CompuServe CISTEG5054 ULTIMA VI Part 1 INTRODUCTION Avatar, you're being called on once ag

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CompuServe CIS:TEG-5054 ULTIMA VI Part 1 INTRODUCTION Avatar, you're being called on once again to save Britannia! A mysterious Moongate has appeared and you have stepped into the world of Britannia. It appears that the Shrines are being overrun by Gargoyles, and the entire land is under attack. Lord British wants you to put a stop to this immediately. So, you're off to prove your worth as the Avatar one more time. ULTIMA VI has had a major face lift. Compared with all the other ULTIMAs, it is graphically the best. It also sounds the best. ULTIMA VI takes advantage of 256 color VGA graphics, which almost makes the game come alive. This walkthru will attempt to help you in difficult places. I try not to go into too much detail, because I think you need to discover things by yourself. Remember, if you have problems not covered in this walkthru, you can stop by The Gamers' Forum. The Press for more !c I don't recognize that command. Key H for Help ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-5057 every step of the way through ULTIMA VI; without his guidance and help, I would have been playing for another year! THE SHRINES Being a non-linear CRPG, ULTIMA VI doesn't really require you to do things one way to progress through it. A good way to start developing your characters is by saving the various Shrines. This part of the walkthru will lead you to all the Shrines on the surface of Britannia. (NOTE: With some experimentation, you can use the Orb of the Moons that you received at the beginning of the game to get to all the Shrines.) The first Shrine to free is the Shrine of Compassion. In order to liberate the Shrine from the hold of the gargoyles, you need the rune and the mantra. To get the rune, go to where the three musicians are playing (they're located in the museum building). Speak with the child named Ariana and ask her about the rune. She will tell you she has it but that you must go ask her mother for permission to use it. Go speak with her mother. Her mother is the barmaid in the Blue Boar. Say RUNE to her and she will say it is okay for you to have it. Go back, talk Press for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-5059 with Ariana, and tell her you have her mother's permission. She will now give you the rune. The mantra for the Shrine of compassion is MU. Now, you're ready to liberate the Shrine. To get to the Shrine of Compassion you must follow the eastern road out of town. Follow the road until you get past the second stream. Head straight east and you should see the Shrine Pillars. Located in the center of this circle of pillars is the Shrine. After you dispatch the gargoyles, walk up to the Shrine, and use the rune. When you are asked for the mantra, enter MU, and the Shrine will be free. Take the Moonstone from the altar. The next Shrine to free should be the Shrine of Honor. The rune can be found in Trinsic. It's on an altar in the middle of town. Just take it (you're the Avatar, after all). You can get to the Shrine by following the road leading south out of town. Just keep following the road and you should make it to the Shrine. Go to the altar, use the Rune of Honor and the mantra SUMM, then take the Moonstone. Now, you can free the Shrine of Justice. To get the rune you need to go to Yew. Enter the tavern and move the plant by the south door. Under it you will find Press for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-5061 the rune of Justice. Head east out of town. The road should finally turn north. Keep following the road north; don't take the road that branches off to the east. The north road will finally bring you to the Shrine of Justice. Go up to the altar and use the Rune of Justice and the mantra BEH, then take the Moonstone. While close to Yew, you should visit the woodcutter. He is located in the forest to the west of Yew. He shouldn't be hard to find. Go up and ask him for a piece of wood. Buy the wood and prepare to save the Shrine of Sacrifice. Go to the sawmill in Minoc (east of the city). Follow the road leading out of Minoc and head east to get there. Have the miller turn your log into a board. Now, you must find Julia (she has a shop in the northern part of Minoc). Ask her about Panpipes. Have her make some Panpipes out of your board. Take the board to Selganor. Ask him about the rune and tell him you have panpipes. He will take a look at the pipes and ask you to recite stones for him. Enter 6789878767653 and he will give you the rune. The Shrine of Sacrifice is located to the east of Minoc in the desert. It is the circle in the center of the desert that is located on your map. Go up to the Press for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-13616 altar and use the rune and the mantra CAH. To save the Shrine of Spirituality, go to Skara Brae. Find Marney (her house is located next to the boat dock north of town). Look in the chest in her house. You should find the rune there. There are two ways I know of to reach the Shrine of Spirituality. First, you can wait for two full-moons to appear, and take a moongate; or you can use the Orb of the Moons that you received at the start of the game. The orb is much easier to use; here's what to do. First, USE the orb. You should see a set of cross hairs targeted on your character. Move the cross hairs down one (to the bottom of screen), and two spaces to the left. Press "ENTER," and a red gate should appear. With luck, this will get you to the Shrine. At the Shrine, use the rune, the mantra OM, and take the Moonstone. Head to New Magincia to get the Rune of Humility. Find Antonio (located in the building with blue government flags in front). Ask him about the rune and tell him Conor is the most humble man in New Magincia. The Shrine of Humility is located on the Isle of the Avatar. You should be able to identify it on your map. A quick way to get there is to use the orb. Move the cross hair up one, then two spaces to the left. Use the rune and the mantra LUM, and take the Moonstone. Press for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-13618 To save the Shrine of Valor you must go to Lord British's castle. Go into the kitchen and get some cheese. There will be a mouse running around the castle. At night the mouse will be with Lord British in his room. Talk with the mouse and ask it to join. Give it some cheese and let it join. Now, go to Jhelom and enter the tavern (located in the northern part of town). At the back of the tavern is a small mouse hole. Put Sherry (the mouse) in solo mode, and take her through the hole. Get the rune and give it to the Avatar (do what you want with Sherry). The Shrine of Valor is located to the south of Jhelom. To reach it, you can use the raft by the southern dock in Jhelom. Use the rune and the mantra RA, then take the Moonstone. The last shrine to free is that of Honesty. Go to Moonglow and find Beyvin's cousin. He is usually located at the southern end of the island in the tavern. Ask him about Beyvin, tell him you have visited the tomb, and you want the key. He should give you a key and some flowers. Now, go to the sawmill located on the northern end of the island. Xiao lives there. In the back of the sawmill you will find a magically locked room. Unlock the door and take the stairs down. Wander around a bit to find more stairs leading down to the tombs. Search Press for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-13620 around the tombs until you find the one with flowers in front of it. Place the flowers you're carrying next to the door and unlock it with the key. Search the bones to find the Rune of Honesty. The Shrine of Honesty is located on an island just to the north of your present location. Look on the map to the north of Moonglow; you should see the circle that depicts the Shrine. Go to the Shrine, use the rune and the mantra AHM. That's it for the Shrines. If you have trouble finding one, just look at the map. The Shrines are the circles of stones scattered about the land. ULTIMA VI is published and distributed by Origin Systems. This walkthru is copyright (c) 1990 by Randy Snow and Greg Ellsworth. All rights reserved. Last page !CompuServe CIS:TEG-13623 ULTIMA VI Part 2 MAP, TABLET, GARGOYLES NOTE: This part of the walkthru is not necessary for finishing the game. If you complete it, though, it will enhance your understanding of the game. After the Shrines are free and all of Britannia is throwing parties for you, it's time to tackle a new puzzle. You should have shown the book that Iolo has to Nystul, Lord British's mage. He will tell you to take it to Mariah at the Lycaeum. She will tell you that she is missing part of a tablet that will help to decipher the book; you need to find the other part of the tablet. From the hint Mariah gives you, you should locate Zoltan. He usually hangs out around the Blue Boar in Britain. Zoltan will tell you the missing part of the tablet was stolen by pirates. He Press for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-13624 will tell you to go to Buccaneer's Den. Before you do, there is something that you must do in the sewers of Britain. You won't find out much in Buccaneer's Den unless you join the Thieves Guild. To do this you need a guild belt. Use the ladder in Nystal's work room (located in Lord British's castle). You can recognize the room by all the potions that line the table. There will be a ladder in the middle of the room. Go down into the sewers. There are other ladders leading down, but take the one located 8S-11E. Use the Locate spell to find your way. After you go down another level, you can find the next ladder at 0N-7E. The person you're looking for is north. So, proceed north to 12N-19E. The woman here is a member of the Thieves Guild. You need to get her belt. You can either kill her or use the Pickpocket spell to get the belt. Now, go to Buccaneer's Den. Buccaneer's Den is almost in the center of your map. If you translate the runes, you will be able to pinpoint the exact location. It's to the east of the Village of Paws. Once you are there, go to the tavern. There are two or three people who will join with you here, but remember: You're looking for a map. The first thing you should do is join the Thieves Guild. Behind the tavern there's a Press for more !CompuServe CIS:TEG-13627 room. To enter it, move the cauldron in the kitchen, then use (or look at) the wall that the cauldron used to conceal to find a secret door. Go through the door. You will find another door a few steps away. Pick the lock or blast it open. Talk to the man inside, and ask him about the Guild. If you are wearing the belt, he will let you join. Now, go back into the tavern. Sitting in the northeast corner at a small table will be a man named Homer. Ask him about the map. He will give you some information about where to find the different sections of the map. Keep in mind that talking to some of these people may not be necessary; I just don't know which ones you can bypass. Once you have an idea where to look, it's off to the Dungeon Destard. Before you talk to the cook in Trinsic, you need a Dragon's Egg. Destard is located northwest of Trinsic at 37N-3W. Enter the Dungeon and head north. Be careful: There are dragons everywhere. The way leading to the next level is at 37N-20E. (There may be other ways down.) Once you are on the next level, go to 44S-9W. That will take you to the next level. Now, go to 52S-17W. You should find the last way down. On this level you will find Dragon's Eggs. Keep going north. You will run into a whole bunch of !CompuServe CIS:TEG-13629 dragons and you will find their eggs. Take a Dragon's Egg to Sandy, the cook in Trinsic. Ask him about pirates. He'll tell you a number of places to go, and that the Mayor is a pirate. Go find the Mayor of Trinsic (at the dock on the east side of town). Ask him about Alastor Gordon, which is supposed to be his real name. Ask him about pirates. Ask him about the map. He will break down sooner or later. Promise him you won't tell anyone about the map, and he'll hand the map over to you. North of Trinsic, along the King's Way, there is usually a band of three gypsies. The one named Arturos has a piece of the map. Ask him about the map, and he will offer to sell it to you for 100 gold. After you're done here, you need to get a ship, and head for Serpent's Hold. Also, make sure you have a gold nugget, a magic gem, and a curved heater (the shields with the snake-like emblem). On the way to Serpent's Hold, stop by the shipwreck located on the little islands between Britannia and Serpent's Hold, at 71S-15E. Search this ship to find another part of the map. Continue to Serpent's Hold (use the map). When you get to Serpent's Hold, go into the Government Building. Korunada will be in the !CompuServe CIS:TEG-13631 main hall around noon. Talk to him, and ask him about the Guild and Shield. Go directly south from the Government Building, enter the Smithy's Shop, and talk to Gherick. Ask him about the Shield, and give him the items necessary to make it. Now, go north to the road, and travel east. When you get to the fork in the road, take the northern path. From here, continue east until you reach Morchella's house. Ask her about the map, and pursue your line of questioning until she offers to trade you the map for the Shield. Give her the Magic Shield (you can make another one if you need it). Okay, for a bit more sea travel, head to Dagger Isle. It's north of the island on which Moonglow is located. Notice on your map the ring of mountains at the north end of Dagger Isle? In this ring there lives a hermit with another part of the map. Find his house using gems. Once you get inside the house, move his piano and go down the ladder. Search through everything and you will find the yet another part of the map. It will be in the southeast corner in a bag which is stuck in a chest. From Dagger Isle, you can make an easy jaunt over to the big desert where the Shrine of Sacrifice is located. The Shrine is the circle of stones in the center !CompuServe CIS:TEG-13633 of the desert. Go south from the Shrine to an anthill at 20N-67E and enter it. Once you enter, go north, and look through the big clearing. At 32N-55E is another hole leading down. (Remember: There is usually more than one way to go between levels in the Dungeons.) Up around the north, you will find another way down at 40N-64E. After you go down another level, go southwest to another downward passage at 23N-44E. Go north, and when you get to it, take the east path. Follow this path until you get to the open area. Keep going east across this area to an opening into another large area. Find the queen ant (she will be the one with all the ants around her). Go south and you will find a body around 25N-85E. Search the body to find another part of the map. After you have finished with the anthill, return to Minoc. West across the bay you will find the Dungeon Wrong. It is hidden in the mountains at 37N-24E. Enter the Dungeon. The ladder leading down to the next level is in the room directly to the east at 36N-31E. Go down, exit the room, and go east until you reach the end of the hallway. In this room you will see a lever. Cast Telekinesis on it, go back west until you get to the ladder at 40N-19E, and climb down. Press for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-13635 Go south and enter the first room to the east. There will be a hydra in the room. There is also a secret door on the north wall at 37N-27E. Use the door and follow the corridor until you reach the room at the end. Enter it and get the map at 43N-36E. Travel to the Dungeon Shame. Shame is located at the end of Serpent's Spine which surrounds Britain. Shame is in the area of water surrounded by mountains to the west of Britain. You must take a skiff down the river to reach it. The exact coordinates are 23S-20W. After you enter Shame, follow the corridor until you reach the room filled with skeletons. From here, go south. Take the ladder at 36S-37W, go east, and keep following this corridor. At the first fork, turn south. At the next fork, turn north. Take the ladder down at 28S-3E, go south, and take the eastern passage (it's the only way you can go eventually). Turn north at the fork and keep following this path; you will find Ybarra at its end. Ask him about the map and give him some food to get it. Now, you have all the pieces of the map except one. Go back to Homer and tell him you have all the pieces. Make a deal with him and he will give you the last Press for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-13638 piece of the map. The treasure is buried on an island southeast of Buccaneer's Den (it looks like it's in the center of Buccaneer's Den, New Magincia, Blackthorn's Castle, and Serpent's Hold). Once you reach the island, locate the three stones to the north. Stand in the center of the stones. Walk south three paces, west nine paces, and south twelve paces. You should be at 59S-50E. Equip a shovel and dig to the south of where you're standing (you did bring a shovel, didn't you?). Now, enter the Pirates' Cave. You will find a sign which reads: "This Way." Go the opposite way. When you get to the next sign that says "This Way," follow it. Keep going until you reach the junction, then head north. When you reach the next junction, go east. Keep following the eastern route which will turn to the north, back west, then south. Take the ladder at 69S-19E down. Go southwest and enter the Maze of Death. Make your way to the center of the maze. You will find a ladder at 73S-4W. Take the ladder down and head west. Pass up all the holes leading down until you find the one at 68S-25W (it's in a larger area than most of the other holes). Go down and follow the corridor until you reach the second set of poison fields. Dispel them and head north. Pick the lock on the door or blow it open. Press for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-13640 Enter the building and take everything you want, but make sure you get the Tablet and the Storm Cloak. After you are done here, go back to Buccaneer's Den, and find Homer. Give the cloak to him (don't keep're the Avatar!). Go back to Moonglow and find Mariah (she will be in the Lycaeum). Ask her about the tablet and she will tell you to get the other half from her study. Her study is close by, and the other half of the tablet is on a table in plain sight. Get the tablet, take it back to her, and let her decipher the book. You will learn who the false prophet is, and you will get your next lead. ULTIMA VI is published and distributed by Origin Systems. This walkthru is copyright (c) 1990 by Randy Snow and Greg Ellsworth. All rights reserved. Last page ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-13643 ULTIMA VI Part 3 BALLOON, BEH LEM, SINGULARITY Before journeying into the underground gargoyle world, you must build a hot-air balloon. But first you will have to find the plans before you can begin to build it. The plans are located below Sutek's Castle. Sutek has taken up residence in Blackthorn's old castle. It's located on the island between the isle that the Codex is on and Serpent's Hold. Go up to the front door and blow it away: You don't need a key. After entering the castle, you will notice a drawbridge. To lower the drawbridge, cast Telekinesis on the crank. Now, move the sword and the wall mount. Look behind them and you will find a secret door. Enter it and take the eastern path. Press for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-13643 Once you get out of the small hallway, look around on the western walls for a secret door. Go inside and move the three levers so that the left and middle ones point right, and the right one points left. Go back out and take the door on the right. Enter this room and search the north wall for a secret door. Head west until you reach the Hydra. In the room with the Hydra, you will find a secret door on the south wall. Enter the room and go down the ladder. There aren't many places to go here, so find the switches in the room to the northwest. The levers on the ground will release the Silver Serpents! The switches on the wall open the doors that block the exits; flip the ones on the wall. Now, go south and go down the ladder at 80S-59E. There is a secret door in this room at 79S-59E. After you go through this door, take the eastern path. When you've descended to the next level, follow the corridor until it branches eastward, and follow that corridor. Go down the ladder at 65S-63E. There is a body located on this level at 65S-51E. Search it to get the balloon plans. Now, you're ready to build the balloon. Go to Michelle in Minoc. Ask her about plans, and she will offer to build a basket for you. Accept her offer, go to Arbeth in Paws, and ask for silk. While you're in Paws, visit Mortude, and get Press for more !CompuServe CIS:TEG-13646 some rope. Now, go to Charlotte in New Magincia and have her turn the silk thread into cloth. Go back to Paws and have Marrissa sew the cloth into a bag. Go back to Lord British's Castle and enter the sewers. You're looking for a cauldron. Once you have done all this, use the balloon plans, and you will have a balloon! It's time to journey into the land of the Gargoyles. Use the Moonstone. Move the cross hair one space down and one left, and enter the gate. Once you arrive, the first thing to do is let Beh Lem join your party. You will find him outside the entrance to Hythloth in the underworld at 65S-71E. Let him join your group, then go speak with his father. (He will give you directions to his father.) After you speak with Beh Lem's father, go talk with Lord Draxinusom. Tell him you surrender. Then, when he says he doesn't believe you, say the word "Sacrifice." He will ask if you will wear an amulet. Answer "Yes." Now, you can talk with the Gargoyles without them being afraid of you. Go to the Shrine of Singularity. Find the altar where you entered the land. There will be a path leading northeast which ends at some mountains. Change the wind so that it's coming from the south. Use your balloon and fly over the mountains; the Shrine of Singularity is located on the other side. !CompuServe CIS:TEG-13648 When the Shrine asks you who you want to help, say "Everyone." Now, you must go to the Catacombs where Control, Passion, and Diligence are located. The Shrine of Singularity will tell you the locations of each. (They're really easy to find if you stay close to the shore.) DILIGENCE After entering Diligence, go south through two doors. Open the door leading west and enter that room. There is a secret door at 73S-13E. Enter it, go down, and talk to the altar. CONTROL This one will be harder to get through. Upon entering it, you will see switches and levers. The following diagram shows how they will have to face in order for you to get through: D U -> -> <- -> !CompuServe CIS:TEG-13650 -> <- -> <- -> <- <- <- -> <- <- Put the levers and the switches up and down like I have shown, and you should be able to make it through. Talk to the altar. PASSION In this dungeon, just go talk to the altar. After you have talked to each altar, go talk to the Shrine of Singularity again. The mantra is "UnOrUs." Now you have a Sacred Quest. Go to the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. You can get there by using your moonstone and moving the cross hair one space down and one right. Talk to the Codex to learn how to save the land. ULTIMA VI is published and distributed by Origin Systems. !CompuServe CIS:TEG-13651 This walkthru is copyright (c) 1990 by Randy Snow and Greg Ellsworth. All rights reserved. !CompuServe CIS:TEG-5053 ULTIMA VI 1 Introduction, Shrines 2 Map, Tablet, Gargoyles 3 Balloon, Beh Lem, Shrine of Singularity, Dungeons of Diligence, Control, Passion 4 Lenses, Codex, Endgame Enter choice CompuServe CIS:TEG-32 WALKTHRUS: T-U 1 Trinity 2 Twilight Zone 3 Ultima I 4 Ultima II 5 Ultima III 6 Ultima IV 7 Ultima V 8 Ultima VI 9 Uninvited 10 Tower of Myraglen Enter choice or for more ! CompuServe CIS:TEG-13654 head south. Use gems to find your way. There is usually a child waiting on the shore. You can also locate StoneGate on your map: It's very close to Cove, and just a bit to the north. Once you get to StoneGate, go inside the castle, and find a fishing pole. Take the pole to the shore and use it until you catch a fish. Take the fish to the papa Cyclops and he will give you a key in exchange. Go back into the castle and look for a secret door at 10N-37E. (This coordinate is also the castle's, so you can use it if you are having trouble getting to StoneGate). Enter the secret door and go down. There will be levers all around you. Move them all. Go back up and take one of the four visible ladders leading down. Once you are downstairs, go to the room in the southeast corner, and go down the ladder at 4N-43E. Find the ladder at 8N-39E and go down. Now, search for 10N-39E. Here, you will find a secret door. Go in the room the secret door leads into and flip the switch. Go to the room that was closed off before you flipped that switch. There, you will find another secret door at 13N-35E. Go in the little room and unlock the door with the key the Cyclops gave you. The Vortex Cube is at 16N-35E; take it. !CompuServe CIS:TEG-13656 Go to Moonglow, find the Lens Maker (east of the Lycaeum), and ask him about Lens. He will look your Vortex Lens over, and offer to make you a concave Lens for a glass sword. Give him the sword and get the Lens. You're almost ready! Use your Moonstone to get to the Codex. (Move the cross hair down one, and right one.) Go up to the Codex, drop the Britannia Lens halfway between the left flame and the Codex, and you will see rays of light if you have the Lens placed correctly. Then, place the Vortex (Gargoyle) Lens to the right of the Codex. Again, you will see rays of light coming out of this Lens if you have it in the correct place. Make sure the Lens is halfway between the flame and the Codex. Now, drop the Vortex Cube in front of the Codex, drop all eight Moonstones into the Cube, and use the Cube! Congratulations! You've saved the land! ULTIMA VI is published and distributed by Origin Systems. This walkthru is copyright (c) 1990 by Randy Snow and Greg Ellsworth. All rights reserved. !CompuServe CIS:TEG-5053 ULTIMA VI 1 Introduction, Shrines 2 Map, Tablet, Gargoyles 3 Balloon, Beh Lem, Shrine of Singularity, Dungeons of Diligence, Control, Passion 4 Lenses, Codex, Endgame Enter choice CompuServe CIS:TEG-32 WALKTHRUS: T-U 1 Trinity 2 Twilight Zone 3 Ultima I


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