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%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %/ \% % The Official Joystik Review Guide % % By: The Tracker % % % % A Rebel Alliance TextFile % % Written: 12/8/85 1:45 PM % % % % Call RAPS> 1-206-584-6900 % %\ /% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Excuse me? You say that your 3 yr old joystick just took a dive? Your favorite game suddenly dosen't work and you realize you have a GOOD copy? Then it hits you: time to dump $30-$65 into a new JOYSTICK. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Since the above situation just happened to me very recently, and I had to wade through tons of junk wares to the junk joystick section and was literally ATTACKED by salesmen trying to get me to buy a good joystick, I'm going to list some of the more popular joysticks in this file, as well as some other alternatives to sticks that you might consider purchasing. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Joysticks --------- TG Products, Inc. "TG joystick", around $45-55 at good stores and larger soft- ware houses This joystick is made by an older company, and as far as I know the first one. Before my TG crashed, I had it for 4 years (i.e. it's a rugged little baby) but once I needed to send it back because my button #0 kept sticking (the company charged my $10 and sent me a whole new stick, the kind with a round cable instead of a ribbon cable). On the bad side, TG wants major $$$ for one of them, and they do take some getting used to. One quick note: the new- er TG sticks do have a flip/flop switch to change to and from self-centering. On a scale of one to ten, TG sticks get a 7. Kraft Inc. (not the cheese place) "Kraft joystick", roughly $40. I have not checked the price on these lately. Kraft makes a nice, long-handled stick with the two firebuttons in some odd places (one on top and the other on the back...but oddly, it's very comfor- table). I believe they now have one with little buttons to switch from self centering to non-self centering. Once again, I am not familiar with this stick very much. Overall, from what I have seen, they are a good 8. CH products "Mach ][" and "Mach III" joysticks, $45 and $55 re- spectivly. After my TG crashed, I went over to a Mach III and so far have not been disappointed. The difference between the two (besides $10) is that the III has a button #0 on the top of the han- dle while the ][ does not. To tell you the truth, if they had any ]['s left I would have saved $10 and gone with it. Both have slide-switches to turn on and off self-centering and knobs (yes, knobs) to change the x and y deviation from the original axis (i.e. the little slidy things on a T.G. and most other joysticks). The Mach III might be rated down because the handle is kind of stubby (with the button on top) and too large for fingers but too small for hands. I suppose all sticks take get- ting used to though. Overall, let's give them an 8. So far the sticks have been good, eh? Apple Computer Inc. "Apple joystick", $60-$65. BLEECH! This joystick is SUCKY! Yes, that's right, it SUCKS! Nothing against Apple, hell they make great computers, but the joystick need some HELP. The thing falls apart quickly (so I have noticed from many people) and most also say that it isin't very respondent (i.e. you move left and it says 'huh? left? ohhh left! duhhh'). The buttons are nice, I think. While the Kraft and CH products both just go down and stop (nice but 'dead') and the TG's have a bad habit of no stop or very little (that's why the buttons are first to go), the Apple has a nice, loud CLICK when you press one of the buttons down. To tell you the truth, you have my warning not to get one. Overall, a 6. (7 1/2 if they didn't fall apart so quickly...) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Some Alternatives ----------------- Now that I have covered joysticks, let me just touch some quick points on other products. TG paddles- I got a pair for $10. Nice if you like a game that requires paddles, and fun to open and customize. Sirus Joyport- Plug Atari-style sticks into your Apple. There are a few things you should know though. 1. Not made anymore. 2. Requires special programming (if the game dosen't actually say 'joyport' then it won't work with it.) You can, however, plug in 2 Atari Sticks and 2 regular sticks (or a stick and a paddle!) and choose with a small switch on the top of the unit. Wico joystick Adapter- Same as above but no special programming! But, for $20 it still dosen't work with every- thing. TG Trakball- I think we all know what a trackball is, if you don't, imagine an upside- down mouse that sits in one spot and you roll it's ball(s?). Let me say that it's no good unless you live for games that re- quired them (Centipede on the Apple is very easy with it). For $70 I say forget it. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I am sure that I missed a few sticks and probably a few 'alter- natives' but those are the main ones. If you have any comments, feel free to call RAPS (the number is on the top) and leave me feedback. Or leave me e-mail on Apple Manor [716-654-POOF]. Thanks for reading and have a nice day. ------------- The Tracker ------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ALL POINTS BULLETIN: If you have a ware called GRABBIT (9 months old as of 12/8/85, and never protected) please call RAPS [206-584-6900] and upload it. Thank you very much.


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