Report on PC Information Exchange Last Updated 07311988 PC Information Exchange Was a BBS

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Report on PC Information Exchange Last Updated 07-31-1988 PC Information Exchange Was a BBS System run in the Twin Cities Area as Net Node 282/1. It was also known as the Midwest Echomail Star. The Sysops name was John Paul Aleshe AKA John Richard At : 4600 Cedar Lake Road #4 St. Louis Park Mn. 55416 612-377-3538 Modem Lines 612-377-3469 612-377-3397 Description: White Male Birthdate 5-27-1958 5'9" Heavy Set 230 To 250 Lbs. Missing index finger on left hand Broken Front Tooth Straight Brown Hair, balding, known to wear a hairpiece. Brown Eyes When last seen, wore a full brown beard Bank Account: PC Information Exchange Citizen State Bank, St. Louis Park, MN. Account #1052711 Automobile: Light Blue NISSAN 4X4 Pickup With Topper Blue Striping, Set up for off road handling Oregon Plates on vehicle Expire. in 1990 Employment: Claims to have worked or be working for the following: (all disproved) US Air Force: Test pilot on assignment to HONEYWELL Mpls Avionics Division Claimed rank of Full Colonel CRAY RESEARCH: Computer Programmer He did have proven skills as a P.C. Programmer Background Denver Colorado Area : Was reported and confirmed in the Denver area in 1984 buying and selling in the computer gray market and doing business with the following companies. Note this is not an endorsement or an accusation of these companies but for information only. ESK Products, Ed Kabash Microbrokers, Mike Portugal Kangaroo Diskettes He may have been on site at Tinker AFB in 1983 or 1984 and may have used the company name Pegasus Computers. Portland Oregon Area: John Aleshe (AKA Richard) left Portland in the spring of 1987. When he left that area he had taken delivery on Net 30 terms hardware from several companies. Approximately $50,000.00 were involved. He was in Portland about one year. This information was supplied by the Portland Fidonet SysOps and is appreciated. May have used the following aliases in Portland: Personal Computer Specialist 7544 SW Barns Road #113B Portland OR. 97225 503-292-1544 This information supplied by one of the aggrieved businesses. First reported in the Twin Cities In June 1987 John has been seen with a pistol in a shoulder holster. It was described as required due his carrying classified documents for the Federal Government. John was also noted to carry several thousand dollars in cash on his person. It was explained it was used to purchase computer equipment from people who would not take a check.


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