You are required 1. To have a mailer system that can poll a FrontDoorInterMail system for

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You are required: ----------------- 1. To have a mailer system that can poll a FrontDoor/InterMail system for mail. 2. Your system must be up 24 hours, 7 days a week. 3. You must poll every 24 hours. 4. ToXiCNeT uses PKZIP 2.04G, make sure your tosser is using this version of PKZIP. 5. Make sure you read and fully understand the rules of ToXiCNeT (TOXICNET.RUL). 6. Anyone polling 12:700/0 (Bodily Harm) should poll between the hours of 2:00 AM - 5:00 AM (EST). Questions & Answers: -------------------- Q. What happens when I'm a hub for a region?? A. You will normally get 2 node numbers assigned to you. In the form of: 12:???/0 and 12:???/1. Both these node numbers (replace the ??? with the ones assigned to you) will be placed in your FD/IM (etc.) known AKA systems. You will poll Bodil Harm (12:700/0) for mail, posts should be stamped with 12:???/1 (from your system), and when people poll you for mail, they will poll 12:???/0. You are responsible for making packets for your nodes that poll you. Example, say you are 12:700/0 (Bodily Harm), I am responsible for making packets for all my 12:700/? nodes. Hubs are responsbile for polling Bodily Harm (12:700/0) for the mail from other systems, it is extremely important that follow rule #3 (poll every 24 hours). Q. What happens when I'm a node?? A. You will poll the hub of your region, say you are 700 (east coast), and you are node # 12:700/2, you will poll 12:700/0 for mail, just like 12:600/3 will poll 12:600/0 for mail. Meaning you should never poll someone out of your region (ie: if you are 12:600/3 you should not be polling 12:700/0, unless you have worked something out with FusioN and he knows about this). If the hub is down or not making you packets, try to get in touch with him/her. If the problem continues get in touch with FusioN and he will fix this problem. Q. What the hell are with these weird regions (ie: 700, 600, etc.)?? A. Welp, I've decided the best posible way of organizing a net. I've eliminated border problems with the north/south/east/west concept (which then runs into problems with out of country nodes as well), and the thousand dead hub concept (every 1st board in an area code is a hub, meaning there are more hubs to look after and take care of and the better chance of something going wrong). I've developed the best system yet. What I've done is this: I've divided the regions according to their time zones (ah!, so that's it), setting Greenwich, England to 12:00 noon, and then going with the standards set by the time zones all across the world, leaving enough room for expansion with the most reliable system for a net. That should explain this concept for all of you wondering why the hell the node numbers are of something that you're not used to.


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