Rules for joining the BRE league within GENERIC NET. 1 You must be a member of Generic Net

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Rules for joining the BRE league within GENERIC NET. 1) You must be a member of Generic Net (obvious ehh) and you must also have at least the required echo(s) installed and active. 2) Your BRE game must be set insuring the following items prior to being assigned a planet number, etc.. a) In your drop file from your respective menus that start BRE, make sure that the REAL NAME is passed to the game, NOT THE ALIAS. The game allows all of us to name our realms as we choose, so the real name is not known to anyone else. What this will do is prevent players logging onto different boards in the league under different alias's. Set CHECKDUPES to TRUE in your Resource.dat file. b) Run BRE PLANETARY whenever you receive mail, Not just once per day, or several days..... c) Everyone needs to change their respective Ipdata.cfg files so that mail IS NOT ROUTED, but CRASH MAILED to everyone. Just comment out the route statement and include the statement CRASH * ..... This way everything should come direct from one board to another. The only exception that will be made to crashing the packets will be in the event you are a long distance node (L.D.from your BRE hub). If this is the case, mail will be routed to that nodes hub so that the node can poll his/her hub for Bre packets. This must be done a MINIMUM of once every 24 hours. Check with your BRE hub or Generic Net hedquarters (555:555/0) for reset


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