An Apple GS Annoyance Here is a little dismayig problem that has virtually made me loose a

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An Apple //GS Annoyance Here is a little dismayig problem that has virtually made me loose all respect n Apple all together. I just recently purchased my Apple //gs system with the works, including that nice $10 muffin fan Apple sells for $50. After playing around with my //GS for a day or two, I decided to plug a pair of headphones into the headphone jack to hear what it sounds like. As soon as I plugged the headphones in I noticed this terribly loud electrical hum coming through the headhones, I pay much attention to this, thinking that it was the way it was supposed to be. Last week, I bought the MD-Ideas Supersonic stereo card and promptly hooked it up to my stereo system. Here's where the problems start. I thought that the stereo card would solve the hum problem, but no such luck, the hum was even louder and more annoying as ever. I promptly called up MD-Ideas, and they told me that the problem was caused by the //gs fan, that is why their fan sits on the outside of the //gs and runs on its own power supply. Then, I proceeded to call up my Apple Dealer (B.C. Communications in Huntington L.I.) and the owner told me that, "Oh, I have encountered this problem before, that is why Apple doesn't make an amplifier for the //gs". Well, I hardly took this explaination seriously and called up Apple Customer Relations in C.A., they put me in touch with their technical support line, and I got an answer...Here it is: "We can't do anything about it, they all have this problem, we suggest that you unhook the fan and leave the cover off the machine". I told them that unhooking the fan would void my warranty since I have more than 3 peripheral cards plugged in, they responded with an "We know it voids the warranty but nothing can be done." It can hardly be beleived that Apple would put out an overpriced product that works halfway and not be willing to fix it or at least offer our money back. If we use it with the fan hooked up, we can't fully enjoy our machines, if we use it without the fan, we void the warranty and risk having to pay Apple's overpriced repair bills. Please protest the bit of shamefull behavior and DON'T buy the //GS fan from Apple, and if you allready have, demand a fix or your money back! After all, the "S" in "Apple IIGS" stands for sound doesn't it? Or maybe to Apple the "S" stands for swindle... PLEASE IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF ANY ONLINE BOARD WHERE THERE ARE APPLE USERS (ESPECIALLY COMPUSERVE, THE SOURCE AND GENIE), UPLOAD THIS FILE.PPLE USERS (ESPECIALLY COMPUSERVE, THE SOURCE AND GENIE), UPLOAD THIS


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