Atari's Football (C)1978, 2 player version. Keyed in by Corey Stup ( Nove

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Atari's Football (C)1978, 2 player version. Keyed in by Corey Stup ( November 15, 1993. Any other questions about this game, you can reach me at the above address. (I still have the full service manual, as well as 2 working boards) Note: Pins listed as (L) are marked as active low. 44 position edge connector: Pin Description Color ---- ------------------------------ --------- 1 16.5 VCT GND R/GN A 16.5 VCT GND R/GN 2 +10V Unreg R/BK B +10V Unreg R/BK 3 Watchdog Disable (No wire) C N/C 4 N/C D N/C 5 N/C E Anode B OR/BK 6 Anode D OR/W F Anode C BN 7 Video Out V H Video Gnd W/GN 8 Coin Counter (L) GR/R J Led C2 (L) W/BK 9 Led C0 (L) W/BN K +5V R 10 Vert TracBall2 CK Y/W L Vert TracBall2 DIR W/V 11 Horz TracBall2 CK GY/W M Horz TracBall2 DIR BU/W 12 Vert TracBall1 DIR Y/BK N Horz TracBall1 DIR GY/BK 13 Horz TracBall1 CK BU/BK P Vert TracBall1 CK W/Y 14 Led C3 (L) W/R R Select 2 (L) V/W 15 Test (L) W S Coin 2 (L) Y 16 Coin 1 (L) OR T Slam (L) GY 17 Select 1 (L) V/BK U Led C1 (L) W/OR 18 Speaker W/BU V Speaker Grd BU 19 25 VAC OR W 25 VAC OR 20 25 VAC OR/BK X 25 VAC OR/BK 21 GRD GY Y GRD GY 22 GRD BK Z GRD BK Note, for some reason Atari skips several letters in the service manual. This includes: (G,I,O,Q)


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