Texas Instruments 994A x Manufacturer Number Name Atari Centipede xI Atari Defender Atari

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Texas Instruments 99/4A x Manufacturer Number Name ================================================================================ Atari Centipede xI Atari Defender Atari Dig Dug x Atari Donkey Kong Atari Joust x Atari Jungle Hunt x Atari Moon Patrol Atari Ms. Pac-Man x Atari Pac-Man xI Atari Picnic Paranoia x Atari Pole Position x Atari Protector Atari Protector II x Atari Shamus Funware Ambulance Funware Driving Demon I Imagic Demon Attack Imagic Fathom Imagic Moonsweeper x MicroFat Computer War x Romox Anteater x Romox Princess and the Frog Romox Typo Sega Buck Rogers Sega Congo Bongo Sega Star Trek x Ti PHM3025 Mind Challengers x TI PHM3030 A-Maze-Ing x TI PHM3041 Adventure x TI PHM3114 Alligator Mix x TI PHM3003 Beginning Grammar x TI PHM3033 Blackjack and Poker x TI PHM3032 Blasto xI TI PHM3054 Car Wars xI TI PHM3110 Chisholm Trail x TI PHM3116 Demolition Division x TI PHM3019 Disk Manager x TI PHM3089 Disk Manager 2 x TI PHM3049 Division I x TI PHM3117 Dragon Mix xI TI PHM3002 Early Learning Fun x TI PHM3055 Editor / Assembler xI TI Equations x TI PHM3177 Facemaker x TI PHM3095 Fractional Numbers xI TI PHM3037 Hangman x TI PHM3023 Hunt the Wumpus x TI PHM3024 Indoor Soccer x TI PHM3194 Jawbreaker II I TI Measurement Formulas x TI PHM3119 Meteor Multiplication x TI PHM3113 Microsoft Multiplan x TI PHM3118 Minus Mission xI TI PHM3057 Munch Man x TI PHM3146 Munchmobile x TI PHM3020 Music Maker x TI PHM3004 Number Magic x TI 30213 Numeration 1 x TI PHM3051 Numeration 2 x TI PHM3067 Othello xI TI PHM3112 Parsec xI TI 3022 Personal Real Estate x TI PHM3082 Reading Flight x TI PHM3047 Reading Roundup x TI PHM3059 Scholastic Spelling--Level 3 x TI PHM3060 Scholastic Spelling--Level 4 x TI PHM3062 Scholastic Spelling--Level 6 x TI PHM3150 Sewermania x TI PHM3145 Sneggit x TI PHM3011 Speech Editor x TI PHM3225 Star Trek x TI PHM3219 Super Demon Attack x TI PHM3031 The Attack xI TI PHM3053 TI Invaders x TI PHM3040 TI Logo x TI PHM3111 TI-Writer x TI PHM3052 Tombstone City I TI Tombstone City: 21st Century x TI PHM3064 Touch Typing Tutor xI TI PHM3042 Tunnels of Doom xI TI PHM3008 Video Chess x TI PHM3018 Video Games I x TI PHM3169 Word Invasion x TI PHM3036 ZeroZap Tigervision Miner 2049er x Triton Prod. Great Word Race This list last compiled 03/16/94 by Dean Dierschow (dean@xocolatl.com). Contact at: 3634 Congress Court, Fremont, California, 94538, (510) 226-8219. This list is available on Usenet via mailserver. For more info, send e-mail to "mail-server@xocolatl.com" with "help" as the body of the message. For the cartridges index, put "send CARTS.LST" in the body of the message. That file also contains the magic decoder ring for the rest of these files.


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