Magnavox Odyssey II x Manufacturer Number Name xI Magnavox AA9428 Alien InvadersPlus! xI M

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Magnavox Odyssey II x Manufacturer Number Name ================================================================================ xI Magnavox AA9428 Alien Invaders--Plus! xI Magnavox AK9418 Alpine Skiing! Magnavox Atlantis x Magnavox AC9445 Attack of the Timelord! x Magnavox AJ9408 Baseball! x Magnavox AJ9401 Blackjack! x Magnavox AA9427 Blockout! / Breakdown! x Magnavox AJ9404 Bowling! / Basketball! x Magnavox AA9426 Casino Slot Machine! x Magnavox AJ9410 Computer Golf! x Magnavox AJ9406 Computer Intro! x Magnavox AC9431 Conquest of the World (box) x Magnavox Cosmic Conflict! Magnavox Demon Attack x Magnavox AK9421 Dynasty! / Directional Dynasty! x Magnavox AA9423 Electronic Table Soccer! xI Magnavox AJ9402 Football! xI Magnavox Freedom Fighters! xI Magnavox Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt (box) x Magnavox AK9420 Hockey! / Soccer! xI Magnavox AC9413 I've Got Your Number! xI Magnavox AX9414 Invaders from Hyperspace! xI Magnavox AC9435 K. C. Munchkin! x Magnavox AC9442 K. C.'s Krazy Chase! Magnavox Keyboard Creations Magnavox Killer Bees x Magnavox AJ9407 Matchmaker! / Buzzword! / Logix! x Magnavox AJ9405 Math-a-Magic! / Echo! Magnavox Monkeyshines x Magnavox AC9439 Nimble Numbers Ned! xI Magnavox AK9419 Out Of This World! / Helicopter Rescue! x Magnavox AC9443 P.T. Barnum's Acrobats! x Magnavox AA9425 Pachinko! x Magnavox AC9437 Pick Axe Pete! Magnavox PR Pink Panther x Magnavox AA9424 Pocket Billiards! Magnavox Power Lords xI Magnavox AB9429 Quest for the Rings (box) x Magnavox AK9418 Showdown in 2100 A. D. Magnavox Sid the Spellbinder x Magnavox AC9441 Smithereens xI Magnavox AJ9400 Speedway! / Spin-Out! / Crypto-Logic! xI Magnavox AB9403 Sub Chase! / Armored Encounter! x Magnavox AJ9412 Take the Money and Run x Magnavox AK9415 Thunderball! Magnavox Turtles x Magnavox AC9440 Type and Tell! x Magnavox AB9430 UFO! xI Magnavox AA9422 Volleyball x Magnavox AK9417 War of Nerves! This list last compiled 03/16/94 by Dean Dierschow ( Contact at: 3634 Congress Court, Fremont, California, 94538, (510) 226-8219. This list is available on Usenet via mailserver. For more info, send e-mail to "" with "help" as the body of the message. For the cartridges index, put "send CARTS.LST" in the body of the message. That file also contains the magic decoder ring for the rest of these files.


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