - Pogo place on ship GOLD COINS - The Shop FIRE PROOF SUIT - Smuggler's Cave (Island 2) BRANDY - Shop GOLD EGG - Shop BRASS KEY - Smuggler's Cave CROWBAR - Rock in Water Or type ICANFLY at the beggining to fly. Turbo Challenge II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE LEVELS- TWILIGHT - NIGHT CITY - LIVERPOOL THE SKIDS - SNOW PEA SOUP - FOG PEACHES - DESERT BAGLEY - MARSH E BOW - STORM CHEATS- TURPENTINE - NEVER RUN OUT OF TIME DEESIDE - ALWAYS COME FIRST SECRET GAME- DUX - ENTER CARNIVAL GAME Turn It ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 10 = APRIKOSE Level 20 = MANDEL Level 30 = KIRSCHE Level 40 = PFIRSISCH Turrican ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get a high score and enter your name as BLUESMOBIL for 99 lives and 500 of everything else. Turrican II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press HELP for music menu. Press 1,4,2, ESC, ESC Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 18 Unreal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the animated screen with the 3D balls type ORDILOGICUS and hit the RETURN key. The screen will flash white or colours. Now you have all the energy you need next time you play and can skip levels by slamming RETURN. Untouchables ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause the game then type these codes to skip levels: 1 - Bride Rolls 2 - Mac N Alley 3 - Kid Zapping 4 - A Nit in Time Type SOUTHAMPTONGAZETTE and hit F10 for level skips. Press HELP on levels 2, 3 and 6 to warp to second half. More[n,Y,=] Vaxine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While playing type WILDEBEAST. F1 to skip 1 level, F3 to skip 10 levels, F2 and F4 do the oppossite. Venom Wing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When the Thalamus logo appears quickly type IDJ and the screen will flash to let you know you have infinites. Venus - The Flytrap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Level 02 - The Frozen Wastes MANTIDAS 03 - The Dead City CICADAS 04 - Wood World PSYLLIDS 05 - The Caverns PIERIDS 06 - Death Valley SATYRID 07 - The Creeping Swamp LYCAENID 08 - Tech World PYRALID 09 - Translucent Plain NOCTUID 10 - The Stygian Creek NO PASSWORD! JUPITER - infinite lives MARS - access all weapons SATURN - just try it PLUTO - infinite ammo MERCURY - contant flying ability Veteran ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press HELP to advance to the next stage. Vigilante ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type GREEN CRYSTAL on the score board then press F1 for extra lives & F8 to skip levels. Viking Child ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Codes are IMAGITEC, JOJOSM, GUSTRAVUS, NINJAOL Virus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hold ENTER on keypad and press P then O. Now: F - Refuel L - Move Lines C - Special Effects N - Resume Game O - Activate Demo Mode Viz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type A GREAT LOAD OF BULLSHIT on the selection screen now 1-5 skips you around the levels. Voodoo Nightmare ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All the nasties go to sleep at night. When you pause a game, the day/night timer still runs. Thus it is possible to play only during the safe night periods, and pausing the game during the dangerous daylight Voyager ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type WHEN THE SWEET SHOWERS OF APRIL FALL on options screen for cheats Warhawk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After loading, press F3. When you start the game, a blue blob appears on the screen. Pick it up and you get infinite power. Warhead ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When you first attack the bereserker hit him with everything including the MDC. He will keep following you. When Solbase says to take him anywhere, go to CH010 and he will get sucked into a black hole. Warlock the Avenger ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At first treasure chest on level one, choose the key. Wayne Gretsky Hockey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While you are playing the game and powering up the rink towards the oppoment's goal with the puck in your possension, press the ? key to remove your opponent's goalie from his goal area. He'll reappear in a forward position so you'll be outnumbered, but it is better to have an open goal. Weird Dreams ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the hall of mirrors, walk into the rightmost mirror as far as you can go without passing to the other side. At this point enter SOS on the HELP key in morse code which is ...---... 3 stabs of the HELP key followed by 3 presses of about 1 second intervals and 3 more in succession gives you infinite energy. Wicked ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What the tarot cards mean, with an explanation: SUN: Arms you with eight-way autofire. STAR: A little star joins you, and fires when you do. DEATH: Gives you an extra life. HANGED MAN: Eats away at your time limit. MOON: The forces of evil hime in on you. WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Gives you energy, or takes it away LION: Shields you from evil forces. Wings ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Each letter of the word WINGS on the main menu does something. To access them hold down the CTRL Shift and Alt keys on the left side of the keyboard while holding down the right mouse button. While holding down these keys and button, you can click on each of the letters in Wings with the left mouse button. Each letter does the following: "W" toggles the music on and off "I" turns the CAPS LOCK key into an autofire button "N" no flight school missions required for new pilots "G" Guess "S" Saves game without having to exit To access the other cheats you must go to flight school. To get an awesome pilot (once only) click on the bullseye on the airplane at the top of the flight school menu. The screen will either flash or you will get a requester asking if you want to quit (say no). Then create a new pilot. Enter the name "Orca The Killer Tomato" (without the quotes, and remember it's case sensitive). Orca is all ready and doesn't need flight school. To access a menu of options (much of which is no longer useful or active) create a new pilot. Enter the name " Who is The Riddler" Leave off the quotes but be sure and type the two leading spaces. DO NOT HIT RETURN to enter the name, hit ESC instead. Then just follow the prompt. If you run from a hard disk you can hit LEFT-AMIGA ESC to toggle to the Workbench screen and back. The first thing to do while busting balloons is take out the AA gun. Not so hard to do so give it a bash. In dog fights always attack from above. If you attack below the other plane will climb which is very annoying. By attacking from above you drive the other plane down rather than up. When you are being tailed hold the joystick to the bottom-right. You should turn off to the right and out of the other planes line of fire. Wings of Fury ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type COLIN WAS HERE to activate the cheat mode, now use the following keys; P Gives you 9 planes C Change your weapon M Gives you 99 items of the weapon you are using D Immunity F Refuel Wizball ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause and enter RAINBOWT for cheats. Pause the game (spacebar) and type RAINBOW resume the game and press space again. Now hit C to fill the pot with the current colour. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 19 X-Out ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the equip screen select the white bug ship and put it on the grid area then choose the single orange laser, drag to the face of the shop owner & keep clicking the left mouse button till you get $500,000. Xenon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kill yourself on level 2, stage 2 and all the aliens will die. Xenon II ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pause the game and type RUSSIAN AIR then unpause the game. The N key now skips a stage. *** What And Where To Buy *** ------------------------------ LEVEL 1, SHOP 1: Buy Health, Super Nashwan LEVEL 1, SHOP 2: Sell Rear Shot, Buy Double Shot and Side Shot LEVEL 2, SHOP 1: Buy Side Shot LEVEL 2, SHOP 2: Sell Side Shot LEVEL 3, SHOP 1: Buy Health and Rear Shot. LEVEL 3, SHOP 2: Sell Rear Shot, Buy Side Shot, Laser, and Power Up LEVEL 4, SHOP 1: Sell Rear Shot, Sell Side Shot Try to stick with your best weapon, and end up with 2 Cannons, 2 Lasers and either Side Shot or Rear Shot. Always spend your money in the shops as you cannot take leftover cash. *** Halfway and End Monsters *** -------------------------------- SNAIL: Shoot at eye, avoid mines ALIEN: Shoot eyes at either side at top. Scroll back and shoot center eye SPIDER: Destroy as much web as possible. Fly down to face spider and fire continuously. CRAYFISH: Travels in figure eight. Stay below and fire in it's face. SNAKE: Attacks from left of screen. DRAGON: Shoot the side heads first, then tail, then main head. HEAD: Shoot both eyes, avoiding laser fire and extending tongue. Shoot at head when tongue goes in. TANK: Use missiles GRAND SPACESHIP: Shoot all cannons until totally destroyed. ITEM COST COMMENTS +--------------------+---------+--------------------------------+ | Advice | 200 | Only useful after Level 1 | | Speedup | 500 | Essential to survival | | Half Health | 500 | Restores half your energy | | Autofire | 500 | Needed if joystick has none | | Nashwan | 600 | 10 Seconds of sheer heaven | | Full Health | 1000 | Restores full energy | | Rear Shot | 1000 | Very effective on later levels | | Small Mine | 1000 | Useless | | Side Shot | 1000 | Cannot be used with Rear Shot | | Electroball | 1200 | Too sensitive to control | | Power-Up | 2000 | Double bullet size | | Large Mine | 3000 | Useless | | Double Shot | 3000 | Recommended on later levels | | Cannon | 4000 | Effective when using two | | Dive | 4000 | Waste of Money, but fun | | Missiles | 4000 | Weak to start with | | Laser | 4000 | Awesome when using two or more | | Drone | 4500 | Two slow | | Flamer | 5000 | Extremely limited range | | Bomb | 5500 | Limited range but powerful | | Extra Life | 6000 | You'll need lots of these! | | Homers | 6000 | Four slow but powerful missiles| | Protection | 6000 | Doesn't do much | | Bitmap Shades | 6000 | Darkens Screen - useless | +--------------------+---------+--------------------------------+ Xybots ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enter ALF for your name at brag screen for infinites. If you manage to reach level 10, you're better off using your radar to kill the Xybots. Just line them up using radar and fire, you don't have to be able to see them. Keep as many keys with you as possible because some levels don't have enough to complete them. There are short cuts to level seven on levels one and four - you get extra cash for using them. If you have the extra energy upgrade try not to let your energy fall below 100m, because you lose the upgrade if it does. Drums are not just decorations - hide behind them when possible and use your zapper near to them to find more cannon power. On level eight, near to the top left hand transporter you can get to two white coins by blasting away one of the three walls around them. Don't split up in the two-player game, because it's easier to complete it together. The master Xybot lives on level 11, and you'll need to stock up on double shot and extra shot speed to stand a chance of survival. Try to get one Xybot to stand behind another - they'll blow each other apart. Z-Out ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Press J and K at the same time during play for invincibility. Press J and 1-6 to skip to that level. Zany Golf ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To get to the secret level make it to the last level (good luck) and look for the mousehole. When the two eyes flash knock the ball in and off you go to the Mystery hole. Zeus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Levelcodes 01 - no code 09 - Thenewstyle 17 - Bombthebass 25 - Technotroni 02 - Ecstasy 10 - Was Not Was 18 - D.N.A 26 - Betty Boo 03 - Secci 11 - Beats Int. 19 - Ice MC 27 - 49ERS 04 - Publicenemy 12 - Mowtronix 20 - M.C. Hammer 28 - AC/DC 05 - Run DMC 13 - Double Dee 21 - Tony Scott 29 - Sex Pistols 06 - Ice-T 14 - Vanilla Ice 22 - Chadjackson 30 - Obituary 07 - Tone Loc 15 - N.W.A 23 - Beatmasters 31 - Sacrament 08 - L.L. Cool J 16 - Daisy Dee 24 - Nenehcherry 32 - Judaspriest Ziriax ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While playing press 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 to light up a power and RETURN to activate it. Zombi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have seen Dawn Of The Dead, you already have a good idea on how to solve most of the puzzles. But here's some extra tips anyway: 1) To lock up the mall to keep zombies from getting in, you need to park the trucks over the entrances. Get the key from the office on the 2nd floor and go to the 4th floor where the keys to the trucks are kept. 2) To keep the dead zombies from coming to un-life, lock them up in the freezer in the basement. 3) before you can go play in the basement, you need a source of light.Get the fuses and gloves from the 3rd floor and go to it!! Zoom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hit F10 and then choose your starting level 1-30. Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cheats> 20 Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu Game Cv4eats> Q Base Messages, Feedback=(Message For Sysop), Genernal Text, Off=(Goodbye), Play Area=(Online Games), STatus=(Your Account), Time=(Left On Line), Uploads/Downloads, ?=Main Menu Thanks Goes Out To Magus T. For His Support In The Message Area >>-Main-> ? Places to go from the Main command prompt: Base : The public message base and discussion area Gfiles : The general text files base. Documentation, stories, articles. Join : CNet's MultiUser party conferencing rooms List : List of other BBS's News : System news and bulletins Off : Leave the system (Goodbye) Pfiles : The program files base. Games, utilities, other features. UL : List the users of this system. Pattern matching is possible. Uploads : The upload and download files base. Vote : Vote on various topics, surveys and questionnaires. Want to see more [Yes]? No. Base Messages, Feedback=(Message For Sysop), Genernal Text, Off=(Goodbye), Play Area=(Online Games), STatus=(Your Account), Time=(Left On Line), Uploads/Downloads, ?=Main Menu Looking For A PD File Or Doc, Its Likely To Be Here >>-Main-> OFF Do you want to logoff of THE OTHER WORLD BBS system [Yes]? Yes Want to leave feedback to the sysop [No]? No ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANKS FOR CALLING "THE OTHER WORLD BBS" ********- If you see or have any problems, please tell us. ***---*** 4 Plus Gigs Of AMIGA & IBM Public Domain and Shareware *** -- ******- ******- ********- **- **- ******- ******- ******- ********- ***-*** ***---- --***--- *****-*** ***-*** ***-*** ***---- ----*** *** *** ****- *** ********* ******* ******* ****- **- *** *** *** ***-- *** ********* ***-*** ******- ***-- ********* ******* *** *** ********* *** *** *** *** ******- -------- ------ -- -- -------- -- -- -- -- ------ (615)428-5883 (2400+) (615)429-0705 (2400+) (615)429-1600 (HST) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ Logoff complete


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