Atari 400800 x Manufacturer Number Name (unknown) Alien Ambush (unknown) Bumper Bash (unkn

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Atari 400/800 x Manufacturer Number Name ================================================================================ (unknown) Alien Ambush (unknown) Bumper Bash (unknown) Math Encounter Activision Beamrider Activision Decathalon Activision Designer's Pencil Activision Dreadnought Factor Activision CZ-007-04 H.E.R.O. Activision CZ-002-04 Kaboom! Activision Keystone Kapers Activision CZ-003-04 Mega Mania Activision Pastfinder Activision CZ-004-04 Pitfall Activision CA-011-04 Pitfall II Activision CZ-001-04 River Raid Activision CA-012-04 Space Shuttle Activision Zenji Activision CC-101-04 Zone Ranger AdventIntl Rally Speedway Atari RX8099 Ace of Aces (by Accolade) Atari RX8109 Airball Atari RX8092 Archon (by Electronic Arts) Atari CXL4003 Assembler Editer Computing Language Atari CXL4013 Asteroids Atari RX8053 Atari Artist (with CX77 Touch Tablet) Atari RX8054 Atari Graphics (with CX75 Light Pen) Atari AtariLab: Light Module Atari AtariLab: Temperature Module Atari RX8036 AtariWriter Atari RX8064 Ball Blazer (by LucasFilm) Atari RX8086 Barnyard Blaster Atari CXL4002 BASIC Computing Language (version A) Atari CXL4002C BASIC Computing Language (version B) Atari CXL4004 Basketball xI Atari RX8077 Battlezone Atari RX8081 Blue Max (by Synapse) Atari RX8087 Bug Hunt Atari RX8021 Caverns of Mars (by APX) Atari CXL4020 Centipede Atari RX8096 Choplifter! (by Broderbund) Atari RX8094 Commando Atari CXL4009 Computer Chess Atari RX8104 Crime Busters Atari RX8088 Crossbow Atari RX8102 Crystal Castles Atari RX8101 Dark Chambers Atari RX8083 David's Midnight Magic (by Broderbund) Atari CXL4025 Defender Atari Deflektor Atari RX8089 Desert Falcon Atari RX8026 Dig Dug Atari RX8031 Donkey Kong Atari RX8040 Donkey Kong Jr. Atari RX8030 E.T. Phone Home xI Atari RX8039 Eastern Front (by APX) Atari CXL4001 Educational System Master Cartridge Atari RX8085 Fight Night (by Accolade) Atari RX8067 Final Legacy Atari RX8091 Flight Simulator II (by Accolade) Atari RX8079 Food Fight x Atari CXL4024 Galaxian xI Atari RX8090 Gato Atari RX8084 Hardball (by Accolade) Atari RX8114 Into the Eagles Nest (by Pandora) Atari RX8044 Joust x Atari RX8049 Jungle Hunt Atari RX8095 Karateka (by Broderbund) Atari RX8082 Lode Runner (by Broderbund) Atari RX8032 Logo Atari RX8032 LOGO Computing Language Atari CXL4014 Mailing List x Atari RX8103 Mario Brothers Atari RX8035 Microsoft BASIC II Computing Language Atari RX8124 MidiMaze Atari RX8048 Millipede x Atari CXL4012 Missile Command Atari RX8052 Moon Patrol Atari RX8043 Ms. Pac Man Atari CXL4007 Music Composer xI Atari RX8108 Necromancer (by Synapse) Atari RX8093 One-on-One Basketball (Electronic Arts) x Atari CXL4022 Pac Man xI Atari RX8045 Pengo Atari CXL4018 Pilot Computing Language Atari RX8080 PLATO Learning Phone x Atari RX8034 Pole Position x Atari CXL4027 Qix Atari RX8029 Real Sports Football Atari RX8028 Realsports Soccer Atari RX8042 Realsports Tennis Atari RX8063 Rescue on Fractalus (by Lucasfilm) Atari RX8033 Robotron:2084 Atari RX8059 Skywriter Atari RX8028 Soccer Atari CXL4008 Space Invaders x Atari CXL4011 Star Raiders xI Atari RX8078 Star Raiders II Atari RX8037 Star Trux Atari CXL4019 DE Store Demo Atari RX8098 Summer Games (by Epyx) Atari CXL4006 Super Breakout Atari RX8120 Super Football Atari CB101931 PR Super Pac-Man Atari SuperPILOT Atari CXL4015 Telelink I Atari CXL4016 Telelink II Atari RX4082 Tennis Atari RX8113 Thunder Fox Atari RX8111 Tower Toppler Atari RX8069 Track and Field Atari RX8057 Typo Attack (from APX) x Atari CXL4005 Video Easel Atari CA400201 XE Demo Cartridge Atari RX8118 Xenophobe x Atari CXL4010 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Beaumont PUP (Primary Utility Pack) Big Five Bounty Bob Strikes Back Big Five Miner 2049er Big Five Scraper Caper Broderbund Choplifter! Broderbund Sea Fox xI Broderbund Serpentine CBS Soft 75350 Astro-Grover CBS Soft Big Bird's Funhouse CBS Soft Big Bird's Special Delivery CBS Soft Blue Print CBS Soft Boulders & Bombs CBS Soft Co-Co Notes CBS Soft Domino Man CBS Soft Ducks Ahoy! CBS Soft Ernie's Magic Shapes x CBS Soft M8786 K-razy Antiks CBS Soft M8788 K-razy Kritter CBS Soft 22100 K-razy Shoot-Out CBS Soft M8790 K-star Patrol CBS Soft Madden's Football CBS Soft 75010 Math Milage CBS Soft 4L2541 Mountain King CBS Soft Movie Musical Madness CBS Soft Omega Race CBS Soft S.H. Hide-n-Seek CBS Soft Satan's Hollow CBS Soft Sesame CBS Soft 75370 Sesame Street Letter-Go-Round CBS Soft Solar Fox CBS Soft Time Trials CBS Soft Timebound CBS Soft Webster Word Game CBS Soft Wings xI Dana Alien Ambush xI Dana Cloudburst Datasoft Letter Wizard EasternHous KISS EasternHous Monkey Wrench EasternHous Monkey Wrench II Elcomp Atext-1 Elcomp Atmas Elcomp Atmona-1 Epyx Alien Garden x Epyx Fun with Art Epyx Fun with Music Epyx Gateway to Apshai x Epyx Jumpman Jr. Epyx Lunar Outpost Epyx Monster Maze Epyx Pitstop Epyx Platter Mania Epyx Silicon Warrior Epyx Swat Rescue First Star NR Boulder Dash First Star NR Bristles First Star NR Flip and Flop Fisher Price Dance Fantasy Fisher Price Linking Logic Fisher Price Logic Levels Fisher Price Memory Manor Gebelli Doc Goodlode's Cavern Gebelli Embargo Gebelli Firebird GeminiSoft Magic Dump HES Gridrunner HES Gridrunner xI HSU Software Math Encounter ICD R-Time 8 ICD SpartaDOS X IDSI Pool 400 IDSI Speedway Blast IDSI Survival of the Fittest Imagic 720125-1A Atlantis Imagic 720149-1A Demon Attack InHome Baseball Koala AT00315-1 KoalaPainter LJK Data Perfect LJK Edit 6502 LJK Letter Perfect (40 Column) LJK Letter Perfect (80 Column) MPP Microfiler MPP Smart Terminal MPP Supercharger BBS O.S.S. Action! O.S.S. Basic XE O.S.S. Basic XL O.S.S. Mac/65 O.S.S. The Writer's Tool OrionMicro Express! Pandora Powerstar Parker Brothers Astrochase (by First Star) Parker Brothers Chess x Parker Brothers PB101689 Frogger Parker Brothers Gyruss Parker Brothers James Bond Parker Brothers Montezuma's Revenge Parker Brothers Mr. Do's Castle Parker Brothers Popeye Parker Brothers Q*Bert Parker Brothers Risk xI Parker Brothers PB101303 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battl Parker Brothers Star Wars: The Arcade Game Parker Brothers Super Cobra Parker Brothers Tutankham Rantom Trust Reevesoft Diamond GOS Reston Movie Maker Roklan Deluxe Invaders Roklan Diamond Mine Roklan Gorf Roklan Journey to the Planets Roklan Lifespan Roklan Rack Em Up Roklan Space Journey Roklan Wizard of Wor Romox AntEater Romox Attack at EP-CYG-4 Romox Flapper Romox Fortune Hunter Romox Princess and Frog Romox Sea Chase Romox Spark Bugs Romox Starion Romox Typo Romox Whiz Kid Scarborough MasterType Sega 005-03 Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom x Sega 006-03 Congo Bongo Sega Frogger II: Threedeep Sega Spy Hunter Sega 004-03 Star Trek Sega Super Zaxxon Sega Tac Scan Sega Tapper Sega Up N Down Sega 008-03 Zaxxon Sierra On-Line BC Quest for Tires Sierra On-Line Creepy Corridors Sierra On-Line Crossfire x Sierra On-Line Jawbreaker Sierra On-Line Jawbreaker II Sierra On-Line Learning with Leeper Sierra On-Line Maurauder Sierra On-Line Mr. Cool Sierra On-Line Sammy Lightfoot Sirius Alpha Shield Sirius Capture the Flag Sirius Fantastic Voyage (by 20th Century Fox) Sirius Fast Eddy Sirius Final Orbit Sirius Final Orbit Sirius Squish 'Em Sirius Squish'Em Sirius Turmoil (by 20th Century Fox) Sirius Worm War Softmark ESP Mindlock BBS SoftToolworks Chessmaster 2000 Spinnaker Adventure Creator Spinnaker Aegean Voyage Spinnaker Alf in the Color caves Spinnaker Alphabet Zoo Spinnaker Cosmic Life Spinnaker DLD-AT Delta Drawing Learning Program Spinnaker Delta Music Spinnaker Facemaker Spinnaker Fraction Fever Spinnaker Kid Writer Spinnaker Kids on Keys Spinnaker Kindercomp Spinnaker Story Machine Spinnaker Up for Grabs Synapse Chicken Synapse Claim Jumper Synapse Drelbs Synapse File Manager x Synapse Ft. Apocalypse Synapse Nautilus Synapse Necromancer Synapse Picnic Paranoia Synapse Protector II Synapse Shadow World Synapse Shamus Synapse Slamball x Synapse Slime Synapse Survivor Synapse Synassembler Synapse The Pharaoh's Curse Tech-Sketch Paint-N-Sketch Level I Tech-Sketch Paint-N-Sketch Level II TG Software Abracadabra TG Software Droids TG Software Nightstrike Thorn EMI THA12010 Computer War Thorn EMI Darts Thorn EMI Home Financial Management Thorn EMI THA12002 Jumbo Jet Pilot Thorn EMI THB12004 Kick Back Thorn EMI Major League Hockey Thorn EMI ORC Attack Thorn EMI THB12005 River Rescue Thorn EMI THB12003 Soccer x Thorn EMI THA12001 Submarine Commander Thorn EMI Tank Commander TigerVision MatterHorn TigerVision Springer Walling Co. AProm Walling Co. AProm XL Walling Co. Six Pack I Walling Co. Six Pack II This list last compiled 03/16/94 by Dean Dierschow ( Contact at: 3634 Congress Court, Fremont, California, 94538, (510) 226-8219. This list is available on Usenet via mailserver. For more info, send e-mail to "" with "help" as the body of the message. For the cartridges index, put "send CARTS.LST" in the body of the message. That file also contains the magic decoder ring for the rest of these files.


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