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[Message 1 of 1 in thread 104 of 188] comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action "Official" DOOM FAQ v5.0 - Repost From: Hank Leukart Date: 26 Dec 1993 06:19:47 GMT (99 screens) Note: For all you people looking for cheat codes and spoilers, they're in here. A new version of the FAQ is coming very soon, with a more accurate secret door description. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- T H E " O F F I C I A L " *-D-*-*-O-*-*-O-*-*-M-* F A Q Post-Release v5.0 - MAJOR revision Written by: Hank Leukart (ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu) "If it's not the `Official' DOOM FAQ, it's not a FAQ." "DOOM: Where the sanest place... is behind a trigger." "DOOM: Such mayhem the likes of which have never been witnessed in this particular dimension!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- DISCLAIMER More? ---------- This FAQ is to aid in informing the public about the upcoming game: DOOM, by id Software. In no way should this promote your killing yourself, killing others, or killing in any other fashion. Additionally, Hank Leukart claims NO responsibility regarding ANY illegal activity concerning this FAQ, or indirectly related to this FAQ. The information contained in this FAQ only reflects id Software indirectly, and questioning id Software regarding any information in this FAQ is not recommended. --------------------- TRADEMARK INFORMATION --------------------- All specific names included herein are trademarks and are so acknowledged: id Software, DOOM, Apogee, Wolfenstein 3-D, Creative Labs, WaveBlaster, Sound Blaster, Advanced Gravis, Gravis UltraSound (GUS), Gravis Gamepad, Forte, Roland, Roland Sound Canvas, Pro Audio Spectrum, IBM, Microsoft, MS-DOS, Atari, and Jaguar. Any trademarks not mentioned here are still hypothetically acknowledged. More? ---------------- COPYRIGHT NOTICE ---------------- This article is Copyright 1993 by Hank Leukart. All rights reserved. You are granted the following rights: I. To make copies of this work in original form, so long as (a) the copies are exact and complete; (b) the copies include the copyright notice and these paragraphs in their entirety; (c) the copies give obvious credit to the author, Hank Leukart; (d) the copies are in electronic form. II. To distribute this work, or copies made under the provisions above, so long as (a) this is the original work and not a derivative form; (b) you do not charge a fee for copying or for distribution; (c) you ensure that the distributed form includes the copyright notice, this paragraph, the disclaimer of warranty in their entirety and credit to the author; (d) the distributed form is not in an electronic magazine or within computer software (prior explicit permission may be More? obtained from Hank Leukart); (e) the distributed form is the NEWEST version of the article; (f) the distributed form is electronic. You may not distribute this work by any non-electronic media, including but not limited to books, newsletters, magazines, manuals, catalogs, and speech. You may not distribute this work in electronic magazines, or within computer software without prior written explicit permission. These rights are temporary and revocable upon written, oral, or other notice by Hank Leukart. This copyright notice shall be governed by the laws of the state of Ohio. If you would like additional rights beyond those granted above, write to the author at "ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu" on the Internet. --------- CONTENTS: --------- [1] Introduction [1-1] A word from Hank Leukart [1-2] About the "Official" DOOM FAQ [1-3] Getting the "Official" DOOM FAQ More? [1-4] Adding to the FAQ [1-5] Acknowledgments [1-6] Accurate Information =SECTION ONE= PRELIMINARY INFORMATION [2] What is DOOM? [3] In what ways is DOOM different from Wolfenstein 3-D? [3-1] Texture-Mapped Environment [3-2] Non-Orthogonal Walls [3-3] Light Diminishing/Light Sourcing [3-4] Variable Height Floors and Ceilings [3-5] Environment Animation and Morphing [3-6] Palette Translation [3-7] Multiple Players [3-8] Smooth, Seamless Gameplay [3-9] New Monsters and Artificial Intelligence [3-10] Weapons [4] Who created DOOM? [4-1] How can I contact id Software? [5] What are the differences between the three release-types of DOOM? [5-1] What is the shareware release? More? [5-2] What is the mail-order release? [5-3] What is the commercial release? [6] Where can I get DOOM? [6-1] How can I get the shareware release? [6-1-1] What are the file names? [6-1-2] How large are the files? [6-1-3] How can I get DOOM using FTP? [6-1-4] How can I get DOOM using AFS? [6-1-5] How can I get DOOM on a BBS? [6-2] How can I get the mail-order release? [6-3] How can I get the commercial release? [6-4] How can I get DOOM screen shots? [6-5] How can I get the DOOM Specs for creating add-on utilities? [7] What is needed to run DOOM? [7-1] What is REQUIRED to run DOOM? [7-2] What sound cards does DOOM support? [7-3] What game controllers does DOOM support? [8] How can I use multiple players in DOOM? [8-1] How does the multi-player gameplay work? [8-1-1] How does pausing, saving, and loading work? [8-1-2] What are the different uniform colors for? [8-1-3] How does a player see what others are doing? More? [8-1-4] How do players communicate using Chat Mode? [8-1-5] How do the weapons work? [8-1-6] What happens when a player dies? [8-1-7] Can players exchange supplies? [8-1-8] Miscellaneous [8-2] What exactly is "DeathMatch" mode? [8-3] How does DOOM work with networks? [8-3-1] What are the command line parameters for DOOM? [8-3-2] How can I use DOOM on other types of networks? [8-4] How does DOOM work with modems? [8-5] Can I play DOOM over the Internet? =SECTION TWO= CHEATS AND SPOILERS [9] How can I cheat in DOOM? [9-1] What are the DOOM cheat codes? [9-2] How do I use the "devparm" parameter? [9-3] How can I alter the saved games files to cheat? [10] Can someone tell me how to...? [10-1] Where is the DOOM secret level? [10-2] Where are the secret doors in DOOM? [10-3] What is the best way to finish level eight? More? More? [15-1] How can I use SMARTDRV.EXE with DOOM? [15-2] Why am I getting an "OUT OF MEMORY" error with DOOM? [15-3] Why does DOOM crash when I start it? [15-4] Why won't DOOM work with Windows, DESQview, or Task Swapper? [15-5] How can I run DOOM under OS/2? [16] Why won't my sound card work with DOOM? [16-1] Why won't my Sound Blaster v1.0 or v1.5 work with DOOM? [16-2] Why won't my Gravis UltraSound work with DOOM? [16-3] Why won't my Roland Sound Canvas work with DOOM? [16-4] Why won't my Pro Audio Spectrum 16 work with DOOM? [17] Miscellaneous DOOM problems [17-1] Why won't my two button mouse work with DOOM? [17-2] Why is my network slowing down when using DOOM? [17-3] DOOM is too easy [17-4] DOOM is too hard [17-5] I get motion sickness when playing DOOM =SECTION FIVE= MISCELLANEOUS [18] DOOM iNsAnItY [18-1] Comedy [18-1-1] A word from Douglas J. Bottoms More? [18-1-2] DOOM: The Real Thing [18-1-3] Beta-Tester's Joystick Sliced Off While Sleeping at Computer! [18-1-4] The Night Before DOOM [18-2] Top Ten Lists [18-2-1] Top Ten Things To Do While Waiting for DOOM [18-2-2] Top Ten Things To Do Until DOOM Arrives [18-2-3] Top Ten Things Being Removed From DOOM During Delay [18-2-4] Top Ten Reasons DOOM Was Delayed [18-2-5] Top Twenty Comments Made After DOOM's Release [18-3] DOOM R.E.M. [18-3-1] Pixelated Demons [18-3-2] The Mythical Beta Releases [18-3-3] You Don't Take MasterCard?! [19] Conclusion [20] Revision History [20-1] Pre-Game-Release FAQs [20-2] Post-Game-Release FAQs ------------------------- CHAPTER [1]: Introduction ------------------------- More? [1-1]: A word from Hank Leukart =============================== FINALLY! After 344 days of waiting after the press release, DOOM was released on time. The game we all have been waiting for is BETTER than anyone even expected it to be! I would like to thank all the "Usenetters" out there for not making me eat my (or other people's) socks, and for not nuking my house. I know there was a temptation, but id Software saved me! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this version of the FAQ. I hope this one answers all the questions you can possibly dream up about DOOM! After all, it almost doubles the size of v2.6 of the FAQ, and is about one-twentieth of the size of the actual game! Currently, I have only seen the shareware version of the game. A small amount of the information may not pertain to the mail-order or commercial version, but most is accurate for all versions. [1-2]: About the "Official" DOOM FAQ ==================================== Welcome to the post-release v5.0 of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. What does that mean? Post-release is after the game is released, version 5.0 is a major revision written after 2.6, "Official" means absolutely nothing, DOOM is the name of the game, and FAQs are [F]requently [A]sked [Q]uestions. More? Here's how revision classification works. If a new version of the FAQ only has a small amount of information changed or added, the version number is increased by 0.1. This is called a "minor revision." If a new version of the FAQ has a substantial amount of new information changed or added, the version number is increased by 0.5. This is called a "standard revision." If a new version of the FAQ has a huge amount of added or changed information, major parts of the FAQ are rearranged, or major parts of the FAQ are rewritten, then the version number is increased by 1.0. This is called a "major revision." Keep in mind this rule does not apply to v5.0 since I wanted to make a significant change in version number, without starting at v1.0 again. You may be wondering why chapter numbers are enclosed in either []'s, ()'s, or **'s. The definition of these is as follows: (this is not implemented in this FAQ, since it is assumed that the entire FAQ is new and rewritten) []: Chapters enclosed in brackets mean that the information contained in the chapter has not been updated in this or the previous FAQ. (): Chapters enclosed in parenthesis mean that the information contained in the chapter has not been updated since the previous FAQ. More? **: Chapters enclosed in asterisks means that the information contained in the chapter is new or has been updated for the current version of the FAQ you are reading. (thanks to Mark Harrop (harrop@telecom.jorn.gov.au) for this idea) Version 5.0 of the FAQ is COMPLETELY rewritten. Most of the information is totally new, not just updated. It contains accurate information explaining all about DOOM, about add-on utilities, about cheating modes, about secret doors, and troubleshooting. This FAQ should answer ANY question you can think of about DOOM! Have fun! [1-3]: Getting the "Official" DOOM FAQ ====================================== If you'd like, you can contact me via E-mail to get on the "Official" DOOM FAQ mailing list. After contacting me, you will then be automatically sent the "Official" DOOM FAQ at every new release via E-mail. My Internet E-mail address is "ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu." Please make the subject of your E-mail "DOOM Mailing List." You may also just send E-mail requesting the FAQ. Please make the subject of the E-mail "DOOM FAQ Request." More? The "Official" DOOM FAQ is posted every two weeks (or earlier if a new version is released) on the following Usenet groups. (1) comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action (2) comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.announce (3) comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.misc The "Subject:" line of the post will be "'Official' DOOM FAQ v??.??" where "??.??" is the version number of the FAQ. The "Official" DOOM FAQ is uploaded every two weeks (or earlier if a new version is released) on the following FTP sites. (1) ftp.uwp.edu IN DIRECTORY /pub/incoming/id IN DIRECTORY /pub/msdos/games/id/press (2) wuarchive.wustl.edu IN DIRECTORY /pub/msdos_uploads/games The file name of the upload will be "doom??.faq" where "??" is the version number of the FAQ. [1-4]: Adding to the FAQ ======================== More? If you want something added to the FAQ, please send E-mail to "ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu" (no quotes), explaining what your addition is. It will be reviewed, and if accepted, added to the next FAQ version, giving minor credit to you. In the E-mail, please supply your name and E-mail address. [1-5]: Acknowledgments ====================== I'd like to thank id Software for creating such a GREAT game! It definitely exceeds expectations. I'd also like to thank them for helping me out, and getting involved with on-line users. Second, I'd like to all the on-line users featured in "DOOM iNsAnItY" for allowing me to use their hilarious posts in the FAQ. I'd like to thank all the other game companies making DOOM look-a-likes, for helping us wait it out. :) I'd like to thank the following on-line users for the following reasons: David Datta (datta@cs.uwp.edu) - Help with the third revised copyright notice and DOOM distribution John Romero (help@idsoftware.com) - For putting up with me! (wait, I gotta put up with him too!) :) Jay Wilbur (help@idsoftware.com) - His great on-line attention to the consumers More? David Taylor (help@idsoftware.com) - Telling me who he was, putting up with me, and answering questions Credit is mentioned where credit is due in the various parts of the FAQ. Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who reads this FAQ, you are what the FAQ is for! [1-6]: Accurate Information =========================== An attempt has been made to make the information in this FAQ as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the game was just released, and updates, add-ons, and new information are being worked on each second, it's hard to keep up. I had to stop myself from adding to the FAQ, because if I didn't it would have never been released! The original press release dated from January 1993 listed a few things that didn't go in the final game. Some of those things were impossible to do after rewriting the 3-D engine 4 times over (for speed and size); other things just made no sense with the rest of the design. Trust id Software. They know what they are doing. DOOM is one great game! ===================================== More? =SECTION ONE= PRELIMINARY INFORMATION ===================================== -------------------------- CHAPTER [2]: What is DOOM? -------------------------- DOOM is a three dimensional, virtual reality type action game created by id Software. In some ways, it is similar to Wolfenstein 3-D (id Software, Apogee). In DOOM, you're a space marine, one of Earth's toughest, hardened in combat and trained for action. Three years ago you assaulted a superior officer for ordering his soldiers to fire upon civilians. He and his body cast were shipped to Pearl Harbor, while you were transferred to Mars, home of the Union Aerospace Corporation. The UAC is a multi-planetary conglomerate with radioactive waste facilities on Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos. With no action for fifty million miles, your day consisted of suckin' dust and watchin' restricted flicks in the rec room. For the last four years the military, UAC's biggest supplier, has used the remote facilities on Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects, including research on inter-dimensional space travel. More? So far they have been able to open gateways between Phobos and Deimos, throwing a few gadgets into one and watching them come out the other. Recently however, the gateways have grown dangerously unstable. Military "volunteers" entering them have either disappeared or been stricken with a strange form of insanity--babbling vulgarities, bludgeoning anything that breathes, and finally suffering an untimely death of full-body explosion. Matching heads with torsos to send home to the folks became a full-time job. Latest military reports state that the research is suffering a small setback, but everything is under control. A few hours ago, Mars received a garbled message from Phobos. "We require immediate military support. Something fraggin' evil is coming out of the gateways! Computer systems have gone berserk!" The rest was incoherent. Soon afterwards, Deimos simply vanished from the sky. Since then, attempts to establish contact with either moon have been unsuccessful. You and your buddies, the only combat troop for fifty million miles were sent up pronto to Phobos. You were ordered to secure the perimeter of the base while the rest of the team went inside. For several hours, your radio picked up the sounds of combat: guns firing, men yelling orders, screams, bones cracking, then finally silence. Seems your buddies are dead. Things aren't looking too good. You'll never navigate off the More? planet on your own. Plus, all the heavy weapons have been taken by the assault team leaving you only with a pistol. If only you could get your hands around a plasma rifle or even a shotgun you could take a few down on your way out. Whatever killed your buddies deserves a couple of pellets in the forehead. Securing your helmet, you exit the landing pod. Hopefully you can find more substantial firepower somewhere within the station. As you walk through the main entrance of the base, you hear animal-like growls echoing throughout the distant corridors. They know you're here. There's no turning back now. ------------------------------------------------------------ CHAPTER [3]: What makes DOOM different from Wolfenstein 3-D? ------------------------------------------------------------ [3-1]: Texture-Mapped Environment ================================= DOOM offers the most realistic environment to date on the PC. Texture-mapping, the process of rendering fully-drawn art and scanned textures on the walls, floors, and ceilings of an environment, makes the world much more real, thus bringing the player more into the game experience. Others have attempted this, but DOOM's texture mapping is fast, accurate, and seamless. Texture-mapping the floors and ceilings is a big improvement More? over Wolfenstein 3-D. With their new advanced graphic development techniques, allowing game art to be generated five times faster, id brings new meaning to "state-of-the-art". [3-2]: Non-Orthogonal Walls =========================== In other games (such as Wolfenstein 3-D), walls were always joined at ninety degrees to each other, and were always eight feet thick. DOOM's walls are at many angles, and at many thickness. Walls have see-through areas, like windows. This allows more natural construction of levels. If you can draw it on paper, you can see it in the game. [3-3]: Light Diminishing/Light Sourcing ======================================= Another touch adding realism is light diminishing. With distance, your surroundings become enshrouded in darkness. This makes areas seem huge and intensifies the experience. This also creates some amazing effects; sometimes the lights go out, and you'll have to look for a light switch for light amplification visors. Light sourcing allows lamps and lights to illuminate hallways, explosions to light up areas, and strobe lights to briefly reveal things near them. These features will make the game frighteningly real. More? [3-4]: Variable Height Floors and Ceilings ========================================== Floors and ceilings can be of any height, allowing for stairs, poles, altars, plus low hallways and high caves-allowing a great variety for rooms and halls. In DOOM, monsters can be shot on levels that are higher or lower than you are. All you have to do is aim laterally, and DOOM will do the rest! [3-5]: Environment Animation and Morphing ========================================= In DOOM, the world reacts to you. Many surfaces animate. A glowing wall-plate may change in appearance when you touch it. Radioactive ooze could seethe and bubble. In earlier versions of the FAQ, I talked about environment animation and morphing. Id Software removed information terminals, access stations, and wall weapon damaging. DOOM does include "crushing ceilings," however. [3-6]: Palette Translation ========================== In earlier versions of the FAQ, I talked about many different types of palette translation. Most of the palette translation has been More? removed from DOOM. The only palette translations that are currently implemented in DOOM are for multi-player mode (other players are in different colors) and invincibility mode. [3-7]: Multiple Players ======================= Up to four players can play over a local network, or two players can play by modem or serial link. Shareware versions 1.0 and 1.1 do not include modem and serial link support. Later versions will support this. You can see the other player in the environment, communicate with him or her, and in certain situations you can switch to their view. This feature, added to the 3-D realism, makes DOOM a very powerful cooperative game and its release a landmark event in the software industry. This is the first game to really exploit the power of LANs and modems to their full potential. In 1994, we fully expect to be the number one cause of decreased productivity in businesses around the world. See Chapter [8] for more information on multi-playing. [3-8]: Smooth, Seamless Gameplay ================================ The environment in DOOM is frightening, but the player can be at ease when playing. Much effort has been spent on the development end to More? provide the smoothest control on the user end. And the frame rate (the rate at which the screen is updated) is high, so you move smoothly from room to room, turning and acting as you wish, unhampered by the slow jerky motion of most 3-D games. On a 386sx, the game runs well, and on a 486/33, the normal mode frame rate is faster than movies or television. This allows for the most important and enjoyable aspect of gameplay-immersion. [3-9]: New Monsters and Artificial Intelligence =============================================== Wolfenstein 3-D is basically made up of a lot of closed rooms. When you open a door, the guards get a chance to see you and opening the door connects your sound area to the revealed room's sound area, so a gunshot will be heard in both places. Guards in both places will respond to this kind of action. In DOOM it's much more complex. DOOM isn't made up of a bunch of rooms; it's a cohesive world. You might blast your shotgun and the sound could travel through a window or slime-river tunnel to another entirely different area and piss-off some monsters. Then, they'll come looking for you! Opening doors, going down stairs, wading through slime, etc. You'll still be able to get the drop on them from behind, just like in Wolfenstein 3-D -- but you have to be sneakier about it. There is a huge amount of new enemies in DOOM. Here is a list: More? FORMER HUMANS (dudes in filth-covered combat suits): Just a few days ago, you were probably swapping war stories with one of these guys. Now it's time to swap some lead upside their head. FORMER HUMAN SERGEANTS (dudes in black armor, also filthy): Same as above, but much meaner and tougher. These walking shotguns provide you with a few extra holes if you're not careful! IMPS (brown thorny hominids): You thought an imp was cute little dude in a red suit with a pitchfork. Where did these brown bastards come from? They heave balls o' fire down your throat and take several bullets to die. It's time to find a weapon better than that pistol if you're going to face more than one of these S.O.B.s. DEMONS (pink horrors, vaguely humanoid): Sorta like a shaved gorilla, except with horns, a big head, lots of teeth, and harder to kill. Don't get too close or they'll rip your fraggin' head off. SPECTRES (vague, half-formed shapes): Great. Just what you needed. An invisible (nearly) monster. * LOST SOULS (flying skulls): Dumb. Tough. Flies. On fire. 'Nuff More? said. :) * CACODEMONS (gigantic floating one-eyes heads): They float in the air, belch ball-lightning, and boast one Hell of a big mouth. You're toast if you get too close to these monstrosities. * BARONS OF HELL (you'll know `em when you see `em): Tough as a dump truck and nearly as big, these goliaths are the worst thing on two legs since Tyrannosaurus Rex. *: Not found in the shareware version [3-10]: Weapons =============== Here's a list of weapons that are in DOOM. Don't try using these at home. :) (1) Fist (2) Chain Saw (3) Pistol (4) Shotgun (5) Chain Gun More? (6) Rocket Launcher (7) Plasma Rifle * (8) BFG9000 * * = Denotes a weapon not implemented in the shareware version. ------------------------------ CHAPTER [4]: Who created DOOM? ------------------------------ DOOM was created by id Software, and is also published by id Software. Id Software is made up of the following dedicated people: - John Romero Coder - - John Carmack Coder - - Dave Taylor Coder - - Adrian Carmack Artist - - Kevin Cloud Artist - - Jay Wilbur CEO - - Sandy Peterson Designer - - Shawn Green Tech Support - More? - Robert Prince Music - Note: Apogee has NOTHING to do with DOOM. [4-1]: How can I contact id Software? ===================================== Id Software can be contacted via the InterNet. If you would like to ask any questions about DOOM (that are not answered in here), send E-mail to help@idsoftware.com. Id Software can also be reached at their 800 number. The number is (800)-ID-GAMES. This number is for ordering games ONLY. This number is not for technical support or inquires. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [5]: What are the differences between the three release-types of DOOM? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [5-1]: What is the shareware release? ===================================== The shareware version of DOOM only includes one of the three missions of DOOM. Each mission contains eight levels and a secret level. The shareware version contains network support, but not modem support. An upgrade patch for this will be released in the the near future. The More? shareware version does NOT include the Plasma Rifle and the BFG9000 weapons. On December 10th, shareware version 1.0 was released. On December 16th, shareware version 1.1 was released. This version fixed many bugs. [5-2]: What is the mail-order release? ====================================== The mail-order version of DOOM includes all three missions of DOOM. Each mission contains eight levels and a secret level. This version includes all weapons, and allows multi-player support as well. [5-3]: What is the commercial release? ====================================== The commercial version of DOOM will not be released until the middle or late in 1994. This version will contain more levels, more features, more graphics, and more sounds. Compare the commercial release of DOOM to Wolfenstein 3-D's Spear of Destiny. This release will NOT duplicate any levels in either the shareware or mail-order releases. ---------------------------------- CHAPTER [6]: Where can I get DOOM? ---------------------------------- More? Note: Unless you are an official id Software Beta-Tester, any Beta version that you may have in your possession is a violation of U.S. federal copyright laws. Violation of these laws can result in fines of up to $250,000 and jail terms of up to 5 years. If you are in possession of a Beta version, it is suggested that you delete your copy immediately. [6-1]: How can I get the shareware release? =========================================== [6-1-1]: What are the file names? --------------------------------- DOOM is released in two formats, a two file 1.44mb format, and a one file 2.19mb format. The 2.19mb format is released under the name "doom1_1.zip". The 1.44mb file names are "doom1_1a.zip" and "doom1_1b.zip". If you received v1.0 of DOOM before December 16th, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to v1.1. A patch under the file name "doom11pt.zip" is available. Additionally, a file named "altdoom1.zip" is available for those people who's computers do not work with the DOOM DOS extenders. [6-1-2]: How large are the files? --------------------------------- More? DOOM is released in two formats. One is a collection of two files, all 1.44mb in size. The other is one 2.19mb file. The DOOM patch file is .36mb, and the alternate DOS extenders file is about .9mb. [6-1-3]: How can I get DOOM using FTP? -------------------------------------- Here is a list of sites DOOM is on. Choose the one closest to you for fastest delivery. andyspc.rh.uchicago.edu:e:/pub archive.orst.edu:pub/tmp (will be moved to pub/gaming/doom/) b65121.CWRU.edu:/incoming cactus.org:/pub/incoming (will be moved to /pub/IHHD/multi-player) charm.tn.cornell.edu:/pub/incoming (will be moved to /pub/DOOM) cs.huji.ac.il:/incoming (will be moved to /pub/msdos/id) cs.nyu.edu:/pub/uploads cscns.com:/ftp/pub/uploads ftp.cc.umanitoba.ca:/wolf3d/incoming (will be moved to pub/doom) ftp.cdrom.com:/pub/games/incoming ftp.csus.edu:/incoming (move to /pub/id) ftp.demon.co.uk:/incoming (will be moved to /pub/ibmpc/games) ftp.sheridanc.on.ca:incoming More? ftp.sun.ac.za:/pub/Contrib (will be moved to /pub/msdos/id) ftp.uml.edu:msdos/Games/ID ftp.uni-kl.de:/pub/incoming/pc ftp.uni-oldenburg.de:/pub/incoming/dos ftp.urz.uni-heidelberg.de:/incoming ftp.uu.net:/tmp ftp.uwp.edu:/pub/incoming/id (will be moved to /pub/msdos/games/id) ftp.warwick.ac.uk:/tmp funic.funet.fi/pub/msdos/incoming info.brad.ac.uk:/incoming/kylie lemming.uvm.edu:/incoming sell.tamu.edu:/incoming/doom studserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de:/scratch/incoming vincent1.iastate.edu:/incoming (login as "anonymous.void") wuarchive.wustl.edu:/pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/games/doom zen.btc.uwe.ac.uk:/pub/doom [6-1-4]: How can I get DOOM using AFS? -------------------------------------- DOOM can get received from the following AFS site. /afs/andrew.cmu.edu/usr23/dsa3/ftp More? [6-1-5]: How can I get DOOM on a BBS? ------------------------------------- DOOM is on id Software's official BBS, Software Creations. DOOM is located in the id Software directory. Choose the appropriate phone number for your modem. (a) (508)-365-2359 2400 baud (b) (508)-368-7036 9600-14.4k v.32bis (c) (508)-368-4137 14.4-16.8k HST/DS [6-2]: How can I get the mail-order release? ============================================ The mail-order release of DOOM is available directly from id Software. To order, call id Software's order number, (800)-ID-GAMES. This number is for ORDERING ONLY, not for inquiries or technical support. The mail-order version of DOOM costs $40.00. Shipping begins on December 17th, 1993. Next-Day-Air is available. [6-3]: How can I get the commercial release? ============================================ The commercial release of DOOM will not be available until the middle More? or late 1994. The price has not been set as yet. It will be available by mail-order directly from id Software, or at your local software store. (assuming your software store is local) :) [6-4]: Where can I get DOOM screen shots? ========================================= Id Software's OFFICIAL DOOM screen shots are available at the FTP site "ftp.uwp.edu" in directory "/pub/msdos/games/id/press". The screen shot file names are as follows: (1) doompix1.exe (a self-extracting archive) (2) doom01.zip (3) doom02.zip (4) doom03.zip (5) doom04.zip (6) doomscn5.zip [6-5] How can I get the DOOM Specs for creating add-on utilities? ================================================================= The DOOM Specs have not been released yet, but will be released in the near future. These specs will basically be for disassembling the wad and reassembling it. You can turn pictures into patches, for example. Id More? Software will probably release the format for maps as well. The actual map editor is written in NextStep, so they won't be releasing that. ---------------------------------------- CHAPTER [7]: What is needed to run DOOM? ---------------------------------------- [7-1]: What is REQUIRED to run DOOM? ==================================== DOOM requires a 386sx IBM compatible computer running MS-DOS v5.0 or higher, VGA (320x200x256) graphics, and 4mb of RAM. The shareware version of DOOM needs about 4.8mb of hard drive space. The mail-order version needs about 8.5mb of hard drive space. DOOM will also be ported to the Atari Jaguar. No other ports are planned at this time that id Software "can talk about." [7-2]: What sound cards does DOOM support? ========================================= DOOM supports general MIDI, Adlib, Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, Roland Sound Canvas, Gravis UltraSound, and the WaveBlaster. Pro Audio Spectrum 16 in native mode will be supported in the near future. More? [7-3]: What game controllers does DOOM support? =============================================== DOOM supports keyboard, mouse, joystick, and trackball (functioning as a mouse). DOOM also supports the Gravis Gamepad. ---------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER [8]: How can I use multiple players in DOOM? ---------------------------------------------------- DOOM supports 2-4 players in a multi-player mode. DOOM is playable over networks, modems and by serial link. Shareware releases v1.0 and v1.1 of DOOM do support multi-playing over networks, but NOT over modems. [8-1]: How does the multi-player gameplay work? =============================================== In DOOM, players are able to see each other, and watch each other jerk in pain as they are hit during the game. Players are be able to watch others get hurt, die, and move throughout the labyrinth. DOOM allows players to play together, working as a team. In this cooperative mode, More? players can see each other on an "automap" and switch to each other's view. DOOM also allows players to play against each other, in DeathMatch mode. [8-1-1]: How does pausing, saving, and loading work? ==================================================== In DOOM, some things change when playing with more than one player. When you activate the Options menu or submenus, the game KEEPS RUNNING so that other players can continue with the action. So, it is best to find a safe place before adjusting screen size, sound, etc. A player may pause the game by pressing the PAUSE key, but any other player can unpause the game by pressing the PAUSE key again. Make sure it is okay with your buddies before taking a breather. When you do a save game during network/modem play, it saves on every player's system in the save game slot you select, writing over whatever was there. Before saving the game, players should agree on a safe slot to save it in. You cannot load a saved game while playing a multi-player game. To load a game, everyone must quit from the current game and restart the game from a saved game. To start a game from a saved game, you can either select it from the SETUP program or identify it as a command line parameter. [8-1-2]: What are the different uniform colors for? More? --------------------------------------------------- In network/modem games, each player's uniform is a different color. The color of your character is the color behind your face on the status bar. The colors are BROWN, INDIGO (black), GREEN, and RED. These are used to identify between players during game play, and to chat with others using Chat Mode. [8-1-3]: How does a player see what others are doing? ----------------------------------------------------- If you're playing in cooperative mode, press F12 to toggle through the other players' viewpoint(s). Press any other key to return to your vie. You still retain your own status bar at the bottom, and if your view reddens from pain it is YOU, not your partner, who has been hit. [8-1-4]: How do players communicate using Chat Mode? ---------------------------------------------------- In a multi-player game you can communicate with other players in the Chat Mode. To enter into Chat Mode and broadcast a message to all the other players, press the letter "T". A cursor will appear where your messaging is normally placed. To broadcast to a specific player, instead of pressing "T", you'll need to press the first letter of the player's color: (B)rown, (I)ndigo, (G)reen, and (R)ed. For example, to send a message to the brown More? character, you would press the letter "B". [8-1-5]: How do the weapons work? --------------------------------- When a player runs over a weapon, he picks it up, but the weapon remains in the game for other players to take. Shotguns dropped by former human sergeants are removed from the game after being picked up or smashed. [8-1-6]: What happens when a player dies? ----------------------------------------- If you die and restart in the level, previously taken items and destroyed monsters don't reappear. Even though you've died, other players have survived. However, this also means the level will eventually run dry of monsters and ammunition. You'll have to decide when the level is played out. [8-1-7]: Can players exchange supplies? --------------------------------------- Players cannot exchange supplies. [8-1-8]: Miscellaneous ---------------------- In Cooperative mode, each player begins in the same area. In More? DeathMatch mode the players begin in completely different areas--if you want to see your buddy you'll need to hunt him down. Plus, each time you die, you'll start in one of several random locations. Unlike in single-player or Cooperative mode gameplay, in DeathMatch mode the players start at each location with the keys necessary for opening any locked door in that area. In DeathMatch mode the ARMS section on the status bar is replaced with "FRAG." The FRAG section displays the number of times you've killed your opponents. In Cooperative mode the Automap works the same way it does in single-player mode. Each player is represented by a different color arrow. In DeathMatch mode you won't receive the pleasure of seeing your opponents on the map. Just like the monsters, your friends could be just around the corner, and you won't know it until you face them. [8-2]: What exactly is "DeathMatch" mode? ========================================= DOOM has a "DeathMatch" mode where every player is out for himself. At the beginning, the level is infested with enemies and power-ups. Everyone must kill all the demons to ready the battlefield for the player vs. player manhunt (my favorite gaming word). In this mode, players can't see the other players in the Automap, nor switch to their view. Players are More? not able to view other's health in the mode, because of the disadvantage this can cause. [8-3]: How does DOOM work with networks? ======================================== DOOM supports the IPX (Novell Netware) protocol in the initial shareware version. Any network supporting the protocol should work fine. TCP/IP and other protocols will be supported in a later version of DOOM. Using this network support, DOOM can be played in a workplace type environment. To start network mode: (1) Launch DOOM from the SETUP program, by going to the directory in which you installed DOOM, typing SETUP, and pressing the ENTER key. Unlike playing DOOM in single player mode, DOOM in multi-player mode must be run either from the SETUP program or by using the command line parameters. (2) The SETUP program allows you to configure the information that is necessary for the multi-player game. The SETUP is simple to use. (3) Start the game! [8-3-1]: What are the command line parameters for DOOM? ------------------------------------------------------- More? -NET starts DOOM as a network game and sets the number of players who are going to play. -net <# of players> -LOADGAME allows you to start DOOM from a specified save game. Instead of using the saved game name, simply enter the number that corresponds to the slot you saved the game to on the SAVE GAME screen -loadgame <# of the game> -DEATHMATCH starts DOOM as a DeathMatch game. If you don't enter DEATHMATCH as a command line parameter, DOOM will default to Cooperative mode. -deathmatch -SKILL sets the skill level (1-4) you wish to play. -skill <# of skill level> -PORT sets the port from which to play DOOM multiplayer on the network. By setting a different port, more than one group of players can play DOOM on a single network. -port <# of the port> [8-3-2]: How can I use DOOM on other types of networks? More? ------------------------------------------------------- It does not matter what type of network you use for DOOM, whether it is Lantastic, Windows for Workgroups or other networks. netDOOM uses the cards at such a low level that it does not need the network services. It only needs the ODI/IPX drivers. This being the case, netDOOM works fine with any Ethernet or any other cabling system. Naturally, you can not use any normal network services at the same time. Here is a list of steps that can be used to run DOOM under any type of network. (1) Get "wsdos1.exe" from "ftp.novell.com". It is in directory "/pub/netwire/novfiles/client.kit/doswin/files". Unpack it by typing its file name. (it is a self-extracting archive) (2) Get "wsdrv2.exe" if you don't have ODI drivers specific for your card. Many cards come with a diskette with ODI drivers. Unpack it by typing its file name. (it is a self-extracting archive) (3) Start your computer, but do not boot your normal network software. More? (4) Run "LSL.COM". (5) Run your network card driver. (6) Run "IPXODI.COM". (7) Run DOOM. You must make sure that all of the networked computers using DOOM are using the same frame type. (courtesy of Timo Talasmaa (timo@mdata.fi)) [8-4]: How does DOOM work with modems? ====================================== DOOM will work in two player mode by modem or serial link. The minimum baud rate to play DOOM will be 9600 bps. There is no maximum baud rate, except for hardware/phone line limitations. Shareware versions 1.0 and 1.1 do NOT support play by modem or serial link. Id Software will release a patch for this soon. Using this mode will be similar to the network mode. More? [8-5]: Can I play DOOM over the Internet? ========================================= With Internet access, a 56K line, and only a few router hops, you should be able to run DOOM over the InterNet. An Internet server is being planned to handle many DOOM players at once, but this is not a definite. "I'll get to work on it as soon as the game [specs] comes out =)", says Saqib A. Qureshi. (qureshi@ug.cs.dal.ca) ================================= =SECTION TWO= CHEATS AND SPOILERS ================================= ------------------------------------- CHAPTER [9]: How can I cheat in DOOM? ------------------------------------- [9-1]: What are the DOOM cheat codes? ===================================== Here is a list of the cheat codes from DOOM. During play, just type the codes in with they keyboard. You need not hit ENTER after the code. After entering, a message should be displayed at the top of the screen telling which cheat mode was activated. More? iddqd Degreelessness mode (God mode) idkfa Very Happy Ammo (full ammo, 200% armor, all weapons) idspispopd No clipping (you can walk through walls) idbehold Displays menu (followed by S, V, I, R, A, or L for choice) idclev Warp (followed by episode number and level number) idmypos Displays your coordinates in hex idchoppers Gives you the chain saw (long story behind the message) iddt Toggles Automap between normal, full, and full with objects (enter when looking at the Automap) (courtesy of Elias Papavassilopoulos (ep104@cus.cam.ac.uk)) [9-2]: How do I use the "devparm" parameter? ============================================ Well, looks like all of the FAQ readers had a field day on this one! I received a HUGE amount of E-mail on this parameter, explaining everything anyone could find. To use this parameter, start DOOM by typing: "doom -devparm ". Most of these parameters can be mixed and matched to create different effects. For instance, typing "doom -devparm -wart 1 8 -record demo01 -timedemo" would record a demo on episode one, level eight, in slow motion. More? dem Puts you in developers mode -wart Warps to episode (1-3) level (1-9) -warp This warps as well - Difference? -skill Starts on skill level (1-4) -episode Starts on episode (1-3) -loadgame Starts from a saved game (1-6) -dude Unknown -file Unknown -playback Network play? -drone Creates a drone of another player -recordfrom Unknown -config Reads an alternate configuration file -debugfile Dumps to debug.txt all debugging info More? -file Adds a filename to the .WAD file *: If you have a network, try setting up a network game with three players. The three terminals should have the parameters: "doom -devparm -net 3 -left" "doom -devparm -net 3" "doom -devparm -net 3 -right" Then, set up the left and right terminal monitors next to the middle monitor, in a virtual-reality type configuration. When you turn your head, you see the screen turned 90 degrees! Interesting way to play. If anyone has any idea what the "unknown" or question marked parameters do, send me some E-mail! (courtesy of Aaron Fredrick Tiensivu (tiensivu@student.msu.edu), Leif Sawyer (axlas@acad2.alaska.edu), Seth Delackner (dax@crl.com), and Kevin Burfitt (zaph@torps.apana.org.au)) [9-3]: How can I alter the saved games files to cheat? ====================================================== If you have no idea how to use a HEX editor, skip this part. Instead, check out one of the DOOM cheat utilities. More? You can edit the DOOM saved games, and create any of the super characters below. Mix and match! Remember, the low-order byte of a word comes first in the data file. (example: 0x01Ce is entered as CE 01) Offset Byte/Word Description ------ --------- ------------- 0x56 byte Current health. ( 00 to FF ) 0x5A word Current armor ( 0000 to 03E7 ) 0x7D byte Blue Key ( 0 = no, 1 = yes) 0x80 byte Yellow Key 0x82 byte Red Key 0x86 byte Blue Skeleton Key 0x8A byte Yellow Skeleton Key 0x8E byte Red Skeleton Key 0xB2 byte Pistol ( always 1 ) 0xB6 byte Shotgun ( 0 = no, 1 = yes) 0xB8 byte Chaingun 0xBD byte Rocket Launcher 0xC2 byte Plasma Rifle 0xC6 byte BFG 9000 0xCE word Remaining ammo for guns (max 999) More? 0xD3 word Remaining ammo for shotgun 0xD6 word Remaining ammo for rocket launcher 0xDA word Remaining energy cells for plasma 0xDE word Max ammo for guns (max 999) 0xE3 word Max ammo for shotgun 0xE6 word Max ammo for rocket launcher 0xE9 word Max energy cells for plasma rifle (courtesy of Leif Sawyer (axlas@acad2.alaska.edu) ------------------------------------------ CHAPTER 10: Can someone tell me how to...? ------------------------------------------ This chapter is full of spoilers for people who are "stuck" in the game. Enjoy! [10-1]: Where is the DOOM secret level? ======================================= You must be on level three to access the secret level in DOOM. First, there is a room with an elevator with armor on it in the northwest corner of the map. Press the red button in this room. This opens a corridor More? in the room where you can see a glowing sphere. The room it leads to has some lighted alcoves. Walk up the stairs. You should be able to hear a mechanical sound. This is the sound of two alcoves being lowered. The map looks similar to this drawing. (I love the beauty of ASCII art) Alcove 1 /\ /\ \/ \ / /\ \ / / \ \ / /\/ \ \ \ \ / / /\ \ / / \/ \ \/ \ Alcove 2 \ /\ \ \/ \ \ \ \ \ x ENTRANCE Walking into this room normally, the alcoves rise before you can see them. But, if you run up the stairs to one of the alcoves fast enough, you can get in it and rise to a secret door. Alcove 2 leads to the More? blue glowing sphere. Alcove 1 leads to an island surrounded by ooze. You can get a rocket launcher here. In alcove 1, follow the ooze down the tunnel. The tunnel leads to a switch that raises the bridge over the opening ooze pit. A secret door is also near the switch, but the bridge leads to the secret exit. REMEMBER TO *BOOK* TO THE ALCOVE! :) (courtesy of Ajaipal S. Tanwar (tanwar@utxvms.cc.utexas.edu) [10-2]: Where are the secret doors in DOOM? =========================================== LEVEL ONE: Level one has two secret doors. The first is behind the Imps way up on the ledge, which throw fireballs at you while you're trying to navigate the path through the acid. The second door is just past that room, on the right, and eventually leads outside to the blue armor. *LEVEL TWO: You can get a chain saw on this level by entering the computer area, finding the spot where the green armor is, and shooting the outside wall. However, if you go to the opposite side of this area, you will notice two bright metal strips in the wall which look to be about a door's width apart. There is a secret door there, with a backpack behind it. Furthermore, after you get the chain saw, search the walls of the passage back to the computer area, and you will find another secret door, which should be on More? your left as you leave. *LEVEL THREE: First of all, I wouldn't bother sniping from the half-door; you use up a lot of health from sergeants blasting you from just below with their shotguns. Kill and explore everywhere else, and flip every obvious switch you see. After you do, you should have on your map a diagonal passageway in the left wing that leads to a computer room, also "diagonal". The walls don't go N-S-E-W, but NW-SW-SE-NE, you know. If you check the computer room for secret doors, notice that in two places your character will not grunt. Then, if you check your Automap while you are leaving the room, you will notice that after passing a certain point in the hallway, these two places will turn yellow on the map. Aha! Go to the beginning of the hallway, wait for those doors to close again, and run as quickly as possible to the upper door. There is a cave with acid running around the perimeter. Also present are a rocket launcher and several rockets; it is believed that these are the first ones in the game. Then run down the acid stream (out the opening that you can fit into) and you will come to an alcove with a switch. It is this switch, I believe, that triggers the bridge across the infamous acid pit. Also in that alcove is a secret door leading to your first chain gun, with other supplies, and an elevator leading to one of the rooms you have already explored, through a one-way secret door. More? This time run to the second secret door in the computer room, and ease down the dark spiral staircase until you've killed all the Imps down there. Hit the switch in the side of the pillar and get that pesky Power Charge. Cross that bridge and open the secret panel, and head down the hallway. Be careful! There are two places down there which trigger secret doors to rooms full of nasties. When you battle your way to the end, there's a small passage in the back of the last room which leads to the room with the exit to the Military Base, the secret level. Don't leave just yet, though. Go the room opposite that switch, and bring down the elevator. It takes you up top, where there's another box of rockets. Keep going a little further and you come out looking down at the Oval Pit. *LEVEL FOUR: There is the two rooms at either end of that acid trench in one room. One leads to a switch, elevator, and a few goodies. The other leads to a room with a Sergeant, more goodies, a switch, and an elevator to a Power Charge! If you study it for a while, you may get the impression that is can only be done if you are playing on multiple-player mode. The trick is this: Back away from it. There is a pressure activated floor tile which will activate the elevator for you. *LEVEL FIVE: There is blue armor that you can get by running off one of the rising platforms to a series of secret doors in the middle of More? the window. These lead to a Radiation Suit, chain saw, and Power Charge. On the right, in the room with acid and a rising pathway connecting two doors, is another secret door in the lower right. You may notice the discoloration in the wall. You need to jump in the acid to get to it. Take a chance. If you forget anything, just remember this: once you are in the computer room, you will want to press that red button in the corner behind the outjutting wall. Instead, open the wall on the other side of that outjutting wall. It is on the same side of the room with the red button is on. This secret room yields a Computer Map, the first in the shareware version. *LEVEL SIX: There is a huge amount of secret doors on this level, but not all were explained to me. When you get the Blue Keycard, go into the area where the square rooms and acid are, and search the far right wall. This secret room yields another Computer Map. *LEVEL SEVEN: Experiment with the round rising platform. If you can get on that ledge leading to the room with the map, you're home free, secret-wise. *LEVEL EIGHT: No secret doors were mentioned to me on this level. LEVEL NINE: There is four secret doors on this level, and you must find two More? of them to exit it. Those two are in the middle of the acid trap with the Imps. The other two are explained here. Go to the room just south of center, and stand in the upper-right corner. It's an elevator. There's another elevator on the opposite side. *: This secret door description is not complete. You may want to check out the DOOM maps. If you are willing to write a complete description on all of the doors on this level, please E-mail me. (courtesy of Paul Brinkley (brinkley@cs.utexas.edu)) [10-3]: What is the best way to finish level eight? =================================================== Use the chain saw and the rocket launcher for this level. At the end of the level, before the two "bosses," run straight ahead to the tip of the start while using the chain saw. Turn around and saw away at the Shadow Beasts. After killing most of the ones at close range, switch to the Rocket Launcher and blow the ones away at long range. Then carefully shoot around the corners to toast the two "bosses." (courtesy of Christian Metcalfe (uk05624@mik.uky.edu)) More? [10-4]: When should I use each weapon? ====================================== FIST: Never use unless you have Berserk. This is really cool, but not as good as the chain saw. CHAIN SAW: Good for tight corners. Rips apart the Demons and Spectres. This is probably the beast weapon for non-shooting enemies. PISTOL: Average weapon. Does damage to the Humanoids, but the shotgun is preferred. SHOTGUN: This is probably the best all around weapon. Use this much of the time as it is very powerful. Its only problem is that its rapid fire is not very fast. CHAINGUN: Weak weapon for most enemies because it takes a fair amount of time to kill them. Good for lots of monsters in a row. ROCKET LAUNCHER: Good for occasional long shots at many enemies in one place. Be careful, however, this weapon can hurt you as well if the rocket bursts at close range. More? PLASMA RIFLE and BFG9000: I am waiting for reviews on these. E-mail me when someone gets the mail-order version! (courtesy of Christian Metcalfe (uk05624@mik.uky.edu)) [10-5]: Where can I get the chain saw? ===================================== The chain saw can be found on level two of mission one. Here's how to get it. (1) Hit the switch surrounded by the acid. (2) Go through the door that the switch opened. This will take you to a "computer maze." (3) On the WEST side of the maze, look for a secret door. Listen for the sound the character makes when looking for a door. When you find a section of wall where he doesn't make the sound, shoot the wall. (4) Follow the passage which was opened. (5) Activate the red button in the large room. (courtesy of Tom Cannon (inkblot@leland.stanford.edu)) ==================================== More? =SECTION THREE= DOOM ADD-ON SOFTWARE ==================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAPTER [11]: What is DOOM add-on software and where can I get it? ------------------------------------------------------------------ DOOM add-on software is software, not made by id Software, that modifies, changes, or helps you with your game when playing DOOM. Some examples are cheating utilities, map editors, and film clips. This software is in no way endorsed by id, and neither id Software nor myself take any responsibility for any problems you have with this software. DO NOT contact id regarding any of this software. Most of this software is available on the FTP site "ftp.uwp.edu" in the "/pub/msdos/games/id/home-brew/doom" or "/pub/incoming/id" directories. ------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER [12]: What cheating utilities have been made for DOOM? ------------------------------------------------------------- This chapter describes utilities that have been created to help people cheat at DOOM. More? [12-1]: DOOMEdit v3.6 ===================== DOOMEdit is a DOOM add-on utility that allows you to modify your saved games. In doing so, you can create super characters, which have huge amount of health and ammo, and have all the weapons, etc. This program allows you to toggle EVERYTHING, not just one or two things. This utility is available on the FTP site "wuarchive.wustl.edu" in the directory "/pub/msdos_uploads/games" under the file name "dmedt3_6.zip". Using DOOMEdit is very simple. Make sure the program is in your "C:\DOOMDATA" directory with the rest of your saved game files. Use the arrow keys to highlight Load DOOM Game. Enter the name of the saved game you would like to alter, without the extension. Once you've chosen a saved game, you will be magically whisked away to the main menu, where the fun begins. Now, by highlighting View DOOM Game you can stare in despair at your weak DOOM character. Fear not, for you can now choose Edit DOOM Game. Here you can change any of the multiple facets of your character, proceeding in the same fashion. When you are finished changing what you want, choose Save DOOM Game so that all your valuable work isn't lost. DOOMEdit v3.6 also works with DOOM v1.1. More? SPECIAL NOTES: 1) When you view your character, if you have a weapon, key, or map, the number after the name of the item will be 1. Otherwise it will be 0. 2) Special Items are time based except for the Electronic Computer Map. DOOMEdit was created by The Harrison Hackers: kaseeley@sage.cc.purdue.edu (programmer) burdicdj@mentor.cc.purdue.edu (middle-man-all-round-great-guy- with-the-know-how) blabus@sage.cc.purdue.edu (semi-beta-tester) equis@sage.cc.purdue.edu (beta-tester) fisheric@mentor.cc.purdue.edu (mysterious person) [12-2]: DOOM Hack v1.01 ======================= DOOM Hack is a DOOM add-on utility that allows you to modify your save game files. This utility gives you the full amount of EVERYTHING, including weapons, ammo, etc. DOOM Hack is available in the Usenet group "comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action" in UUENCODED form. DOOM Hack is a very simple program. To use, put the program in your More? DOOM directory. Then, type "HACK.EXE DOOM.SRC DOOMSAV1.DSG". Use whatever saved game you want in place of "DOOMSAV1.DSG". DOOM Hack v1.01 only works with DOOM v1.0. If the creator of DOOM Hack v1.01 cares to speak up, I will place his name in this FAQ, giving him credit for the program. [12-3]: DMAX ============ DMAX is another DOOM add-on utility that allows you to modify your saved game files. DMAX allows you to toggle the Radiation Suit and Light Amplification Visor. DMAX also gives you every key, every weapon, sets your health to 199%, your armor to 999%, and your all of your ammo to 999. This program is available in the Usenet group "comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action" in UUENCODED form. DMAX is very straight forward. Put the program in your "C:\DOOMDATA" directory, and type "DMAX -r -v [0-5]" where "-r" is the Radiation Suit Toggle, "-l" is the Light Amplification Visor toggle, and "[0-5]" is a number zero through five corresponding to the saved game you want to edit. DMAX was programmed by Steven Dossett (ccsld@sun1.mcsr.olemiss.edu). --------------------------------------------------------------- More? CHAPTER [13]: What other add-on software is available for DOOM? --------------------------------------------------------------- [13-1]: Film clip: Finding the secret level =========================================== There is a film clip for DOOM which shows how to access the secret level from level three in DOOM. This film clip can be access on the FTP site "wuarchive.wustl.edu" in the directory "/pub/msdos_uploads/games" under the file name "doomsecr.zip". The film clip was recorded in the normal skill level. To run this demo, extract "doomsecr.zip" to your DOOM directory and run DOOM with the following using, "DOOM -playdemo doomsecr". This will then run DOOM and play the demo. This film clip was created by Alexander Cohen (cohen@latcs1.lat.ox.au). [13-2]: DOOM .WAVs: Sounds extracted from DOOM ============================================== DOOM .WAV files (sounds extracted from DOOM) are now available in the Usenet group "alt.binaries.sounds.misc" in UUENCODED form. These .WAV files were created by Michael Deck (mdek@esk.compserv.utas.edu.au). More? [13-3]: DOOM Maps ================= There is a collection of screen shots of all the completed DOOM maps in the shareware version of DOOM. This archive is available on the FTP site "ftp.uwp.edu" in the directory "/pub/msdos/games/id/home-brew/doom" under the file name "doommaps.zip". These screen shots are all in GIF format. If the creator of these screen shots would care to speak up, I would be happy to mention him in the FAQ. [13-4]: IPXMODEM and DOOMSER: DOOM Modem Utilities ================================================== Two utilities, IPXMODEM and DOOMSER have been released for the purpose of emulating modem support with the netDOOM code. Unfortunately, IPXMODEM never worked. DOOMSER worked on a few types of computers, but ran so slow that it was not even worth using. Do not worry, id Software should release the modem patch soon! ------------------------------------ CHAPTER [14]: Future add-on software ------------------------------------ More? [14-1]: Add-on software wish list ================================= Attention programmers! Here is a wish list, created by the DOOM players, of add-on software that should be made for DOOM. If you would like to make an addition to this list, please send me E-mail. Additionally, if you are planning on creating one of these utilities, tell me, and I'll move it to the "Add-on software in the making" chapter. o An enemy randomizer: Enemies are never in the same place twice o Map editor: Create your own maps for DOOM o A sound editor: Replace DOOM's sounds with your own [14-2]: Add-on software in the making ===================================== This chapter tells about add-on software which is being currently worked on. If you are working on something that is not in here, please send me E-mail so I can put it in. In this section, you can also request help on creating some add-on software. o An enemy randomizer STATUS: Not started HELP NEEDED: Yes More? WHOM TO CONTACT: Douglas Bottoms (dbottoms@lilly.com) o A cheat TSR for network play STATUS: Not started HELP NEEDED: No WHOM TO CONTACT: Steven Dossett (ccsld@sun1.mcsr.olemiss.edu) ============================== =SECTION FOUR= TROUBLESHOOTING ============================== -------------------------------------------- CHAPTER [15]: Why won't DOOM work correctly? -------------------------------------------- This chapter helps you if you cannot game the game to function as it should. [15-1]: How can I use SMARTDRV.EXE with DOOM? ============================================= Some people have been complaining about problems with DOOM and More? SMARTDRV.EXE. DOOM is not completely compatible with SMARTDRV.EXE, but here is how you can get it to work. Try putting the following command in your CONFIG.SYS (This will not work in the AUTOEXEC.BAT): DEVICE=C:\DOS\SMARTDRV.EXE DOUBLE_BUFFER The double buffering uses memory differently than the normal SMARTDRV.EXE commands. This command will take up 2k of conventional RAM and cannot be loaded into high memory. This has been tested on two machines that did not work with SMARTDRV.EXE, and it this corrected the problem. (courtesy of Scott Browser (browersr@cnsvax.uwec.edu) [15-2]: Why am I getting an "OUT OF MEMORY" error with DOOM? ============================================================ If you are receiving an "OUT OF MEMORY" error when attempting to run DOOM, you might want to attempt any of the following: (1) DOOM requires at least 4mb of RAM. Check to make sure you have at least this amount. (2) If you are using MS-DOS 6.0, try holding down the LEFT SHIFT key during bootup. This will stop all your TSRs from loading. Remember to More? reinstall your mouse driver, however. (3) If you are using MS-DOS 5.0, rename your AUTOEXEC.BAT to stop all your TSRs from booting. (4) If you are using MS-DOS 6.0, try running MEMMAKER to free up more RAM at bootup time. (5) Try running DOOM without using HIMEM and EMM386. If you are using a different memory manager, try removing it instead. [15-3]: Why does DOOM crash when I start it? ============================================ Your motherboard may not be compatible with the DOS extender that DOOM uses. Try getting DOOM v1.1. If that still does not work, try running DOOM with one of the DOS extenders in the file "altdoom1.zip". See Chapter [6] for more information on how to get these files. [15-4]: Why won't DOOM work with Windows, DESQview, or Task Swapper? ==================================================================== It is recommended that you do not play DOOM under these environments. These applications often conflict in their use of memory and other system resources with DOOM. In general, we suggest that you log out of Windows or any similar environment before playing DOOM. More? [15-5]: How can I run DOOM under OS/2? ====================================== The ideal DOOM-OS/2 system is a 486 with at least 8mb of RAM. In order to get DOOM up and running, first copy a program object to the desktop from the template folder. For details on this procedure, refer to your OS/2 manual. Once you have the program path and optional command line arguments set up for the program object, you will need to edit the DOS session settings. The ideal DOS settings are as follows: SETTING VALUE ------- ----- AUDIO_ADAPTER_SHARING REQUIRED COM_DIRECT_ADDRESS ON COM_HOLD OFF COM_RECEIVE_BUFFER_FLUSH NONE COM_SELECT ALL DOS_AUTOEXEC *DRIVE:\AUTOEXEC.BAT DOS_BACKGROUND_EXECUTION OFF DOS_BREAK OFF DOS_DEVICE *DRIVE:\OS2\MDOS\LPTDD.SYS More? DOS_FCBS 16 DOS_FCBS_KEEP 8 DOS_FILES 20 DOS_HIGH OFF DOS_LASTDRIVE Z DOS_RMSIZE 640 DOS_SHELL *DRIVE:\OS2\MDOS\COMMAND.COM *DRIVE:\OS2\MDOS DOS_STARTUP_DRIVE *** DOS_UMB OFF DOS_VERSION *** DPMI_DOS_API DISABLED DPMI_MEMORY_LIMIT 4 DPMI_NETWORK_BUFFER_SIZE 64 EMS_FRAME_LOCATION NONE EMS_HIGH_OS_MAP_REGION 0 EMS_LOW_OS_MAP_REGION 0 EMS_MEMORY_LIMIT 0 HW_NOSOUND OFF HW_ROM_TO_RAM OFF HW_TIMER ON IDLE_SECONDS 0 More? IDLE_SENSITIVITY 100 INT_DURING_IO ON KBD_ALTHOME_BYPASS ON KBD_BUFFER_EXTEND ON KBD_CTRL_BYPASS NONE KBD_RATE_LOCK OFF MEM_EXCLUDE_REGIONS *** MEM_INCLUDE_REGIONS *** MOUSE_EXCLUSIVE_ACCESS ON **NETWARE_RESOURCES GLOBAL PRINT_SEPERATE_OUTPUT ON PRINT_TIMEOUT 15 VIDEO_8514A_XGA_IOTRAP OFF VIDEO_FASTPASTE OFF VIDEO_MODE_RESTRICTION NONE VIDEO_ONDEMAND_MEMORY OFF VIDEO_RETRACE_EMULATION OFF VIDEO_ROM_EMULATION OFF VIDEO_SWITCH_NOTIFICATION OFF VIDEO_WINDOW_REFRESH 1 **VIPX_ENABLED ON XMS_HANDLES 0 More? XMS_MEMORY_LIMIT 0 XMS_MINIMUM_HMA 0 *DRIVE: The drive your OS/2 system files are located on. **: Only required for network play ***: Leave as default ----------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER [16]: Why won't my sound card work with DOOM? ----------------------------------------------------- This chapter helps fix problems with various sound cards in DOOM. [16-1]: Why won't my Sound Blaster v1.0 or v1.5 work with DOOM? =============================================================== The v1.0 shareware release of DOOM does not work correctly with earlier versions of the Sound Blaster. It is recommended that you receive v1.1 of DOOM to fix this problem. Information on getting this upgrade is available in Chapter [6]. If you insist on using v1.0 of DOOM, here is two different ways to fix your problem, although they are not guaranteed to work on all computers. More? (1) If you have a turbo button on your computer, turn it off. Run DOOM, and when the title screen appears, turn it back on. (2) Disable the internal cache. [16-2]: Why won't my Gravis UltraSound work with DOOM? ====================================================== To get DOOM v1.0 or v1.1 to run properly with both music and digitized sound effects on the Gravis UltraSound, try these three steps. (1) Set your ULTRASND environment variable, and use GF1 IRQ less than 9. example: SET ULTRASND=220,1,1,7,5 |_______ GF1 IRQ (2) DOOM requires that you have installed the General MIDI patch set from the 2.06 Install Disks that came with your UltraSound (these are also available on various FTPs and BBSs). DOOM will find your patches (using the ULTRADIR variable) in the MIDI subdirectory. Place the following command in your AUTOEXEC.BAT. example: SET ULTRADIR=C:\ULTRASND More? (3) You will also need to copy ULTRAMID.INI into your DOOM directory and rename it DMXGUS.INI. (this file is also available via FTP) (courtesy of Samer Meshreki (meshreki@udel.edu)) [16-3]: Why won't my Roland Sound Canvas work with DOOM? ======================================================== Full Roland RAP-10 support is not in v1.0 or v1.1 of DOOM. Support for this will be released in an upcoming patch. [16-4]: Why won't my Pro Audio Spectrum 16 work with DOOM? ========================================================== Full PAS-16 digital support is not in v1.0 or v1.1 of DOOM. Support for this will be released in an upcoming patch. ----------------------------------------- CHAPTER [17]: Miscellaneous DOOM problems ----------------------------------------- [17-1]: Why won't my two button mouse work with DOOM? ===================================================== More? DOOM's SETUP.EXE program assumes that one has a three button mouse. The left button is "fire," the right button is "forward," and the center button is "strafe." If you run the setup program that comes with DOOM, you can assign "strafe" to the right mouse button, and the setting for "Move Forward" then appears to be blank. In actuality, "Move Forward" is set to be permanently "on." This can be fixed easily. Edit the file "DEFAULT.CFG" in your DOOMDATA directory (C:\DOOMDATA\DEFAULT.CFG by default) with any ASCII (text) editor. The three lines of interest are: mouseb_fire, mouseb_strafe, and mouseb_forward. The settings for these are 0 (left button), 1 (middle button) and 2 (right button). When you ran the setup program, mouseb_forward was assigned a value of -1 go ahead and change this to "1", save the file and restart DOOM. The final entries should appear as: mouseb_fire 0 mouseb_strafe 2 mouseb_forward 1 This will allow you to shoot with the left button and strafe with the right button. (courtesy of Stephen Stibler (stibler@watson.ibm.com)) More? [17-2]: Why is my network slowing down when using DOOM? ======================================================= Although DOOM is a wonderfully programmed game, it contains a major networking bug. It accomplishes its multi-player magic by using Ethernet broadcasts for all of its traffic. This has a serious side-effect, that it sucks processor time from *all* machines on the same physical network, and can easily cause other machines to be unusable. The problem is caused by the use of broadcasting. Every time an Ethernet card receives a broadcast, it interrupts the processor to transfer the packet to main memory, analyze the packet, and discard it if the machine doesn't need it. Normal traffic is addressed directly to a machine and can be discarded at other machines by the network card, never interrupting the processor. Broadcasting should only be used for special, rare traffic, such as name-binding requests, so it does not waste processor time proportional to the number of machines on the network. Due to the high traffic nature of DOOM, the problem is so serious that significant processor time is wasted. With a couple games on the net, a slow machine such as a 386-16 is so impaired that it drops keyboard strokes frequently (about 1 or 2 per word), and this happens not only when the machine is using the network, but even when the machine is not using the network and is in plain DOS. All that is required is that the Ethernet card be in the machine and hooked up to the network, and it will cause interrupts More? when the machine does not even use the network. I would imagine that this problem scales linearly with players, needing only 3 or 4 games to render any PC on the net near useless. Needless to say, this is a serious problem for network managers, who rarely look upon game playing as the primary goal for their net, and even more rarely accept any application that can disable all the machines attached to the network. Network managers be forewarned. id Software is planning on changing the format of the network support. David Taylor of id Software says: "Changing over from broadcast packets to connection-oriented packets will take awhile. We're not committing to a time yet, but an off-the-cuff guess is a couple of weeks. If DOOM's current use of broadcast packets has caused it to be banned from your network, please be nice and don't play net games with it. It means that the code is flooding a very large network with broadcast packets and/or slowing other machines down badly." (courtesy of Ted Lilley) [17-3]: DOOM is too easy ======================== If you find DOOM too easy, here are some suggestions. More? (1) Play on a harder difficulty level. (2) Only save your game at the beginning of each level. (3) Never save your game and try completing the mission. (4) Only use your fist and pistol for the entire game. [17-4]: DOOM is too hard ======================== If you find DOOM too hard, here are some suggestions. (1) Play on an easier difficulty level. (2) Save your game often. (3) Try using some of the cheat codes or a cheating utility. [17-5]: I get motion sickness when playing DOOM =============================================== There have been a lot of discussion about this phenomenon. In short some people experience dizziness attributed to the game movement. There were many theories, most along the line of motion sickness. Some also said that the animation is too smooth so it fools your brain into believing it to be real. Others said its too jerky and it makes you vomit like being sea sick. Another popular theory is that lack of proper acceleration (like on-off high More? speed) attribute to the nausea. I will not go into discussion of why. Instead, I will post some steps people suggested. Remedies are not guaranteed to work. There are many, all are experimental and some will have opposite effects on different people. This, it seems, is a very individual problem. (1) Try different display sizes. Either use different size monitors or use the screen size option to vary the display window. (2) Try sitting closer/further from the display (don't stick your nose in it, I don't want you to get radiation sick). Try combining this with focusing/defocusing on the display or surroundings. This is to see if you are being aware that you are looking at the monitor and hopefully it may convince your brain that what you play is not really real. (3) Try different machine speeds. If you have a turbo switch try playing with it on/off. (4) Try different input devices. With a mouse you can control acceleration more accurately than with a joystick or the keyboard. (5) Play on your friend's/colleague's computer. See if it is More? better/worse. (6) Have breaks while you play. Play in turns. Watch others play & then play yourself. (7) If you have Sound Blaster try playing with/without the sound. If your sound card is stereo try playing with headphones on. Reverse the headphones so that left becomes right. After switching machines, many have problems adjusting too. On a 486, things may seem "too smooth." On a 386, it may make you want to vomit. Sometimes you just have to give time to adjust. (courtesy of Stanley Stasiak (stasiak@tartarus.uwa.edu.au)) ============================ =SECTION FIVE= MISCELLANEOUS ============================ --------------------------- CHAPTER [18]: DOOM iNsAnItY --------------------------- More? This chapter features humor about DOOM, written by ANYONE who's willing to try (or maybe even on accident). Anyway, here they are. [18-1]: Comedy ============== This is the chapter of DOOM iNsAnItY where free-form comedy is written. [18-1-1]: A word from Douglas J. Bottoms ---------------------------------------- FOREWORD: Here's the first addition to DOOM iNsAnItY! This was posted on comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action on Thursday, October 21, 1993. He speaks on a new game idea: id programmers as bad guys in DOOM. ---------- Subject: NEW GAME! id programmers as bad guys in DOOM! From: Douglas J. Bottoms Date: Thu Oct 21 10:00:02 1993 More? That's it!! I new twist on the game!!! The DOOM good guys are idle gaming buffs who have finally cracked and can no longer wait for the release of the only game that will make ALL OTHER games seem like PONG! Blind Wolfenstein will no longer simmer the anger! They go slap-happy and grab their multidimensional boots and gloves (with snazzy smooth shading) and go to the id programmers' dungeon/lair. It will be a slaughter! Pixilated programmers, peeved project leaders, panting personnel...the works. The big bosses could be just that, the big bosses, especially the one who just made a press release that DOOM would be delayed another few months (this is make believe, of course - (squint) you aren't going to delay the release (pant, pant); look into my eyes (o)(o) (imagine reversing sound) and repeat after me, "I must release DOOM soon. I must program, eat, sleep day and night." Mu who ha ha ha!). Excuse my sanity. I get a bit zany when I get thinking about the soon to be released game that will resolve the U.S.' Deficit and save the rats from being beheaded on the space shuttle. I see the sun raising... The thoughts expressed here are entirely my own and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts of any other individual or group affiliated with Eli Lilly and Company. ---------- More? [18-1-2]: DOOM: The Real Thing ------------------------------ FOREWORD: This messages was posted from gills@qucdn.queensu.ca on Usenet in the group comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action on Monday, November 15, 1993. He has a new idea: playing DOOM in REAL LIFE! ---------- Howdy, Yes, like all you DOOM fans I have been eagerly awaiting the release date for this landmark game. Although I was very disappointed in the release date being bumped up from 3rd quarter '93 to Dec 10, I limited my anger and frustration to strangling my neighbour's cat (didn't like it much anyways.... ;) ). But, NOW I'm forced to read all the great stuff about the Beta release that some people have been lucky enough to get their hands on. ....well, not FORCED to read it, but I can't help absorbing every bit of information I can possibly locate. :) I can't handle the fact that some people have tried the game now, More? and I haven't, so I thought I might pull out my brass knuckles and 12 gauge pump shotgun and start up a *REAL* DOOM game. I figured that I, and 3 other frustrated DOOM awaiters, could meet up at an abandoned warehouse or something and have a rip snortin' Death Match of our own. We could throw some shotgun shells and ammo boxes randomly around the place, along with some first-aid kits (fine for light grazes from perhaps a .22 calibre round but not much good for a 12 gauge belly wound :) ) - then we go at it !!! Granted, there won't be any monsters in this place, like there are in DOOM, but I do have a pretty ugly cousin I could trick into coming; and with a quick dunk in some gray paint I'm convinced he could bear a passable resemblance to a gargoyle . So ....any takers? Heh, heh, heh. Note: This a JOKE, only a joke....that's J-O-K-E..as in, I'm not serious. If you are a certified nut-bar who would like to really try this out don't bother calling me up....I get faint from tension just playing Paintball :) But, seriously...I CAN wait until Dec 10 to play DOOM but it's getting pretty tense doing the waiting game. I guess in the mean time I can More? go pick up some Depends (adult diapers) and some I.V. supplies so I'll be prepared on Dec 10 to stay on the computer playing DOOM steadily until I collapse from exhaustion. Of course if a copy of Beta-DOOM *DID* happen to make it's way to me, I would still download the shareware version and register/pay for the full release. I swear I would....really...I promise....scout's honor...anyone?..anyone? OK, so sue me, I had to ask. :) P.S. If this game is good as it's suppose to be, I'm gonna name my first born child "ID".... IDDY?...IDarina?...IDI-Sue?.... ---------- [18-1-3]: Beta-Tester's Joystick Sliced Off While Sleeping at Computer! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- FOREWORD: I received this piece of hilarious E-mail from John Romero. This was written by Douglas Howell (one of the DOOM Beta-testers) when id decided to axe the entire Beta-tester list and start from scratch. Douglas Howell will be reinstated as a Beta-tester, as soon as his "joystick" heals. :) Let the Bobbitt saga continue! More? ---------- NEWSFLASH: Beta tester's joystick sliced off while sleeping at computer! At a news conference today, a beta tester of software said that he had fallen asleep while testing a game for id Software, developers of the best-seliing game Wolfenstein 3D. Awaking in the middle of the night, he looked down and to his horror discovered that three-fourths of his joystick had been sliced cleanly off. When questioned, id Software admitted to doing the deed and charged that the beta tester was a two-timer. Id spokesman Shawn Green stated-- "What was done had to be done. Id was definitely not satisfied by this guy's performance. All he cared about was taking software and sticking it into other people's hard drives!". The severed joystick was later found by police on a street corner. Apparently id had fled the scene with the sliced piece still in hand and tossed it out a car window. Surgeons have since sewn the stick back on, but it seems to malfunction whenever playing id's beta software. Doctors predict that the joystick should perform normally again by December 10th. ---------- More? [18-1-4]: The Night Before DOOM ------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- T H E N I G H T B E F O R E *-D-*-*-O-*-*-O-*-*-M-* Written by: Hank Leukart (ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- `Twas the night before DOOM, and all through the house, I had set up my multi-playing networks, each with a mouse. The networks were strung, with extra special care in hopes that DOOM, soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of demons danced through their heads. And my computer's processor it was so quick, boy was I glad I bought that 486. When out on the Internet there was a Usenet posting, More? I dialed right in to see what it was boasting. Off to the news reader I flew like a hound, "Oh no," I cried! The news reader was down! Frustrated, bewildered, feeling really low, I leaned back to see what I heard out the window. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a group of 6 cars, driving 60 I fear! With a big young driver, just look at him go! I knew in a moment, it must be John Romero! Over the speed limit, his band of cars came, And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name: "Now, Jay! Now, John! Now, Dave and Kevin! On, Adrian! On, Sandy! On, Shawn and Robert!" To the top of the driveway! Don't hit that wall! Now stop your car, stop your car, stop your car all! Leaving the car, he entered the house, Walking quietly, so as to not wake the spouse. He was dressed in a T-shirt, and a a pair of jeans too, I was unsure of what he was going to do. More? Boxes of DOOM he had flung on his back, and he looked like a peddler just opening his pack. Those boxes - how they sparkled! The shrink-wrap so tight! The character was drawn on the front, just ready to fight! The Chain Saw and Shotgun he held in his hand, Where was the BFG9000?: The best gun in the land. And then I saw it, strapped to his back, Along with a copy of the "Official" DOOM FAQ! A wink of John's eye and a twist of his head, Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread. He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, Installed it on the network, then turned with a jerk. And placing a hand into his jeans, out came his keys - oh how they gleamed! He sprang to his car, to the id team gave a whistle, and away they all drove, like DOOM's launching of a missile. But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight, "DEMONS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A HELLISH NIGHT!" [18-2]: Top Ten Lists ===================== Here, humorous top ten lists regarding DOOM are written. More? Actually, this is a lie. Some of the lists have more than ten things. However, for the sake of simplicity, I call them top ten lists. [18-2-1]: Top Ten Things to Do While Waiting for DOOM ----------------------------------------------------- FOREWORD: This was posted on America Online, by someone using the name "Wolkonsky" on August 27, 1993. ---------- Well, here we are waiting another 2-3 months [for DOOM]. What else can we do? 1) Search the Internet for Beta Version. 2) See if we can go through Wolfenstein 3-D with our eyes closed. 3) Use MapEdit/WolfEdit to make Wolfenstein 3-D "look like" DOOM. 4) Find out where the id "lab" is and "encourage" them. 5) Watch the new 90210 episode! 6) See if Blake Stone or Rampage will be any good. 7) Upload the Lemmings Demo as "DOOM10.ZIP" and see what happens. 8) Get girlfriends and drop them on 12/10/93, unless they like DOOM and have a computer with a modem. 9) Or lastly, look at DOOM slides and "pretend" we are playing. More? ---------- [18-2-2]: Top Ten Things To Do Until DOOM Arrives ------------------------------------------------- FOREWORD: This was posted on America Online, by someone using the name "ScottBro" on October 7, 1993. ---------- Top 10 Things To Do Until DOOM arrives 10. Get a marker and change boxes of George Lucas's "LOOM" to "DOOM" to confuse over-anxious gamers. 9. Issue bogus press release from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist, saying the DOOMsday clock will strike midnight sometime before September 30, 1993. 8. Get a date with someone from L7. 7. When feeling depressed due to the wait, chant the B.J. Blaskowitz mantra, "This is my rifle, This is my gun, This is for killing, this is for fun. 6. Memorize the July Computer Gaming World, pages 104-5, preview of DOOM. 5. Get network and sound card installed on all systems at the office. More? 4. Make DOOM acronyms, like "Dantes Obsessive Outrageous Marauders" 3. Tell boss I'll need two weeks vacation on very short notice during the third quarter, due to pending family crisis. 2. Figure a way to persuade Id to allow imports of faces on monsters, so we can make creatures like the: Sunnunu Bloated Beast, the Michael Bolton Shrieker, and the Ex-Wife from Hell, where she belongs. 1. Try and make friends with the Big Blue guys from Wolfie; We might need help this time. ---------- [18-2-3]: Top Ten Things Being Removed From DOOM During Delay ------------------------------------------------------------- FOREWORD: This was posted on America Online, by someone using the name "Wolkonsky" on August 31, 1993. ---------- The DOOM Delay of `93 might be worse than we first thought! Here is a list of things that I heard were being taken out of DOOM. 1) Socks the Cat More? 2) Cameo by the Mario Brothers (you thought the Pac-Man Ghosts were bad) 3) The "Shawngreen" monster in level 3 (too scary, it went around screaming "Its not done yet! Not yet!") 4) Cindy Crawford workout in level 4 5) Vanilla Ice-Amy Grant theme song 6) "Fun with Barney" puzzle in level 2 7) Pin Up GIF of Sally Struthers. 8) "John 3:15" : various locations 9) "Bulges" in monsters groin area AND FINALLY, 10) The Bathroom Scenes. ---------- [18-2-4]: Top Ten Reasons DOOM Was Delayed ------------------------------------------ FOREWORD: This was posted by an unknown source at an unknown location, on September 21, 1993. If you know who the writer is, please send me some E-mail so I can give appropriate credit. ---------- The following is intended to be humorous, with no ill intent whatsoever. I hope everyone takes it in the spirit it is given. ;) More? DAVE: "I have in my hand here tonight's Top 10 List from the home office in Sioux City, Iowa. Actually, it's a Top 15." (show the special graphics) DAVE: "Them special effects is fantastic!" (grin) "Tonight's category is: Top 15 reasons DOOM's release was delayed to December 10th. Here we go..." 15. Added near death sequence when player is shot full of holes. 14. Added networking capability via spaghetti noodles. 13. "If Origin can do it, so can we." 12. They want to ensure it won't run under Windows. 11. Currently using DOOM as negotiating tool to get Ukraine to give up nukes. 10. Fighting lawsuit from Apogee claiming DOOM is their 'intellectual property'. (for those Letterman fans) More? 9. They want to increase fourth quarter earnings. 8. The bosses wife wants to 'redecorate' the levels. 7. They want to make a politically correct version. 6. id aspires to be the next Microsoft. 5. NASA lost the source code. 4. Bill's waiting for Hillary's permission to release game. (oops, sorry, that's the Health Care Reform Package) 3. John's dog ate his computer. 2. Ran out of bug spray. DAVE: "And the number one reason DOOM's release was delayed..." 1. They want the game's release to be just in time for Christmas shopping. ---------- More? [18-2-3]: Top Twenty Comments Made After DOOM's Release ------------------------------------------------------- FOREWORD: This dream was posted by Michael Pemberton on Usenet in the group comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action on Saturday, December 11, 1993. ---------- For those of you who just don't have the time to read the voluminous number of postings which are destined to appear about DOOM over the next two weeks or so, I offer the following list which should summarize the gist of those postings. Out of courtesy to others, I suggest that posters review this list, include the appropriate number in their subject headers, and allow others to select the postings they wish to read with some foreknowledge of their contents. Those who wish to add to this list may do so; if interest continues, I will post updated versions for the convenience of all. 1) DOOM is the greatest, bitchenest, most radical game of all time. I loved it. I've played it for forty hours non-stop, only stopping for periodic caffeine breaks, and I plan to play it for at least forty hours more before collapsing into a quivering mass of protoplasm. Go DOOM! Go More? DOOM! Yaaaaaaaaaay! 2) DOOM sucks! Heehh-heeeh. Heehhh-heeeeh. Heehh-heeh. 3) Hey, ID! When you said that you were going to get DOOM out on the 10th, everyone thought that meant it would show up on sites at 12:01 AM. If you knew there was going to be a delay, why didn't you have the courtesy to tell us? 4) When is DOOM II coming out? 5) What's DOOM? 6) Everyone's talking about this DOOM thing, but I can't find it on my site anywhere. I even tried the site that someone recommended, but it's not there either. What gives? 7) When I tried running DOOM on my IBM XT, it wouldn't play. Is this a bug? 8) DOOM's not so hot because [choose one]: (a) The graphics are too dark, (b) it's too slow on my AT, (c) it's too fast on my Pentium/66, (d) it's More? too bloody and violent, (e) it's not bloody and violent enough, (f) it's too hard to set up, (g) it takes too much memory to run, (h) there should be a lot more weapons available early in the game, (i) Duke Nukem II is a lot more fun. 9) Compared to DOOM, Blake Stone is a wimpy piece of crap. 10) Compared to Blake Stone; DOOM is a wimpy piece of crap. 11) Anyone wonder how much money ID is going to make off this game? 12) What's the big deal? DOOM is just a rehash of Wolfenstein, and I got tired of playing that weeks ago. 13) Hey, I played DOOM for about 80 hours over the last couple of weeks and I'm giving copies of it to all my relatives for Christmas, but I'm not going to BUY it from ID because [choose one]: (a) ID's making too much money anyway, (b) forty dollars is way out of line for a game like this, (c) I couldn't figure out how to get into that area with the blue face, and I don't think games should be this hard, (d) what good is a game you can only play for a few hundred hours?, (e) I can get it from that computer geek down the hall for free anyway. More? 14) Would someone post a map showing all the secret areas in DOOM? 15) Would someone uuencode DOOM and post it here? 16) Where are the rockets, chainguns, armor enhancers, medkits, ammo boxes, [you name it] in the [name an area]? 17) What are the cheat keys for the shareware version of DOOM? 18) What do you mean there are no cheat keys for the shareware version of DOOM? I think that ID shows a real lack of respect for its potential customers by taking out the shareware cheat keys. 19) DOOM was way overhyped. 20) DOOM lived up to its publicity and our expectations. 21) There I was, playing DOOM, and suddenly I was dropped out of the game with an "Out of hunk" error. What sloppy programming! 22) Shame on ID for releasing a game that is still so full of bugs (even More? though I haven't found any yet)! They're as bad as Origin! 23) A hearty thanks to Hank Leukart, Jay Wilbur, and everyone else at ID for being so supportive and tolerant of sometimes-whiney, sometimes- impatient, but almost always appreciative gameplayers (like me) who love to see excellent games like this one succeed. ---------- [18-3]: DOOM R.E.M. =================== David Reeve Sward suggested that I add a section in the FAQ for people who have been dreaming about DOOM while sleeping. I told him it was crazy until three people posted messages about having "DOOM Dreams." Here they are, pixelated and all! [18-3-1]: Pixelated Demons -------------------------- FOREWORD: This dream was posted by David Reeve Sward on Usenet in the group comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action on Tuesday, November 2, 1993. ---------- A few days ago I awoke in the middle of a dream about DOOM...! I was More? firing the shotgun at a pixelated (yes, my dream was pixelated) demon when my alarm clock went off (well, it turned the radio on :). Haven't seen any alpha or beta version, only the screen shots. Time to schedule an appointment with a local shrink... I can't imagine what shape I'll be in once the game is actually released :). ---------- [18-3-2]: The Mythical Beta Releases ------------------------------------ FOREWORD: This dream was posted by Christopher Johnson on Usenet in the group comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action on Tuesday, November 2, 1993. ---------- Strange enough, I had a dream about DOOM last evening, too. I dreamt that I had found the mythical beta release version lying around on a FTP site, downloaded it, and actually got to play it before anyone else. Now, I know I could just do this anyways, but I have too many morals. What are you doing to us, Jay, now we're DREAMING about getting DOOM... SIGH.. --------- More? [18-3-3]: You Don't Take Mastercard?! ------------------------------------- FOREWORD: This dream was posted from szwells@hamlet.ucdavis.edu on Usenet in the group comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action on Tuesday, November 2, 1993. ---------- While you all were dreaming, I was having some serious nightmares. DOOM was released early and I went down to buy it ASAP. When I opened my wallet, it was empty. And they wouldn't accept credit or personal checks... I spent the rest of the night trying to scrounge up the cash to buy it. It was not a pretty sight! ---------- ------------------------ CHAPTER [19]: Conclusion ------------------------ Phew! Well, that is all I have! I hope this FAQ proves to provide a good resource for DOOM information. If you have any suggestions, additions, or comments for the FAQ, send me E-mail at "ap641@cleveland.freenet.edu". Now, I will just wait in horror as id More? Software releases a press release about a new, upcoming game. Thanks for reading the FAQ! -Hank Leukart SUPPORT YOUR SHAREWARE COMPANIES! REGISTER YOUR SHAREWARE! ------------------------------ CHAPTER [20]: Revision History ------------------------------ [20-1]: Pre-Game-Release FAQs ============================= v1.0: First release of the DOOM FAQ. (October 25, 1993 EST) v1.0a: When ASCII uploading v1.0, the spacing malfunctioned. This is the same version as 1.0, except with fixed spacing. (October 25, 1993 EST) v2.0: First major revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. Id gets involved, giving new information. The FAQ is rearranged. The FAQ is renamed from "The DOOM FAQ" to the "The 'Official' DOOM FAQ." (November 1, 1993 EST) More? v2.5: A standard revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. More information comes in on what DOOM will and won't support. More DOOM iNsAnItY is added. Information on related DOOM software is added. Information on DOOM's music and multi-playing is added. Sorry! The "Official" DOOM FAQ is no longer 666 lines. :) (November 13, 1993 EST) v2.6: A minor revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. Grammatic and spelling errors are corrected. The use of asterixs, parenthesis, and brackets are used to highlight which information is new to a FAQ. Two new additions to DOOM iNsAnItY that didn't quite make it to the v2.5 release are added. More multi-playing information added. (November 17, 1993 EST) [20-2]: Post-Game-Release FAQs ============================== v5.0: A major revision of the "Official" DOOM FAQ. DOOM is released. FAQ is completely rewritten. FAQ tells about troubleshooting, cheating, and add-on software. New additions to DOOM iNsAnItY. (December 18, 1993 EST) -- More? Soon to be released shareware: | Hank Leukart takes no Apogee: R A P T O R : Call of the Shadows | responsibility for the above Epic: E P I C B A S E B A L L | message. id: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? | "Official" DOOM FAQ Writer Next thread [Return], Reply, or ?> [Message 1 of 2 in thread 168 of 188] comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action DOOM God Mode From: MajorBBS: ThunderAxe Date: Mon, 27 Dec 93 10:43:18 EST (1 screen) Hi everyone, could someone please tell me what to type inside DOOM (internal cheat mode) to get the God Mode? thanks. I dunno if IDDGD has any effect on it. Read next [Return], Reply, Next thread, or ?> [Message 2 of 2 in thread 168 of 188] comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.action Re: DOOM God Mode From: David Timoney Date: 27 Dec 1993 13:59:24 -0800 (1 screen) Responding to: <669BYGNLTKCHRWWDH@castlebbs.com> MajorBBS: ThunderAxe (thdraxe@castlebbs.com) wrote: : Hi everyone, could someone please tell me what to type inside DOOM : (internal cheat mode) to get the God Mode? thanks. I dunno if IDDGD has : any effect on it. Try iddqd instead. Dave Next thread [Return], Reply, or ?>


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