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We Have The Cure For Your Digital Sweet Tooth . || ||_______________________________________________________________________|| |_____________________________________________________________________PdX_| ******************************************************************************** * * * Mortal Kombat Comprehensive Moves, Combos, Fatalities, and Hints Listing * * (almost FAQ) (Posted at the beginning and middle of each month) * ******************************************************************************** Version 5.0 (4/28/93) (Last Major Revision for a LONG while) What's New: o Completely revamped strategy section and retaliation section. o Pointers on how to get to Reptile, how to get flawless victories, info on the (second) fatalities of all chars, rumours confirmed/falsified, how to defeat Goro or Shang Tsung, all in their own sections. o Vince Koh Kia Keng gave everyone first insights on one of the most important requirements of getting to reptile: Moon appearances. Although he may not have been right on everything, he seems (definitely?) right about moon appearances as a requirement for reptile battles. Credit is hereby given to him for contributions to this list, as well as to Ken Alexander, Carl Chavez, and one other person whos name I can't quite recollect(anti- kano combos) for their good efforts. Another other person also contributed to this revision. o While the opponent is not in the corner and on the ground, JumpKick- JumpKick(followed by slide if you are Sub-Zero, or Flying-Kick if you are Liu Kang) has been discovered possible for Scorpion, Sub Zero, Liu Kang, and Kano, though it is very difficult to do. From Previous revisions: o Basic Moves section added. o A _Concise_ version of this listing is posted along with the long version o Block Scorpion's teleport-punch standing up, and uppercut immediately. o There was a request for the endings of the different characters, so this version includes them. ------------------------------------- --------Contents--------------------- Version 5.0 ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Written by Lei Wang at U. Waterloo ............................................................................... ...... Introduction ........................................................... ...... Basic Definitions ...................................................... ...... Basic Moves ............................................................ ...... Moves And Combos For Individual Characters ............................. ...... Retaliation ............................................................ ...... Basic Strategies vs. Human Players ..................................... ...... VS. The Computer ....................................................... ...... How to get flawless victories .......................................... ...... How to get to Reptile .................................................. ...... How to defeat Goro and Shang Tsung ..................................... ...... Everything about (Second) Fatalities/Rumours that you want to know ..... ...... Endings for the Various Characters ..................................... ............................................................................... ******************************************************************************* *********** Introduction ****************************** ******************************************************************************* These moves and combos work specifically for version 2/3/4 of Mortal Kombat, for which some of the major distinguishing characteristics(from 1 and prototype versions) are: a) Shang Tsung explodes when you kill him. b) Goro can not be repeatedly uppercutted. c) Jump kicking an opponent on the ground immediately followed by a jump kick/jump punch is very difficult to do before he falls, unless he is in the corner. The main difference between version 2 and 3/4 are(though they do not matter in terms of combinations): a) Repeated high/low punches will not stop Goro. b) Raiden can not be swept to death by anyone except Sonya c) Reptile is definitely not on version 2, although he is on version 3/4. d) The comic book offer is a switch setting in version 3/4, but which has expired. Comboes for version 1 are too easy to do, and there are too many of them to list here. For the moves listed below, some will be assigned a difficulty level, if it is actually not trivial. So there are actually four rankings for difficulty of a move: Trivial, Easy, Difficult, Nearly Impossible(or if you're the computer), but only the last three will be indicated. Of course, things may vary a bit from person to person. If you have anything to add, or there's a combo that you love to use(and it's on version 2+, and it's not listed here), tell me how you do it, and I'll try it. If I can do it within a few dozen tries, I'll put it in here. Otherwise I'll either keep trying, or start to not believe you. If you discover any spelling mistakes or typos in this article, reply kindly and I'll correct it in the next version. l2wang@napier.UWaterloo.ca ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ME: Univ. of Waterloo YOU: Huh? o=> ME: in Canada, YOU: Huh? ME: in Ontario, YOU: Huh? /o/ ME: up north! YOU: Aaaaaahhh... ME: near Toronto, YOU: Huh? ==o Huh?? ******************************************************************************* Basic Definitions: ******************************************************************************* Thing1(Thing2): Do Thing2 while doing Thing1. For example, Block(LowPunch) would mean to press LowPunch while holding Block, and Toward(HighPunch) would mean to press HighPunch while the joystick is in the Toward position. Forward fireball(button): Spin a quarter circle from Down to Toward your opponent, then press the button indicated; or more detailedly: Down, Down- Toward, Toward(Button), in that order. Backward fireball(button): Spin a quarter circle from Down to Away from your opponent, then press the button indicated; or more detailedly: Down, Down-Away, Away(Button), in that order. ......Now we start....... ******************************************************************************** Execution of Basic Moves: ******************************************************************************** Uppercut: Joystick in Down position, press LowPunch or HighPunch. HighPunch works better for most characters. If you use Cage or Liu Kang, no one can jump at you from anywhere if you know how to use the Uppercut. It's less easy for Sonya or Raiden, and can not be used effectively at all for Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Kano. A less hazardous way to use the Uppercut is to Crouch block, and the Moment your opponent(who is jumping toward you) hits your blocked body, Uppercut. If done quickly, and if your opponent didn't Kick/Punch almost at the last moment, this will hit them in the fraction of a moment before they land completely. Cage is perfect for this purpose. The Uppercut can also be used to hit opponents who are walking toward you and intending to low-punch, or to hit opponents who have just used a special move close to you and you blocked it. (especially against Scorpion's Teleport, if you're fast). Specialty: This designates Kano's headbutt, Cage's elbow, etc. Joystick in Toward, press HighPunch when close to opponent. Not useful at all, I find. Anyone correct me if I am wrong. HighPunch: When not doing a Specialty and on the ground, press HighPunch repeatedly. Fairly high damage, fast. It can not hit a crouch -blocking(or non-blocking) opponent, and can not throw. The only use for it is to hit opponents in the air, in which case two punches will carry them further into the air, to be followed by whatever special moves you like. LowPunch: Standing Close to your opponent, press LowPunch(repeatedly). This does low damage, but is just as fast as HighPunch, and can contact crouch-blocking non-Sonyas. If the opponent is not pulling back(Down-Away or Away), it will throw them. Very useful in that it either hits, takes off slivers of energy when blocked, or throws for lots of damage. JumpPunch: Press HighPunch or LowPunch when jumping at your opponent. Can not hit an opponent who is just crouching, but can override an uppercut if the uppercut is not done well. If pressed early in the jump, this has higher priority than an opponent's JumpKick, and that's another one of its usefulness. JumpKick: Press HighKick or LowKick when jumping at your opponent. If your opponent stays on the ground, press it fairly late, but not at the last moment. This way an uppercut will not catch you off guard(a weak uppercut that is), and your kick won't fade off before it gets to them, if they are crouching. Of course, if you press JumpKick early it will override your opponent's jumping attacks however early he presses his buttons. Sweep: Joystick in Away position, press LowKick. The farther you are from your opponent when you start, the less likely that they'll land a retaliation move if they blocked the sweep. But they will always be able to retaliate unless you are Sonya. Wimpy Kick: Joystick in Down position, press LowKick or HighKick. This move is the only move that will consistently hit an opponent who is close to you and LowPunching. Uppercut might also work, but not if they are pressing the LowPunches fast. The Wimpy Kick can also be used to kick opponents out of the air, if the opponent pressed his jump kick button a bit early or if he is using a jumping punch. (Or if he is Liu-Kang, who can not hit an opponent who is crouching without block via JumpKick or JumpPunch). Knee: Close to your opponent, joystick in Center or Toward, and press LowKick. This is very useful against those opponents who are just crouching and not blocking(to avoid your LowPunches), since it knocks them down. RoundHouse: Joystick in Away, HighKick. Not too useful, but can be used against the computer when the uppercut gets a bit stale. Kick: HighKick or LowKick when not doing a Sweep, Wimpy Kick, Knee, or RoundHouse. It can be used as retaliation of a Sweep, or can be used to kick opponents out of the air, if you place it perfectly. Throw: Close to your opponent, press low punch. If you are close enough, the only reason that you don't throw is because your opponent is blocking correctly. i.e. Away or Down and Away. ******************************************************************************* Moves and Comboes for Individual Characters: ******************************************************************************* ### Liu Kang ### Victory Pose: Hands folded in bowed contemplation(Partying on the inside). Fatality: Somersault, double kick, powerful uppercut. Red Bolt: Toward, Toward(HighPunch); Toward, Toward, HighPunch. Flying Kick: Toward, Toward(HighKick); Toward, Toward, HighKick. Fatality: Block(Circle in the direction of a backward fireball), or simply do the circle starting from Toward or Down. Jump Kick Combo: Jump kick a ground opponent, Flying Kick. Easy. Red Bolt/Kick Combo: Bolt hits an opponent in air more than half a screen away, Flying Kick. Easy. Jump Kick/Kick Combo: Jump Kick hits an opponent in the air, immediately follow with Flying Kick. Jump Kick/Jump Kick/Kick Combo: Jump kick hits an opponent at ground, immediately jump kick again, then Flying Kick. Nearly Impossible. Red Bolt/Red Bolt/Kick Combo: Bolt hits an opponent in air(just beginning to jump) half a screen away, Bolt immediately again will hit the opponent before he lands, and so will the Kick. Nearly impossible. *Note: If fatality is performed more than 3/4 of the screen away, the opponent will remain standing, and he can be subject to various forms of torture after death: a) Immediately fatality again, thereby appearing to somersault twice without pause ending in an uppercut. Impressive-looking. b) Flying kick opponent down, or sweep opponent down, and b1) Sweep fallen opponent back up, then down again repeatedly. b2) Jump up and down on opponent, imitating Goro. c) Jump back, do fatality again, wander around, ending with a standing fatality. d) Follow up with three Red Bolts, then do the somersault twice, most impressive looking. e) Follow up with four Red Bolts, then do the Flying Kick. Sharp looking ending. f) If your opponent is in the corner, four Red Bolts followed by somersault will work, so will just five Red Bolts. **Note: Still my favorite character. ### Johnny Cage ### Victory Pose: Arms crossed in front of him, sunglasses worn. Fatality: Knocks your opponent's head(s) off. Green Bolt: Away, Toward(LowPunch); Away, Toward, LowPunch. Slide Kick: Away, Toward(LowKick); Away, Toward, LowKick. Nut Crunch: Block(LowPunch). Fatality: Toward, Toward, Toward(HighPunch); Toward, Toward, Toward, HighPunch. Jump Kick Combo: Jump kick a ground opponent, Slide Kick(or simply standing kick if your opponent is in the corner). Easy to Difficult. *Note: The Fatality must be done right next to the opponent, and multiple heads can be knocked off(or attempted) if the second fatality's combination is performed just at the right time. 'The right time' is just before Cage begins to withdraw into his victory pose, and just after the first head is knocked off. A crotch grab can be done in place of the second head, as can the Slide Kick. These succeeding fatalities and the nut crunch are ranked Difficult to Nearly Impossible(even if you think you got it right, it doesn't always give it to you). Something else interesting: If the Slide kick is done at the same time the opponent jumps/teleport punches, the jump/teleport punch will travel twice as high/far. (With Cage) When Scorpion or Subzero is very near or at the corner, jump kick and send the opponent into the air. Quickly hop-punch, and continue one hop-punch after the other until the opponent dies. (Note: Once in the air, if you contiually hop-punch, Scorpion or Subzero does not hit the ground until dead. - Version 3.0 machine fyi) You can keep hop-punching 3 times after it says 'Finish Him!' then execute the fatality. You'll uppercut but miss the head, btw. **Note: Best all-purpose character in my opinion. ### Kano ### Victory Pose: Hands on hips after an animalistic shout. Fatality: Pulls out your opponent's heart and holds it high. Energy Axe: Block(wiggle between Away and Toward), or Block(Away, Toward). Body Ball: Block(3/4 Circle in the direction of a backward fireball). Normally, it is best to try the circle without using block, which is much faster(in that you don't have to release block for the move to execute). Start from Toward, and end at Up. Fatality: Forward fireball(LowPunch), or Away, Down, Toward(LowPunch), or Away, Down, Toward, LowPunch. For some reason, the Fireball( LowPunch) only works from the right side. From the left side, A Half Circle (from Away to Toward) needs to be done. Jump Kick Combo: Jump kick a ground opponent, Body Ball. Difficult. Jump Kick/Jump Kick/Ball? Combo: Jump kick a ground opponent, immediately jump kick again, followed by Ball. *Note: The Fatality must be done right next to the opponent. If an uppercut is the last hit on a cornered opponent on a finishing round, the fatality can be performed very quickly, and Kano will appear to grab a heart out of thin air, before the opponent gets up from the uppercut. Difficult, given the right conditions. ### Raiden ### Victory Pose: Absorbs lightning with up-reached hands. Fatality: Electricutes your opponent's head off. Lightning Bolt: Forward fireball(LowPunch). Body Launch: Away, Away, Toward. Teleport: Center, Down, Up, Center. Fatality: Toward, Away, Away, Away(HighPunch); Toward, Away, Away, Away, HighPunch. Easy, or Difficult, depending on joystick type. Jump Kick Combo: Jump kick a ground opponent, Body Launch. Difficult, if done right(before the opponent hits the ground). *Note: The Fatality should be started right next to the opponent. Also, if your opponent is in the corner and in the air(you could have just knocked them up there with a jump kick), you can immediately jump punch, and this will hit. You can jump punch again, and this will again hit. You can jump punch without their hitting the ground until they die. ### Scorpion ### Victory Pose: One arm raised in triumph. Fatality: Burns opponent with fire breath from skull after pulling off mask. Harpoon: Away, Away(LowPunch); Away, Away, LowPunch. Teleport Punch: Backward fireball(HighPunch). Fatality: Block(Up, Up), or just Up, Up while jumping. Jump Kick Combo: Jump kick a ground opponent, Harpoon. Difficult. Jump Kick/Jump Kick Combo: Jump kick a ground opponent, Jump Kick. Jump Kick/High Punchx2/Harpoon: Jump kick an opponent in the corner, immediately highpunch twice, followed by harpoon, uppercut. *Note: Fatality must be done just less than a man's length away from opponent. Against Kano who just bounced off you(or anyone jumping right next to you), instead of simply harpooning him before they land, do two HighPunches, then harpoon them. This will take off an impressive amount of energy. Also, the Jump Kick Combo is the most useful in the game(perhaps next to Liu Kang's), since two of them and nothing else will bring an opponent just a sliver above Danger from full health. ### Sub Zero ### Victory Pose: One arm raised in triumph. Fatality: Jerks opponent's head and spine from his/her body and shows it. Freeze: Forward fireball, LowPunch. Slide: Away(Bottom three buttons). Fatality: Toward, Down, Toward, HighPunch, or Toward, Forward fireball, HighPunch, or Toward, Down, Toward(HighPunch). Jump Kick Combo: Jump kick an opponent frozen in the air, jump kick again, Slide. Easy. Instead of the first jump kick, you can move right next to them and jump up, coming down with a high punch, immediately followed by jump kick and slide. This method is easier but does less damage. *Note: Fatality must be performed right next to the opponent. Opponent can be frozen immediately after being defeated, and thus his/her head can be ripped off while they are frozen. If you freeze an unsuspecting opponent, you can often throw them instead of uppercutting them(most opponents don't bother pulling back when they are frozen). Immediately do the freeze as the thrown opponent is getting up. If they block down and away, they will FAIL to block, although it looks like their hands are up. If they don't figure this one out(why isn't this #(@*! block working?!!!?) you've got them where you want them. If an opponent is frozen standing in the corner, jump kick, followed Immediately by an uppercut, will both hit. Jump kick-Jump kick-Uppercut will also work. Difficult. ### Sonya ### Victory Pose: Gymnastic Y. Fatality: Blows fireball off her lips which fries opponent. Sonic Rings: LowPunch, Away(LowPunch), or just repeat Away & LowPunch. Flying Punch: Toward, Away(HighPunch), or Toward, Away, HighPunch(Rev. 3.0+). Leg Throw: Bottom three buttons, can not be blocked if at proper distance(just less than maximum range). Fatality: Toward, Toward, Away, Away, Block. Jump Kick Combo: Jump kick ground opponent, Sonic Rings, almost impossible. Kick-Throw Combo: Jump kick ground opponent, Leg Throw. Difficult. *Note: Fatality can be performed at any distance. If Sonya throw opponent to his death, or if he throws opponent immediately when 'Finish Him' is displayed, Sonya can do the fatality quickly before the opponent gets up. The prone opponent stands to its feet as a skeleton, however. This is more difficult to do than Scorpion's version. >I'm sick and tired of >kicking people's asses, and having them do the damn cheese move to kill >me. You know, the one where she keeps leg throwing you. I've heard that >there's some way of stopping it, but I'm not sure how. Don't hold down block - once she throws you, let up on the block, and when you are starting to get up, block again. This also stops a sonic rings attack or an iceball from going through a block. ******************************************************************************* Retaliation: ******************************************************************************* Retaliation is a large part of the game, and for high level human vs. human matches, it is almost all there is of the game. Wait until your opponent makes a mistake, whether doing an innocent jump kick or failing to connect with the disastrous Kano ball, and if you retaliate correctly there are guaranteed hits. One of the first things that anyone learns at MK is to block, but no one can execute block while executing a move. So, know how to retaliate. By reflex. When someone sweeps you, you could block and 1) Immediately sweep them back, which always hits(unless vs. Sonya). 2) Immediately use the missile weapon, and if you're fast enough, will always hit. It's easiest if you're Scorpion or Raiden, however, since theirs are fast and easy to do. Don't try it with other players until you can get it right, since they can block and cream you if you delay. Cage - use Slide Kick. Kano - Use Body Ball. Raiden - Use Lightning. Liu Kang - Just sweep back, unless they are fairly far away after the sweep, in which case use Flying Kick, which works wonders. Scorpion - Just sweep back unless you are very good with the harpoon, in which case use that. Sub-Zero - Just sweep back, or even easier Slide, or if you are practiced Freeze back. Sonya - Sweep back, or with some practice Leg-Throw, which does very good damage and is quick. Against Sonya, only Sub's Slide and Kano's Ball will hit. 3) If you are close to Sonya, and she sweeps, and you are not Kano or Sub Zero or Sonya, you can immediately standing kick(not roundhouse). This is the most reliable way of countering Sonya's sweep, but only works at close range. When someone low punches you continuously, 1) Make SURE that your joystick is in the Down-Away position, and press LowKick(repeatedly). This is best started as early as possible, even as they are walking toward you with the intention of low punching. Do this most of the time, but once in a while just block a few low punches instead, if you get swept a few times while doing the wimpy kick. Balance the amount of blocking and wimpy kicking to suit your opponent's style: If he sweeps a lot, block a lot and hit him back when you block his sweeps. If he low punches a lot, wimpy kick a lot. When someone jumps toward you, 1) Block. If you are ahead and the time is in your favor. 2) Uppercut as they are approaching, if you are Cage, Liu Kang, Raiden, or Sonya. Uppercut BEFORE their legs reach you, since the uppercut has longer range in most cases. If someone is jumping from far away, this is more difficult. If someone is jumping from fairly close, the uppercut works amazingly. 3) Block, and immediately after their aerial attack hits, Uppercut. If they pressed the attack button early in the air(and most do, to avoid being uppercuted :) they hang in the air for a split second after their attack hits, and that's plenty time for you. First timers have often said that this is impossible as you have to release block and Then tap the uppercut button very very quickly, but with a little practice you will be as fast as you need to be. If opponents hit the aerial kick very late, when you have already released block and are going for the uppercut, then do 2) more often, as late kickers are very vulnerable to uppercuts. 4) If they have jumped from fairly far away, use your special move. Cage - use the slide kick at Close range, and the green bolt at far range. It is deceptively easy to hit someone out of the air using the slide kick, but only if you start it late. Kano - use Axe at far range, Ball at close range. The Ball will override most aerial attacks unless they are timed perfectly, and they can't be if the Ball is not expected. Raiden - use Lightning. This is by far the best anti-aerial attack, and USE IT withOUT fear. Unless vs. Kano, it is almost impossible to jump kick a raiden using the lightning, at any range. Just don't do it too early. Liu Kang - Red bolt, although this is difficult since you walk into your opponent due to the move requirements. The computer can do it perfectly well, but you should use your awesome uppercut instead. Scorpion - use the harpoon ONLY if you back far enough away such that their aerial attack won't hit you at all if you didn't do anything. Otherwise teleport punch away, or just block. Sub Zero - Freeze, followed by the 3-hit 50% energy taker. Sonya - Flying punch, but do this as early as possible, preferably at the same moment that they start the jump. When someone jumps away from you, 1) Use your missile weapon, and use it early(anticipate when they are going to jump). If someone jumps back once they are liable to jump back again, and if you are Liu Kang there's a short and sweep combo right there. If you are Scorpion the harpoon is much easier. If you are raiden your timing doesn't even have to be perfect, since Lightning travels faster than everything except the green bolt, and is much Longer than the green bolt(yes, Longer). Now for the individual moves... When Cage Slide Kicks, 1) Quickly duck and uppercut. If you are ducking already all the better. If you can't duck fast enough block and try to throw them, and if you are fast at throwing you'll literally throw them out of the Slide Kick. When Kano does the ball, block and, 1) Slide kick, body-spin, standing kick, freeze, harpoon, missile weapon, whatever you like to your hearts desire. Just don't uppercut since that doesn't always hit, and anything else almost always does. Cage - 2 HighPunches and Green Bolt, or Jump punch followed by Slide. Kano - 2 HighPunches and Axe/Body Ball, or Jump punch and Ball. Raiden - 2 HighPunches and Lightning, or Jump punch, jump punch, Body Launch. Use only one Jump punch if you want something easier. Liu Kang - 2 HighPunches, Red Bolt, Flying Kick. Scorpion - 2 HighPunches, Harpoon, or 2 HighPunches, Teleport Punch, Harpoon(Difficult) Sub Zero - Freeze(higher the better), back off, Jump Kick, Jump Kick, Slide. Sonya - 2 HighPunches, Aerial Punch/Sonic Rings. When Raiden body launches, you could block and 1) Kano - do the spin quickly(without using the block button). Cage - fire the energy bolt, though you need to be very quick to hit. Sonya - do the aerial punch quickly, and you might get him. If you're Raiden, Scorpion, or Sub-Zero, use your missile immediately. If you were around the center of the screen(close to your opponent), you can easily hit him before he lands. If you're Scorpion, you could alternatively use the teleport-punch, which is easier, and will always hit. If you think you're fast enough(or if it's the second round), you can try for the harpoon Immediately after the teleport punch, and it would be something nice to show the onlookers. If you're Liu Kang, the flying kick will always hit if you do it at all. When Raiden teleports, you could 1) Uppercut the moment he teleports. This is easy to do if you were simply crouching and not blocking at the time. 2) If you were walking or standing without block, press HighKick or LowKick immediately. Be fast, and you will always hit. 3) If raiden is on the other side of the screen, likely about to teleport sometime, do the motions to your special moves continuously, and the moment he teleports, press the button. This will look very impressive if done, especially if you used the harpoon. Kano - difficult, can't store the ball. Cage - tap toward, and away(lowkick) when they teleport. Raiden - tap toward, and away(toward the new raiden) when they... Liu Kang - tap back, and press high punch(though you would back away while doing this, and Raiden will teleport in front of you). Scorpion - tap toward, and lowpunch when... Sub Zero - difficult, but the freeze will be very impressive. Sonya - can't do much. Get ready to sweep. When Liu Kang Fly-Kicks, you could 1) Block and immediately uppercut(most reliable). 2) Cage - Slide Kick, which is easier then the uppercut but less damage. Raiden - Body Launch, though this is not easier. Scorpion - Harpoon, which is easier and more damaging. Sub Zero - Freeze, and if you are VERY fast, the freeze will catch Liu Kang still in the air, ready for the 3-hit combo. This is not so easy(I've only done it 2 or 3 times). Sonya - Leg Throw, though this is more difficult/less damaging. When Scorpion teleport punches, 1) If you are slow, just block, down or pulling back, and occasionally walk up to throw him after he teleports. 2) Walk around without blocking, until the unsuspecting Scorpion teleport punches. Then immediately block(they hit), crouch, and uppercut. A blocked teleport punch is like a blocked early jump kick, with the difference that you must block it standing up or he will pass over you. This may seem difficult at first, but once you get the timing down(though a lot of practice), it's almost a free uppercut (or two) a round against Scorpion players until they stop using it, in which case you have them where you want them. When Sub Zero Slides, 1) You can jump back and kick the sliding Sub Zero, if you can anticipate their slides(by the swish sounds). If you are scorpion there's a 70% combo here: Jump back and kick, teleport punch, harpoon, uppercut. 2) For most average joes, just block and try to walk up and throw Sub Zero, or at least get in a few low punches. The Slide is much reduced in power from earlier versions, but still has a great recovery time. 3) Block, and Sonya - VERY quickly Leg Throw, but be sure you do it quickly. Don't do this on 3rd rounds unless you are way ahead or you are very confident. Kano - Ball. This is an most effective counter, but learn to do it quick also, or else. Cage - Slide. This is the best counter, and will render the Slide almost totally ineffective. Sub Zero - Slide back. Easiest. When Sonya Leg Throws, 1) Block and Uppercut. 2) Use anything else, but only as entertainment. When Sonya Flying Punches, 1) Wait until they are about to land next to you, and uppercut. The key is to wait until you have already turned to the correct direction before uppercutting. ******************************************************************************* Basic Strategies vs. Human players ******************************************************************************* Play defensively, and wait until the opponent makes a mistake. Anyone is bound to make a mistake if they are offensive. But if they play very defensively, you have to resort to taking off slivers of energy from your opponents to force them onto the offensive. Good ways of doing this are: Walk up to a blocking opponent, and low punch a few times, then stop, get ready to block(wimpy kicks), and walk up and low punch a few more times. Walk up to a blocking opponent, wimpy kick once. There is no retaliation against one wimpy kick in recent revisions. Walk up to a blocking opponent, to the limit of your sweep range, and sweep. Do it at the very limit, or it will be very easy for them to retaliate. Use your missile, which depending on type will take off energy from most crouch blocking opponents. This is the best way of taking slivers, but don't do it too often or they will jump over it once in a while. Jump kick at far range, if your opponent doesn't seem to uppercut very well(or can't). Press the kick button early in general, and they will not be able to jump later than you and hope to override your attack. Walk up to a crouching opponent who is crouch block/not blocking, low punch a few times, then as soon as they go for the wimpy kick or release block, press LowKick, which will do a knee, which does impressive damage. Be careful, though, since if they block your knee, they can immediately uppercut while you are helpless. The best posture to assume is simply standing/walking back and forth without blocking. This gives you the greatest manuverability, and you can quickly switch to doing anything else, be it jumping, crouch blocking, or special moves. Learn to press the block button very quickly when needed, however. If you aren't very fast at blocking, then either go on the offensive or crouch block. And last but not least, always BLOCK AWAY OR DOWN AND AWAY, or you will be thrown mercilessly. In case of bad joysticks or when you are unsure, always err toward standing. i.e. It it much better to be blocking standing and away, in which case you can just ease the joystick gradually down to down and away. Don't err the other way. When doing a special move, or simply uppercutting(which is easier with the joystick pulled directly down), always pull back while you are recovering, and from that back to down and away when you are can block once more. Remember that you can avoid being thrown even if you can't block. When you are frozen, harpooned, whatever, if you pull back you won't be thrown. ******************************************************************************* .VS. the computer: ******************************************************************************* (This is written for medium to high difficulty settings, so what works here will work even better for easier settings) The main concept of computer opponents is that almost everything will work once or twice without fear of retaliation. But once learned, the computer will not forget. If Kano balls you once when you sweep, he will ball you every time you sweep until the end of that round. Next round, you can try again, but he will learn more quickly. The things that will work at least once are: Sweep, Wimpy kick, most special moves, Jump kick, standing roundhouse(pull back and highkick). The last of which works more times than you need it to, most of the time. When the round starts for higher difficulty matches, you can usually jump at the computer and will kick him while he will shoot a missile under you. Jump away after this. Use your missile weapon one or two times. For the first time, it really doesn't matter how far away you are. For succeeding times, either do it from very far away or just at medium range. If you do it from very far away, the computer can not do anything even if he jumps over it. If you do it from medium range, the computer will be forced to block or crouch, and his retaliation will be late enough for you to block. Use roundhouse a few times, at the limit of your range(Sub Zero, Scorpion, Raiden are the best). The computer will not block it unless he is really pissed off. If the computer sweeps you once when you do the roundhouse, don't do it anymore that round. Jump kick the computer a few times, and remember to press the button early(unless going for combos). If you jump from far away, and if you press the kick button early enough, the computer(except Goro) will almost NEVER block. If you are really down in health, you can use this trick to (boringly) finish off the computer: Jump kick, walk back a little, jump back, Jump kick, walk back a little... If you jump kick the computer and he blocks, don't jump away immediately or crouch block. Instead, block standing up. Often the computer will do a special move, which you will block and retaliate as detailed above. If the computer doesn't do the special move immediately, standing block until he approaches you for low punches. As soon as he starts attacking, crouch block or crouch and release block, and he will be forced to go for the wimpy kick. Block it, stand up, and block again. Keep alternating between standing block and crouching/crouching block, and unless it is at very high difficulty, the computer is bound to do a roundhouse/standing kick/sweep sometime. Uppercut quickly in the former cases, and if the computer sweeps delay for a moment and uppercut(the computer doesn't block after a sweep even when it can). If you get bored waiting for the computer to make a mistake close up, you can instead jump away and try jump kicks instead. The key is to wait for the computer to do a wimpy kick, then stand up and back away a little bit before jumping backwards. If you jump backwards immediately the computer will often jump kick straight up and get you. If you are stuck in the corner, you can get out by jumping out with the high punch(press it early), or by sweeping the computer once and quickly jumping over him. For this purpose, don't use sweeps unless you get forced into the corner. Save your one free sweep until then. Some specific pointers: Cage: Do your first one or two 'free' jumpkicks late, and slide kick immediately for the combo. Don't use the slide kick unless it's part of a combo. Against opponents other than Cage or Sonya the nut crunch is a sure hit: Wait until the computer wimpy kicks you, block, wait for a moment(wait until they start walking toward you after the wimpy kick), and go for it. Liu Kang is especially easy to do this to. Remember to block Away after the nut crunch, or the computer will throw you. Crouch again after this, and repeat. Kano: Your Axe is ducked by the computer better than it does any other. Use the ball once or twice, but after that use it only in a combo or as retaliation. Your jump kick is very good, so rely on that. Raiden: Do not teleport, of course, as you'll quickly learn. Lightning at medium to close range, and the computer will often stand up in it, and they can't jump over it. Unless vs. Sonya, immediately body launch after you jump kick the computer down, even if it would normally be blocked by human players. Lightning often at the stated range. A desperate manuver against Cage, Raiden, or Scorpion is to back yourself into the corner, and do the body launch. If it connects, all the better. If it doesn't, the computer will try the missile, and it will pass under you. Do the body launch again, and again, and again. Every time the missile will pass under you, and you take off a sliver of their energy. Repeat until dead(but don't mess up). Liu Kang: Use the jump kick combo to your advantage. Even if you kick very early the flying kick will still connect before the computer lands. After you knock the computer down do the red bolt quickly, and they will stand up in it. Keep using the jump kick combo jumping in at long range, and if you look like you are about to be cornered, wait until the computer gets close, and Flying kick. You will neatly pass Over the computer to the other side. Scorpion: Harpoon right amidst a few low punches will often hit. When teleport punching, don't do it when the computer is more than a half screen away from you, and don't do it when he is a full screen away from you. If you hit, follow up with a harpoon, and the harpoon will often hit. The harpoon is very fast, so use it often, but only as retaliation. Sub Zero: Use the freeze often. The computer don't block it much at all. use it either when they are all the way across the screen, or when they are less than half a screen away. This way, even if they jump, they won't get to you. After you knock your opponent down with a jump kick or uppercut, immediately slide, and it will always hit. Alternately, after you uppercut the opponent, back away a little, and jump kick(early). You are at the correct range, and the computer will not block. Sonya: Your foot sweep is very fast, and not only can you catch Raiden with his pants down most of the time, you can also sweep Sub Zero with his invincible slide to death. With Sub Zero, if you sweep him down once, immediately sweep again. Immediately. Don't stop sweeping until he is dead, because once he stands up he will counter your sweeps. A cheap way to win against the computer(see Raiden above) is to sweep them(but not at close range). Unless vs. Liu Kang, Kano, or Raiden, the computer will 'learn' and always do a missile attack after your sweep, which you can easily block and follow with a leg throw or uppercut while they are vulnerable. Of course, immediately after you knock the computer down, try following with a leg throw. They are suckers for it. Repeat the leg throws with glee, but only after you knock them down(by sweep, jump kick, or leg throw). ******************************************************************************* How to get flawless fictories ******************************************************************************* With Sub-Zero, use your freeze at long range until the computer starts jumping over them. Until then, freeze-uppercut-backawayalittle-jumpkick-slide. With anyone else, use the freehit jump kick exclusively. Remember to duck withOUT touching block when the computer missiles, and don't let yourself be backed into the corner(you shouldn't be if you jump kick right). That's it.. Jump kick... it's the only reliable way. ******************************************************************************* How to get to Reptile ******************************************************************************* To get to reptile, you must do a double flawless + fatality on the bridge scene vs. the computer, and you must not touch block except for the fatality if necessary, and there must have been shadows(witches, balloons, Peter Pan..) flying across the moon in both your winning rounds. There is no presently known formula on r.g.v.a about exactly what the requirements are to get shadows flying across the moon, although the chances of shadows is not minimal. I.e. If you play say 5 or 10 matches on the bridge it will be very likely that you'll see shadows once. Things that does not guarantee moon appearances: Break/not Break the boards in the bonus rounds. Endurance match or regular match. Winning the previous game. Winning all rounds previous or getting flawless victories in them. 1-player or continued from 2-player. Things that might or might not guarantee moon appearances: Shadows flying across the moon when displaying credits on previous winning game. Any, all, or none of the above may contribute, or it could be completely random. If all requirements are satisfied, the screen will flash, Reptile will jump down from above, and the scene will shift to the bottom of the Pit which the bridge was built over. Among the swords and pierced heads will the match be fought. Reptile is a Sub-Zero like ninja with green cloths, walks much faster than normal, can harpoon, freeze, slide, or teleport punch. Defeating reptile will grant the victor 10,000,000 points, and losing to him will either get you a uppercut to the face, hellfire to your body as Scorpion's fatality, or a lift of your spine as Sub Zero's. >the time. For hopefully the final time, I'm going to list the criteria to >get to the reptile himself: > > 1. Win EVERY round up to the bridge scene (usually 3). > 2. Make sure there something flying over the moon. > 3. Defeat your opponent with a double flawless victory WITHOUT > using block until fatality. > 4. Execute the fatality. > > > If you do all of this correctly, you can get to the reptile 100% >of the time!!! Yes, 100%! Make sure you are playing version 3.0 or >above, though. > I am not certain about the moon appearances, i.e. I cannot >guarantee that winning every round up to the bridge scene will ensure that >something will fly over the moon, but so far, I have NOT seen a person who >won every round up to the bridge scene NOT having something flying over >the moon IMMEDIATELY. > First article, and I already goofed. Before anyone flames me, >give me a chance to correct myself. When I said win every round, I mean >every round. What I meant to say was to win 6 rounds in a row, i.e. 3 >matches. Please forgive the mistake. > By the way, you don't have to win every round during the bridge >scene to get to the reptile; just make sure you get double flawless and do >the fatality. What this means that if you screwed up a round on the bridge, >and you REALLY want to fight the reptile (with the correct machine, of >course), lose the round and win 2 flawless rounds (not necessarily back to >back, I might add). ******************************************************************************* How to defeat Goro and Shang Tsung ******************************************************************************* Goro's major weakness is that he does not block any attacks while he is getting up from a knockdown. To knock him down you can use the jump kick or uppercut. At the beginning of the round, jump toward him, and most often he will missile under you and you will connect. Immediately follow with a missile attack(green bolt, axe, lightning, red bolt+flying kick, harpoon, freeze, sonic rings). If you are Sub Zero, you can uppercut and freeze again immediately, and repeat. Once you hit him with the missile attack(non-Sub Zero), jump away, and crouch block for an instant as soon as you land, to see if he fires a missile. If he does, block and immediately jump toward him, keeping in mind to press the jump kick early. You will most likely connect, follow up with a missile attack, and jump away. If he does not fire the missile, jump back again and wait again. Repeat this until you are at the corner, where you should stand and wait for him to approach. Wait until he is just beyond sweep range(don't let him get too close), and jump back in the corner and kick. He will either block, in which case you try again, or he will fire a missile. If he fires a missile your kick will hit him from very far away, as Goro extends himself a lot when firing missiles. Follow this up with a missile attack, and again wait for him to approach, and jump back&kick in the corner. This is much easier for Cage, Liu Kang, Kano, Raiden, Sub Zero, and Scorpion. With Sonya it's more difficult, and Goro might approach too close and grab you when you come down. If you are forced to jump toward him, do so, press the jump kick early, and if it doesn't connect jump back with the kick button pressed immediately after you jump. This will often hit Goro if he doesn't grab you in time. If you are thrown into the corner with Goro almost on top of you, uppercut as soon as you get up. This will always hit Goro, and you can follow with a missile attack. Overall, you get double attacks against Goro, but he does twice your damage, so you are at the computer gods' mercy in trying to defeat him. Even for the best of players Goro might decide to block everything one match and that's that. On Revision 2.0, if you are ahead in energy, you can then press low punch or high punch continuously, and Goro will edge toward you blocking, but will not be able to do anything else, and you will win on time. *** Shang Tsung's major weakness is that he does not block, and that he always teleports when you jump too close. If he changes into Goro, use Goro tactics mentioned above. If he changes into anyone else, you should be able to defeat him with strategies in a previous section. If he remains Shang Tsung, he's a teleporting duck like Raiden, except that this time you decide when he teleports and where he appears. Keep jumping toward him, and you will reach him sooner or later, in which case he will inevitably teleport. Since you know that he is going to teleport, immediately do the motion for your special as soon as you land, in the opposite direction as your jump, since Shang Tsung will appear behind you. i.e. (Cage - Slide Kick, Kano - Ball, Raiden - Lightning/Launch, Liu Kang - Flying Kick(remember to jump right on top of him so he appears further from you, or the Flying kick will fly over him), Scorpion - Harpoon, Sub Zero - Freeze, Sonya - Sonic Rings). He will never learn about this trick, and will easily be defeated by it if you are really the person who won all the previous 14 matches. Alternatively, if you are Scorpion, you can teleport punch while he is on the other side of the screen, and he will always be hit, and he will back away to the other side. Teleport punch again, and again, and again. ******************************************************************************* Everything about (Second) Fatalities/Rumours that you want to know ******************************************************************************* Fatalities are flexible. There is only one fatality for everyone, but it can be done while the opponent is prone or while the opponent is still in the air. Uppercut the opponent to their death in the corner, and you can execute the fatality, if it's a quick one, before they hit the ground. Throw an opponent to their death or immediately when it says 'Finish Him', and your opponent will be prone while you are given the chance to do your fatality. For best results for Sub Zeros, Kanos, Cages, and Raidens fatality, kill the opponent with a sweep while You are in the corner. You can immediately throw your opponent into the corner, and you are at the proper distance for your fatality. If you do the fatalities of Cage or Liu Kang too early or while they are prone, you will miss. With the others, the animation after the opponent is hit will be exactly the same as that of a normal fatality. i.e. Bodies suddenly appear standing up. Cage can knock off more than one head, if you do the fatality motion just as the previous head is popping off. You can also miss if the timing is off. You can also substitute the succeeding heads for a nut crunch or slide kick. You can miss the head more than once also, if you do it correctly(this looks interesting). Liu Kang can miss his fatality and do lots of things afterwards, and thi is detailed above in the moves section. You can NOT do any vastly different fatalities than the commonly known ones. I.e. Liu Kang can not cut anyone with a sword, split bodies open, etc. The game has animation capability for three different fatalities, although these three can not be used on any current versions of Mortal Kombat, and will likely not be considered in future revisions, since most MK machines have already been produced. Due to time constraints these three fatalities were not implemented: Cage: Original fatality was a Slide Kick, and when hit the opponent is hurled across the playing field to smash against the opposite wall. No extensive blood. Goro: Goro grabs your head in his hands and there is a loud pop and your head will be splattered as in Raiden's fatality. Shang Tsung: Shang Tsung pulls out his sword and cuts your head off. This was apparently the original reason that head popping was used for, and the reason that Shang Tsung has a sword by his side. Other rumours that are false: You can not fight a guard, or a dragon. You can not use Goro, or Shang Tsung. You can not use Reptile. There is no fourth Ninja as the r.g.v.a Ed Boon hinted at. ******************************************************************************* Endings for the Various Characters: ******************************************************************************* Cage's Ending: After defeating Shang Tsung, Johnny finally realizes the Real potential that this victory brings: Money at the box office. Cage goes back to Hollywood to make Mortal Kombat and its many successful sequels. Kano's Ending: Kano and his Black Dragon crime organization takes over the tournament, and the tournament falls into even darker times than when Shang Tsung owned it. Raiden's Ending: Raiden says that he had always held contempt for Goro's brute strength and Tsung's pet sorcery. He grows bored with this mortal competition and invites other Gods to the tournament, and this finally results in world destruction. "Have a Nice day." Liu Kang's Ending: After defeating Goro and Shang Tsung, he accomplishes his intended goal of restoring the Mortal Kombat Tournament to its rightful owners: The Shao Lin temple, with whom it belonged before the coming of Shang Tsung. This is the only 'morally correct' ending. Scorpion's Ending: Scorpion has avenged his earlier death by Sub-Zero: For he was killed and restored to life to avenge this death, thus came the skull. It is too bad though that Scorpion, although walking in the land of the Living, will never know his family again. Sub-Zero's Ending: After killing Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero disappears into the shadows from whence he came. His real reason for coming to the tournament was the assassination of Shang Tsung paid by one of Tsung's powerful enemies. With this reward Sub-Zero can finally retire from his dangerous profession. Sonya's Ending: Sonya's reason for coming to the tournament was the arrest of Kano and the capture of his Black Dragon crime organization by the Special Forces of whom she was a member of. (Sonya was promised her freedom by Shang Tsung if she won the tournament. Well, she got it). For more detailed Endings, Finish the Game!! ******************************************************************************* ********************* Finished Him ************************************** ******************************************************************************* - Things not mentioned in the FAQ - The specialty (as described in the FAQ) is useful for antagonizing your opponent. Imagine that you are being attacked by Kano. You need a breather, and choose to block down and back, so he can't throw you, and you can get you bearings again. He walks up and proceeds to "tap" you with his low punches. You feel so smart that he is failing in his attempt to throw you. All of a sudden, he does a head butt, which is still blocked, but the gall of him to even try such a vain maneuver against someone of your stature demands a severe punishment. You attack, and your anger will be your downfall. The uppercut of the ninjas is ideal against Raiden's worthless jump kick. If you throw it off to connect at the top of his long slow arc, he won't have a chance to get his foot into a vulnerable zone on you. I love doing this, it takes every Raiden off guard. Other already published combos not in FAQ: Johnny Cage: Jump Kick, Hop Kick Jump Kick, Green Bolt Jump Kick, Hop Punch Jump Kick, Hop Punch, Shadow Kick all of these are considered difficult to nearly impossible by your standards. Of course, Hop punching an opponent in the corner can be done against anyone by any of Kano, Raiden, or Cage. Kano: Jump Kick, Hop Punch, Ball Energy Ball Push, Throw: This one, sometimes when you jump over an opponent and do the Ball quick, it will push the opponent for the length of the attack. You can then throw right at the end of this, just like the computer does. Jump Kick, Knife Low Punch, Ball (Low punch makes the opponent vulnerable enough for it to land.) Raiden: Jump Kick, Hop Punch, Lightning (Only against another Raiden) Jump Kick, Hop Punch, Body Launch (Anyone but Ninjas) Jump Kick, Lightning (Anyone) Scorpion: Take out the final "combo" since it isn't a valid one. There are dozens of "combo"s that can be done against a cornered victim. Standard combo (missing from last FAQ): Jump Kick, Harpoon, Uppercut Teleport, Harpoon, Uppercut Teleport, Hop Kick, Harpoon, Uppercut The fatality can be done from standing without block just by being gentle with the joystick. (Pretend it's something else.) Sonya: Leg Sweep, Leg Throw (from computer, and a couple other Sonya freaks) Subzero: His 50% energy combo is actually only about 47%. There are some combos like Scorpion's Standard which comes a lot closer to 50% than Sub's. After the foot sweep, remember the uppercut is a classic maneuver. If Liu Kang or Raiden is Jumping at you, you can successfully duck without blocking with do adverse effects. Sub-Zero can always catch a jumping Raiden with a freeze. Another option against an opponent jumping towards you is to teleport, if it's an option. Also, if you are good at the timing, you can do a High kick or Roundhouse and possibly follow up with a missile. If they're jumping away from you, Scorpion can teleport, and if timed right, hit and start off a good "real" 49.5% combo (Teleport, Harpoon, Uppercut) Against Kano's Ball: If you are not Raiden (since his hat adds to his height), you can duck and uppercut when he comes out of it right in front or behind you. Note Cage's/Raiden's/Kano's Hop Punch, Hop Punch, Shadow/Body attack. Also, with Raiden, you can walk forward, 2 HighPunches, Teleport, HighPunch again, and do either Lightning or Body Launch. Against Raiden's Dive: Scorp: Teleport Punch, Hop Kick, Harpoon, Uppercut. Liu Kang: Jump Kick, Flying Kick Note: You can take the hit from Raiden, assuming you weren't doing a special attack at the time you were hit, and recover the moment you hit the ground, throwing off whatever your heart desires. After a Successful Roundhouse at close range, one can do a very fast special attack which will catch them in their moment of recovery. Most annoyingly, a ninja will plant an uppercut on a helpless form. Kano and Liu Kang also have good roundhouses. After doing the nut crunch, one usually jumps away or throws as a pseudo-combo. To the true aces, we try to add variety to the game and our perfection. Against the easier machines, before breaking the wood, one can do a foot sweep, specialty attack series against them just until they're dead and then finish them with a roundhouse or something trivial, so everyone knows you aren't afraid of the big bad computer. Personally, I like killing Raiden with Cage in two combo's. The Jump Kick, Hop Punch, Shadow Kick takes off about Sixty percent or more. Cage's fatality can't be done in the air. (I've tried many times by Hop Punching him to death, doing a couple extra for height, and then doing the easy Forward (x3) and HighPunch. H ( ( Ŀ Super Nintendo / Sega Genesis / Handheld SysOp: IceMan & Teddy 1.2 Giga I.(.. ,OOFN, UT, TML Net Co-SysOps : Slayer Node 1 - +49201ELITE - USR DS Node 2 - +49201RINGDOWN USR DS ANSi: Stiletto [iCE] (18/11/92) Ya LeeChed Diz From DiGiTaL CaNdY tHe WhQ oF _/\/\_ __ _ _/\ ___ _/\/\o_____ // / / \/_ \// / / \_ \// / //____ \ // / // // _//\// /-OF-/ // / //\ \/ / \.__/\_//\ \__/\_/ / /\.__//\___/ /RD -----------\/----------\/-----------\/---- - -- WoRLD BuLLeTIN BoArDs! -- - - --]--------------------------------------------------[-- - -WhQ- DiGITaL CaNDY + 1-513-471-3366 -WhQ- Three Nodes Ringdown -EhQ- SiN CiTY + 32-3-825-2274 -EhQ- ...iNSpiRaTiON To The MaSsES... - --[------------------------------------------------------]-- - ___ _/ \ / .\ /._/\\_\ \ \ HEY DUDE CALL US AT (( _/\__\\ \< /\/__. \_. \ B O G U S E X C E P T I O N _ _______<__ \\\__Y\\ \ ___________________________________________________ ____< ___/// / . / Y .// / __|\___/|_ /\_______/!__.___. /\____ // |_ ---|` ./ / ! _ ! \ ______ ___(___)/ ___) /` /\__ ^/\ | / \ / \___ \____ \/ | \ / |___ /. . 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