Ph1l3 #oo3 [TWaT] HoPE Report Part 1

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Ph1l3 #oo3 [TWaT] - HoPE Report Part 1 /( )\ /( )\ / \/ \ / \ / \ \/\ /\/_ _ ______ \ \ /\ / /__ ______ ______ ______ ______ / \ | \ / \ / \ / > \ \ / ___ \ < > | > \ / \/ | | > | | \ / | /\ | __ \ \ /\/\ / / \ /\ | /\ |___ \ / \/ |/ \|/ \/ \/ \/ \ / / \|/ \| \/ | |\ \ A N S i T E A M =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= kraDkRaDkRADkRaDKRadKraDkRadKraDkRADkRADkRADkRaDKRaDKRaDKradKRAdKraDkRAdKraD! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= All the idiots I met at HoPE By Solctice I met about 200 people at HoPE many being from IRC..many not...there were many gimps, and there were many cool people. I took many pictures, and I am digitizing all of the peoples pictures that I met. I am explaining all the people I met concering #phreak/#hack. I am doing this for neither prestige nor popularity. Just for the fun of it, and top shut you lame ass fuckers up who keep asking me about people I met. Note From The Author: all the .gifs will be here in a few weeks...I sent them out on Monday, August 15th, by FedEx. They'll be here in a maxzimum of two weeks. ============================================================================ Music Phreak: He was the first person I met at HoPE, for we were the first few people there. I expected him to be a short italian, but he was a tall, massive guy with the temper of a dandelion. Real nice guy. Definately on my list of cool people. PMF: He was one of the few people who fit my expectations of the person they were. I had met him on confs months before, and he knew his shit. To put it all in words, he was troll-like, for he was short with flashy clothes. But nonetheless, he was not ugly, or stupid, or gimp-like at all. One of my more favorite people at the conf. Despite his constant swearing in public, and never ending wise cracks and pranks, I could safely say he was one of the coolest people I met at HoPE. Pluvius: Pluvius was not at all what I expected. I expected him to be a loud, stupid looking person. He was not. He was a tall, quiet type with Army boots and a short haircut. If he said 10 words to me at HoPE, it was a lot. Not that he didn't like me and the group I was with, it was he is just a quiet person. DEFINATELY not the gimp like person I thought I'd meet. Most Unix gurus *AREN'T* normal. Ploov gets mah Warez Of Approval. Parad0x: On confs, I had always thought of parad0x as a chink. He was a pure down-home American white-boy. If I get 50 questions about Parad0x a day, it's a slow day. To put it in words, he looked *almost* normal. Aside from being about 6'2", about 160 pounds, having absolutely no muscle what-so-ever, and having a goofy, non haqr-looking face, he seemed normal. I came to HoPE knowing I was going to kick the shit out of this immature kiddie if he such as even LOOKED at me sideways, I did nothing of the sort when I met him, for he seemed like a nice guy. He wasn't staying at the conf, because his mommy wouldn't let him stay with all the evil haqr people. That night, he was 150 miles away, and started talking shit about me on IRC about me being a fat gimp. Neither of which I am. I regretted not making this little kiddie swallow his teeth. There's always next year. This kiddie getz the Parad0x Seal of Gimpiness. Lestat(Razor): I had heard much about this kid from confs, and have been on a few of them with him. If you ever get the misfortune of being on a conf with this kid, hang up. He's a toner, a breather, and lame in general. I had heard about him being short and fat, and looking like a girl, but the latter two of which he was neither. He wasn't what I expected, and the few times that I saw him at HoPE, he was normal....drunk off his ass, but normal. he *IS* short, and he *IS* very rich. Finally, I took many pictures of this kid, because it was fun, and I had a massive demand to do so. This annoyed him. When he passed out from over consumption of beer and Zima (eew..Zima), I started to kick him, wanting to see his reaction. He promply sat up and hit his head on the underside of the table, knocking him back out...haha. I could neither define him as a gimp or a normal person, for he fit neither catergory fully. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= (C)1994 [TWaT] - The Winner ANSI Team! All Issues of [TWaT] Can be found at in the /pub/Zines/Twat directory. The new issues are put into /incoming.


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