MARCH 1990 AIDS TROJAN MARCHES ON LONDON - It has been almost three months since infected

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MARCH 1990 AIDS TROJAN MARCHES ON LONDON - It has been almost three months since infected Aids Information disks started landing on user's desks. Despite the high level of publicity, users continue to ignore the warnings install the disk and allowing the Trojan to continue causing damage. UK-based detective Barry Donovan predicts there will be users who will install the disk and then forget about it until it triggers after 90 or so reboots. For some users, those 90 reboots are now up. A representative from Michelin Tyres in Nigeria contacted PC Business World, UK, to request a Clearaid disk because the virus had just triggerd on his home PC. He said a significantly large number of disks are in circulation in West Africa. The US arm of Save the Children Fund offices in Ethiopia also became a victim of the blackmail attempt having PC's "wiped out by the Trojan". Other US-based charities with offices in the African continent have reported similar attacks, despite local media coverage and warning issued by charities, local police forces, and wide area networks like Usenet. Joseph Popp, whom FBI agents arrested in connection with the mailing, is still being held in an Ohio prison awaiting extradition proceedings. He has made a second court appearance to appeal against his continued detention in order to be medically examined. The court, however, ruled such assessments should be conducted in prison. According to Scotland Yard, Popp's extradition hearing will be held in early April.


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