Brought To you by The Raven Freelance Oerative ULTIMA V Part 1 You, the great Avatar of le

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******* Brought To you by The Raven- Freelance Oerative ******* ULTIMA V Part 1 You, the great Avatar of legend, were enjoying a comfortable sleep in your own world. It had been a long time since you  ventured deep into the Great Stygian Abyss and entered the Codex  of Ultimate Wisdom. Returning back to Britannia, the world you  had begun to love as your own, was not as easy as it seemed. The  gate into Lord British's realm had not appeared since the fateful  day the Codex returned you to your home. But now things are looking pretty grim. I'm sure Iolo has given  you the story,and those three beings he calls Shadowlords are  more than enough evidence that Britannia is in trouble. It is  time to don your armour and carry the Ankh again. First of all, my compliments go out to Lord British, who has  created the best adventure/RPG game I have ever played. He pushes  the point of realism and has cleared up a lot of the "minor  things" that were wrong with ULTIMA IV. More importantly,  however, he has doubled the size. ULTIMA V (in case you may not have dug into the game yet) is BIG, but fun! Let's get some of the preliminary things cleared up. First of  all, it will be beneficial to you to open up your "Book of Lore"  and read it straight through. Pay attention to the section on  "Virtue" if you didn't play ULTIMA IV. Next, I recommend that you  memorize the runes in the "Language" section. Several times in the game, you will be required to read and/or translate  messages in runic writing. Having the table committed to memory  makes things a lot easier. As for the other information  (geography, economy, etc.), it will help you understand and get  closer to the detailed and enchanting world you are about to  enter. Take a peek at the "Ethics" section. You'll soon see how  Britannia came to be in this shape because of these "laws." But behold! There is more: a map, a journal of Lord British's  fateful trip, aplayer's reference card, and a quick reference  card. Set the map out where it's comfortable -- for you and for  it (your map is probably tired of being folded in that dark box):  You'll be using it a lot. Read the sheet about Lord British's trip, then set it aside for later (it will be used to obtain a  needed item). The player's reference card deserves a read, and  the quick reference card would do well sitting next to your  keyboard. There is a list of spells on the back that helps considerably. NOTE: It is assumed that you have played ULTIMA IV (you should  definitely do so, if you haven't already), although you need no  prior experience. The "Create a character" function is self- explanatory; nevertheless, the gypsy's questions may be confusing  to someone who did not witness the same thing in ULTIMA IV. Each virtue represents a class. By repeatedly choosing the virtue Šof the classyou wish, you will e as that class. For example:  If you're given a choice between Honesty and being humble in some  way, choose the Honesty response if you want to be a Mage. Since  there are only three classes in ULTIMA V (instead of eight, as in  ULTIMA IV), and you're automatically an Avatar (regardless of class), the only things that are minimally affected are the  intelligence, strength, and dexterity stats. The introduction fits well with your current location in the  game. You're inIolo's hut with Shamino (who doesn't look so  good). Iolo is already in your party. First things first. Let's  try out some of those spells on Shamino. A few MANIs should do. Next, teach yourself good searching habits. Searching is of  major importance in ULTIMA V. Almost anything can be searched,  and many things hold items of value and power. Barrels,  bookcases, beds, vanities, coffers, trunks -- if you see it, search it. For example, a barrel in Iolo's barn contains a  potion. Try to S)earch there. When you're sure you've mastered  lesson one, it's time for lesson two. Lesson Two. What you find is yours, no matter where it is, with  one exception: food. DO NOT, under any circumstances, get into a  habit of looting fields or tables for food -- no matter how  painful those hunger pangs are. "Stealing" food is one of the few  things in this game that are detrimental to your Avatarhood. The  best way to obtain food is to buy or summon it. Details on food  -- a major obstacle in the game -- will be discussed later. After picking up any items you might find at Iolo's, exit to  Britannia. If you're lost, you should be in the northwest corner  of the map, just east of Empath Abbey. Hike west and find Empath  Abbey. Enter and utilize your new talent for searching and  getting. Next comes Lesson Three. Lesson Three. Much like ULTIMA IV, talking is essential to the  game. Similar to the rule of searching, the rule of talking is:  If you see someone, talk to him or her and use the general topics  to extract as much information as possible. JOB is the most  useful starting point. JOIN works, but for most of the characters you won't need it, since they ask you if they may join  you. As with the rule of taking, there is an exception. Don't try  to talk with guards in towns. More often than not you'll end up  in the slammer or out a goodly sum of gold. Inside Empath Abbey you should begin to draw some conclusions:  Think about what is going on, who is corrupting who, where to go  for further information, etc. When you feel you've talked to  everyone you can, hang around in the kitchen. Julia, an old  companion, wants to join you. If you wish, pick her up.  Also, Toshi, a bard, would like to join. Be picky with whom you  let join because there are only six slots, and you will be  meeting all seven (actually eight) of your former companions.  Exit Empath Abbey and head east onto the road. Š Follow the road around to Yew. This will be your first  experience with Blackthorn's tyranny. Upon entering (after  passing the signs bearing Blackthorn's law of justice) a guard  should beset you. Just this once, let him approach you and demand a fine. Refuse to pay, but go with him  quietly. You end up in a cell in Yew any time you are caught in  the above manner. Here you can talk to your fellow prisoners and  learn how to get keys. Always be kind, and always be on the  lookout for help. After receiving your keys, head north through the secret door  behind the bed. Jaana is in the underground, as well as rats and  a silver sword. Search, search, search! After you escape, head  over to the father and son "criminals" in the manacles (be  careful to avoid the guards!). Talk to them and learn of  their plight. This, for me, was the first example of Blackthorn's  evil perversion of the virtues. Think about it, then prepare  yourself to battle evil. Be an Avatar, and release the two poor  souls. From here, you're on your own. T)alk and S)earch. Here are a few  things to listen for: the Resistance (a bartender can help with  this one); Lord British's items; the names of the Shadowlords;  the locations of the shards; and the Words of Power. There is  much more to do in the game, but these are the main subjects you  will need to acquire and learn before you can successfully  complete your quest. Good luck! After many days in Britannia, you will begin to encounter the  single most frustrating problem of the game: lack of food. A  spell, IN XEN MANI, can be found in Moonglow and allows the  creation of a meager amount of food. Unfortunately, the quantity  is not worth the price of the spell. A few suggestions follow to  help alleviate the problem: 1. Don't carry a full load of people until you carry a full load of gold. 2. Moonglow and Britain usually have the best prices for food:  Stock up when in town. 3. Save the game at milestones. If you feel you've wasted your  food floating at sea, turn the computer off and come back. The food problem soon leads to a development of the philosophy  of the "ULTIMA Chain." Everything starts at the bountiful  encounters of the night. To survive, it will be necessary for you  to fight as often as you can. Land monsters, such as Ettins,  Headlesses, and Trolls, are the best monsters to attack,  especially when you compare the difficulty to defeat them with  the treasure you receive for your efforts. From these encounters,  you'll gain a tiny amount of food, and a tremendous amount of  weapons and armour. Stockpile equipment, and then sell it. This brings you gold. And we all know what gold brings you, right? Š ULTIMA V Part 2 Iolo's hut is just one of the many interesting places you will  visit in yourQuest of the Avatar. You will encounter two castles,  eight major towns, six villages, four lighthouses, three major  keeps, four minor keeps, four huts, and the Codex. Most of these  locations are in the same places in Britannia as they were in  ULTIMA IV. The major exceptions are the keeps, huts, lighthouses,  and one of the castles. It is helpful to use the map provided in  the game box. Pin tags on it showing the names of the specific  locations, dungeons, and shrines as you visit them. This helps  when you need to return to a specific location. In each of these places, it is imperative that you search the  buildings and environs thoroughly and talk extensively with all  the inhabitants, if you are to succeed in ULTIMA V. The order in  which you visit the locations cannot be set precisely, so a step- by-step walkthru is impossible. In some cases, conversations at  one location will lead you to another, and then back again toget  all the information you need for a particular situation. It is  suggested, however, that after investigating Iolo's surroundings,  you travel south and east to Brittany Bay, and begin your  investigating at Lord British's Castle. Of course, during your travels, visitations, and investigations,  you will be building your group's attributes so that you will be  ready for the final quest: the assault on Doom. Since there is no  real order to visiting, this walkthru will take the locations in  basically the order listed above, and discuss the major features  and personalities in each. One word of caution: Do not eat the  food from the tables or take food from the fields. This is the  only activity that can have a negative effect on the "growth" of  your party. Otherwise, you can search and take all you want. Be  sure to search all trees, stumps, chests, furniture, etc.  Additionally, you can back out of fights without penalty in this game. Occasionally, when you enter a town you will be told, "An  air of __ surrounds you!" When this happens, leave the town  immediately (unless you like frustrating experiences). This  simply means that one of the Shadowlords is in residence, and he  will keep you from getting good answers, even disallowing the  people to talk to you. If you persist, the Shadowlord will attack  you, and, believe me, you cannot win that fight. Usually you can  exit the town, camp for the night, and re-enter the town the next  day. There is one other general note: Some of the people will not  talk with you completely until you have finished several of the  Shrine Quests. One other suggestion: Mapping the towns,  villages, and buildings is helpful in locating hidden doors and Špassages, as well as in saving yo time used to retrace your  footsteps. Now, let's get on with the specifics. THE CASTLES Lord British's Castle is located just where it was in ULTIMA IV  -- right on Brittany Bay. Only now, after years of peace and  prosperity, it has grown. The building consists of five levels  and has some interesting things and people in it. LEVEL 1 (MAIN FLOOR) The major features here are a kitchen and a stable. You won't  get much information here from either Stephen (the Cook), or  Treanna (the Stable Girl), although the latter may help you  later. There is a locked door off the corridor outside the stable  which leads to the outside. If one of your party has enough  dexterity to unlock this door, you can mount a horse here, and  ride out of the castle. In the northern corridor, there is a door  to the outside that is locked. Don't worry with it or waste your  time. Those of you who played ULTIMA IV will recall that one of  the dungeons had an entrance in the back of this Castle. It is  not there in ULTIMA V. This exit to the castle can be used to get  back to the great outdoors, but only if: 1) you can open the  door, and 2) you have the flying carpet to get over the stream.  In each corner of the castle, there are towers with up and down  ladders. Down leads to the Basement. THE BASEMENT On this level you will find the North Star Armoury, proprietor  Max Engle, the jail, and several storage rooms. In the armoury  you will be offered some nice pieces of equipment, if you can  afford them. The magical shield is quite nice, but very  expensive. In the storage rooms (if you can get in), search all  the containers. There should be some interesting artifacts  available. By the way, some of the hidden special items will  regenerate when you leave the building and town; others will not.  Now, about the locks. Some are magical and will require either  Skull Keys or the IN EX POR spell to open. Don't waste keys when  you are told that the key broke. You either don't have enough  dexterity yet, or the door is sealed with magic. There are three  doors in the Jail: Behind the right there is nothing, the middle  holds a nasty prisoner who gives no real hints or service (he  will fight you if you let him out), and the left is a mystery  this Avatar never solved. If you get the door open, there is a  stone wall! Don't waste time, spells, or keys in this area. Go  back to a tower and go up twice. LEVEL 2 Here you will find lots of rooms to explore, but little of  value. There is a kitchen, cook's room, dining room, banquet  room, guard barracks, throne room (empty), and banquet hall.  There is a secret passage running down the middle of the level Šwith entrances to the banquet hall,ne room, and kitchen. As  far as I could determine, there was no real value to this  passage. It required a lot of keys and spells to finally solve  with no gain. You may encounter Desiree on this floor. In  chatting with her, she will tell you that Lord Stuart (he is in  Moonglow) is working on a magic spell to create food. More on  this later. Go back to a tower, and go up once. LEVEL 3 (THE ROOF) What a view from the battlements! Although not of any real value  but cute: Go to one of the cannons and F)ire it. You can actually  move them around, but they have no use. DO NOT try to use them on  the guard (who will try to keep you from entering the center area  of the roof). As a matter of fact, do not, repeat, DO NOT kill  the guard. You may not get out of the Castle alive. By the way,  this warning applies to all places in Britannia (don't fight or  kill the denizens unless they assault you first). Okay, if you  can't kill the guard, how do you get by him? Play a waiting game  until you can't see him, and then sneak to the center of the  roof, where you will be faced with a door you can't open! The  sign says this is Lord British's apartment. You will need the IN  EX POR spell or a Skull Key to gain entrance. Right inside this entrance you will see a carpet on the floor.  Get it! You now have a flying carpet, which is one of the most  useful modes of transportation in this game. By the way, it  regenerates when you leave the castle, which means if you lose  the one you have, you can return for another. Search the room  thoroughly. If you have mapped the roof, you will see that the  room and the outside walls do not match. Go through the  fireplace. Ah ha! A secret room! Search and take potions/scrolls  you are offered. Again, look at the diagram. There is still an  area in the northeast corner unaccounted for. Go back in the  room, sit down at the harpsichord, and play the tune you were  taught by Lord Kenneth in the Grayhaven Lighthouse. (On your  keyboard type 6 7 8 9 8 7 8 7 6 7 6 5 3, in that order.) There  will be a rumble, and a secret door in the northeast will be  revealed. Enter the room, and take the box. Don't waste your time  trying to use it, open it, etc. Just take it and keep it with you  until you get to the end of the game. Its use will be made  apparent to you then. From the apartment, you can go up to the  final level, which is the observatory. THE OBSERVATORY On the roof of Lord British's apartment, you will find a  telescope and flag. If it is night, look through the telescope at  the stars and comets. The comets represent the Shadowlords and  the stars/planets represent the eight towns of Britannia. The  Shadowlords will be occupying the towns to which the comets are closest. That's it for this Castle. Exit the penthouse and go to the  nearest tower, go down to main floor, and exit. A couple of Šinteresting points about this buildinere are not a lot of  people to talk to, nor are there many clues which will help you  in the rest of the game. The other interesting feature is if you  and your party are killed during your travels, you will be  resurrected by Lord British, and you will find yourselves on the  top level of this Castle with all your hit points restored and  all your possessions intact. Additionally, if you are ready for  advancement, you will get that honor from LB during the ceremony.  Actually, it is worth dying just for the show. BLACKTHORN'S CASTLE You will not be able to reach this location until you have  sufficient funds to buy a ship. Secondly, you should not even try  to assault this bastion of evil until you have acquired the Black  Badge and learned the password of the Opposition. Wearing the  badge and giving the password when asked will allow free passage  around the castle in search of Lord British's Crown. By the way,  the Badge will be given to you by Elistaria (located in Windemere  Keep) when you give her the password for the Opposition (IMPERA),  which you you will learn from Judge Dryden in Yew, after you've  talked to Tactus in Minoc. Confused? Just goto Windemere Keep  with this information, and ask Elistaria about the opposition.  You have all the information you need to get the Badge. She will  tell you that Thrud has other items. Don't bother. It's a sword  and shield of dubious value. Also, if you have talked to Toede (a  prisoner in the Serpent's Hold), you will have been told to  beware of trapdoors in Blackthorn's Castle. How true! These  devilish traps are located in most hallways, and can be very  frustrating. You can try to avoid them (in the Apple version, you  can see little red dots surrounding squares that have trap doors  in them), or you can travel the corridors on the magic carpet. There is one other way to get around Blackthorn's domain without  the subterfuge afforded by the Badge. It is called sneaking, but  when you're caught (and you will be!), you'll be taken to the  dungeon and tortured until you tell Blackthorn what he wants to  know. In this process one of your party -- Shamino or Iolo  usually -- will be sacrificed. You will be put in a cell with  Gorn, who will offer you some information if you will let him  join your party. Okay, take him up on the offer. He will tell you  how to escape from the castle using secret passages and doors.  Specifically, he says: "There is a secret door behind me. Klimb to the roof, and sneak down the northern ladder. In  Blackthorn's bedroom there is a secret door. Klimb down the  ladder to the other side. Go through the secret door to the  north, down another ladder, and out the back gates. Wait there  until morning, when the drawbridge is lowered, and flee for our  lives." Confused? So was this Avatar. That is why I chose to do  this part of the game with the Badge and Password. Additionally,  I didn't care for Gorn and preferred my old friends, Shamino and  Iolo. By the way, Hassad, one of the former Council Members, is  imprisoned here. He can give you the Word of Power -- MALUM -- to open the Dungeon Wrong. Š Blackthorn's Castle is made up of many rooms, confusing  stairways, and lots of locked doors. Interestingly, most of the  doors can be opened only with skull keys. But don't waste them;  they are too hard to come by. Since it is really not necessary to  explore this whole castle, I will not give a complete floor-by- floor description, but I'll leave that to you if you want to do a complete exploration some time. Wearing the Black Badge, take Gorn's advice and enter the Castle  from the rear. Here you will find a hallway with doors to the  east and west, and stairs going up to the south. The western door  leads to a Stable. Be careful! There are two trapdoors in the  center of the hallway. Walk next to the wall all the way south,  then take the stairs up. In this room you will see stairways in  the northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest corners. You  will also see an individual sitting in a chair. If you talk to  him, you'll find he is Weblock, a mysterious old mage who offers  to help, but who really won't! Anyway, take either the northwest or northeast stairway up to Level 3. It makes no difference whether you enter this level from the  northwest or northeast stairway on Level 2. Let's assume you  entered using the northeast stairs. (If you use the northwest  stairs, just reverse the following instructions.) Go east as far  as you can. Go south through the room of columns, and continue  south past the fountain, as far as you can. Turn west and go to  the first door going north. Enter the room. Wow! Blackthorn's  throne room. Are you in trouble? No, just stay to the side, and  go all the way north, turning to the center of the room, then  west to the door. Go north, and you are in Blackthorn's bedroom.  Take the time to search everything here, and get all the  "goodies." You have earned them! To the north there are stairs to  the roof; use them. You are on the northern wall of the Castle. Board your Carpet  because there are trapdoors in all four of the corner towers.  Just to be sure, travel along the walls. Go either west or east,  then south, then either west or east to the center of the  southern wall, and the walkway that leads to Lord British's  Crown. You will cause the Gargoyles to come alive and attack you.  If you're strong enough, you should be able to kill them easily;  as an alternative, have one of your party equipped with a Ring of  Invisibility, and remove all the others from the battle. The  Gargoyle with think everyone has gone, and he will leave, too.  You have beat him and have access to the Crown. Open the door  using a skull key. (Again, magic won't work here.) Stay on your  carpet, and get the Crown. That's it. Exit by reversing your  route. As long as you keep the Black Badge on and speak the right  password to any guard who stops you, you will be able to get out with no problem. Now that you have completed this quest, TAKE OFF THE BLACK  BADGE! There aremany good people in the land who will not talk to  you if you are wearing it. Š ULTIMA V Part 3 THE MAJOR KEEPS These buildings were in ULTIMA IV, but they have changed greatly  in the years since that scenario. There are three such keeps:  Empath Abbey, The Lyceum, and Serpent's Hold. Empath Abbey can be found in the northwestern part of the main  continent. This keep represents LOVE. There are two levels to  this keep. Searching them will reveal the major features: a  healer on the first level, and the Flame of Love (on the second  level on a balcony off the northern wall). From Tim, the Keep's  Bard, you will learn about Sir Kenneth, the court composer, and  where he can be found. Lady Barbara is the Keeper of the Flame of  Love. Lord Michael will discuss the principles of Love, give you  the Grapple, and reveal the name of the Shadowlord of Hatred:  ASTAROTH. The Lyceum is located on the same island as the town of  Moonglow, and is due east of Brittanny Bay. This keep stands for  TRUTH. The building has three levels. It contains a stable, a  pub, a healer, a library, and the Flame of Truth. The stable is  on level one, the healer and pub are on level two, the Flame of  Truth is in a room to the north of the throne room, and the  library is in the northwest quarter of level three. There is  nothing hidden in this keep. Lady Hayden and Lord R'hien will  share some philosophical views of the state of the land with you.  Lady Janell will give you the information on the twins in Cove,  who can help you reach the Shard of Falsehood. Shalineth, the  Lord of the Keep of Truth, reveals to you the name of the  Shadowlord of Falsehood: FAULINEI. Rollo, The Lyceum's scribe,  validates the final travels of Lord British -- a loose hint about  the location of the Amulet if you have accurately strung all the other clues together. Serpent's Hold is on an island at the far south of the realm.  This keep stands for Courage. The building has two levels above  ground, and an underground area. Exploring them will reveal an  armoury (with standard fare), a dungeon, and the Flame of  Courage. The basement level houses the Flame of Courage, and a  couple of secret doors and corridors which have nothing of real  interest behind them. The armoury and dungeon are on the main  level. On the second level is a training room and the throne  room. Lord Malone, the Lord of the Keep, reveals the name of the Shadowlord of Cowardice: NOSFENTOR. In the training room,  Monsieur Loubet, the fencing master, tells you that a magic  carpet can be secured from Bandaii in Paws. In the dungeon, Toede  (a prisoner there) tells you to beware the trapdoors in Lord ŠBlackthorn's Castle, which he helped ruct. Kristi, the cook  for the Keep, will sell you some Skull Keys. Buy them! At 100  gold pieces, they're a bargain! Gardner, the keeper of the Flame  of Courage, tells you where to locate the Shard of Cowardice from  the Underworld entrance to the Dungeon Hythloth. He gives you the  coordinates L'A"-L'I" and explains that the area is composed of  many small chambers, which require magic (IN POR) to reach, and  lots of exploration to locate the Shard. THE TOWNS The eight towns -- Britain, Yew, Jhelom, Minoc, Moonglow, New  Magincia, Skara Brae, and Trinsic -- are in the same locations as  they were in ULTIMA IV. For those who did not play the previous  scenario, this walkthru will pinpoint their locations for you. BRITAIN Britain is located on Brittany Bay just to the west of Lord  British's Castle. In the town you will find a full service inn  (food and lodging), and an armoury. This armoury will provide you  with a magical bow (if you can afford it) and other fine wares.  The Inn has two stories and is worthy of exploration. Food can be purchased in the tavern section of this inn. Also in town, you  will find the Bard Gwenno, who will join your party if asked. You  will also learn the Mantra of Compassion (MU) in town. The major  personalities and the clues they will give you are: Greyson: He tells you about the guardians of the Codex. He warns  you that only those on a sacred quest can be granted passage to  the Codex. What he means is that unless you have visited a Shrine  and received the Quest, you cannot visit the Codex to get the  information you need to complete the Quest. Terrance, a soiled farmer: He is located in the Orchard and will  tell you to ask the owner of the Arms of Justice in Yew about the  Resistance. Telila, the cleaning lady: She is in the Inn and will tell you  about a strange man, Annon, who spends his days alone on the  balconies. Additionally, say the word Gossip to her, and she will  give you a very important clue about finding the Mystical Arms  and Armour. She will relate a conversation she overheard involving a man named Bullwier from Jhelom. Annon, a wizard and former Council member: Probably the first  time you meet Annon, he will be most reticent with you unless you  have completed a couple of the Shrine Quests. He will tell you  that he does not trust your virtue. Once he opens up, he will  give you the Word of Power (FALLAX), which can be used to unseal  the Dungeon Deceit. He tells you that the eight dungeons were  sealed with these words of power, but Blackthorn is hunting down  the former Council members to obtain the words so he can unleash  the horrors from the dungeons. He will also tell you that the Šdaughter of another Council Member was a sailmaker. "Ask the  child about her mother, for she knows one of the Words of Power."  The child is Fenelon. She is in Minoc, and her mother is Fiona,  who runs the Poorhouse there. Eb, a young boy: He is the busboy in the tavern in the inn. He  will help you find the Glass Sword by telling you to talk to  Malik in Moonglow. YEW Yew is located in the northwest part of the main continent of  Britannia, and it may be the first town you encounter after  leaving Iolo's hut (located in the deep woods just to the south  of this town). Yew and Empath Abbey are connected by a road; one  of the Moongates is located between the two locations. The town  itself has two levels. You can secure the Mantra of Justice (BEH)  here. On the main level, you will find an armoury, an apothecary  (reagents), a tavern, a cemetery, and a hall of administration  and justice. By the way, avoid the guards. They will want to take  your money as a donation to "charity." If you don't give  willingly, you will be attacked! At the Arms of Justice, you can  purchase a magical axe. This is probably the best weapon in the  game, and I would recommend that all members of the party be  equipped with one as soon as you can afford to do so. Obviously, food is available in the tavern. Madam Pendra's  Apothecary offers Sulfur Ash, Ginseng, Garlic, Spider Silk, and  Blood Moss. If you enjoy translating the language of Britannia  (which I found to be a pain), explore the cemetery and read the  headstones. By the way, there is a secret exit in the wall in the  northwest corner of the cemetery. It can be handy if you are  running from the guards. The administrative offices also contain  the town's jail. There is a trapdoor here which will take you to  the lower level (see below). On this level you will meet and talk  to: Jerone: He is a prisoner in the Hall of Justice jail. He tells  you about "seeing" Lord British as an apparition while  adventuring. This is a loose hint about how LB will visit and  bestow advancement on your party when you camp and rest "before  the campfire." Chamfort, a hearty Blacksmith: He owns the Arms of Justice and  can tell you about the Resistance if you remember who (Terrance  in Britain) told you about him. He will give you the password  (DAWN) for the Resistance and tell you to talk to Landon, who is  the local leader. He can be reached through the fireplace, which  leads to a secret passage in the lower level. Mario and Aleyn: This father and son are prisoners in the public  shackles. Talk to them, then unlock and free them as an act of  kindness. Judge Dryden: He is in charge of running the town and will help Šyou get into the Oppression. Ask bout the Chain of  Oppression. He will want to know who sent you (Tactus in Minoc).  He will then tell you to see Elistaria "on the northern-most isle  of Britannia." Tell her the password IMPERA when you see her. Graymarch: He is a prisoner who is concerned about  his son Froed (Skara Brae). Felespar: This old wizard is also a prisoner, and you will find  he was a Council Member. If you know the password for the  Resistance, he will give you one of the Words of Power (VILIS),  which will open Dungeon Despise. Now, go to Chamfort's quarters, enter the fireplace, and go to  the lower level of Yew. Follow the passage north as far as you  can go, then east to the junction with a passage going south.  Take the passage south. You have found the secret quarters of  this Yew's Resistance movement. Here you will meet Jaana, who is  a good addition for your party. She will add magical powers to  your group, which will be needed later. Go back to the east/west  corridor, and continue east. The next passage to the south leads  to what looks like a blank wall. Search, and you will find a  secret door. Don't bother with it. This room is under the jail  and has a rat in it. If you have fallen through the trapdoor in  the jail above, this is the room in which you landed. You can get  out by opening the secret door. Go back to the east/west corridor  and continue east to the final southern passage and stairs up.  You can go south, dispose of the rats, and search the barrel if  you want. Go up the stairs. You will be in an east/west passage,  which is actually a secret route between the cells in the jail.  There is a secret door in the exact middle, which will put you  into the middle cell in the jail where Jerone is incarcerated. In  this passage you will probably encounter Landon, who will tell  you that Blackthorn has Lord British's Crown in a room at the top  of his castle. He warns you that Blackthorn prohibits magic from  being used in his castle, and tells you to seek out Sir Simon "on  a mountain isle, west of the Spiritwood." JHELOM Jhelom is located on an island to the southwest of the main  continent. There is a moongate located here. The town itself is a  single level; however, each of the buildings -- armoury, inn/pub,  and shipwright -- all have second floors. Each of the corner  towers has two stories. The towers are entered by going to either  the southeastern or southwestern corners, then by going up to the  top level, and traveling the walls. Really, there is little to be  gained in these towers. The main thing here is the northwestern tower. This is the home  of Goeth, whowas one the Council Members. He is difficult to talk  to, since you need to reverse your words with him. In addition to  giving you one of the Words of Power (INOPIA) which opens Dungeon  Destard, he will tell you the secret of the Moonstones. He tells  you to stand at a moongate until just after it closes, then Šsearch for and take the stone. The ston then be planted  elsewhere and used for travel. This is most important when you  begin to search the Underworld for the Shards, since in a couple  of cases, it may be the best (or only) way to return to the  surface. Other people of interest: Thorne, a battle-worn fighter: He will give you the Mantra of  Valor (RA). He will also give you great help with Dungeon Destard  by telling you to push on and shoot at walls and torches across  chasms. Bullwier: He tells you that Ambrose (who is recuperating in  Cove) was injured while searching for the Mystical Weapons and  Armour. Ambrose is evidently only lucid for about an hour each  evening around midnight. Trian, a young minstrel: He tells you about Goeth's speech  impediment (or dementia), and tells you about Thorne and the help  he can give. MINOC Minoc is located far north and east of the main continent. There  is a moongate in the vicinity, and its harbor is protected by  Lighthouse Stormcrow. The town is one level with an armoury,  shipwright, and healer having second floor living quarters. You  will find the Mantra of Sacrifice (CAH) here. There is also a Mission for the poor here. The people and important clues: Tactus, an obvious follower of Blackthorn's: Ask him about the  Oppression and he will direct you to Judge Dryden in Yew. Fenelon: She makes sails for Captain Blythe and is the daughter  of Fiona. She will tell you that the guard is off at lunch time  and at night, and that you should enter and leave the town then  to avoid him. Fiona: She runs the Poorhouse and was a former Council Member.  She will give you the Word of Power (INFAMA) to open the Dungeon  Shame. The Beggar: Give him some charity, and he will tell you about  Shenstone the Armourer who sneaks around town at noontime. If you  follow Shenstone, he will lead you to a tree in the northwestern  corner of Minoc. Search the tree, and get some badly needed Skull  Keys. MOONGLOW Moonglow is located on a large island due east of Brittany Bay.  On this island is The Lyceum and a moongate. Lighthouse Waveguide  is just to the west of the island. Moonglow is one level with  towers and walkways that have two levels. Actually, there is Šlittle of interest in these towers. Ee them if you like. Let  me stress the words of caution given earlier: Avoid the guards!  The town's main attractions are a tavern and an apothecary.  Reagents (Ash, Garlic, Nightshade, Ginseng, and Mandrake) are  probably as inexpensive here as anywhere in the domain. In the  Tavern you will meet Lord Stuart, who will tell you about the  Spell to make food. It is a second circle spell (IN EX MANI) and  requires Ginseng, Garlic and Mandrake. Actually, food created  this way is very expensive. The use of this spell is recommended  only in a major pinch. The Gypsy will give you the Mantra of  Honesty (AHM). Zaccariah, who tends the Observatory atop the  central tower in this town, explains a little about Astronomy,  and tells you about Goeth in Jhelom, who "can tell you about the  Moonstones." He is also a former Council Member, who can give you  the Word of Power (AVIDUS) to open Dungeon Covetous. NEW MAGINCIA New Magincia is located on a small island in the east part of  the ocean between Brittany Bay and Moonglow. There is a moongate  nearby. This town has been established on the ruins of Magincia,  which was destroyed prior to the ULTIMA IV scenario. It is a  farming community. There is a tavern where you can buy food.  Otherwise, its prime importance is the conversation its citizens  can offer. The people of New Magincia move from place to place  depending on the time of day. Most of their conversation is  philosophical and political about the problems in the realm  caused by the loss of Lord British, and the rise to power of  Blackthorn. Shirita, who tends the cemetery, tells you about the  history of New Magincia, and tells you to visit the town's  recluse for some information about the virtue of Humility. The  recluse, Wartow, gives you the Mantra of Humility (LUM). Kaiko  relates to you the story of Hassad, one of the former Council  Members, who spent time with them during his flight from Skara  Brae, before Blackthorn caught him and imprisoned him in Castle  Blackthorn's dungeon. Felicity will tell you to talk to the  Daemon in the desert, for he has knowledge about Lord British.  (Note: One of this location's residents may join your party if you ask.) SKARA BRAE Skara Brae is located on an island off the western coast of the  main continent, and south and west from Britain. There is a  moongate on the island, which can be reached by skiff (if you  have the courage and time to sail along the coast all the way  from Britain). The town has an apothecary, a healer, an inn, and  a mysterious, hard-to-access tower at its center. Reagents  available for purchase at the apothecary are Ash, Ginseng, Blood  Moss, and Black Pearl. By the way, the globe in the Apothecary  will give you a view of the town; it can also shock the devil out  of you! The healer is the cheapest in the realm, and she will  actually perform her work free if you are without funds. The  mysterious tower can be entered by using an IN EX POR to unlock  the door. Fight the bat, unlock the door, fight the bat, ad Šnauseam, or until the last bat is deaimbing to the top level  reveals a surly (and I do mean surly!) wizard and a telescope.  The wizard will talk to you when you ask about the Oppression,  but he wants you to rat on the Council Members for the  information he has, which is that you should talk to Tactus in  Minoc. The other residents of interest: Saul: He tells you about Kindor, who is recuperating from a  battle with the Shadowlords, and who is usually available at the  healers at 6 p.m. each day. Kindor: He will give you the Mantra for the Shrine of  Spirituality (OM), and will tell you to talk to the Lady Janell  in The Lyceum for the Shrine's location. Froed: He's in the grove of trees and will tell you his father  is imprisoned in Yew. He asks you to go tell him that is son is  fine. TRINSIC Trinsic is located almost due south of Brittany Bay on the  eastern coast of the main continent. Trinsic has an armoury, a  healer, and a fine stable. Here you learn the Mantra of Honor  (SUMM). From the old, sleep-walking Wizard Sindar, who was a  former Council Member, you learn the Word of Power (IGNAVUS) to  open Dungeon Hythloth. Gruman may join your party if you ask at  the right time. Otherwise, Trinsic offers little of value. ULTIMA V Part 4 THE VILLAGES There are six villages scattered around the kingdom: East  Brittany, North Brittany, West Brittany, Buccaneer's Den, Cove,  and Paws. THE BRITTANYS The Brittanys (East, North, and West) lie around Lord British's  Castle, and provide services to this region. In East Brittany you  can buy a ship from the shipwright. By talking to Sir Adam, The  Torch, you'll learn that there is a way to make ships go faster.  Actually, if you search this building thoroughly, you will find  the plans to HMS Cape, which when used aboard a ship, will cause  it to go very rapidly, but not without some peril. Š North Brittany is a farming community. Don't eat food from the  field or off the tables; such actions are harmful to your virtue!  One of the farmers may join your party if asked correctly, and if  you know the Resistance password. You can get a horse from the  stable here. Also the stable boy, Kurt, will give you some  insight into the horses of the land, and direct you to Treanna in  the Castle's stable. West Brittany is also a farming community whose residents are  hard working. Talk to them to get a flavor of what is happening  in Britannia; otherwise, they have little to offer. BUCCANEER'S DEN Buccaneer's Den is a very interesting place. It offers a guild  where very exotic things can be purchased (if you can find its  entrance), an Armoury (which offers among its "goodies" a Ring of  Invisibility), an inn, restaurant, and a ship builder. You will  meet Geoffrey, an old friend from ULTIMA IV, who is willing to  join your quest. The village is located on a small island south  and east from Brittany Bay. Entry to the Guild is best gained  from outside the village walls; there is a secret door due east  of the main entrance, which can be opened with an IN EX POR  spell. You can exit through the fireplace. A secret door in the  northeast corner of the shop leads to a passageway, which will  take you back into the main part of the town. This is especially  helpful since the village gates are closed at night. The guild  offering is standard -- keys, gems and torches. (Note: For those  who played ULTIMA IV, the sextant is not available as an unlisted item here, as it was in the former scenario.) In  the tavern you will meet Tierra. Buy her a drink and she will  tell you about Bidney, who knows how to climb mountains. When you  get Bidney (who is the town drunk) to talk about his mountain  climbing days, he will tell you to see Lord Michael in Empath  Abbey, and ask him about the Grapple. Scalley, the town's bard,  will tell you the story of a seaman named David, who now tends a  lighthouse (Grayhaven). David is the answer to the sextant  question many of us had. COVE Cove is still as hidden as it was in ULTIMA IV, but is now  easier to get to by use of a ship/skiff or the magic carpet. It  lies north and east of Brittany Bay on the south side of the  large inland lake. The Apothecary in Cove offers Silk, Moss,  Pearl, Nightshade, and Mandrake for your spell mixing. There are  three people in Cove who have two very important clues: The Twins, Leona and Ava, priestesses in the Temple: They relate  to you the route to the Shard of Falsehood. To quote: "In the  deep of night, many moons ago, a vision came unto my sister and  I. We saw the Shard of Falsehood deep below a dungeon named  Deceit. The path that was revealed traveled first southwest  across many high peaks, opening to a large system of caverns.  Then the way lead southwest. At a major intersection it turned Šnorthwest, soon branching northeaster a long journey  northward, the passage turned west. Here the path went on to  rocky hills to the southwest, then turned northwest. Over a lake  it ran, unto a massive series of great falls, ending in a larger  lake. Here upon a small isle lies the Shard of Falsehood."  Unfortunately, the instructions end here, and there are no  directions for your return. (See the section on the Underworld  for further discussion of this problem.) Ambrose, who resides with the Healer where he is recuperating  from wounds sustained while searching for the Mystics, awakes at  midnight daily: He tells you that these magical weapons and  armour are located north of the Underworld entrance to Hythloth,  across some mountains, and in a lava field. PAWS Paws is located on the southern shore of Brittany Bay. It offers  travelers an inn and a tavern for rest and nourishment. There is  a stable called Wishing Well. This is a hint of what the various  wishing wells throughout the realm will do. At the wells, pay one  gold piece, and wish for a horse. At many such locations you will  be provided with a ride. The guild provides keys, gems, and  torches. You will meet Bandaii, a mage, who will tell you about a  talking horse named Smith. This fabulous creature can actually be  found in Iolo's barn. The words he can speak will restore shrines  destroyed by Lord Blackthorn. (This is rumor and legend to this  Avatar, as all shrines were found intact when I reached them.) It  is also said that if questioned correctly, you can obtain a  flying carpet from Bandaii. THE LIGHTHOUSES There are four lighthouses: Stormcrow, Grayhaven, Waveguide, and  Fogsbane. Stormcrow is located near Minoc and protects its harbor.  Windemere, the lighthouse keeper, warns you about leaving a ship  in the port of Minoc. Windemere's wife, Emily, has little to add  which will help you. Grayhaven is located on the southern tip of the main continent  south of Trinsic. Here you will meet Lord Kenneth, who will teach  you to play the Harpsichord using the music Stones printed in the  Book of Lore. You must take this lesson and learn it well if you  want to complete the game, since a very important artifact is  available, but only to those who know how to play. (See Lord  British's Castle.) David, the lighthouse keeper, will give you  the Sextant when you ask him about it. Arbuthnot, the royal  coinmaker, tells you the story of the Coin of the Codex, and you  will meet David's son, Anthony. Waveguide, which is just off the coast of Moonglow's island, is  tended by Gregory, a very caustic and unfriendly man, and his  spaced-out wife, Jacqueline. Neither offered any words of wisdom  to this Avatar when he visited and was rudely asked to leave Štheir island. Fogsbane, which protects the harbor at Brittany Bay, is tended  by Jotham and his granddaughter, Jennifer. Although both are very  hospitable, neither is able to provide insights needed for your  quest. THE HUTS There are four huts to visit: Iolo's hut, where you begin the  game; the Daemon's hut in the desert; the Alchemist's hut on the  shore north and east of Brittany Bay; and Sutek's Hut, which is  on an island in the southern ocean. Iolo's hut is warm and cozy, but you cannot stay, for the great  Quest of the Avatar awaits you, Iolo, and Shamino (who are a part  of your immediate starting party). Exploration of the area around  this hut, which is located deep in the woods south of Yew, will  reveal a stable. Later in the game, Smith (the talking horse)  will be there and talk with you. Some say his words have the  power to restore shrines destroyed by Blackthorn. There is a  wishing well here. You might try wishing for a horse so you can  ride to your next destination. In the desert to the far northeast of Brittany Bay, you will  find the hut of the Daemon. Getting there is half the fun. You  will run into many Sand Traps, which are almost indestructible.  Use the flying carpet to save yourself some frustrations. The  Daemon reveals the coordinates of the Shard of Hatred (I'A"-I'A")  in the Underworld, and that it can be reached from the dungeons  by Lost Hope Bay (Covetous and Wrong). The Alchemist will teach you a new spell: REL XEN BET. This  sixth circle magic is composed of Silk, Ash, Mandrake, and  Nightshade, and will turn foes to rats, making them easier to  kill. This spell is especially useful for getting rid of dragons,  but Daemons seem to have a resistance to it. Sutek, whose hut is on an island in the southern ocean, relates  to you the proper method for using the Shards to dispose of the  Shadowlords. He tells you that you must stand before the proper  flame (Love, Truth, and Courage), call the name of the  appropriate Shadowlord, and when he appears and is standing in  the flame, (U)se that Shard. After the fireworks, the Shadowlord  will be gone. Sutek explains the origin of the Shards for those  who are really into the history of the land. THE MINOR KEEPS There are four minor keeps: Bordermarch, Farthing, Windemere,  and Stonegate. They are all hidden in obscure locations  throughout Britannia. Bordermarch is nestled in the mountains of an island off the  western coast of Britannia. You will need the Grapple to climb Šthe mountains to reach this keep. Sing the keep will reveal  an Armoury in the northwest tower. Here you can buy Rings of  Regeneration. This artifact is handy for regenerating your  party's hit points while traveling. You will meet Dupre, a  shining paladin and friend from ULTIMA IV, and he will offer to  join you. Lady Tessa will tell you all you need to know about  Lord British's Amulet, including the fact that without it, you  cannot find the entrance to DOOM. Sir Simon gives you the  information you need about the Crown and Sceptre. The Sceptre can  dispel magical force fields, and the crown absorbs all magic --  no matter how powerful. All three of these artifacts are  absolutely necessary in order for you to complete the Quest of  the Avatar successfully. Farthing can be found on a small island off the southwestern tip  of Britannia. Again, you will need to search the island and climb  a few mountains to locate the keep. Once in the keep, you will  meet some interesting people. Quinton, the keep's cook, tells you  about Britannia's biggest gossip, Telila, who lives in Britain;  he tells you to ask her about rumors or gossip. Dufus, a clumsy  boy who is apprentice to the mage, Temme, tells you of a spyglass  owned by the keep's owner, Lord Segallion. When you meet Lord  Segallion and ask him about the spyglass, he will give it to you  if you can answer his question. The poser he gives you is: "What  is it the eight planets represent?" The answer: Virtues. With the  spyglass, you can check the heavens in the evening to locate the  Shadowlords. Temme, a mage of great repute, tells you of a new  spell she has invented: AN YLEM. It will cause things to  disappear. The problem is she cannot remember which reagents she  used; they were either Ash and Mandrake, or Garlic and Blood  Moss. You might experiment. I didn't, and I finished the quest  without ever knowing. Windemere can be found on an island to the far north and east of  the realm. Here you will meet Elistaria, who will give you the  Black Badge of the Oppression when you can tell her the  Oppression's password (IMPERA). She will also tell you that Thrud  has other things for you. Thrud has a sword and shield, which I  found had little use or value. But the Black Badge, along with  the password of the Oppression, are the keys to a successful  foray on Blackthorn's Castle, and the acquisition of the Crown of  Lord British. Stonegate, the home of the Shadowlords, can be found in the  mountains north of Cove. You will need to climb the mountains to  secure entrance, and the pass is from the west side of the range.  Use a gem to locate the access; however, do not waste your time  in trying to assault this keep until you have disposed of the  Shadowlords. Once you have taken care of all three of them, the  entry to the keep and acquisition of Lord British's Sceptre is  fairly easy. At the door to the keep you will meet a Daemon, who  will pose you a riddle. Don't even bother trying to figure it out  because it makes no difference whether you answer it correctly or  not: He will still attack you. Just kill the sucker, and go on  in.ŠThe Sceptre is in the center of the keep, but board your carpet  to get it or you will be sorry. Actually, using the carpet is the  only way to get the Sceptre. Once you have it, leave. There is  little else of interest in this keep. THE CODEX There is a large island in the far southeastern part of the  ocean. This is the island on which the original entry to the  Codex in ULTIMA IV was located. The path leading to the Shrine  itself is quite obvious. Park your ship, take your skiff, dock,  and walk up the path past the Guardians. You had better have a  quest assigned from one of the Shrines, or you will not be able  to pass. If you enter the Shrine to the Codex, everything else  will be automatic. Once finished here, return to the Shrine from  which you received the quest, and receive your reward. ULTIMA V Part 5 THE UNDERWORLD There is one thing to bear in mind about the Underworld: It is  huge! One should not explore the Underworld without a specific  quest; random wandering is discouraged -- that is, unless you  relish the idea of relentless attacks by Mongbats, and other  creatures who are almost indestructible. There are two ways to get to the Underworld: by accident and by  design. Let's dispose of the former. As you explore the oceans of  Britannia, you will see your old "friend": the whirlpool from  previous ULTIMAs. Unfortunately, you WANT to avoid this  whirlpool, for it will whisk you and your party off to the  Underworld without proper preparation (or, more importantly, a  way back to the surface). It is, therefore, advisable to save  your game any time you are beginning an ocean voyage. If you get  caught in a whirlpool, you will probably want to quit and restore  from that point. Actually, you can explore, earn experience and  treasure, then "die" and be taken back to Lord British's Castle;  however, there are more interesting ways to accomplish the same  goals in this game. Instead, let's discuss planned trips into the Underworld. And,  planned trips they should be! To be able to sustain the many  dangers -- and frustrations -- you and your party will encounter,  characters should be at least fifth or sixth level. You will need  the best armour and weapons you can obtain at this point in the Šgame. The magic axe is probably tht weapon you can use, and  one of your Underworld quests will provide you with the Mystical  Armour (and weapons) which provide the best protection. Absolute  "musts" to have with you: the magic carpet, the mountain climbing  grapple, many gems for viewing, and several moonstones (you have  learned how to obtain the moonstones, haven't you?). You should  have as many reagents as you can afford, and be sure to mix many  cure poison (AN NOX) spells. On one of your quests, you will need  a LOT of IN POR spells also. One of the most helpful artifacts  you can have with you (in addition to the suggested inventory) is  the Ring of Invisibility. Generally, you can equip one member of  the party with this ring and remove all others from the screen  during combat; the monsters will think everyone has left, and you  will win the battle. Unfortunately, you will only get points for  the monsters actually killed. While helpful in the Underworld,  the Ring of Invisibility is an absolute MUST in the Dungeons. The quests can be categorized into four areas: search for the  Amulet, obtain the Shards, quest for the Mystics, and enter Doom.  Besides the whirlpool mentioned above, there are two planned  methods for reaching the Underworld. The order in which you  perform these quests (except for entering Doom, which must come  last) is immaterial. However, acquiring the Shards and disposing  of the Shadowlords was high on this Avatar's list of priorities! To obtain Lord British's Amulet, you must read and follow  Remoh's Journal, which is contained in the boxed game material.  This entrance to the Underworld is through a small lake to the  east of Spiritwood, which lies to the south and west of Lord  British's Castle. Getting to the lake is a real pain, as you must  get there by skiff. The best plan is to sail your schooner around  the southern tip of the continent, then up the west coast to the  group of islands at the entrance to the large bay just south of  Spiritwood. Board your skiff at this point, and sail up the river  to the small lake that empties over a waterfall. Sail into the  lake and into the waterfalls. Voila! You are in the Underworld.  From this point, and until you reach the Amulet, follow EXACTLY  the route taken by Lord British and his group as reported by the  Scribe Remoh in his Journal. These directions are quite clear and  don't need to be repeated here. Once you have the Amulet, you  will be faced with the problem of getting back. Remember the  impassable waterfalls and obstacles you passed getting here?  Returning the way you came is impossible. You will have to use a  Moonstone. Plant it and return to the surface. (Make sure you  record where you use each moonstone. If you don't, you may find  yourself teleporting endlessly around the Underworld later in the  game.) Each of the three Shards is obtained by entering the Underworld  via one of the dungeons. The Shard of Falsehood is from Deceit,  the Shard of Hatred is from Covetous or Wrong, and the Shard of  Cowardice is from Hythloth. If you talked to the twins in the Temple in Cove, you got very  detailed instructions on how to get to the Shard of Falsehood. ŠWhat these young ladies failed to you was how to get back to  the Dungeon entrance. If you follow their instructions closely,  you will find a series of waterfalls, which end in a lake, in the  middle of which is an island on which the Shard of Falsehood  rests. You will obviously need the flying carpet to get it. Once  obtained, you would normally try to hike, fly, or climb to get  back; fortunately, you have this walkthru to save you lots of  frustration! There are three ways to get back: Use a moonstone,  climb some mountains, or commit suicide. The easiest way is to  plant a moonstone, and return to the surface. There is a passage  through the mountains to the east of the island. It requires lots  of exploration (the magic gems come in handy here) and hit points  to get through, but once you're through this mountain chain, you  will be near the dungeon entrance. The last way is to allow your party to run out of hit points,  die, and be returned to Lord British's Castle. Somehow, to me,  this did not seem like the hero's way out! So you have the Shard  of Falsehood and are back in Britannia. Other parts of this  walkthru will cover what to do with the Shard. The Shard of Hatred is probably the easiest to find in the  Underworld. From the Dungeon (either Covetous or Wrong), use a  gem, and look for an area which is surrounded by paths. It will  appear that you cannot enter because of the mountains. There is a  path through the mountains from the northwest. The actual path  will require exploration, use of gems, and lots of hit points. To  get back to Britannia, another moonstone is suggested; however,  you will need to return near to the dungeon entrance to use it.  For some reason, I was never able to plant the moonstone in the  enclosed area where the Shard was found. From Dungeon Hythloth you can take care of two quests. The  Mystical Armour and the Mystical Arms are found in the center of  a cross-shaped lava field to the north of the dungeon entrance.  Again, as with much of the Underworld, you will need to climb  mountains to get there, which requires many hit points and heal  spells and potions. To obtain the Mystics, walk into the lava  field and position the party just south of the center. Have each  character S)earch twice. For the Shard of Cowardice, you will need a BUNCH of IN POR  spells and gems. This area of the Underworld is like many rooms  without any doors. The only way to get from room to room is to  position the party at the furthest point of the direction in  which you want to move, and cast an IN POR. Start from the area  in which the dungeon entrance is located, and IN POR west until  you can go no further. To tell where the boundaries to this area  are, if you use a gem, you will not see any additional open  spaces. Generally, the whole area is shaped like a long  rectangle. Once you have the pattern down, just IN POR from area  to area, search the area thoroughly (the Shard is in plain  sight), gather experience, and then you are ready go back to the  entrance to Hythloth. This dungeon was the only one I found that  could be re-entered for travel back to the surface.Š Now you have the Amulet, the three Shards have been obtained and  used, you have the party equipped with the Mystics, and you're  ready (hopefully!) to begin the final quest of the game. For the  trek to Doom, you will need a little more preparation than that  which was required at the beginning of this section. Since you  will be entering the end-game phase, your Avatar should be at  least level eight. The spells of the Eighth Circle are very nice  to have. You will absolutely have to have the following with you,  because once you reach and enter Doom, there is no turning back.  In addition to the Amulet, you need the Crown, Sceptre, and the  mysterious box from Lord British's private apartment atop his  Castle. You need the carpet, as well as many reagents and mixed  spells as possible, and lots of food. Okay, if you're ready,  let's go to Dungeon Shame and enter the Underworld. At the Underworld entrance to Shame, board your magic carpet.  The ground in this part of the Underworld is deadly swamp. Travel  due east as far as you can go. Use a gem, and you should see an  area to the west which is grassland bordered on the east by  water. IN POR to the east, and travel by carpet to the island,  which has many lava flows and mountains. Again, be prepared to  take lots of damage trying to reach your goal. Equip the Amulet.  Repeat, equip (Use) the Amulet, enter one of the lava streams,  and walk towards the center of the island. You will come to  darkness. Enter the dark area and use a gem. The Amulet allows  you to "see" the entrance of Doom. Work your way to it, enter,  and begin the final stages of the QUEST of the AVATAR. ULTIMA V Part 6 So you've destroyed the Shadowlords, completed all of the shrine  quests, gathered a group of powerful heroes, and recovered all of  Lord British's items (including the Sandalwood Box!). Your  incredible quest is almost at its end. Take a breather, then  enter Dungeon Doom. Level 1: You'll find yourself in a strange room with ethereal  walls that appear to hide any exit. It's time to use Lord  British's Sceptre. Walk over to one of the walls (I went west)  and use it. The power of the sceptre will cause the walls near  you to disappear. Walk through (it doesn't matter which direction  you go). Walk down the corridor until you find a ladder. Klimb  down. Level 2: View a gem. Get oriented, and then walk forward a  space, turn left, walk forward twice, turn left, then walk  forward to the down ladder, and Klimb down.Š Level 3: View a gem again. The room you want to go to is the  farthest to the east, and lies beyond those secret doors.  Depending on which route you have taken so far, this route will  be different. From wherever you are, though, head east. The way  through the secret door is east. Enter the room, and defeat the  demons. You should know good battle tactics by now. The only  trouble you should have in this room is with the ghostly "ward"  blocking your passage. The sceptre will destroy it as it did at  the start of Doom. Klimb down the ladder twice to level 5. Level 5: You may want to save your game at some time; just keep  this in mind. Fortunately, ULTIMA V allows us that privilege.  From here go east to an up portal. Using a gem, you'll find that  this level is shaped like a diagonal 8. Again, you may have taken  a different route, in which case you would go west to the other,  north up portal. Whichever you use, go up. Level 4: You should be in a "plus" shaped room. Walk into the  center of the "plus," then descend through the portal. Level 5, again: It's another of those wacky repeat levels seen  so often in the ULTIMAs. Go east to the crossroads, then turn  right, and go forward twice. Take this ladder up. Level 4, again: From here, jog east a couple of squares, then  descend the portal (it may be concealed). Klimb down from the  ladder on Level 5. Welcome to Level 6. Level 6: Go north a square, turn right, forward four times, turn  right, forward three times, turn left, then forward into the  room. Basically, just follow the corridor. Once in the room,  polish off its denizens, then head north. You'll find a ladder at  the end of the corridor. Take it down to Level 7. Level 7: Here we'll do something tricky. If you kept going down,  you'd end up at level 8, but it would only be a turnaround back  up to level 6. So let's see what's in this little room to the  south. Geez! Demons, Dragons, Sandtraps, oh my! With luck, your  Avatar or wizard is eighth level. It is now IN VAS GRAV CORP or  IN FLAM HUR time. The aforementioned spells work splendidly in  this room. Finish off the incinerated inhabitants, pick up your  spoils, and find the ladder down (in the middle of the room). Go  down. Level 8: Your quest is almost over. At this point, exhale  voluntarily. Feels good to have almost completed ULTIMA V, eh?  The rest of Doom is a convoluted contortion of some "Chutes and  Ladders" offshoot. Right now, though, you're in a room filled  with nasties. Position your mage at the bottom of the screen,  then start lobbing your magic axes toward the northwest corner.  There is a secret door trigger there somewhere. When you hit it,  a slew of mongbats will parade out of a new opening. IN VAS GRAV  CORP them (or IN FLAM HUR). Crisp, crisp, crisp little bats! ŠDance wildly through the passage to est. Go up the ladder in  the corridor. Level 7: Here's a neat room. After defeating the foul host, find  the secret triggers on the east wall (three of them, I believe).  After opening the passage, hike north, then take the ladder or  down portal (whichever) down. Level 8: Go west from the portal, then take the ladder up. Level 7: View a gem. There should be a down portal in the middle  of this "C." Take it down. Level 8: You'll end up on an isle in the middle of a tiny lake.  Fight your way off, then walk around in the north. A trigger  should open a passage in the northeast corner. Go into the  passage, and push around. Another passage will open to the east.  Go through it, then klimb up to level 7. Level 7: This room is fairly similar to the one higher up on  level 3. Kill the demons, then run to the east after using the  sceptre -- a pool of fire usually springs up. Exit the room, and  search in front of you. I wonder where that pit leads to? Take it  down. An odd room. Definitely not the kind of thing you'd normally see  in a dungeon. Are you at the core of the world? Where's Lord  British? Search around. I will leave the final "puzzle" up to  you. Once you've found out where you need to go, go there. Congratulations on the completion of a truly wondrous game! Good  thing you brought that sandalwood box along. Revel in your glory,  and prepare for the next of Lord British's unique gaming  experiences -- ULTIMA VI. Just as ULTIMA V has defied the law of  sequels, I am confident that ULTIMA VI will, as well. Always remember: The quest of the Avatar is forever! ****Call Dark Domain BBS ----- The Raven***** ULTIMA V Part 7 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS The following paragraphs will give specific information that's Šuseful in obtaining Lord British'sn jewels, which are needed  to complete your quest. Crown: The crown can be easily retrieved with the use of the  magic carpet. This item is within Blackthorn's castle (located at  position P'F"-M'E", or west from the Codex). The crown is located  on the top level. This is how to get there: From the entrance of Blackthorn's castle go north, and go up  either one of the stairways located on the back wall. You will  arrive and see a man sitting in a chair. Go through the secret  door behind the ladder, and then go up the ladder right after it.  You will find yourself in Blackthorn's throne room. Do not talk  to Blackthorn or the jester. Go through the door on the north  wall (not the secret one), and up the ladder. You're on the roof.  On the southern side is the entrance to the chamber with the  crown. Try to avoid the Gargoyles, for they are hard to kill and  will duplicate like slime. Use a skull key to open the door and  get the crown. The crown will absorb all magic used against you. Amulet: The amulet is located in the Underworld and is found by  reading the journal of Lord British's travels which come packaged  with the game. The following is a summary of the directions: Enter the waterfall located in Spiritwood (I'J"-D'G"), and you  will end up in the Underworld. From there, travel south along the  river. Soon you will come to a fork leading east and south; take  the southern route. Continue past the waterfall, and take the  west route at the next fork. Continue north from here. You will  go through a waterfall and then into a lake. Go south, following  the shore, until you come to two streams; take the western one.  Follow this stream, through three waterfalls, into another lake.  Here, you should see a rowboat. Follow the footpath south into a  grassy area. Go through the north exit, which will lead to an  eastern path. Soon your path will turn south and you will enter  into an area of swamps. There is a passage out to the northeast.  This path will eventually lead to the "grave of lost souls,"  which is where the amulet is hidden. Sceptre: The sceptre is located within the Shadowlords' castle.  This castle is locked in by mountains and is located at E'K"- J'E". No spells can be cast in this castle, and all three  Shadowlords will be there. The sceptre is in the center of the  castle. Just enter (use the skull keys to get in), and go north  until you see the sceptre. It is surrounded by trapdoors, which  will drop you into a screen of fire; you will die if you fall.  The solution to this is to use the magic carpet. The sceptre is  used to dispel magic fields anywhere. POTIONS AND SCROLLS There are many extremely useful potions and scrolls in ULTIMA V.  They are usually found in bookshelves or under beds. Here is a  list of these useful potions and scrolls, and their functions: Š POTIONS: Purple - Turns player into a rat, just like the spell. Black - Turns player invisible for combat. Same as a Ring of  Invisibility. White - Gives a short view of the non-combat, non-dungeon  screen. Very handy in the Underworld! Yellow - Performs a heal spell on the player it's used on. Green - Poisons the player it's used on. Orange - Performs a sleep spell on the player it's used on. Blue - Casts awaken on a player. Red - Cures a player of poison. SCROLLS Purple - Rel Xen Bet (1 Sp Silk, 1 S Ash, 1 Mandrake, 1  Nightshade) Rat Spell Black - Sanct Lor White - Wis An Ylem Yellow - Mani, occasionally Vas Mani (unpredictable) Green - In Nox Grav (on player); not really applicable to spell Orange - In Zu Grav (on player); not really applicable to spell Blue - An Zu Red - An Nox (Extremely handy!!!) X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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