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This was collected from posts to >From: (BBS Account) Due to considerable request for a walk through, i decided to post what i remember about the game on here(it has been abouth 5 mnths since i played) Before i get to that though, somebody mentioned Welltris...good game, haven't been able to get above 45000/180 lines...anybody else ? Anyway, on with Neuromancer.... 1) go to the pax, withdraw 2000, send mail to Armitage with the number 056306118 (your bank accnt number), withdraw the 10000 he sends 2) pay and leave bar...go to body shop, sell all parts 3) Go to shin's, don't pay for deck, gives it back to you free 4) Go to reg fellow club...ask for chip(implant chip), ask for pass (needed l8tr) to CHEAPO, 2nd level password COCKROACH, edit bill, order caviar, edit bill 5) Get caviar, take to edo, get comlink 2.0...erase comlink 1.0 (you need space)...go to software joystick...go to house of pong ...give joystick, get zen and sophistry (implant) 6) Back to hotel, link to REGFELLOW (visitor), WORLDCHESS (novice, member) play a couple chess games with chessmaster 2.0 for more cash...get soft. from regfellow...leave room for comlink 3.0 7) link to CHAO (mainline)...get 3.0, delete 2.0, more software, etc.. 8) Go to place opposite maas biolabs, buy all chips except for bargaining go to restaurant, buy chips...implant all chips 9) go to larry moe, buy coptalk, use coptalk at donut world to find link code for police...It's KEISATSU (warrants, supertac are passw)..edit warrant, arrest larry moe (062788138)...go to place behind larry moe get evade chip, security pass. 10) Link to soften (permafrost)...more software...comlink 4 i think 11) link to eastseabod (longisland)...more software...i think 12) link to loser (wilson, loser)...more software...i think 13) link to yakuza (yak)....more software.... Do steps 10 to 13 in the right order, can't remember which, go from 3.0 to 6.0 14) Using the same deck all this time (I STRESS THIS, don't buy another deck when doing all this....) deck comes later...Now, login to BOZOBANK...use sequencer 1.0 get in, open account 712345450134... link to BANKGEMEIN(eintritt, verboten)...Embezzle from account number 646328356481 to bozobank account 15) Go buy Cyberspace Vii deck....load up on Any type of software you can...i think the best you can do is drill 1.0, decoder 2.0, and blowtorch 3.0 ? scout's ok, for fun really... 16) Go to Zone 0...break into panther moderns (224,112), get Cyberspace 1.0 and better software...leave cyberspace...Use Cyberspace 1.0 from now on to get into cyberspace...Hit Other places if you want...stay away from Psychologist (96,32) and World Chess (160,80) for's in there 17) SAVE GAME at ALL isn't easy...and you may die, and you don't need that to happen.... 18) Go to regfellow club, zone 1, hit Copenhagen U (very important - good ice breakers, also updates thunderhead (virus program from panther i think) Load on software, hit other places if want...Stay away from Free Matrix (352.112), and NASA (448,32)'s again...notice that your ICE BREAKING skill goes up everytime you beat a new zone...also, be sure to use that ability and evade everytimg you attack... this is where it gets kinda foggy for me, i can't quite remember exactly what to do... 19) Link to one of the high tech companies (i think it's hosaka)..edit employee files, put yourself as an employee...go get salary, use the link in there...This is i think to zone 2 3 or 4...i ferget...if it's zone 2....stay away from Musabori(268,208)...3rd strongest ai in there i think.... 20) Anyway, continuing on, if the above is 2...go to the other free link get on the shuttle, go to bank of berne...get rid of secretary..use link in office...should be to 3 or 4...if 3 go to Screaming Fist... (464,160)...get easy rider 1.0 (very important, allows you to cross into any zone...kill others...stay away from Free Sex Union(288,208) and Bank of Berne (336,160)'s i think 21) go back to hotel, you can cross into any zone using easy rider now, so any link will do....Go to Zone 4...Sense/Net and Gridpoint...break in all this time SAVING the game...and loading up on good software, etc. 22) Continue to zone 5, ai's in 4 or 5....go to zone 6...Maas Biolabs and KGB...both have ai's i think, so there must be something wrong with my memory somewhere...check around, and somehow you're supposed to get into Maas's link...go there, unlock the front door back to Chiba city, buy gas mask from the place opposite, go in to Maas, get the cybereyes...allows much more programs than cyberspace vii 23) Get the ROM construct from the place in the s end of chiba city high tech center...use securtiy pass, get dixie flatline, 34689775642358885 carry her along...tells you where ai's are, and helps out a little.. actually i didn't use it much, but still.... 24) Now, you're ready to take on the Ai's...start in Zone 0...either one...dixie will help you locate them...break through ice and when AI appears...use SKILLS...i stress those chips, no chips, no skills, no way.....Example: World Chess: use Logic skill....Psycho: Philosophy skill...i'll leave the others up to you..i don't have all them written down...most are logic though...also notice everytime you kill ai, skill goes up... 25) continue, zone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc...Save Game at all times...BTW, do read some of the messages on the adds a lot to the game 26) Oops...i forget...stay away from Musabori in Zone 2...he's Greystoke 3rd most powerful...Do the others first...Continue, and the last 3 ai's are the fun part...First do up on the stuff... Next in Zone 7 Tessier-Ashpool...our friend Wintermute...and finally Zone 7...Allard Tech...our favorite ai...Neuromancer...btw, save game the end is sort of tricky...and be sure to watch everything that happens with these 3 ai's...oh, the other ai in zone 7 is killable before the 3 mentioned above, but it is harder than usual 27) Kill all 11 Ai's....and WIN..... I hope any of this will help..all of it's a little foggy, but good luck... remember to save that game...use that software and skills and watch out for yourself in cyberspace....don't get fried.... Good luck...if i remember anything else or anybody has any other questions just post on here...i'll see if i can get to it.. >From: (BBS Account) Have you tried implanting the ICE breaking chip ? usually after you beat the ice from one zone, the ice skill goes up from 1 all the way till 7 i think. keep trying, i'll look back and see if i can find anything about it but i think what i stated above is correct On the body parts, i don't think it lowers your constitution...i've made it fine through the game with the replacements, also i believe that it would be very hard to finish the game without selling them off (that's about 30000) credits there, and i remember finishing the game with only about 5000 credits after doing everything possible to get money...i haven't heard of anything else about this....anybody else know anything ? There's not an ai chip...the skills that you use to beat the ai, example after you beat worldchess with logic, your logic skill should go up to 2 >From: (BBS Account) I don't know about the problem with worldchess...You do use Logic to defeat the ai in could be right that you haven't gone through enough zones or something...maybe you can try psychologist and philosophy...or maybe just wait ? I don't know what your game is currently like, so all i can do is guess....sorry. Anybody else know anything ? Clarification real quick...when you're breaking in to the DB''re breaking ICE, not into an AI...and AI comes up after you break into a DB that has an AI in it, ex: world chess and psychologist in zone 0..otherwise you're just breaking ICE and into databases.... Yes, there is a way to slow down the attack of the DB ICE...there's a program called slow 1.0, and also slow 2.0, found in the higher zones that allow you to slow down the ice...there's also one that permits healing of ICE damage Maas Biolabs, i think, don't remember, but i'm pretty sure that it has to be broken into...(the DB that is) break in, and in there there's an option to unlock the that, go buy a gas mask (important), use the gas mask, go in and get the cybereyes..


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