( Street Fighter ][ tactics for Guile,Blanka,Ken,Ryu ) (Compiled from FIVE messages.) Air

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(** Street Fighter ][ tactics for Guile,Blanka,Ken,Ryu **) (Compiled from FIVE messages.) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Air Combinations: * (all these combo's will daz any non-dazzed opponent) * (scenario: you jump at opponent. opponent is on ground and CLOSE If you're too far away, your first hit might make contact but the third and second hit might miss) *(remember to time jump so opponent doesn't walk under or dragon punch or razor kick..etc. Usually done while opponent is getting up from a throw,razor kick,Blanka's roll,dragon punch,...and don't jump too soon or you'll miss the first hit and get thrown as you land.) * (FIRST HIT IS ALWAYS FROM THE AIR) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guile ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AIR COMBINATIONS: As soon as you push the jstick in the diagnol(jumping forward) pull jstick back in Sonic Booming position and KEEP it there, for now. Now hit the fierce punch button to hit opponent then then wait a 1/2 second and hit the fierce-punch-button-again- and-IMMEDIATELY hit the fierce punch for the third time but this time make it a sonic boom. (The reason you wait 1/2 sec between the 1st & 2nd punch is because if you do it too fast the 2nd punch won't register and most likely you'll do a sonic boom as the 2nd hit instead of the 3rd hit, but do it too slowly and you are vulnerable to a counter-throw) You can do another Guile combo by replacing sonic boom in the above procedure with a razor kick. STRATEGIES/TRICKS: Guile's middle kick is a very powerful attack. Its reach is long and is reliable in the air. Use it wisely. Guile is one of the faster players and can walk under jumping players. Guile can even throw a sonic boom and recover fast enough to walk under Chun Li or even Blanka! Usually opponents wait for Guile to throw a sonic boom so they can jump and attack Guile. You can fake a sonic boom by pressing jab or strong punch buttons with a noticable sound. Or a better one is to press the fierce button while in the crouch position. What happens is that Guile stands up with a fist in the air, but the jstick is still in the crouch position ready for a real sonic boom or a razor kick. Follow your sonic booms to "close in." Do this against Ryu/Ken. With Ryu/Ken and Dhal, you are the attacker. Against Blanka, Honda,Zang and Chun Li, you are the defender (at least initially). Use sonic booms a lot on Zangief. If he jumps over them then roundhouse kick him. Try avoid getting stuck in the corner against him. When you can, push him back by doing some combinations as described above. Guile's jab can tag Blanka's fierce crouch punch and roundhouse low kick. But the distance between players must be pretty far away. Guile's jab can tag Dhal's sliding low kick. So when you're right up next to him, throw some jabs in his face. When close enough, Dhal cannot penetrate the jabs except with a fire ball. So use jabs a lot on Dhal. One trick is to throw jabs in front of his face and while Dhal thinks about what to do, walk up to him and throw him. Remember, the only way to beat Dhal is to get close to him. A neat move is when Guile jumps straight up and does a short or forward kick. This kick can catch Blanka's roll and even his crouch fierce punch. This kick works well against Dhal's long legs. It is even known to beat an attacking Blanka in the air. If Blanka attacks you by air, see if you can see a pattern and walk under his jumps so you can toss him. Remember, it's better to block his attacks and sometimes get bitten than it is to take a hit and get dazed by Blanka's combo. Guile is pretty good against Blanka in the air also. Use his roundhouse kick because it has such a long reach. If you notice Blanka fierce clawing you, then you have a good chance of throwing him in the air because Blanka's fierce button is usually only pressed at the last moment. So you can meet him in the air, thus throwing off the timing of your opponent. MORE GOODIES: Automatic sonic boom: Ok the automatic sonic boom is created after Guile throws a opponent with strong and you keep the joystick in the thrown direction. Ok throw lets say a opponent to the right and keep the joystick pointed right after the throw. Guile will stand up from the throw. As he is standing press any of the punch buttons repeadly. When you figure out the timing all you need to do is press it once , but this will aleast let you see it. What is does is throw a sonic boom as he is standing or almost walking right without build up time. It is better to throw a jab sonic and follow it in. Also, if Zangief does any of his "throw" moves on Guile or Blanka then press any of the punch buttons as Guile or Blanka is standing. With Guile this will throw a sonic boom as he stands and Blanka it will do a ball. Keep the joystick pointed at the opponent as Zangief "throws" you and press any of the punch buttons as you are standing. No build up necessary. Sonic kick: crouch for 3 seconds, up, hit any kick. Sonic boom: defend crouch for 3 seconds, forward, hit any punch. Handcuff: Push or back opponent into corner, defend crouch, forward flp., hit 2 middle buttons. Freeze: Jump at opponent, kick w/roundhouse (pull back to store up sonic boom), when you land kick with roundhouse again, while kick is in motion throw boom. INFO ON CUFFS & MAGIC THROW: 1. You can do the cuffs to anyone that is withen throwing range and you are built up for the razor kick. If they try short,short throw then build up the razor and counter them by the cuffs. To do the cuffs just hold the joystick in crouch, off or def or directly down. When the are withen throwing range do a razor kick by running your fingers down strong and foward at the same time. DONT press each button with two fingers. Slide your fingers down both buttons very fast as you lift the joystick up for a razor kick. I have now found a 100% way to escape from them. If you understand the magic throw or Guile's touch of death then do this in cuffs and the opponent will be thrown out. If someone "cheaps" me anymore when I play Guile then I cuff them and wait until 6 seconds then throw them out. Pisses them off but, he they get what is comming to them. This is only if I have slightly less energy or more when I enter cuffs. When you throw them out it takes away 1 throws worth of energy. About cuffs working on any machine. No, on version 4 SF2 the Guile bugs DO NOT work. They have been corrected. To test for a version 4 just try the freeze or cuffs. If you can usually do them and you can get them to work then it is a version 4. If you do find a version 4 then you can do another very cool bug exclusive to version 4 machines. Anyplayer vs anyplayer. Ex Guile vs Guile, Dhalsim vs Dhalsim. SOme of the any vs any combinations like Dhalsim's lock up the machine sometimes. In one of my previous messeges I described how to do this so scan my last messages for the technique. I have found a combo that gets the opponent into cuffs pretty good. DO a jumping short, jab then cuffs. Timing is important and distance but it works. Anybody got the magic throw yet. I have found the ultimate in cheap with this. Just jump into them with just about any kick or punch. If they block then use jabs and Guile moves back unti the jabs stop. WHen Guile can no longer jab(several inches) do a magic throw. It can throw Honda at the begining of the round. Even if the opponent is throwing a specail weapon or kicking,punching the magic throw or "touch of death" brings them down to the ground while GUile is untouched. You can do it on Vega when he is climbing the wall. It knocks him off before he jumps down screamen with arms spread. He just falls off like you kicked him. So damn funny. The best most impressive and hardest way to use it is on a attacking opponent. You can magic throw an atacker as he jump kicks you. Guile is untouched and the jumper falls helpless to the ground. By the way if you perfect the magic throw it is impossible for the opponent to escape. ONce you magic throw him you can repeatldy magic throw him and he can NOT stand back up. As he is standing back he falls back to the ground again. If yo magic throw an opponent with stars the stars are still there when they get back up unless they are a fast star escaper. Ducks take longer to escape from and stars are fast escaping. I learned how to throw out of the cuffs when Guile is frozen in the cuffs. You know double bug. I guess when you throw out you are essential performing a TRIPLE bug at ONE time. Well it is awesome looking. Not much use but cool. Finally mastered the fierce,fierce, razor this week. IT is a hell of a lot better than the fierce,fierce, sonic boom. Only problem is I sometimes reset the machine doing it. 1 in 20 this happens. Try this combo. It is not super energy draining like the fier.,fier. razor but it looks cool. Fierce, crouching strong, magic throw. The magic throw gets them whether they block or dont block. Try magic throwing Dhalsim when he is flaming. The flame falls to the ground with him. Sean can you do the bi-directional magic throw? I mean a plan old def to foward one. It has more range than the reversal one. About 1/3 or more(screen). hint: Guile must take one step before you do it or it will throw a sonic boom. Timing is the SUPER CRITICAL facor. Try throwing a magic throw and hit roundhouse earlier. You will do the freeze. Interesting one step freeze method. I have figures out the cuffs from freeze. Works awesome on Vega who slides alot. Next I am going to try to magic throw Vega from the freeze. Dont think it will work but going to see. Well heres not a very useful combo but it saves you from embaresment. If you are playing M.Bison with Guile and do a jab razor and he is about to throw you as you are coming down. Do a reset. For some reason reset just about always works there. Even though Guile cant throw Bison first it seems to work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ken/Ryu ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AIR CONBINATIONS: While jstick is in any direction, fierce punch wait 1/2 sec and fierce-punch-again-and-IMMEDIATELY execute fierce fireball. (Remember, ..punch-and-IMMEDIATELY.. means as fast as your fingers can fly!) You can do a similiar combo by replacing the 2nd fierce punch with a crouch roundhouse kick. STRATEGIES/TRICKS: When opponents anticipate your fireballs, try to feint your fireballs every once in a while. You can do this in numerous ways. An easy one is to press to simply press the jab button. This might fool an amateur who thinks everytime your character on the screen moves a finger a fireball will come out. But against those who actually listen for joystick movement and button pressing(fireball sounds), try wiggling joystick and pressing the jab. But against those who are seasoned players who actually use their peripheral vision to spot that unmistakable fireball jstick movement, then move the jstick just like fireball but instead of pressing the punch button, hit the kick button. When they finally catch on, then go back to fire-ball-fire-ball-fire-ball..mode. Always keep them guessing. Avoid using fireball against Blanka unless he is so far away, he couldn't reach you. In this case, if Blanka is far away, throw a fireball and walk forward expecting Blanka to jump forward over the fireball. Then at the right distance and timing, trip Blanka just as he is landing. If done correctly Blanka's kicks will be a hair length away from your face, and Blanka will get tripped. What happens is that when you crouch roundhouse, your character's upper body moves back a little, just enough to avoid Blanka's kick but close enough to trip him. This technique can be applied to Honda and Ryu/Ken also. Master your dragon punch so that it becomes so natural that it almost becomes second nature. Use your dragon punch to counter Guile's crouch kick or back-hand-fist or Dhal's arms and leg..etc. Being vulnerable during an empty dragon punch is worth the damage you dish out when you actually make contact. Like always, don't be predictable. When players catch on to your dragon punches, they will most likely just sit their waiting for your dragon punches. In this case, execute a fireball when previously you would have done a dragon punch. Mix it up. Dragon punch anyone in the air. Chunli,Dhal and Guile are most vulnerable to this because of their long hang time. When executing a fireball, these characters will most likely give you enough time to recover and execute a dragon punch. Remember, if the character seems far away to hit him/her with a dragon punch, you still have a good chance of hitting if they extend a kicking leg. But good players will anticipate you doing this and won't do anything in the air and simply land while you miss with the dragon punch, then throw you as you come down. In this case, throw fireball and when they jump over, simply walk toward them and throw THEM when they land. They'll be expecting to hear "Aaall you can!"(or whatever), before they realize they're being thrown in the air. Obviously, they'll catch on to this also, so go back to the previous method. Mix it up. Against Guile. There are basically two types of Guile modes. 1) Throws sonic booms every once in a while while waiting to razor kick any air assaults. Follows their sonic booms. And tries to maintain that optimal position where if you do a fireball, their middle crouch kick or razor kick will hit. 2) Throws sonic booms a lot and fast. Follows their sonic booms. This is when your extended fireball stance is hit by Guile's backhand-fist(fierce punch) or the crouched forward or roundhouse kick. Against mode 1), try to avoid being trapped into the 'optimal' distance and throw fireball's FAST. Make him jump over your fireballs. If you have a sneaking suspicion that Guile is waiting for a fireball so he can razor kick you, then do a middle dragon punch. A short one might not have a long enough hang time to catch the razor kick in the air. Against mode 2), this is tougher. This is where Ryu/Ken must jump over the sonic booms to attack Guile. Most likely you'll he roundhoused out of the air. But you might get a lucky break and catch him throwing a sonic boom while you're in the air. Try some helicopters to fly over the booms instead of jumping. Mix it up. Do something unexpected like jumpkick and instead of crouching with short kicks or a roundhouse kick try jumping over him again. If Guile tries to walk under you to throw, use the roundhouse kick in the air. This kick can catch characters walking under you. In both modes, try blocking their sonic booms and just as they approach you execute a dragon punch, you might catch their sweeping leg. Or if you can't do dragon punches consistently, try the roundhouse crouch kick. You might be able to trip his sweeping leg. You can even use the short crouch kicks repeatedly to tag any incoming kicks. If your opponent is down to %40 health and is dazed, you can finish him/her off by doing a fierce punch dragon punch. First approach dazed opponent as close as possible. Then CROUCH(otherwise you'll throw him) fierce punch-and-IMMEDIATELY a dragon punch. MORE GOODIES: Ryu/Ken: (all moves that Ryu does, Ken can do too) Dragon Punch | -0, |, \ , -0 + [a|b|c] | Ryu punches straight up into the (Sheng Long) | 0 0 | air. The punch button used | | determines how powerful and how | | high it goes. | | Hurricane Punch | |, \ , -0 + [a|b|c] | Ryu throws a ball of force across | 0 0 | the screen. The punch button used | | determines how powerful and how | | fast it flies. | | Cyclone Kick | |, /, 0- + [1|2|3] | Ryu flies across the screen | 0 0 | spinning in the air with his foot | | extended. The kick button used | | determines how long he stays aloft. | | Shoulder Throw | close, -0 + [b|c] | Ryu throws his opponent over his | | shoulder. | | Rolling Throw | close, -0 + [2|3] | Ryu grabs his opponent and rolls | | with him/her along the ground, | | finally kicking him/her away. Got a new Ryu/Ken bug. With Ryu or Ken as 1 player let the time get low. Put the second player in defensive crouch and hold him there. Get next to him pressing FOWARD on the 1 player joystick. With 1 player stand and do jabs and keep pressing foward as the time runs out. WHen the time runs out 1 player will do a winning or losing pose. The 2 player will STAY crouched if you are still in defensive crouch. Until you move the joystick the game does not continue. It just pauses forever just before the point totals are calculated. Try to do a hurricane kick on the winning posed 1 player or a razor. If the 1 player has won then he is in the winning pose as you hit him. SMASH through Ryu's smile. Just got this bug today and got it to work. Try experimenting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Blanka ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AIR COMBINATIONS: While jstick is in NEUTRAL position, fierce claw punch wait 1/2 sec and hit the strong punch button(the middle punch) and- IMMEDIATELY-crouch-hit-(middle kick). (Blanka's combos are the easiest to execute. If you are new at combinations, do it with Blanka first to get use to the timing aspect of the combinations) You can do similiar combo's by replacing the fierce claw punch with any attack button(fierce claw does more damage though). STRATEGIES/TRICKS: Mix Blanka's combinations so your opponent doesn't know if you'll finish the combination or simply walk up and bite him/her. Try not to be predictable by jumping forward all the time or else you'll get walked under and thrown. Don't jump forward everytime a sonic boom or fireball is thrown. Try jumping straight up. It's very difficult to time those slow boom/balls, because of Blanka's short hang time but worth the skill to master. Blanka is most vulnerable when he falls to the ground and tries to get up. If Guile or Ryu/Ken jumps at you, the crouch fierce is a reliable defense. Beware of the distance though. At the right distance(far but close enough for contact), Guile and Ryu/Ken can kick you while you're pressing the fierce button. Sometimes Ryu/Ken will come down on you with the short knee kick and the crouch fierce punch doesn't work! That is because your opponent timed his jump perfectly. So a more difficult but better defense is Blanka's roll. When you get knocked down immediately assume the roll position with the jstick. The difficult part is timing your roll. You can help your timing by NOT observing your character but the OTHER guy. Wait until Ryu/Ken is JUST about to hit you and then let it fly. Beware, if your opponent has the right distance between him/her and you, Blanka's roll can be countered with a kick in the air. Blanka's crouched forward middle kick button has priority against Guile's infamous crouched forward middle kick button. Although Blanka's middle kick doesn't have the reach as Guile's, you can hit his outstretched leg and do some significant amount of damage. So if Guile plays the crouch and wait game, do the same but slowly creep up to him all the while crouching and hitting the middle kick button repeatdly. If Guile does his roundhouse tripping kick(the one that comes around twice), block the first one and wait until his second swing comes around. Wait until it's just about to hit you and use Blanka's roundhouse tripping kick. If you do it right, Guile will get tripped while you won't. Sometimes you might get the timing off and both players will get tripped. Remember, Blanka's opponents are most vulnerable against the wall. So if your opponent walks back, walk forward but don't jump forward. Be patient. If your opponent throws a boom/ball, jump straight up or simply block it and continue to advance (by walking not jumping forward). If your opponent doesn't give up any ground then it's time to wait for an opening and attack. Otherwise walk them to the wall and then attack. MORE GOODIES: Blanka: Thunder Storm | [| | 0] + Tap[a|b] | Blanka crouches and gains an electric (Lightning Storm) | [0 | ] | aura, anyone who touches it gets | | zapped (some moves will strike throug | | this.) Rolling Attack |[0-| /],-0 + [a|b|c]| Blanka curls into a ball and flies (Spinning Ball) |[ |0 ] | at the opponent. The punch button | | used determines how fast he flies. Spinning Double | close,0 + c | Blanka does a forward spin in place, Claw | | reaching out twice to claw opponent. | | Head Butt | close,-0 + [a|b] | Blanka head butts, hitting twice, | | once high, once low. | | Knee Jab | close,-0 + [1|2] | Blanka knees opponent, hitting twice. | | The punch button used determines the | | power of the strike. | | Face Bite | close,-0+c,Tap[c] | Blanka grabs hold of opponent and (Face Munch) | | repeatedly bites his/her face until | | opponent shakes him off. Learned a new trick today. Blanka rolls then stops at the person and bites them. Got this from USENET today and am going to try it. The guy swears it true so I will have to see. Anyway if it works I will post it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please don't take this guide as 'the' way to win, but more of a source of techniques that can be built on. I wrote this for those people who find themselves stuck in a losing pattern. I stress that anyone can be beat with a predictable playing pattern. Mixing up moves is a good way to win, and makes the fight more interesting. "FIGHT!" From: blue@pear.ucsb.edu (Sam Lee) Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade Subject: Guile,Ryu/Ken & Blanka guide Summary: nifty suggestions and moves Keywords: SF2, Guile, Ryu, Ken, Blanka, strategies, combinations Date: 2 Feb 92 02:32:20 GMT Organization: University of California, Santa Barbara X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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