Mortal Kombat II SubZero: Ice The Ground: D,DA,A,LK

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Mortal Kombat II ***************************************************************************** Sub-Zero: Ice The Ground: D,DA,A,LK Freeze: D,DT,T,LP Slide: Hold Away (Bl,LP,LK) Fatality: T,T,D,D,T,T,HP Friendship: A,A,D,HK+LK ***************************************************************************** Scorpion: Spear: A,A,LP Trip: D,DA,A,LK Air Throw: Bl(In Air) Fatality: Bl,U,U,HP Friendship: A,A,D,HK ***************************************************************************** Liu Kang: Bike Kick: HOLD LK 2 SECONDS High Fireball: T,T,HP Low Fireball: T,T,LP Flying Kick: T,T,HK Fatality: D,T,A,A,HK (VERY CLOSE) Friendship: T,A,A,A,LK ***************************************************************************** RAIDEN: SHOCK THERAPY: HOLD HP 2 SECONDS RELEASE WHEN CLOSE BOLT OF ELECTRICITY: D,DT,T,LP FLY: A,A,T TELEPORT: D,U PIT: U,U,U,HP FATALITY: ***************************************************************************** BARAKA: SLICING BLADES: A,A,LP BLADE THROW: D,DT,T,HP HEAD SLICE: A,HP FATALITY # 1 DECAPITATION: A,A,A,A,HP FATALITY # 2 IMPALEMENT: A,T,D,T,LP BABALITY: T,T,T,HK ***************************************************************************** MILEENA: DISAPPEAR AND KICK: T,T,LK ROLL: A,A,D,HK SAIS: HP FOR 2 SECONDS FATALITY: T,A,T,LP FRIENDSHIP: HOLD BL D,D,D,U,HK BABALITY: D,D,D,HK PIT: T,D,T,LK ***************************************************************************** CAGE: UPPERCUT: A,D,DA,A,HP HIGH FLAME: D,DA,A,HP LOW FLAME: D,DT,T,LP SHADOW KICK: A,T,LK DICK PUNCH: D,LP+BL AT THE SAME TIME BABALITY: A,A,A,HK FRIENDSHIP: D,D,D,HK PIT: D,D,D,HK ***************************************************************************** Pg 1 ***************************************************************************** KITANA: FAN SUCK: A,A,A,HP FAN THROW: T,T, HP+LP AT SAME TIME FLY: DT,D,DA,A,HP FATALITY: T,A,T,HP+LP AT SAME TIME BABALITY: D,D,D,LK FRIENDSHIP: HOLD BL D,D,D,U,LK PIT F,D,F,HK ***************************************************************************** REPTILE: ACID SPIT: T,T,HP POWER BALL: A,A,HP+LP AT SAME TIME INVISIBLE: HOLD BL U,U,D,HP SLIDE: HOLD A PUSH BL,LP,LK AT SAME TIME FATALITY: A,A,D,LP FRIENDSHIP: A,A,D,LK BABALITY: D,D,B,B,HK ***************************************************************************** KUNG LAO: TELEPORT: D,U FLYING KICK: U,U,D,HK HAT SPIN: HOLD BL,U,U LET GO OF BL,LK HIGH SOMBRERO: A,T,LP,U STRAIGHT SOMBRERO: A,T,LP,T LOW SOMBRERO: A,T,LP,D FATALITY # 1 SPLIT EM'IN HALF: HOLD BL T,T,T,LK PIT: F,F,F,HP ***************************************************************************** JAX: EARTHQUAKE: LK 4 SECONDS FACE BASH: T,T,LP BODY SLAM: LP WHEN CLOSE HP FOR MORE SLAMS FIRE WAVE: D,DB,B,HK AIR BACK BREAKER: JUMP WHEN IN AIR PUSH BL FATALITY: HOLD LP T,T,T,T LET GO OF LP FRIENDSHIP: HOLD BL D,D,U,U,LK ***************************************************************************** SHANG TSUNG: ONE FIREBALL: A,A,HP TWO FIREBALLS: A,A,T,HP THREE FIREBALLS A,A,T,T,HP MORPH INTO: CAGE: A,A,D,LP SUB-ZERO: T,D,T,HP SCORPION: HOLD BL,U,U LIU KANG: A,A,T,T,BL RAIDEN: D,A,T,LK KITANA: BL,BL,BL MILEENA: HP 3 SECONDS JAX: D,D,LK,D,D,LK BARAKA: D,D,LK KUNG LAO: A,D,A,HK REPTILE: HOLD BL U,D,HP KANO ? : BL,BL 360 REVERSE FATALITY: HOLD BL U,D,U,LK BABALITY: D,A,T,D,HK FRIENDSHIP: HOLD BL B,B,B,D,B,HK ***************************************************************************** NOTE: FRIENDSHIPS AND BABALITIES WON'T WORK IF YOU USE ANY OF THE PUNCH BUTTONS IN ANY OF THE ROUNDS PG 2


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