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3 -Press (SPACE BAR) to quit- SOFT-DOCS FOR PITFALL II: LOST CAVERNS OBJECT: Help Pitfall Harry find his niece Rhonda, the cowardly cat Quickclaw, and the great Raj diamond. On the way, grab all the white gold bars you can (and watch out for athe pesky stone-aged rat). There is no time limit in the caverns! STARTING OUT: -Hit 'ESC' to start the game from the title page. -Sound is toggled by hitting ctrl-S. JOYSTICK CONTROLS: -To move Pitfall Harry left or right, move controller left or right. -To jump, press button 0. -To decend a ladder, pull controller back just before Harry reaches the hole. To ascend a ladder, push controller forward. -To catch a balloon, push the left button to jump. Move controller left or right to float left or right. To speed up, push controller forward; to slow down, pull controller back. KEYBOARD CONTROLS: -On the IIe, use the four arrow keys to move a direction. -On the II+, use the I,M,J,K keys to move in a direction. -Press the SPACE BAR to jump. -Press the shift key to stop Pitfall Harry. -To speed up a balloon, press the UP arrow. To slow down, press the DOWN arrow. (If you don't have up and down arrows, give it up: get a joystick. Control-keys suck.) DANGERS: Keep away from frogs, bats, condors, eels, and albino scorpions. Touching any of them will set you back! WHITE CROSSES: Whenever Pitfall Harry succumbs to a danger, he is magically transported back to the last white cross he touched. So, be sure and touch each of these mystical Incan healing centers as you encounter them. REWARDS: You start out with 4000 points. Thereafter, you receive: -5000 points for every white gold bar. -15000 points for the cave rat. -20000 points for the Raj diamond -10000 points for Rhonda -10000 points for Quickclaw Touching dangerous creatures or falling unintentionally loses points. (?=Database Menu, Q=Quit) Read #}i


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