Bally Astrocade x Manufacturer Number Name xI Astrocade 5001 Amazing Maze TicTacToe Astroc

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Bally Astrocade x Manufacturer Number Name ================================================================================ xI Astrocade 5001 Amazing Maze / Tic-Tac-Toe Astrocade 6001 Arcade Astrocade 5005 Artillery Duel xI Astrocade 2009 Astro Battle Astrocade 4003 PR Astrology xI Astrocade 6004 Basic Astrocade 6002 Basic (with interface module) Astrocade 3006 Basketball Astrocade 4001 Bingo Math / Speed Math xI Astrocade 4004 Biorhythm / Calendar Astrocade 5002 Blackjack / Poker / Acey-Deucy Astrocade Bowling Astrocade 5003 Checkers / Backgammon xI Astrocade 2004 Clowns and Brickyard Astrocade 4005 Coloring Book Astrocade Conan the Barbarian xI Astrocade 2019 Cosmic Raiders Astrocade Creative Crayon xI Astrocade 2010 Dog Patch Astrocade 3004 Drag Race / Desert Fox Astrocade Elementary Math and Bingo Math xI Astrocade 3002 Football xI Astrocade 2011 Galactic Invasion Astrocade Galaxian xI Astrocade 2014 Grand Prix / Demolition Derby xI Astrocade 2017 Incredible Wizard Astrocade King Arthur's Adventure xI Astrocade 4002 Letter Match / Spell 'n Score / Crosswords Astrocade Missile Attack Astrocade Music Maker x Astrocade 2003 Panzer Attack / Red Baron xI Astrocade 3005 Pinball xI Astrocade 2015 Pirate's Chase Astrocade 5004 Quest for the Orb xI Astrocade 2002 Sea Wolf / Missile Astrocade Skiing Astrocade 3007 Soccer xI Astrocade 2018 Solar Conqueror xI Astrocade 2012 Space Fortress Astrocade Space Invaders xI Astrocade 2005 Star Battle xI Astrocade 3001 Tornado Baseball, Tennis, Hockey and Handball xI Astrocade 2001 280 Zzzap / Dodgem Esoterica Blast Droids Esoterica Muncher Esoterica Treasure Cove L & M Ms. CandyMan L & M Sea Devil This list last compiled 03/16/94 by Dean Dierschow ( Contact at: 3634 Congress Court, Fremont, California, 94538, (510) 226-8219. This list is available on Usenet via mailserver. For more info, send e-mail to "" with "help" as the body of the message. For the cartridges index, put "send CARTS.LST" in the body of the message. That file also contains the magic decoder ring for the rest of these files.


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