Version 1.1 BBS LEGAL GUIDE Including legal forms, statutes and +quot;how to do it+quot; i

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Version 1.1 - BBS LEGAL GUIDE Including legal forms, statutes and "how to do it" information Copyright 1993, Clary and Kraft March, 1993 All Rights Reserved Will I get in trouble for having x-rated gifs available for download? Can I be sued for libel if someone goes nuts in the flame room? Can I deduct losses I sustain running my BBS? If someone posts a commercial program on my BBS will the FBI confiscate my equipment? Questions, questions, questions. But there isn't a place to go for up to date legal information, instead of rumors. Until now. The BBS LEGAL GUIDE is prepared by working sysops and attorneys, and since it's on disk, is always updated. This program includes nuts and bolts answers to your questions about BBSing and the law, has totally menu driven legal forms, and sign up sheets, to protect the sysop from the big bad wolf! . This program is valuable for both large pay BBS systems and not for profit single line systems. Persons who will benefit from this program include: BBS systems operators Corporations/Government agencies operating BBS systems BBS software developers, SI's and VAR's Software houses selling BBS and BBS related software Not for profit clubs & organizations operating BBS systems BBS message networks The BBS legal guide also contains all 50 states computer crime and BBS specific laws, annotated and explained. Another amazing feature-- BBS screens and bulletins that you can use to define the rules of your system and protect your legal rights as a sysop. Thought we were done with the features? Not yet. For corporate BBS's, specific forms for your personnel manual defining proper computer use. For large BBS systems, complete manuals for co- sysops and employees. All of the corporate policies/operation manuals are designed to protect the system's proprietor. The basic package is an important tool for the sysop. But, even more value is provided by monthly updates providing timely information, more legal data, forms and screens. These updates will be driven by the requests of our users. However, planned updates include: the complete annotated copyright code; all state laws regarding "obscenity" with full annotations Now the answers-- The good news is that an investment in time will protect you and your system. Yes, you can deduct losses sustained running a BBS-- if you know the ropes. Yes, you can carry adult gifs. And you can have folks flame away at each other if they want to without trouble. There is a way to handle inadvertent postings of commercial software. On the other hand some sysops have been caught unprepared, suffered huffing and puffing and had their house fall in. This program contains full annotated text of statutes and regulations, nuts and bolts answers to your questions, BBS screens and menu driven legal forms and more. There are three levels of registration available for this program. DELUXE REGISTRATION: Deluxe registration is $ 129.00. Deluxe registration provides: 1. A printed manual. 2. Disks with the latest versions of the software- and the disk is "branded" with your name and license number. 3. Each month updates are created. These updates contain some or all of the following: a) New forms; b) Although we can't give individual legal advice, answers to questions posed by our registered users; c) New annotated legal text; d) New BBS screens and bulletins; and are mailed first class mail. Upgrades to the program and new manuals are mailed upon their release. After 12 months, to continue your subscription, an additional $ 75 fee is required. So long as your subscription remains current you will receive any upgrades and updates via first class mail. 4. Support via voice (answered 24 hours daily), BBS and other on- line services. Thus, deluxe registrants receive a continuing update subscription as well as upgrades, support and manuals via mail as soon as delivered. This registration fee is less than even one hour of an attorney's time-- an investment well worth the cost. REGULAR REGISTRATION Regular registration is $ 69. Regular registration provides: 1. A printed manual. 2. Program disks of the latest version with the registered users name "branded" on the disk. 3. A subscription to updates and upgrades for 12 months. However, these updates are posted on our support BBS systems in a scrambled from. The user is provided with the descrambling keys for 12 months following their registrations. Upgrades to the program may be used, provided that the registered user downloads the updates from our support BBS. 4. Support via voice and BBS, together with many on-line services. 5. After 12 months, to continue to receive updates and upgrades, a subscription fee of $ 35 is due. Updates and upgrades must be downloaded. BASIC REGISTRATION Many sysops are on a budget. "Basic" registration requires less work on our part, and the registration fee is cut accordingly. Basic registration is $ 35. Basic registration provides: 1. An "unlock" key which removes all shareware reminders and brands the users name and license number on the program. However, you must call our support BBS to download your registration key file and descramble program. 2. Monthly updates which are posted on our support BBS systems in scrambled form. When you download your "unlock key" the unscramble program is also provided. 3. Support via BBS only. 4. After 12 months, a continuing subscription to updates is available for $ 20.00. The user must call our support BBS to download the necessary unscrambling information. 5. All upgrades to the program may be used so long as your subscription to updates is maintained, although you'll have to download those. CHOOSE YOUR BUDGET, but register! Registration is REQUIRED if you use the BBS screens or forms on your BBS. Note: We have arrangements with several BBS systems for posting our updates/upgrades. Complete information on the access numbers is provided to our registered users. If your multi-line system is interested in being a distribution site, please contact us. We feel that any of three levels registrations are great values. If a sysop can even find an attorney who understands what a BBS is, substantial fees would be required for even simple services. At $ 150 to $ 295 per hour for most legal services, our registration fee is a bargain, and a necessary investment for the security of your system. If you are unfamiliar with the shareware concept of distribution of software, please read "share.txt." The developers of this program have well known commercial programs as well as shareware. Since BBS systems are one of the primary modes of distribution of shareware, and that's the target market of this program, we have chosen shareware as the distribution method for this software. The document generator prepares a form which you should use to make your order. Credit cards, checks and money orders are accepted. (Credit card orders, please contact ATTENTION TO DETAILS BBS, at 1-909-681-6221 and you may order by credit card on line.) HOW TO REACH US: Our primary support BBS is Webb Blackmon's BLUE RIDGE EXPRESS (B.R.E.) This 36 line super system (and growing) is one of the best in the nation! We check in with the BRE daily. After calling the BRE you should enter J FRINGE to access our sub-board. 2400 baud 1-804-790-1675 9600 baud 1-804-790-9600 V32/bis 9600 baud 1-804-790-1126 V42/bis Our West Coast Support BBS is ATTENTION TO DETAILS-- located in the greater LA megalopolis 9600 baud v32 1-909-681-6221 Genial sysop Clint Bradford awaits your call. You may order the BBS LEGAL GUIDE with your MasterCard or VISA through ATTENTION TO DETAILS, who is an authorized dealer for the BBS LEGAL GUIDE Message traffic can also reach us via EXEC-PC, directed to "Herb Kraft" of Tallahassee, Florida. EXEC PC is the largest micro- computer BBS in the world, and, is a personal favorite of the developers of this program. 2400 baud 1-414-789-4210 9600 baud 1-414-789-4360 V32/bis US Robotics HST 9600 MNP5 1-414-789-4337 US Robotics HST 14400 1-414-789-4352 CompuCom Speedmodem 9600 MNP5 modems 1-414-789-4450 Hayes 9600B V-series, 9600bps only(non-V.32) 1-414-789-4315 Users of GENIE may reach us through GENIE mail by addressing messages to H.KRAFT1. If you are a user of GENIE you may post mail during non-peak times for no additional fee than your basic GENIE monthly subscription. We operate a BBS system, 9600 V32, at 904-656-2263. Please note that we are planning a move and this number may change. Please check with the BRE, ATTENTION TO DETAILS or EXEC if you do not get through on our BBS number. Other multi-line BBS systems will be designated as support systems, and registered users will be advised of the additional support BBS systems. We check all of these services daily, and will be pleased to respond to all mail and suggestions. We will provide reasonable "support" to potential registered users through the BBS's mentioned. Our 24 hour voice number is provided to registered users. Mail: R FRINGE SOFTWARE FULFILLMENT 1350 Mahan Drive, Box 315 Tallahassee, Florida 32308 Via fax: 904-656-6495 Checking in with any questions via BBS is the fastest way to get an answer. DISTRIBUTION OF THE PROGRAM You are encouraged to pass a copy of this program or to upload it to your favorite BBS or to user groups or friends for evaluation. Please encourage them to register their copy if they find that they can use it. All registered users will receive the benefits stated above. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS DISK OR TO UPLOAD THESE FILES. IN EITHER CASE YOU MUST SHARE ALL OF THE FILES. PLEASE NOTE OUR REQUEST THAT YOU DO NOT RENAME THIS ARCHIVE. INTRODUCTION A. PLEASE READ ALL FILES WITH EXTENSIONS OF ".TXT" that came with your program ME FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND ANY LAST MINUTE NEWS AND CHANGES. To print out the manual please use the command: SPECIAL NOTE: IN THIS MANUAL ITEMS TO BE ENTERED ON THE COMPUTER ARE ENCLOSED IN ANGLED BRACKETS "< >". Follow the entry with the ENTER key. Do not type the brackets as they are only placeholders for text to be entered by you. B. ORGANIZATION OF MANUALS-- We provide two separate but complimentary manuals. The first is the "quickstart" manual. If you are a power user, this very brief manual explains each active key and function. The second manual (the one that you are now reading) is a detailed manual, consisting of 7 sections: 1) System Requirements/Installation 2) Use of the program 3) The information needed to generate legal forms 4) Customer Satisfaction- Support 5) About our staff 6) Legalese-- warranties, trademarks, warnings 7) Index SECTION ONE INSTALLATION Section 1-1 INSTALLATION To install THE BBS LEGAL GUIDE, (we'll call it BBS LAW for short) First back up your installation disks by using the MS DOS command DISKCOPY. For more information about DISKCOPY, consult your computer's manual. Place the master disks that you received in a safe place and use your backup copies. To use this BBS distribution version, please un-archive the program to its own subdirectory. SYSTEMS REQUIREMENTS In order to operate this program, your computer must: 1) have an IBM PC compatible operation a version of M.S. DOS, D.R. DOS or P.C. DOS of 3.3 or higher or OS/2, PS/2; this program happily runs under Windows environments/Multi tasking environments and also runs in "MS DOS EMULATIONS" in Open Desk Top and other UNIX systems that can run MS DOS programs. To find out which version of dos you are using, please enter: and you will receive a cheery message such as MS-DOS VER 3.30 in general this program will operate on XT compatibles, '286 compatibles (AT Class) and '386 compatible systems; 486 systems; 2) have a hard drive (fixed disk); 3) have at least 448 K Bytes of USABLE memory with the first 640KB; many computer users have machines that are installed with 512K, 640K or more but install many Terminate and stay resident (TSR or "memory resident" programs) which each use memory, dropping available for usable memory to less than 448 K; if you cannot operate this program dump out of it (the time honored process pressing Control, Alternate and Delete at once to "warm" reboot) and at a system prompt type, exactly Your machine should whirl and click and then announce something like this: 655360 bytes total memory 620000 bytes free if you have less that 448000 bytes of memory free, then you must read the manuals for your memory resident software and delete some of them so that you have at least 448000 free when you run this program. There are utilities that "manage" terminate and stay resident program advertised in your favorite computer magazine. If you would like an operating environment that manages memory and can make your computer stand on its head allowing multitasking among many other great things, check out the great products from Quarterdeck.(tm) (We apologize to most BBS types who are power users and know all of this! However, we had to learn how to do all this once too!) IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Many computer users employ file management shells like the Norton Commander(tm) or PC TOOLS (versions 6 and higher) to help them manage their systems. These programs consume memory when used. Often persons also load several Terminate and stay resident utilities (T.S.R's) and a file manager. The likely result is that you will be often reduced to less than 300k free memory. This will S.. L.. O.. W.. down your system and cause many programs not to load at all. Running BBSLAW directly from DOS is simple and recommended! We get calls now and then about the document generation program not loading. In EVERY occasion that this occurs it is because you have less than 448K FREE RAM. Really. Honestly. Let's assume that you have a computer with 640K RAM. You can still be running with less than 448K RAM free by loading numerous drivers, TSR's and shells. Please check what your free memory is if you find that the document generator will not load and drops you to DOS following the instructions above. Please note that your system can be configured with many megabytes of ram, but STILL HAVE LESS THAN 448K free within the first 640KB! Unless you use memory management software, you can have 10 megs of RAM, but have less than 448KB free in the first 640KB. There is no minimum requirement for graphics adapters or color. The program will happily run on a text-mono system; and it looks very great on a VGA system! Due to our design philosophy the program will run on a system with NO color and no graphics capability at all. A printer is recommended so that you can fully use BBS LAW (You cannot print out legal documents without access to a printer.) SECTION 2 USE OF THE PROGRAM STEP ONE (LOGICALLY) STARTING THE PROGRAM Section 2-1 QUICK START MANUAL A separate file on this disk contains a "quick start manual" for experienced applications users which gives all of the active keys for each program. A detailed manual follows. Section 2-2 START UP AND MAIN MENU In order to start the program, be sure that you have either have the computer in the legal subdirectory or that the program is on the current path. Now type: (or or in MS-DOS, they are the same to the computer.) and press the Return key. The main menu offers a help screen. Section 2-3 MOUSE USERS Your mouse driver must be loaded before attempting to use a mouse on the program. For more information on loading your mouse driver, please see the manual which came with your rodent. To begin using the program, type then . Clicking the left button sends a carriage return, the right button page down, both buttons, sends Escape. Moving the rodent up and down advances the cursor up and down. NOTE: We do not have a separate mouse cursor. The mouse is emulating the cursor keys. Section 2-4 SELECTING FROM THE OPTIONS PROVIDED To select your choice, either use the cursor keys (up and down arrows) to highlight the choice you want, or, enter the letter corresponding to your choice, and then press . We will explain the operation of the statutes, and tutorials (mini-seminars), document preparation and editing documents separately. Section 2-5 THE SHELL GAME- OUR DOS "SHELL" Choice "S"- DOS Shell-- Our DOS "shell" is a utility program which allows you to perform tasks, while retaining the HOME LEGAL GUIDE in memory. For example, if you want to format a floppy disk, but do not want to exit the program, then choose the DOS Shell option, by either highlighting this option using the cursor keys (up and down arrows) or pressing then press . You will then see a message indicating that your operating system has been loaded. For example, Microsoft (R) MS-DOS (R) Version 3.30 (C) Copyright Microsoft Corp. 1981-1986 you may then operate DOS commands. At all times, the Home Legal Guide remains in memory. To resume use of the program, type and then or (On some machines the key is marked return, on others enter, and some have a left descending arrow.) This will return you to the opening screen. Section 2-6 The Navigator At the bottom of each screen the active keys are listed, and what each key does. This "navigator" strip is your first resource for help in getting around the program. Section 2-7 STATUTES MENU BBS LAW contains the full text, with attorney's explanations of many important laws and governmental regulations. To choose this option from the main menu, press and then (Return), or highlight this option by using the cursor keys- up and down arrows. Once you are reading the full text, you will occasionally see blocks of text marked with "/*" and closed with "*/." These are distinguishing placeholders to show comments as opposed to the full text of the law or regulation. Copyright stuff: We do not claim copyright on government material contained in the statutes menu. However we do claim copyright on all the rest of the program and on the comments within the statutes. Section 2-8 BROWSING THROUGH THE STATUTES You may read the statutes by pressing the page up, page down, cursor keys for up and down (up and down arrows.) The left and right cursor keys are special. The left arrow key returns you to the previous comment; the right arrow searches for the next comment. If you press the left arrow key and the text does not change, this means that you are seeing the first comment; if you press the right arrow key and the text does not change you are then viewing the last comment in the file. Section 2-9 LET'S TAKE NOTES USE OF THE "NOTE PAD"- JOT NOTES WHILE LEARNING ABOUT THE LAW If you want to take a note while reading the tutorial, put our memory resident note pad to work. From any point once you are reading the text of the tutorial type (Function key 2) and then a note pad will open on the bottom of the screen. This is a nice feature so that you won't lose your place or have to go get a pad and paper if you find something interesting that you might want to take notes about. Since it is for jotting notes, we have made it very simple to use. Simply type in your note, using the backspace key to erase characters. NOTE PAD HELP To get help regarding the note pad utility, simply press , (function key one) while the note pad is open. The help screen contains a full explanation of the note pad's use. PRINTING OUT YOUR NOTES To print out our notes, make sure that your printer is ready, power on, properly connected, with paper and ribbons, and then press (Function key 3) ERASING AND SAVING NOTES (Function key 10) erases everything on the note pad. You cannot recover notes once erased by using F10. To "toggle" back and forth between the note pad and the text of the tutorial, press (Function key 2) Your notes are saved automatically every time that you toggle back and forth between the note pad and the tutorial's main text. Section 2-10 SPECIAL STATUTE- DEFINITIONS This program contains a special "statute"- the on line legal phrase dictionary. Select this option to look up unfamiliar legal terms. Please let us know if you find other words we should define. Section 2- 11 EXITING THE STATUTES To leave a statute, you may press Escape which will return you to the statutes menu. To return to the main menu, press To exit the program completely, press which will send you back to DOS and quit the program. Section 2-12 TUTORIAL (MINI-SEMINAR) MENU WHAT IS A TUTORIAL/ MINI-SEMINAR? The HOME LEGAL GUIDE mini-seminars called "tutorials" about the subjects that our research and your requests show are of the most interest to our users. To select this option, either highlight option C from the main menu, or, enter the letter Then press (Return.) These "tutorials" or "mini-seminars" are a discussion of the rights and obligations that the law provides for each tutorial area. LET US KNOW ABOUT OTHER AREAS OF INTEREST AND WE'LL PREPARE SOMETHING ON THAT AREA IN THE FUTURE. You're the boss. Section 2-13 SELECTING A TUTORIAL/MINI-SEMINAR Once you have determined which tutorial you might want to read or review, please highlight it by using the cursor keys (up and down arrows). Then press . You will then be able to see the text of a tutorial. You can read through the tutorial by using the cursor keys, page down, page up or the home or end keys. (Note that our clever programming methods- Good job Warren-- make going from one end to another virtually instantaneous.) Section 2-14 TAKING NOTES You may take notes as discussed in Section 2-9. Section 2-15 READING FULL TEXT OF LAWS OR REGULATIONS DISCUSSED- OPENING A SECOND WINDOW Let's get back to the tutorial. If you would like to read and review the full text of the laws discussed in a tutorial or mini-seminar, you can review this simultaneously with the tutorial by opening a second "window." To do so, press the letter and you will be able to select to view the on line dictionary or view a help screen for tutorials. In addition, many tutorials also have further explanatory material. To select which option you desire, use the cursor keys (up and down arrow) to highlight the item you want to view. Then press return. The selected item (the on line dictionary, help or other materials) will then appear on the screen; to toggle back and forth between the mini-seminar and the selected full annotated text, press You can still open a note pad if you have both the mini- seminar and the full text selected. Many mini-seminars have more than one full text selection. If you want to review a different full annotated text from that originally selected, return to the tutorial, and press which will reopen the full annotated text menu. Select the new full text by using the cursor (up and down arrow keys). Section 2-16 DEFINITIONS OF LEGAL TERMS If legal terms are used in the mini-seminar, they are also defined in the on line legal dictionary. Simply press and select this option for the on line legal phrase book- our mini legal dictionary. Press to toggle back and forth between the dictionary and the text. To select help or full text, return to the tutorial text, press and select the other full text. Section 2-17 EXITING THE TUTORIAL To stop reading, press Escape (ESC) to return to the tutorial menu, to return to the main menu, or to exit (quit) the program and to return to DOS. That was easy-wasn't it! Section 2-18 DRAFTING DOCUMENTS THE DOCUMENT GENERATOR We are very proud of our document generation program and hope that you will be as well. Through the use of this part of the program you will be able to draft custom legal papers that are legal and binding in all 50 states. These forms will accomplish their objectives of course, if you use a form that isn't right, or doesn't completely accomplish your goal, you'll have a legal and valid form that accomplishes something other than you desired. READ CAREFULLY ************************************************************ IT IS ESSENTIAL TO HAVE AN ATTORNEY REVIEW DOCUMENTS THAT YOU PREPARE FROM TIME TO TIME; THE DOCUMENTS HEREIN ARE VALID IN THAT IF THEY ARE PROPERLY PREPARED THEY WILL BE EFFECTIVE TO CAUSE THE INTENDED RESULT. THIS MEANS HOWEVER, THAT A USE OF THE FORMS FOR AN INAPPROPRIATE PURPOSE WILL RESULT IN AN INAPPROPRIATE RESULT. WE IMPLORE YOU TO SEEK LEGAL COUNSEL IF THE FAILURE OF A LEGAL FORM TO ACCOMPLISH THE INTENDED PURPOSE WILL BE FINANCIAL LOSS. UNDER THE DISCLAIMERS OF WARRANTIES HEREIN, DAMAGES MAY NOT BE RECOVERED FOR THE MONETARY LOSSES AND OTHER DAMAGES, INCLUDING CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES SHOULD A FORM NOT MEET YOUR NEEDS. YOU'LL STILL SAVE TIME AND MONEY BY USING THE FORMS- JUST HAVE THEM REVIEWED. IN ADDITION BE SURE TO GET THE LATEST FORMS BY CHECKING IN FOR UPDATES. ************************************************************ In order to begin using the forms generator, from the main menu, please select option "D", prepare legal documents, by either entering and then or using the cursor keys (up and down arrows) to select this option. NOTE THAT THERE IS MORE THAN ONE SCREEN OF CHOICES, either scroll to the end, or use "Page Down" (you may have to do this more than once) to see all selections. The document menu lists the many available choices. Use the up and down arrows to highlight the document which you want to select. ************************************************************ LAWS CHANGE AND THIS MAY FORCE A CHANGE IN FORMS TO MAKE THEM COMPLY WITH LEGAL REQUIREMENTS. PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK FOR UPDATES. WHAT YOU HAVE RECEIVED CONTAINS THE FORMS TO THE DATE OF SHIPPING AND IS SUPPLEMENTED AND UPDATED REGULARLY. ************************************************************ Once "inside" a document you will have the opportunity to enter information, and "custom build" your form. SECTION 2-19 BUILDING DOCUMENTS: SCREENS You will then see two types of form building screens- a multiple choice box and a fill in the blank box. SECTION 2-20 FILL IN THE BLANK SCREENS First the fill in the blank box: Enter, exactly as you wish to see it, the information requested. Be careful to put it in the format requested- if the fill in the blank box asks for the information in numerals, use numerals. If it asks for information in numbers, enter numbers. Once you have finished filling in the blanks, then hit return. You can "edit" a line prior to entering "return" by using the backspace key. If you have made a horrible goof and want to start from scratch, use the tab forward key to highlight the "cancel" choice on the bottom of the dialogue box, and press return. The document will then be canceled. You will be returned to the document preparation main menu. A second option is to leave the document with the error and fix it with the on-line word processor. On occasions the space which is provided for entry of data is too small. In that case, simply enter in the fill in the blank box "See exhibit 1 (etc.)" and use a separate sheet to continue. Or you can fill in the document and then use the built-in word processor to put in the rest of the information. SECTION 2-21 MULTIPLE CHOICE SCREENS You will also see multiple choice boxes. Use the up arrow and down arrow (cursor keys) to place the "bullet" in the choice that you would like, and press . SECTION 2-22 NUMERICAL AMOUNTS When amounts of money need to be input, enter them in the following form: 213.45 or 22000.00 commas and dollar signs are not required and should not be used. The program will prompt for numerical amounts and then will transliterate them into their numerical equivalents. Thus, if you enter 100, the program will show it as $ 100.00 (One hundred dollars and xx/100) automatically! SECTION 2-23 SUGGESTED INPUTS Many screens contain suggested inputs. For example, the "number of days between installments" on the installment promissory note has several choices. The final choice "KEY IN VALUE" allows you to put whichever choice you desire in the form if the suggestions don't fit your needs. To enter your own value, place the bullet in the key in value choice and then press ENTER. Then type in your choice. SECTION 2-22 FINISHING DOCUMENTS- NAMING DOCUMENTS Once you've finished preparing a document, press (for save) and then fill in the name of the document. Ms-dos limits you to eight characters and an extension on a file, for example- "guide.exe." We don't-- your document can be named meaningfully using up to 72 characters, including blanks-- Thus, a note from Joe to Fred for $ 1.00 done on 12/1/92 can be named: Note from Joe to Fred- value $ 1.00 dated 12/1/92 Use a completely descriptive name so you will know exactly what the document is. SECTION 2-23 PRINTING DOCUMENTS To print out a document, after completing your answers, and seeing the document, press

, and a dialogue box will ask you use the cursor key to say "yes" or "no." Before saying yes be sure that the printer is connected to the computer, turned on, has ribbons and paper. (Or if it is a laser printer, that it has toner and paper!) You may use a printer of your choice from daisy wheel, a dot matrix to a laser. IF YOU ARE USING A LASER PRINTER BE SURE TO CLEAR OUT ANY CODES THAT YOU MIGHT HAVE SET FOR GRAPHICS OR LANDSCAPE PRINTING. THE PRINT OUTPUT IS ORDINARY "ASCII." The specific forms and the information required to complete them are discussed in section 3. SECTION 2-24 REVIEWING DOCUMENTS To print out a document which you previously saved, go to the main menu and either use the cursor key or enter the letter and then press . The documents, with titles that you have chosen will appear on screen. To see one, highlight that document and press To print, press

check that you are ready and then print away. To delete a document, first select the document, and press enter so that you are viewing that document. To delete hold down the key and while holding the ALT key down, press (for delete.) This will permanently erase a document, and in most cases even an undelete program will not save you! Be sure that you intend to do so before zapping a document to never-never land! SECTION 2-25 EDITING DOCUMENTS Once you have prepared a document, you may change it with the built in text editor. The text editor contains a complete help screen. Just hit for complete help. NOTE: THE MOUSE IS DISABLED DURING USE OF OUR EDITOR. SECTION 3 FORMS- INFORMATION REQUIRED SECTION 3-1 FORMS IN GENERAL In this section of the manual, we'll explain what information is needed to prepare each form, and will outline for what purposes the form is useful. Chapter 3 is contained in a separate file. Section 4-1 BBS SCREENS/BULLETINS BBS LAW provides many BBS screens and bulletins. Please note that YOU MUST REGISTER the program before you may use the screens and bulletins. All registered users who use BBS screens must add as a bulletin to their system the bulletin entitled "Copy.Bul." (Copy.bul is a screen which notifies users that some screens and text are reproduced under license from this program.) Section 4-2 POLICIES The program provides the following policy statements, which can be used as bulletins. A) DOWNTIME.POL-- The purpose of this policy is to eliminate liability for downtime, whether planned or unplanned. Without any statement whatsoever an implied condition of the contract between a paying user and a BBS could be construed to require continuous service, or, that the same service hours as prevails when a user registers with a BBS will be continued. If downtime occurs, this would be a breach of the implied contract and would entitle the user to damages. These damages could include a rebate and lost profits or other damages if a message doesn't go through etc. The Uniform Commercial Code (to the extent that BBS service is a good rather than a service) provides that limitations on the remedy for a breach of contract may be. B)- We also provide two policies related to the provision of buy/sell areas, limiting liability of the system, and pointing out that the BBS is not making the offers. C)- We recommend that you post your state's computer crimes law as a bulletin. (Please strip out our comments first!) The files are named ??-law.sta, where ?? equals the post office abbreviation for your state. Please note that several legal forms also double as BBS screens. SECTION 5 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Section 4-1: SUPPORT After registration of this program, you are entitled to support through a private bulletin board, the Blue Ridge Express. Regular and deluxe registrations offer support via phone. We also are on EXEC PC and GENIE and visit daily. On GENIE please address mail to H.KRAFT1 and on EXEC-PC, please address mail to Herb Kraft. The numbers at the Blue Ridge Express and EXEC PC are listed above. BBS LEGAL GUIDE, INC. 1350 Mahan Drive, #E-4-315 Tallahassee, Florida 32308 Section 5-2 Philosophy We try to place customer service first! Let us prove it to you! Many forms, tutorials, etc. were suggested by our users! Let's hear from you! It is our intention to answer questions from our users in the monthly updates. Please share your concerns and questions with us. We will provide reasonable support to potential registered users through the BBS systems mentioned. SECTION 5-3 WORDS ABOUT SHAREWARE This program is shareware. IT IS NOT FREE SOFTWARE. BBS LAW has been authored by a group which has over 20 programs sold commercially. Our best seller in the commercial field, THE PC ATTORNEY (which is similar to this program, but just generates documents) has sold over 100,000 units. THE PC ATTORNEY has been recognized by a number of industry publications as a best seller. SEARS BRAND CENTRAL has featured the PC ATTORNEY on its best sellers list for many months. Our flag ship shareware program, The Home and Business Legal Guide was a top 10 best seller in 1990 and 1991, and continues to be a top seller at disk vendors and user groups. Basically, shareware is commercial software marketed on trust. Just like there is good and bad commercial software, there is good and bad shareware. At least with shareware, you get a full test drive before you spend. Any fee you paid to a disk vendor was for the disks, and the catalog, support etc. We receive no fees from disk vendors. Our only compensation s that which we receive directly from our users. SECTION 5-4 Registrations may be mailed to: BBS LEGAL GUIDE, INC. 1350 Mahan Drive, #E-4-315 Tallahassee, Florida 32308 The document preparation program prepares forms for all levels of registration. SECTION 6 WHO WE ARE It takes many persons to put together a project of this magnitude. The staff that prepared this program consist of: Herbert Kraft (Herb), J.D., Developer and author of legal material, comments and documents, Chief Developer (It's all my fault-- honest) Warren Clary, P.E., Software engineer and co-developer, Warren is the author of the computer program itself (and did a tremendous job!) Amy Seeberger; research and support; and, Scott Briscoe, research, chief of customer support and fulfillment. Thanks to many BBS sysops who spoke to us about this program, and to the thousands of BBS operators who making BBSing a reality. SECTION 7 LEGALESE Section 6-1 LIMITATION OF WARRANTY ***EXCEPT FOR THE CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND THE SELLERS AND MANUFACTURER SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. THE SOLE REMEDY SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE REFUND OF PURCHASE PRICE. THE FORMS HEREIN ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE USED UNLESS THE SAME ARE REVIEWED BY AN ADVISOR OR ATTORNEY, AND THE SELLERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF THIS PROGRAM SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE FAILURE OF A FORM TO ACCOMPLISH THE GOALS OF THE USER.*** TRADEMARKS IBM PC, PS/2, AT, XT, and PC-DOS are trademarks of IBM. MS-DOS and OS/2 are a trademark of Microsoft. DR-DOS is a trademark of Digital Research. UNIX is a trademark of Bell Labs. R FRINGE is a trademark of R FRINGE SOFTWARE, INC., THE BBS LEGAL GUIDE is a trademark of BBS LEGAL GUIDE, INC. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS "" is copyright 1983,1984 by Microsoft, and is used under license. PKLITE is used under license from PKWARE, Inc. LHARC is Copyright 1990, Yoshi, and is used with permission.


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