The Classic Games Cartridge List Server Last Updated 031694 The following is a list of car

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The Classic Games Cartridge List Server Last Updated 03/16/94 The following is a list of cartridge list files available via mailserver. These files represent lists of cartridges known for each system, as well as cartridges that are rumored to exist. These lists have been compiled by Dean Dierschow ( I welcome updates, changes, suggestions, and other lists to merge with these. To get help on this mail server, send electronic mail to the address "" with the line "help" as the body of the message. To get this file again, send e-mail with body of the message containing the line "send CARTS.LST". To get any of the files listed below, include the line "send ", in which the file name is one from the list below. To get a UUENCODED PkZipped file that contains all lists, request "CARTS.ZIP". Entries File Name System Date ------- ------------ ---------------------------------- -------- 1009 AT2600.LST Atari 2600 03/16/94 94 AT5200.LST Atari 5200 10/25/93 69 AT7800.LST Atari 7800 10/25/93 325 AT800.LST Atari 400/800 03/16/94 95 ATLYNX.LST Atari Lynx 03/16/94 48 BALLY.LST Bally Astrocade 03/16/94 3 COLECOTS.LST Coleco Telestar Arcade 03/16/94 155 COLECOVI.LST ColecoVision 03/16/94 48 C64.LST Commodore C-64 03/16/94 91 VIC20.LST Commodore VIC-20 03/16/94 23 ARCADIA.LST Emerson Arcadia 2001 10/25/93 27 FCHILD2.LST Fairchild Channel-F 03/16/94 5 IBMPCJR.LST IBM PC-Jr. 03/16/94 127 INTV.LST Mattel Intellevision 03/16/94 24 AQUARIUS.LST Mattell Aquarius 03/16/94 11 MICROVIS.LST Milton Bradley Microvision 03/16/94 829 NES.LST Nintendo Entertainment System 03/16/94 3 ODYSSEY.LST Magnavox Odyssey 10/25/93 50 ODYSSEY2.LST Magnavox Odyssey II 03/16/94 7 STUDIO2.LST RCA Studio II 10/25/93 129 SMS.LST Sega Master System 03/16/94 43 TRS_COCO.LST Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer 03/16/94 86 TI99.LST Texas Instruments 99/4A 03/16/94 1 TOMY_TUT.LST Tomy Tutor 10/25/93 42 VECTREX.LST Vectrex 03/16/94 7 VIDEOART.LST LJN Video Art 10/25/93 244 TRADING.LST Cartridges For Trade 03/16/94 These lists represent data received from many sources. They also represent the database of the cartridges I own, and thus has some data fields for that information. In each file, the main fields are Manufacturer, Product Number, and Cartridge Name. Before the Manufacturer column is the data for what I own with the following meanings: 'x' = I own the cartridge 'I' = I have the instructions 'P' = I have the instructions photocopied 'O' = I have the overlays for the game Between Number and Name is a field for Status, with the following meanings: R = Released P = Prototype NR = Never Released NC = Never Completed CS = "Coming Soon" EU = European release only I am interested in more information for these lists, or in trading cartidges or instructions. The existance of these lists is in no way intended to be an offer to sell items mentioned on these lists. I am not a dealer. Please do not contact me asking to buy anything on these lists. Please contact me if you are interested in trading for anything on 'TRADING.LST'. Dean Dierschow ( 3634 Congress Court Fremont, California 94538 (510) 226-8219


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