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@MSGID: 1:2604/309 85E4BBE0 Area: ASKACOP Msg#: 583 Rec'd Date: 10/29/93 22:42 From: Bob Eden Read: Yes Replied: No To: All Mark: Subj: Info To Parents #2 ...continued from previous message: I realize that everything I have told you is rather vague and if you do not already have an understanding of how computer bulletin boards operate, that all of this is very confusing. For the moment, it is probably enough jhust to know that this sort of thing exists. If you realize that, you can at least keep an eye out for unusual telephone numbers, unexplained long distance phone calls on your monthly bill and perhaps become suspicious when you hear of someone (whether an adult or a child) who seems to be addicted to his or her computer. You should also keep in mind that computer bulletin boards are a wonderfuly communications tool and that the vast majority are completely legitimate and well intentioned. But, just like anything else, they are subject to corruption by the criminal element are are easily transformed into effective criminal implements. The inherent danger of computer bulletin boards - above and beyond many other forms of communication - is the fact that computers are intensely private. Unless you are standing over the shoulder of the computer operator and reading the screen, you have no idea what is being silently transmitted into your home. In closing, I would like to ask you for your help. I am attempting to identify and investigate as many computer bulletin boards as I can, no matter where they are located. I am being joined in the effort by a number of law enforcement agencies around the country and we are pooling our information in an effort to disrupt this network of criminal activity. Therefore, if you become aware of any BBS telephone numbers (or even just the name of any BBS), I would appreciate it if you could pass this information on to me. I will of course keep all of the information confidential. I can be reached by phone number on the other side of this handout, or you can simply drop the information into the mail. You may also contact me if you would like additional information on the dangers of computer bulletin boards, or if you would like me to lecture your group on the subject and provide you with a visual demonstration. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any help you can give us. Sincerely, Alfred O. Olsen ************************************************************************ The following comments are intended as a guide for Parents. The comments are extracted from material supplied by the Warwick Township Police Dept., and enlarge upon, by the writer: *****SOME CHILD BEHAVIORAL WARNING SIGNS**** *COMPUTER ADDICTION* (WITHDRAWS FROM FRIENDS, FAMILY, ETC.) MAY LOSE INTEREST IN SOCIAL ACTIVITIES USE OF NEW (UNUSUAL) VOCABULARY, HEAVY WITH COMPUTER TERMS, SATANIC PHRASES OR SEXUAL REFERENCE (OR SUDDEN INTEREST IN RELATED POSTERS, MUSIC, ETC) LOOK FOR RELATED DOODLING OR WRITING. USE OF WORDS SUCH AS: HACKING, PHREAKING (OR ANY WORDS WITH "PH" REPLACING "F") LACK OF INTEREST IN SELF AND APPEARANCE OR INDICATIONS OF LACK OF SLEEP (WHICH MIGHT INDICATE LATE NIGHT MODEM-PLAY) *OTHER POTENTIAL DANGER SIGNS* COMPUTER AND MODEM RUNNING LATE AT NIGHT (EVEN WHILE UNATTENDED) STORING OF COMPUTER FILES ENDING IN: PCX, GIF, TIF, DL, GL (THESE ARE VIDEO OR GRAPHIC IMAGE FILES AND PARENTS SHOULD KNOW WHAT THEY ILLUSTRATE) Comment - These files are usually viewed with an executable program as follows: "SEE.EXE", "GRASPRT.EXE". To view a file with the extension, as noted above (e.g. GIF), let us assume the program is called "SMUT.GIF". You simply type, at the "C:\" promt, "See smut.gif", or "grasprt smut.gif". You will soon know if your child is downloading pornagraphy. NAMES ON COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAMS WHICH SEEM SATANIC OR PORNOGRAPHIC OBSESSION WITH FANTASY ADVENTURE GAMES (DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, TRADE WARS, SEXCAPADE, ETC). USE OF COMPUTER TO SCAN OR RUN TELEPHONE NUMBERS (e.g. Demon Dialer) OR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS (LOOK FOR "SEQUENTIAL DIALING PROGRAMS) Comment - I have personally encountered Demon Dialers and programs for checking the validity of credit card numbers, in the Lower Mainland.


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