Les Manley search for THE KING Solved by Fabulous Furlough Well guys, after 3 or 4 days of

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Les Manley search for THE KING Solved by Fabulous Furlough Well guys, after 3 or 4 days of SERIOUS playing I finished it.. Anything in quotes is what you type in, everything else is either a description or it is telling you where to move Les. Ok in the beginning you start off in you office, go around behind the desk and "Open Desk" "Take Lunch" "Take Thermos"..Hey you..stop looking at Stella!! Ok.. Now go out in the hall, and "Open Thermos", walk over to the water fountain and "Fill Thermos with Water", "Close Thermos". Now walk to the end of the hall and into the Bosses office.. walk to the front of his desk, and "Ask About Raise". This part is kinda tricky.. You have to catch him looking at Stella's Ass.. Keep pressing enter until he tells Stella to bring in your file, then put your finger on the g key, and wait for Stella to give him the file and turn, when she does, his eyes will go to look at her.. Press the G, and you can finish your command before he can get his eyes back..Type "Get Keys". Now you have the keys, "Ask about Raise", then leave. Walk down the hall and to the front of the door by the water fountain. "Unlock door with Keys", "Open door".. go in and walk straight to the toolbox (in the middle of the floor).. "Get ID". Turn around and Leave "Close Door". Now go to the Elevator and "Press Button", enter the elevator, and you'll come out by the guard.. At this point press the ESC key, and save your game.. Some fluke makes it bomb every once in a while here. Ok, your back.. walk in front of the guards desk and "Get Dream". Then open door, and go outside. Once outside, cross the street, and go off to the left, and continue 'till you get the overhead view of the circus. On the lower left corner of the screen you'll see a section of black with a white border around it, and a break right between two trailers. Walk to this section, and you'll be 'Zoomed' in, and see the trailer in front of you. Walk to the front of the trailer and "Knock Door", as soon as the colonel comes to the door "Ask for Job", and give him time to finish telling you about your job, and shut the door before leaving, or you'll have to do it all again. Walk over to the elephants and "Get Shovel", then after about 1 or 2 shovels full of elephant dip, type "Drop Shovel". Walk back to the trailer and "Knock Door" again, "Take Ticket". walk back between the breaks in the border, and you'll be returned to the overhead view. Walk to the gypsey wagon, this is right beside the clown juggling the balls.. Walk to the front and type "Look" this will zoom you in, and then you can walk up the steps using the PgUp, and the right arrow, and eventually an Up arrow to get you in.. Once inside "Touch Woman", she'll disappear, "Pet Lizard", "Get Card", "Get Wax", "Leave". Now that we have that stuff, walk over to the Strong man, and type "Look", you'll get a close up, and see Luigi sitting bent over.. Walk over in front of him and "Give Wax". When he gets the weights up, "Take Rosin". Now walk off the screen, and you'll get the overhead view again. Walk over to the 'Test-o- strength' machine (Right in front of the Big Top), and type look, you'll see a Popcorn Machine, walk to the front and type "Get Popcorn", then walk into the Big Top at the top left corner of the screen. You'll be confronted by a Lion licking his lips and thinking that you are a steak.. "Get Jar from Bag" "Open Jar","Drop Jar", and he'll lick the peanut butter. Now walk to the right and you'll see Frederick Von Leepov. Walk to the front of Fred and "Give Rosin". He'll take it, climb the ladder, and miss terribly. "Take Cape", and walk to the left and off the screen, and in front of the Lion. "Drop Popcorn", "Get Jar", walk off the screen to the left..Sometimes it doesn't like you going to the left, so you have to walk forward (towards the screen) to make him get out. Now that we have all of that stuff, walk over behind Luigi (Strong Man), and right beside the Fat Lady, and type look. You will see Helmut Bean 'World's Smallest Man'. Walk to the front of his booth, and "Give Dream to Helmut", "Take Helmut". At his point, we are all done with the Circus, so leave out the front gate by the ticket booths (By the Fence). Walk to the right, and you'll come out in front of the Bus Station. Walk to the right from there, and you'll come out in front of the BUS. Walk right from there, and you'll come out in front of a house, go up the steps, and "Knock Door", wait for her to say something then "Show ID", and she'll let you in. Go the the sofa and "Sit on Sofa","Ask for Soda","Show Scarf","Spill Soda on Scarf". She's gonna get PISSED and throw you out. Walk off the screen to the right, and you'll be by the fence "Climb Fence". Go to the clothes line, and "Get Scarf", come back to the fence and "Climb Fence". Go back to the left 'till you get to the Bus Depot again. walk to the 'mailing' position and "Open Mailbox","Mail Helmut". Now that that is over with. Go LEFT to the circus, and go back by the Test-O Strength, and walk up on the test-o-strength, and he'll blast you into orbit. IF you can't get blasted, try walking from side-to-side, and he'll get you. You'll land on a peice of land in Las Vegas. From here, go Right, and you'll be in the desert, Right again, and you'll see the Pay Phone. walk to the front of the phone, and type "Answer Phone". Talk to Stella.. Nice Artwork Guys! After the converation is over, "Open Thermos","Drink Water from Thermos", and then walk left 'till you come back to the screen with the Mailbox on it. Walk to the 'mailing' position, and "Open Mailbox","Take Helmut","Close Mailbox". Walk left and you'll be in the front of the Casion Hotel. Walk up the Steps, and use the same Wiggle technique that you used to get into the gypsey wagon. This will put you in the Lobby, walk to the front counter, and "Page Mr. Fabulous", the guy will do it, and you need to go up to the next room, and then left to the Pool. Continue left 'till you see a woman sitting in a Chair, and an empty chair to her left. Walk to the front of the chair, and "Sit in Chair". You will get to see her..once again Nice Artwork guys. she'll get you gassed up, and then get up, and jump in the pool. When this happens, "Get Glasses". go back to the right, and go back into the hotel, come back to the front, and go to the right down the hallway. You will come out in front of an elevator. Walk towards the elevator, and the doors will open for you. Once inside, "Press Button", and it'll take you to the 2nd Floor. Get out of the elevator, and turn to the right go until you see the cart, and then enter the room.. Once in the room, go into the bathroom, this takes a couple of tries usually.. It is REALLY picky about letting you into it.. "Get Floss". Now come out, and get on the front side of the bed, and "Sit on Bed","Get Up". Walk to the door, and "Get Sign","Turn Sign ","Put sign on Door". At this point, walk out to the Maid's cart and wait for her to bend over to make the bed. "Get Key", when she is bent over. If you don't make it, just go back in the room, and sit on the bed again. After you get the key, walk back to the left, and get back in the elevator, and "Press Button". You will end up on the 3rd floor, usuall you have to do a HOME to get out of the elevator. Once inside the room, go to the left, and go to the Hot Tub. You need to be by the faucets at the top of it. Once you get there, "Tie floss to Helmut","Lower Helmut into drain". You get to see Helmut go into the drain and get you a receipt for some laundry. When he gets out "Get Floss", and walk back to the elevator. Once inside "Press Button", and you'll come out on the bottom floor. Walk to the Dry Cleaners, and in front of the door type "Open Door", then walk in and "Give Receipt to Susie","Get Suit", "Leave". You are now through in the Hotel, walk to the left until you get outside, and then "Hitchhike", and a VW Van will come by and get you, and take you to Memphis. Once there, you'll get a close up of 'The Kingdom'. Walk off the screen to the left so that you get an overhead view. Walk down the streets to the break between buildings on the right side of the street. walk through, and between the two buildings. You are trying to get to the building that has both a phone and restrooms, and is towards the top. There is a small building beside it on the bottom. You want to walk between them, and you'll get a close up of Red's Bar. Walk to the front, and go in the Phone booth, and "Wear Suit". WHen you come out, walk to the front door, and "Open Door", and go in. Once on stage "Sing".. You'll do a nice rendition of 'The Pee Wee Herman', and win a free pass to 'The Kingdom'. Leave here, and go back to the kingdom gates which are on the left of the road. Once inside go to the front of the big house with the attraction symbol out front. Walk up the front steps and you are inside. Once inside, "Put Helmut in Mouth", and he'll disarm the alarm system. Once that is done, walk off the screen to the right, and walk behind the ropes so that you can get to the stuff. "Get Microphone","Get Guitar", and walk back to the left, and go into the kitchen. (Top Left Room). Walk to the back side of the Table, and "Get Banana". Walk back into the Living room, and go up the steps. At the top of the steps, go left, and it'll put you outside his bedroom. Go into the bedroom, and go to the bureau. Type "Open Bureau","Move mechanism". a 'KingPole' will show up. Move to the back of it and "Slide down Kingpole". Once at the bottom type "Release Kingpole". Walk to the back right side of the bar and "Open Counter",go through and "Close Counter", walk to where you are beching the clear spot on the counter (No Bottles or Napkins), and "Get Bread" Once you have the bread, go to the spot in the counter where you can in and "Make Sandwich". This will make you Fat and look like Elvis..er..The King.. "Open Counter", and come out, and go to the door on the Right of the screen and "Open Door", and go through the door. From here you are through in the House, so leave the house, which usually means that you have to walk towards the screen and you'll get the overhead view of you again. Got out onto the street, and go back to Red's. "Open Door", and go in.. Hang on one command left!! "Sing". You'll get trampled by adoring Fans, but you have the resurrection card that you got from the Gypsy, so you are ok. You'll be brought back to life, and see the ending. I got 460 points out of this, I don't know what I missed, if you find anything, leave me a message.. I'd like to know. X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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