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[ver] 4 [sty] default.sty [files] [prn] Epson FX-80 [lang] 1 [desc] 724464632 1 724463712 [fopts] 0 1 0 0 [lnopts] 2 Body Text [docopts] 5 2 [l1] 0 [pg] 1 10 0 0 1025 49152 0 0 65535 65535 Standard 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 65535 0 0 0 0 0 0 [edoc] This story in all it will sound like exargarations is completly truthful and I want you all to know that it was hard for me to put out this message but I am worried about it happening to another bbs'er.... The Other day I called The Communacations BBS and well I don't know I guess I just felt like it... My friend had told me that it was okay. So i called it and I connected I realized that this must be an adult board well it had all the makings hell the Sysop was named Charles Bare... Well I called and signed on as a newuser and all the like....I completely forgot about it the next day when me and my brother went out late at night to go pick up a pizza, well when I got back my father told me that some man had called saying this " Your son is now validated and he can get all the pornography he wants" my father just went along with I guess I figured that I wanted to call up this BBS and check out the man's so called "Pornography" well he had pornography and all but then I went into chat with him and he said that he wanted me to u\l things so I said alright I haveto call back later he said don't call modem call voice....So i said yes and hung up...All the while knowing that this man freaaked me out so I knew i wasn't going to call him voice so I didn't.....I called modem And he said "I SAID CALL ME VOICE DAMMIT" but he called me and said he wanted GIFS of naked men and all that so I like said yes yes and all that and hung up and so i called the next day knowing I wasn't gonna u\l anything and it said that I was locked out.....and I didn't thin anything of it until my mom said when I got home from school today that some man had called at 3am and said that 'HE WAS GOING TO BURN MY HOUSE DOWN FOR PUTTING THREATINING MESSAGES ON HIS BBS" so I said alright I have had enough of this so I called him and said "BUDDY YOU STOP CALLIN MY JHOUSE OR I WILL CALL THE COPS" there was a long period of Silence and he hung up...I called back and he said "ALRIGHT YOU BLOODY CUNT CALL THE COPS I DON'T CARE I WILL BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN WITH EVERYONE IN IT" and he hung up so I called Squinky and said please Jarrett do something so he called the guy well he is calling him right now telling him not to do anything and that I won't call again....So I called my friend who had named this board and he said once he had u\l'ed a GIF of two men and the guy had said SYSOP: ARE YOU GAY? MARK: NO SYSOP: TOO BAD BECAUSE I WANTED TO FUCK YOU UP THE ASS well here is my story I am asking for you people out there to give me suggestions... ____________ /he Edge


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