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//////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ | Wishbringer Solution | | | | Written by >|< The Compiler <|> | | | | Distributed by the Defender of Glory | | Uploaded to The Fifth Precinct [502] 245-8270 | \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/////////////////////////////////// Wishbringer is an excellent adventure, with good logical puzzles. If you don't want to spoil the fun of playing this game on your own, then abort this file right now. Before we get started, there are a couple of important notes we should go over. First of all, during most of the adventure, you are being sought after by the troops of the evil one. You will be able to tell when they are near because the game will say something like: "You hear marching, it seems to be coming from the west." Most of the time when this happens, you can just type "wait" and the troops will temporarily go away. Sometimes though, the description will be followed by "and they seem to be coming your way". Well, when this happens it is up to you to avoid the troops and return to same place, and then start entering the commands again. Ok, enough said... Let's get on with the solution. Remember to only type the commands in that appear in quotes, and not the text that appears in brackets. "S, EXAMINE POSTER, GET ENVELOPE, N, W, W." "YES, N, W, GET UMBRELLA, E, D." "GET BONE, U, S, E, E, E." "GIVE BONE TO POODLE, N." "WAIT, GET NOTE, N." "EXAMINE WATER, GET GOLD COIN, W, ENTER" "WAIT, DROP NOTE ON DESK, WAIT, WAIT, GET CHOCOLATE, GET NOTE, EXIT, E, E, E, E, GET SEAHORSE, PUT SEAHORSE IN WATER, W, W, W, N, N, W, U, GET HORSESHOE, N, E, N, N, E, U, W, N, U, E, S, U" "OPEN DOOR, ENTER, WAIT, WAIT, GIVE ENVELOPE TO WOMAN" "OPEN ENVELOPE, READ LETTER, WAIT, GET CAN, WAIT, WAIT" "D, N, W, D, S, E, D" "DROP ALL BUT CAN, GET BRANCH" "GET BRANCH, W, S, GIVE CAN TO TROLL" "GET CAN, SQUEEZE CAN" "GET STONE, OPEN TOLL GATE, S, S, W, S, EXAMINE PIT" "PUT BRANCH IN PIT, GET BRANCH, DIG IN SAND, DROP BRANCH, GET WHISTLE, BLOW WHISTLE" "ENTER, WAIT, GET HAT, WAIT, BLOW WHISTLE" Now we need to get captured by the enemy troops and thrown in jail, so move around until you hear the troops, and then head right for them. "GET HAT, GET STONE, GET BLANKET, MOVE BUNK, D" "N, E, COVER GRUE WITH BLANKET" "OPEN REFRIGERATOR, GET BOTTLE, GET WORM, W, W" "OPEN STUMP, U, N, E, S, S, EXAMINE WATER, "PUT WORM IN WATER, GET TOKEN, N, N, N, N, E, "DROP ALL BUT STONE, GET NOTE, GET GOLD, GET TOKEN, GET HORSESHOE, GET HAT" "W, S, S, E, E, PUT HAT ON PELICAN" "W, W, S, S, E" "BUY TICKET, ENTER, GIVE TICKET TO GRAVEDIGGER, N, LOOK UNDER SEAT" "GET GLASSES, WEAR GLASSES, WATCH MOVIE, S, REMOVE GLASSES, EXIT, E, S, PUT TOKEN IN MACHINE, PUSH JOYSTICK WEST, AGAIN, PUSH JOYSTICK SOUTH, AGAIN, PUSH BUTTON" "YES, YES" "SAY [magic word]" "ENTER TOWER, S" "GIVE NOTE TO CRISP, GET COAT, GET RUSTY KEY, OPEN CHAINS, PULL LEVEL DOWN, GET NOTE, OPEN HATCH, U, U, WEAR GLASSES, TURN SECOND SWITCH OFF" "D, REMOVE GLASSES, LOOK BEHIND PAINTING, TURN CRANK, EXIT, EXIT, READ NOTE "E" "ALEXIS, HEEL" "OPEN DOOR, ENTER, GET STEEL KEY, EXIT, N" "UNLOCK DOOR WITH STEEL KEY" "ENTER, S, EXAMINE SCULPTURE" "BREAK CASE WITH HORSESHOE, PUT STONE IN SCULPTURE" "YES, YES" "KNOCK ON DOOR" That's it, you have now finished Wishbringer!!!!! ---------------------------------------


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