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...................................... . . . The Interstellar Times . . . . Authors: Dimension Master . . & Giggler . . Vol. 03 . ...................................... SECRETS ------- - Video Games - On Pac-man there is a hiding place where the ghosts will never find you as long as they are not hot on your tail already. During this time you can eat your pizza or whatever. It is located on the right side of the "T" shaped area under the ghost box. Just slide into it so that pac man is touching the "T" on his left and on top of him. For Ms. Pacman the hiding place is on the top left gate between sides. Just go up the side of the screen and crash into the wall. This hiding place is on the third maze. On Donkey-Kong Junior you can get unlimited play for the small cost of $.50. What you do is put the 2 quarters in and choose 2 players. Play normal with the first guy. On the second guys turn however, move junior on the starting island so one foot is on the island and one is dangling. Watch for a snap-jaw to come down the vine, just as it would touch the water hit it with junior by jumpin at the right time. This will reward both players with a bonus player. Keep doing this with player 2 and you have and infinite amount of lives. To pause in a Dig-Dug game you must kill all the creatures but one. Then you must kill this one twice. You do this by pumping him up and let him explode just as a rock falls on him. The game is now frozen. Many people now put their initials in dug-out rock. To resume play you must commite suicide by being killed by a rock. To put Defender on hold one must get all ten humanoids on the ground in the same place. Shoot down landers and catch humanoids. Vertically set them down and you can stack them. If the 500's next to each humanoid stops moving then the game is paused. To un pause it one must hit the thrust button. A way to play Galaga indefinitely (profided you dont crash into a bug) is to make so that the bug cant fire anymore. This is achieved by blasting away all bugs except for 1 blue & yellow guy. This bug must be one of the bugs in the left most formation. The next step is to dodge this bug for 15 minutes. Once this time is up, he will quit shooting. Let the bug wrap off the top of the screen to the bottom 4 times after he has stopped shooting. This disables fire permanently so now you can kill him and nobody else will fire at you. You can still die by crashing with a bug but the game is now easy enough to get incredibly high scores. - F.B.I. License Plate Code - 30% to 40% of the diplomats in the United States are spies as estimated by the State Department. To keep track of them, the F.B.I. developed a code for their license plates. All diplomatic plates are red, white, and blue and say diplomat at the top. They also all have a "d" on them but the rest of the letters tell what nation they are from. Here are the codes: Albania CP Libya FM Bulgaria OM Nicaragua QU China CY North Korea GQ Cuba DC Poland QW Czeck. PH Romania ND East Germany TJ South Africa FY Hungary KH Soviet Union SX Iran DM Syria AQ Iraq TS Vietnam LD - Secret Frequencies - Many secret frequencies used by the government exsist but can only be picked up on short wave. Some such frequencies such as phone calls from Air Force One arent scrambled and can be picked up on short-wave radios. For Air Force One the frequencies are: 6,731 13,201 6,756 13,215 8,967 13,247 9,018 15,048 11,180 18,027 These are all in kilohertz of course. In addition, 162.685 MHz and 171.235 MHz are Secret Service frequencies used for Air Force One. The White House staff uses 162.850 MHz and 167.825 Mhz. Secret Service channel "Oscar," 164.885 MHz is used for the Presidents limousine. Air Force Two uses the same frequencies as one. - The Eye Test - The bottom row on the eye test is "PEZOLCFTD". The rest of it looks like this: E 1 F P 2 T O Z 3 L P E D 4 P E C F D 5 E D F C Z P 6 ----------- F E L O P Z D 7 D E F P O T E C 8 --------------- L E F O D F C T 9 F D F L T C E O 10 P E Z O L C F T D 11 ...................................... . The Interstellar Times . . (C) The Text Department of A.D.E. . ...................................... /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // The PIRATES' HOLLOW // // 415-236-2371 // // over 12 Megs of Elite Text Files // // ROR-ALUCARD // // Sysop: Doctor Murdock // // C0-Sysops: That One, Sir Death, Sid Gnarly & Finn // // // // "The Gates of Hell are open night and day; // // Smooth is the Descent, and Easy is the way.." // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Distributed in part by: Skeleton Crue 415-376-8060 located out of Moraga, California. !!Get on the band wagon before it RUNS YOU DOWN!! The very LAST bastion of Abusive Thought in all of the Suburbian West Coast... (CH&AOS)


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