RA Express Held The Young Master

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RA 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴< Express - Held >컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커 The Young Master Red Hook,NY (Age:14,Lvl:75) November 18, 1989, 10:07 am Replying To 11/18/89,1:30 am's Msg "Access" Hey, I never "started" it in the first place... But I would like it to stop... And now!!! Pervert City is basically, with no offense intended to its management a board for young people to discuss drugged out rock groups and their homosexual experiances...However it is considered the "little sister" of TOL and MMT....But free discussion is not permitted on that board, and if you ask Samantha, it was her who made the first slanderous remarks in the beginning (we've both threatened each other will civil court cases)..And I still have access there due to popular demandbut prefer to use my energiesin places other then homosexual boards... -More-       As as for your hangup with age - if you can recall, I have been using my modem and calling boards before you EVEN appeared on the scene...Your rise to power may have been caused by the fact that 90% of users are ultra-liberal...and the ones that aren't, you drive away (WHERE IS RAMBO?) and now you want to do the same... So, may I suggest that we go our own ways, for if you become upset with my comments, I KNOW that BBS PROTOCOL does not usually allow you do do what to threatened to do - reduce my access because I speak the truth and in the boards around here - truth is a dirty work... Let us learn and forget.... Morgan Knull 읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴켸 Select [?]: H 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴< Express - Held >컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커 The Young Master Red Hook,NY (Age:14,Lvl:75) November 19, 1989, 5:53 pm Replying To 11/18/89,10:29 am's Ms "Access" I expect to be treated like human being and therefore not referred to by vulgar words that you use... You claim to be a captain, but somehow your leadership qualities make you more fit for a manual laborer...I may be think-skinned but by no means am I guilty when it comes to the name calling...It was your perverse mind that began it all, and that is a fact... It makes me sick to think of all the communists that patronize boards...They rubber stamp the policies of the Reds...mere slaves of Moscow...You ma think of this to be rather behind th times, but look where the gay-pro choice-liberals of this country -More-       have gotten us.. The Queen - Lucille Patterson is gonna get th boot next year - hopefully by Woody Klose...and when we take away the line-item veto on a county level things will evenbe better....maybe you're position will be eliminated, maybe it won't...but whatever happens, YOU WERE THE ONE THAT THREATENED TO REDUCE MY ACCESS ON MMT BECAUSE I SPEAK THE TRUTH! The truth ain't too popular anymore, however.... I'm going to start to u/l the log I took of your threatening messages on the over 45 area boards I have access to starting tomorrow unless 읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴켸 Select [?]: H 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴< Express - Held >컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커 The Young Master Red Hook,NY (Age:14,Lvl:75) November 19, 1989, 5:58 pm Replying To 11/16/89,9:07 pm's Msg "Access" unless I receive a public apology by 12:00 PM tomorrow... The YOUNG MASTER 읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴켸


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