switch settings for Qbert (Gottlieb, 1982) submitted by David Shuman (shu@caltech.edu, ess

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switch settings for Q*bert (Gottlieb, 1982) submitted by David Shuman (shu@caltech.edu, essayes@telerama.LM.com) Control Board Switch Adjustments SWITCH 1 -- DEMONSTRATION MODE* ON infinite lives OFF normal play SWITCH 2 -- ATTRACT PLAY ON no sound OFF sound SWITCH 3 -- NORMAL/FREE ON free play OFF normal game SWITCH 4 -- GAME MODE ON cocktail OFF upright SWITCH 5 -- NOT USED SWITCH 6 -- KICKER ON kicker on OFF kicker off SWITCH 7 -- NOT USED SWITCH 8 -- NOT USED *In demonstration mode, the player will have infinite lives and can progress through the rounds by hitting either start button.


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