Brd IIGS Technical Sub Numb 50 of 50 Sub read To All From The Martyr 11 Date 122487 075807

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Brd ->IIGS Technical Sub Numb ->50 of 50 Sub ->** read ** To ->All From ->The Martyr (#11) Date ->12/24/87 07:58:07 PM Hello, with the release of ProTERM v1.9p (only a few steps from 2.0) there have been a couple of noted problems and concerns. Number 1; It still does not have an USRobotics HST driver in the configuration program. Well this problem has already been solved. Myers (of The 9600 Club) re-wrote the drivers to work correctly. I just put up the Super Serial Card one, the Modem Port one is done but I have yet to upload it. They both work. Remember the patch for v1.2 will not work with v1.9p. Don't bother trying it, their formats are different. Number 2; The editor DOES work. It can save text/appleworks format (and it works fine) It is extremely radical. I like it better than Appleworks The editor is version 2.0, the program is v1.9p. (like I said, only a few steps away) Number 3; Greg has fixed many upsetting things in proterm. For example, when dialing after a few seconds if your modem doesn't connect for whatever reason it will keep that boards' dial screen there. (instead of returning you to the board list) Number 4; It supports Y-modem CRC when downloading. This will not speed anything up, but will have better error checking. Transit finally works. It fairly fast too! Number 5; ** THE MOST IMPORTANT ** ProTERM supports mousetext and a sound generator, this is a terminal emulation. Like VT-100 and Datamedia are. This is UNREAL!! What is mousetext? Remember when you got your //e enhanced about a year ago? And Appleworks could show like open and closed Apples at the main menu! This will revolutionize bulletin boards. ONLY WITH PROTERM V1.9 - V2.0 ----------------------------- The Sound Generator --> Supports pitch, tempo, tone. It is feasible to actually write a song that could be sent over the phone to the person on the other end. ITS TERMINAL EMULATION: ProTERM Special, so configure your system to that. Compatibility: Semi-compatible with Datamedia 1500. It uses the same hi and lo lite control characters (inverse) left, right, down are the same. The rest are all different. (except for control-g of course) (*note: the up control character is ^K (just like the arrows)) The Future: You'll be using your mouse pretty soon if Greg keeps this up. Learn to use these radical terminal emulations, you'll find boards can and will be MUCH better. The First: The first board in the world supports mousetext/ProTERM special emulation. Brave New World BBS/Y-xmodem 12/24/9600 15meg [Apple*link - Datamedia 1500, ProTERM Special] [ProTERM Emulator] 617-849-0644 (come and see mousetext in action.) Thank you very much, this is very important. Would you like to use mousetext and the sound generator in your system? I will release a text file soon with all the compatible control characters. For making this information possible (and alerting me to the fact that ProTERM special emulation is powerful): Ralph Kramden And the person on line while I figured it out: Sound Wave, thanks for the moral support. (haha) thanks, The Martyr of The 9600 Club


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