I have been so busy lately I havent been able to play but I have alreadry mapped every lev

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: Data Man : SUN JAN 3 7:31:00 PM I have been so busy lately I haven't been able to play but I have alreadry mapped every level so i can answer most of your questions. First of all, you don't throw anything into the gates of hell, you break them down, enter, and get the Jeweled Fruit from the Tree of Fire. To do so you must use the Bell, Book, and Candle to break down the Gates, the Boots of Flying to be able to get back out. I have been able to get all the way out since a blast of fire gets me at the end. I suspect I need to get the Blood Blue Special (you know what I mean) to do that. Second, you need to put the Bloodstone and the Dragon thing after evoke into the Altar, the third item I haven't found but I suspect it is the Drmpainters soul that you get after you put the third item in so it is probably the Jeweled Fruit that you need (see above). As for Trebor, you don't find him, he finds you . Instant death. If anyone finds the six item needed for the blue blood special tell me please ( I may start p[laying again) As for Dondra, to get out of the first room you. Get key. Open south door. Kick key south. Go South, Get key, Go North, Go North, Say Death to Colnar, Insert Key in Keyhole, North, Say Death to Colnar, go north, read mural, go south, go west. You are out in the world now. Have fun. Data Man ------------------------------------------------------------------ : Wiz IV Oracle readings : Data Man : SUN JAN 3 7:43:21 PM The Egress will set you free! (I believe the egress to be on Lvl 1 16N,15E) Read the Iliad Lately? Chomp, Chomp... Eh, what's east, Doc? Secrets abound all around you, Have you met Glum yet? (Gives you Black Box) Live the QABALAH! The answer is carved in stone> It is right before you nose? (any ideas?) The temple holds an anceint secret Hop high to enter Rabbits are sacred to the dreampainter Seek the dreampainters soul Everyone has a weekness! What is his??? (Any ideas) Take a step to the left and a hop to the right. (refers the the stuff outside the door at the top of the temple of the dreampainter) Gone Trolling! Beware the gifts of Lord Maya! (I haven't met a lord Maya but he probably is the guy who gives you the "Use ME! Cape") Get a handle on the forgidden fruit. Rocks, multi-layered Rocks Homer will show you the way. (Do you get the idea that we need to reread the Illiad?) You too can be saved! Repent ye sinner! Wash away thy sins! Repent! (no idea) Down into the bowels of the earth. Password is your ancient Battlecry (no idea) Ok, I have been on every level and that is all the readings I have heard (most are repeated), if you have heard any others post them. Also, if you know anything about any I said I needed info on post about that. Thanks. PS Don't equip the following, they are cursed. Ring of Death Use me Cape Adept Baldness Mage Masher Lord's Garb Liches Robes Skull;s cap PSS Cleaning Oil removes curses, one prob, that is on level 2! Enjoy! Data Man


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