FIRE The Iron Spells AMRAS The Snake of Fire ORLOS The Flame of the Eye AMRASMUR The Coppe

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FIRE: The Iron Spells AMRAS The Snake of Fire ORLOS The Flame of the Eye AMRASMUR The Copper Snake of Fire ORLOSMUR The Copper Flame of the Eye The Silver Spells AMRASAKIM The Silver Snake of Fire KUN The Furnace of the Mind The Gold Spells AMRASLAZAR The Golden Snake of Fire KUNLAZAR The Golden Furnace of the Mind The Platinum Spells AMRASTEL The Platinum Snake of Fire KUNTEL The Platinum Furnace of the Mind The Crystal Spell CYQIEKUN The Furnace of the Great Mystic FROST: The Iron Spells STRAL The Frozen Hand SEHK The Breath of Ice The Copper Spells KRAMUR The Tempest of Chaos SEHKMUR The Copper Breath of Ice The Silver Spells KRAAKIM The Silver Gale of Chaos SEHKAKIM The Silver Breath of Ice The Gold Spells STRALLAZAR The Golden Hand of Freezing SEHKLAZAR The Golden Breath of Ice The Platinum Spells KRATEL The Platinum Maelstrom of Chaos SEHKTEL The Platinum Breath of Ice The Crystal Spell MUZAQ Cacophonous Oblivion PROTECTION: The Iron Spells TEI The Iron Shield SEL The Iron Armor The Copper Spells SELMUR The Copper Armor TASRAK The Shell of the Unborn The Silver Spells SELAKIM The Silver Armor RESEN The Globe of Peace FSIRITH The Talisman of Awe The Gold Spells TEILAZAR The Golden Shield AROMIR The Water of Waking SILAMEKSH The Silken Shroud of Life The Platinum Spells RESNTEL The Cyanic Globe of Peace MUAMAAR Phantasmal Terror The Crystal Spell QADIOS The Womb of Infinate Safety HEALING: The Iron Spell SHUM The Simplest Salve The Copper Spells SHUMMUR The Copper Salve HELAS The Many Fingers of Healing LUQMAR Waking The Silver Spells SHUMAKIN The Silver Salve ISO Air The Gold Spells SHUMLAZAR The Golden Salve HELASLAZAR The Many Golden Fingers of Healing ISUL Cleaning Air The Platinum Spells HELASTEL The Many Platinum Fingers of Healing SAMECLU Purity of Sanctuary The Crystal Spell CYQIETUR Ceaseless Healing KNOWLEDGE: The Iron Spells NGOS The Glowing Script LUM Light The Copper Spells NGOSMUR The Glowing Copper Script TALIS The Spirit of Observtion The Silver Spells ALTIS The Psychic Key EZAHM The Water of Strength The Gold Spells NGOSLAZAR The Glowing Golden Script LUMLAZAR Golden Light REAAM True Revelation The Platinum Spells LENTIIS The Holding Heart SATOR The Mind Siphon ROTAS Suction The Crystal Spell CYQIEQARAQK The Tome of the Seer


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