Subject Out of This World GS Demo? From The Magnet 1 To All Date 052192 030145 PM

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_______________________________________________________________________________ [ Subject ] :Out of This World GS (Demo?) [ From ] :The Magnet (#1) [ To ] :All [ Date ] :05/21/92 03:01:45 PM _______________________________________________________________________________ I'm not sure if Out of This World is a demo or not, but I can say it's probably not the 100% complete version. BUT I have reason to believe that his version is about 95% complete. When you first run it, it asks you for your viewing preference: 16mm means the entire screen ; this mode is sluggish even on my 7Mhz Zip GS 34mm is about 2/3 of the screen ; it's bearable and is recommended by me 70mm is only half the screen, very narrow sorta like watching a movie on TV Television is same as 70mm from what I've seen.. I can't tell any difference. For the controls, I can't get joystick to work anyways, so lets just say keyboard. or either one you pick don't matter since you can use keyboard. It seems that you just watch the guy drive up in the Ferrari, do his experiment and it fails and he gets blown into Another World, or blown Out of This World (whichever name you choose, since in IBM, both names have been used and released, same game). After this it seems to have just freeze. This is the FIRST and ONLY program ever I've seen on the GS that disables not only control-reset, and not only control-oa-reset, but even the fake cold boot of control-oa-OPTION-reset!! The only way is to turn off the computer!! Holy cow to Bill.. Anyways, upon my further examination, I found out the following keys: A - Accept/Action (acts like return when choosing PW) Q - Quit the game/demo C - Choose Password to different levels (use arrows to move cursor) OK: There are 22 level codes to this game and I've tried all of them and they all work except for the last one. This is how to do it: After the demo, or while in the demo, press C anytime and password screen will come up. Enter the 4 letter PW in my pw list file and you will go to that level! While in the game: A - Shoot (if you have the laser gun) or Step On worms and leeches (when first starting game. Z - Jump Arrows - move in that direction. Hold down A and Arrows to Run in direction. After you pick the level, you're actually playing the game!! This is a very difficult game from what I've played, especially since I haven't figured out how to use the joystick. When shooting with A : hold down for a few seconds to build a shield in front of you that'll block off the enemy's laser. You have to build shield, hide behind shield and try to shoot the enemy. It might sound easy, but remember that your enemy is doing the same and he's much better at it than you are. ---- Anyways, that's about all I've found out about this game, and I'm including this file in the Out of This World archieve so it can help people get started...actually let me tell you for the first level after the introduction: You and your desk appear under water, you have to hold down the UP arrow to swim up right away or you'll be pulled down under and die. Good luck! The Magnet _______________________________________________________________________________


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