r8r5 NEUROMANCER Solution by Siamak The following is just one way of going through the gam

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r8;r5 NEUROMANCER Solution by Siamak The following is just one way of going through the game. Of course there are many variations on the theme. Start| When you wake up in Ratz restaurant use the PAX. Read the messages. They will give you some useful info to start with. Download all your credits. (Always carry all your money with you. I will tell you why later). Pay your bill, you don't want to get arrested right at the start. Getting money| You saw a message on PAX from a certain General Armitage. Send him a message with your ID # (Type:BAMA ID 056306118). If you check your account, you will find 10000 credits, courtesy of Armitage. (Remember to download them all) He also left a message to meet him outside Matrix Restaurant. Go there. You will never get to meet Armitage but you get arrested when you go to the rendezvous point. NOTE: Whenever you get arrested and brought to court do this: 1) Never pay the lawyer fee. 2) Always plea guilty and throw yourself on the mercy of the court. This way you never get death penalty. You only get fined. Whenever you get fined (and it goes up with each additional offense) it will be deducted from your bank account (on PAX), not from what you are carrying. That's why I said carry all of your cash with you. Each time you upload credits to PAX and you have fines outstanding, they will be deducted from your account. The only danger in carrying your money is that if you die by some misfortune and get revived at the Body Shop, you will lose all your money. But with usual precautions (saving game before trying something new) that shouldn't happen. Later you will find a safe place to put your money. Do Armitage trick as many times as you can. I don't know how many times you can do it. I did it twice and that was enough to complete the game. You will find more money as you go on. By the way, try not to sell your body parts. If you have to sell to raise cash, buy them back as soon as you can afford it. You will need all your strength in Cyberspace. (In case you are very desperate for money, you can edit your disk to get it. I will give the necessary info at the end. But try not to use it. It spoils the game.) Next go to Shin's Pawn Shop and get your UXB deck. You can start calling databases using your deck and Comlink 1.0 software and a few link codes you got from the messages on PAX. Calling databases is an important part of the game. You will get all kinds of information off them. You need link codes and passwords to call. Some of them you get off other DBs, some from the people you meet. By the way some boards let you get on the first level. It's the higher levels you have to find passwords for. And there are some levels (DBs as well) you can get to only in Cyberspace. There are no passwords (or link codes) for them. Some words you have to decode. If you are unable to decode a word, you need to upgrade your Cryptology skill. Some DBs require higher versions of the Comlink for connection. You also need a Cyberspace jack. They are located at different places. For the moment use the one at Gentleman Loser or Cheap Hotel. Later I will give a complete list of DBs and passwords. Skills: You will need to buy skill chips and then upgrade them. I figured you will need about 25000 credits to get all the skills and upgrade them to limit. But you don't have to get them all at once. For the early stage of the game in Chiba City you only need Cryptology, Coptalk, Musiancianship, Bargaining, Software analysis and maybe Debug and Hardware repair. Now let's explore Chiba City. I will tell you what to ask people and what you can get at each location. The things you can ask a character you will find at different places. The game doesn't necessarily proceed in the order given. Massage Parlor: Tell the girl you want to buy info. You can buy five of them. (You will get arrested and fined each time, but be persistent) Microsofts: Ask Larry Moe about SEA, Matrix, Cyberspace, ROM, ROM Constructs, Coptalk, Skill, Chip, Fuji, Police, Comlink, Code. Some answers will be repetitive. Buy Coptalk skill. Implant it. At the back room of Microsofts is the Panther Moderns HQ. You can't get to it yet. Donut World (near Body Shop): Use Coptalk skill to imitate a cop. You will get a few link codes and passwords (some coded). Later when you get your Coptalk skill upgraded visit again. You will get some more bits of info. Gentleman Loser: Ask Shiva about Cryptology (a message on PAX told you to pick it up here, remember?), Chip, Skill, Bargaining, Pshycoanalysis, Phenomenology, Philosophy, Teach, Upgrade, Train, Instruct, ROM, ROM Construct, Software, AI, Neuromancer, Loser, Wilson, Hitachi, Copenhagen, University, Matrix, Guest, Pass, Norton, Emperor. Again some answers are repetitive. Get Cryptology chip. Buy hardware repair if you can afford it. Get guest pass for Matrix restaurant. Julius Dean (across from Maas Biolabs): Ask Julius about: most of what you ask Shiva at Gentleman Loser,plus these: Screaming Fist, Fuji, IRS, Hosaka, Tozoku, Musabori, Hitachi, Exotic/Hardware, Wintermute, Tessier-Ashpool. You will get link codes and passwords. Buy and upgrade skills as much as you can afford. Buy gas mask. Now call a few databases. Use the jack in Gentleman Loser. You can't use the Cheap Hotel until you pay your bill. Call REGFELLOW. Get passwords. Dowload BattleChess 2.0, Scout 1.0. Scout lets you find out how many levels a DB has. Otherwise it's not very useful. To use it, when you connect to a DB and opening screen appears hit "I" and choose Scout 1.0. Call ASANOCOMP. Get a few link codes. Call CHEAPO. Edit your bill on second level or pay it if you prefer. Order caviar. Edit bill. Go to Cheap Hotel to pick it up. Call WORLDCHESS. You can play in chess tournament using BattleChess 2.0 and win a few hundred. Otherwise don't bother. Call CONSUMEREV only if you have money to burn. It gives a review of all decks. A very long list. Now hit the streets again. If you meet Lonny Zone's girl along the way ask her about: Lonny Zone, Microsofts, Hardware, Software, Hitachi, Justice, Law, Lawyer, Judge, Cyberspace, Matrix, Massage. Not all of her answers are helpful. Metro Holographix: Ask Finn about Chip, Skill, Debug, Ice breaking, ROM, ROM Construct, Holy/Joystick, Software, Neuromancer, Wintermute, Tessier-Ashpool, AI, Screaming Fist, Pong. Buy skill chips and joystick. Don't buy any software as you can download all of the software he has off DBs. Crazy Edo's: Trade caviar for Comlink 2.0 software. Delete Comlink 1.0. (When you get a higher version of Comlink delete the old one. You don't need it). Don't buy any decks here. You get them cheaper at Asano Computing. Asano Computing: Here you can buy better decks or ask about different decks. He will tell you which ones are Cyberspace capable. You don't need a Cyberspace deck yet. If you bad mouth Crazy Edo you will get some discount. The best non-Cyberspace decks are Ninja 3000 and Edokko, the best Cyberspace ones are Ninja 5000, Samurai Seven and Cyberspace VII. Any one of them will do. House of Pong: Listen to the ramblings of the monk and you will find what he wants. Give him joystick and get Zen and Sophistry chips in return. Matrix Restaurant (need guest pass to enter): Ask Norton about Anonymous/Bosch, Matt Shaw, ROM/Construct, Dixie, Skill, Chip, Upgrade, Teach, Train, any skill by name, Password, Loser, ESFA, NASA, AI. Buy and upgrade skills as much as you can or come back later. Note all the passwords you get. Now go back to Cheap Hotel and call databases. Call CHAOS. Get Comlink 3.0. Read messages. You will get quite a few hints. Call FUJI. You will find Larry Moe is a consultant. Note his ID number. Call HITACHIBIO, PSYCHO, IRS if you like. Not much of interest here. Call BRAINSTORM. Read messages. You will find out which ICE breakers are best. Call SOFTEN. Get Comlink 4.0. Upgrade Coptalk skill. Get Sequenser 1.0. Sequencer 1.0 is used to find password of any DB (first level only). Use it the same way as Scout 1.0. Use it on any board you don't have password for. On some bases this is the only way to get in. (After upgrading Coptalk visit Donut World again). Call KEISATSU (Tactical Police). On second level edit the warrant list and put in Larry Moe's name and ID. He vanishes (presumably arrested) and you can get to Panther Moderns in the back room of his shop. Panther Moderns: Ask Lupus about Sense/Net, Security/Pass, ROM/Construct, Chip, Skill, Evasion, Bank, GemeinSchaft, Tozoku, any skill by name, Upgrade etc., Software, Easy Rider, Wilson, Hitachi, AI, Fuji, Hosaka, Musabori, Matrix, Guest pass, Restaurant, Cyberspace. He will give you a bank account number to get money from. Buy evasion chip and security pass if you can afford it or wait until later. Back to Cheap Hotel and calling databases. Call LOSER. Read messages. You get a code for cracking bank. Download software: Probe 3.0 and Hammer 1.0 on level 2. Call FREEMATRIX if you like. You can't download any software. They are phony. And don't bother with Blammo 1.0. (A message on LOSER warned you about this). It's a Trojan horse. When you fire Blammo at ICE in Cyberspace, it rebounds and hits you. Call EASTSEABOD. Get Comlink 5.0. Read messages. Call YAKUZA. Get Comlink 6.0, Blowtorch 1.0 and Decoder 1.0. Call MUSABORIND and VOYAGER. Nothing of interest here. Call JUSTTICE. You have to use Sequencer to get on. Nothing of interest anyway. If you have survived by now, it's time to get some more money. Call HOSAKACORP. Upload Comlink 6.0 to their library and you will get 7500 credits. (Can do this only once). On level 2 edit the employee list and add your name and ID number. Then you can go to Hosaka office and collect weekly paycheck of 10000. You can do this every 7 days by game clock, which is about 6 hours of real time. (If you don't pause the game). Call BOZOBANK. Use Sequencer to get in. Open an account. Account number will be 712345450134. Call BANKGEMEIN. On second level transfer fund from account 646328356481 to the acount you opened at BOZOBANK. You get 30000 this way. Call BOZOBANK and get money if you need. By the way this is the safe place to keep all your dough, immune from court fines and the butcher at Body Shop. These are all the databases you can call. Now go to Asano Computing and buy the best Cyberspace deck you can and also buy/upgrade all remaining skills. You should still have a few thousands credits left. A few other places you can visit. You have already been to company offices in the High Tech part of Chiba City when you collected your paycheck. Tell the security computer you work for Hosaka to get in. You can't get into the offices if you enter as a volunteer to sell yourlungs (and you don't want to do that anyway). There is a Cyberspace jack in each office. Also in Sense/Net office you can get a ROM. (You have to have a security pass). You get ROM numbers from a DB in Cyberspace. So come back for it later. Maas Biolabs: You can't get in there until late in the game. When you unlocked the door and turned off the alarm from Cyberspace, put on the gas mask and enter. You can have a CyberEyes chip implanted. It functions the same as a Cyberspace capable deck. It has more RAM so you can store up to 32 softwares compared to 25 for best decks. Zion Cluster and Freeside: From Chiba City airport you can ride a shuttle to either Zion Cluster or Freeside. Zion Cluster: Ask the man about Bank/Banking, Wintermute, Gemeinschaft, Music, Dub, Freeside, Zion and Maelcum. You get the code for vault in Gemeinschaft bank. Use Musicianship skill and play music. Play Dub and you will get a free ride to Freeside aboard Maelcum's spaceship. Keep playing other music and he will pay for your return to Chiba City. Ask Maelcum the same questions, but you get pretty much the same answers. Freeside: Here are the offices of Bank of Bern and Gemeinschaft and Villa Straylight. Each has a Cyberspace jack. The code to enter vault is BG1066. Stay away from Villa Straylight as it drains your constitution. You only need to use the jack in manager's office at bank of Bern. About that later. Well, That's about all you can do in Chiba City and suburbs. Now it's time to hit Cyberspace where real fun begins! But first here is a complete list of databases. They are listed by name, link code, number of levels ,passwords for each level and the lowest version of Comlink needed for connection. If password for a level is not given, you can reach that level through Cyberspace only. Database name Link code Lvls Password(s) Comlink version ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Regular Fellows REGFELLOW 2 VISITOR 1.0 Cheap Hotel CHEAPO 2 GUEST, COCKROACH 1.0 Asano Computing ASANOCOMP 3 COSTUMER, VENDORS 1.0 World Chess Federation WORLDCHESS 3 NOVICE, MEMBER 1.0 Consumer Review CONSUMEREV 2 REVIEW 1.0 Panther Moderns CHAOS 2 MAINLINE 2.0 Psychologist PSYCHO 3 NEW MO, BABYLON 2.0 Gentleman Loser LOSER 3 WILSON, LOSER 4.0 Copenhagen University BRAINSTORM 2 PERILOUS 3.0 Internal Revenue Service IRS 3 TAXINFO, AUDIT 2.0 Tozoku YAKUZA 2 YAK 5.0 Tactical Police KEISATSU 2 WARRANTS, SUPERTAC 3.0 SEA SOFTEN 2 PERMAFROST 3.0 Central Justice System JUSTICE 2 (Use Sequencer) 6.0 FreeMatix FREEMATRIX 2 CFM 4.0 Eastern Seaboard EASTSEABOD 2 LONGISLAND 4.0 NASA VOYAGER 2 APOLLO 6.0 Fuji Eectric FUJI 2 ROMCARDS, UCHIKATSU 2.0 Hosaka Corporation HOSAKACORP 3 BIOSOFT, FUNGEKI 5.0 Hitachi BioTech HITACHIBIO 2 GENESPLICE, BIOTECH 3.0 Musabori Industries MUSABORIND 2 SUBARU 5.0 Bank of Zurich BOZOBANK 1 (Use Sequencer) 6.0 Gemeinschaft Bank BANKGEMEIN 2 EINTRITT, VERBOTEN 5.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cyberspace Cyberspace consists of 8 Zones, 0 to 7. Each zone has a number of databases protected by ICE. Some of them have a resident AI. You enter a database, break the ICE and kill the AI if any. You should start at Zone 0 which has weakest ICE and AI and go on in order. After each Zone your skills go up, which you need to tackle the higher Zone. Each Zone can be entered at a different Cyberspace jack. You need a Cyberspace deck (or CyberEyes) and Comlink 6.0 or Cyberspace 1.0 (found later). The location of jack for each Zone: Zone 0 - Cheap Hotel Zone 1 - Gentleman Loser Zone 2 - Fuji, Hitachi, Hosaka and Musabori offices. Zone 3 - Bank of Bern Zone 4 - Sense/Net office. Zone 5 - Gemeinschaft Bank vault. Zone 6 - None. Zone 7 - Villa Straylight You can get to Zone 6 through Cyberspace only. You will find KGB and Easy Rider softwares in Zone 3. KGB takes you from any Zone to KGB database in Zone 6. Easy Rider lets you cross Zone boundaries. After you find it just use the jack at Cheap Hotel to get to Zone 0 and then use Easy Rider to go to other Zones. The following are ICE cracking wares: ICE breakers - Good : Decoder, Blowtorch, Hammer Better: Doorstop, Drill Best : Concrete, DepthCharge, LogicBomb Interface Corruptors - Slow and Jammies. They jam and slow the firing of the ICE. Slow is the better one. Viruses - Injector, Acid, Python, ThunderHead. Unlike other wares they get used up and you have to get new supplies. Also they have a limited lifetime. If the effect of a virus runs out (the ICE turns blue) fire another virus. Injectors are the best. Shielding - Armorall. Whenever your shield is about to run out, use Armorall to raise your shield. Armorall 1.0 can be use once, Armorall 2.0 twice and so on. Carry a few versions. You start with some basic wares which are enough for Zone 0. As you go on you will find more powerful wares. Always get rid of lower version when you find higher version of a program (except for Armorall) or your deck will become full. Carry six different ICE breakers at any time. Not that you need that many , but because some might crash during combat. ICE breaking techniques: When you enter a base just keep hitting "I" so you can get the maximum number of shots in. Fire in the following sequence: 1) Slow or Jammies (if you have them). Only once. 2) A Virus (if you have them). Fire virus as needed whenever ICE turns blue. 3) Cycle through your ICE breakers from strongest to weakest. 4) Use Armorall as needed to raise shield (if you have them). You can use Probe to get some info about a DB, but it might cost you one round of battle. The best way to use it is to fire when you first enter a DB, and when you get the info exit and then reenter for combat. By the way, always save the game before entering a new base. Watch ICE strength bar at right at all times. If it's close to zero and you are about to be flatlined, don't panic. Continue fighting. Chances are the ICE will crack before you do. AI combat: If a base has an AI you have to fight and kill it. AI killing skills are Logic, Phenomenology, Philosophy and Sophistry. First use Psychoanalysis to find out what the AI's weakness is. Then following sequence: 1) Use weakness skill. 2) Rotate among other three skills in a fixed order. 3) Go to step 1. Whenever you are about to be flatlined (life indicator turns red) use Zen skill to raise your constitution and then resume battle from where you left it. Use Evasion skill to get out if situation becomes too hot to handle. If Psychoanalysis says unknown weakness, try it again. A couple of AIs you can kill in a special manner explained later. After finishing one base always exit Cyberspace to repair damage, debug crashed programs and let your constitution reach maximum again before going on to the next base. Specially early bases when you don't have powerful wares yet. The following are complete list of databases found in each Zone. They include coordinates, name, AI (if any) and what software or item of interest they might contain. For each base there is also a list of wares in parenthesis which can be used for cracking the ICE in that base. These are for the first time you enter a base. Later when you find more powerful wares in higher Zones, you will find it much easier to crack ICE in lower Zones. I do not claim that these are the best combinations, they are just the ones I found effective. Experiment with different combinations to find the best. I recommend going to bases in the order given, at least in lower Zones. Zone 0 - 7 bases [16,112] Asano Computing (Drill 1.0, Blowtorch 1.0, Hammer 1.0, Decoder 1.0) [32,64] Consumer Review (Same as above) [96,32] Psychologist (Same as above) AI: Chrome. Weakness: Philosophy. Software: ThunderHead 1.0 [112,112] Cheap Hotel (ThunderHead 1.0, Drill 1.0, Blowtorch 1.0, Hammer 1.0, Decoder 1.0) [160,80] World Chess (Same as above) AI: Morphy. Weakness: Logic. Read messages. You get aquainted with Greystoke. Software: BattleChess 4.0 [208,32] Regular Fellows (Same as above) Software: Probe 3.0 [224,112] Panther Moderns (Same as above) Software: Blowtorch 3.0, Decoder 2.0, ThunderHead 1.0, Cyberspace 1.0 Zone 1 - 10 bases [272,64] IRS (ThunderHead 1.0, Drill 1.0, Decoder 2.0, Blowtorch 3.0) Software: Jammies 1.0, Hammer 2.0, Mimic 1.0 Note: Don't bother with Mimic. Not very useful. [288,112] Tactical Police (Jammies 1.0, ThunderHead 1.0, Drill 1.0, Decoder 2.0, Blowtorch 3.0, Hammer 2.0) [320,32] Copenhagen University (Same as above) Software: Comlink 4.0, Decoder 1.0, Probe 4.0, Jammies 1.0, Doorstop 1.0 [352,64] SEA (Jammies 1.0, ThunderHead 1.0, Doorstop 1.0, Decoder 2.0, Hammer 2.0) Software: ThunderHead 2.0 Upgrade Coptalk skill. [352,112] Free Matrix (Jammies 1.0, ThunderHead 2.0, Doorstop 1.0, Decoder 2.0, Hammer 2.0) AI: Sapphire. Weakness: Sophistry. Read messages. Don't bother with softwares, they are phony. [384,32] Eastern Seaboard (Same as above) Software: ThunderHead 2.0 [416,64] Gentleman Loser (Same as above) Software: Slow 1.0, Injector 1.0, Drill 1.0 [416,112] Central Justice (Slow 1.0, ThunderHead 2.0, Doorstop 1.0, Decoder 2.0, Hammer 2.0) [448,32] NASA (Same as above) AI: Hal. Weakness: Logic. Software: Probe 1.0, Python 2.0, Blowtorch 4.0, Decoder 4.0 [480,80] Tozoku (Slow 1.0, Python 2.0, Doorstop 1.0, Blowtorch 4.0, Decoder 4.0) Zone 2 - 4 bases [32,192] Hitachi Biotech (Slow 1.0, Python 2.0, Drill 2.0, Decoder 4.0, Blowtorch 4.0, Doorstop 1.0) [112,240] Fuji Electric (Same as above) [144,160] Hosaka Corp. (Same as above) Software: Hammer 4.0, Concrete 1.0, Injector 2.0, Slow 2.0, Mimic 2.0 [208,208] Musabori Industries (Slow 2.0, Injector 2.0, Drill 2.0, Decoder 4.0, Hammer 4.0, Concrete 1.0) AI: Greystoke. Weakness: Unknown. Note: You can kill it only with Hemlock 1.0 prg which you get from Zone 7. For the moment leave this alone. Software: Kuang Eleven. Used to kill Neuromancer in Zone 7. Zone 3 - 5 bases [288,208] Free Sex Union (Same as above) AI: Xaviera. Weakness: Phenomenology. AI messages. [336,160] Bank of Bern (Same as above) AI: Gold. Weakness: Philosophy. Software: Armorall 1.0, Slow 3.0, Probe 10.0 Read messages. You get an authorization code and account number. Use these to transfer 500000 (!) to your account at BOZOBANK. [336,240] DARPO (Slow 3.0, Injector 2.0, Armorall 1.0, Concrete 1.0, Drill 2.0, Hammer 4.0) Software: ThunderHead 3.0, Injector 3.0, Jammies 2.0, Concrete 2.0, Drill 3.0 [432,240] Turing Registry (Slow 3.0, Injector 3.0, Concrete 2.0, Drill 3.0, Decoder 4.0, Hammer 4.0 plus Armorall 1.0) List of AIs. Note: Colossus doesn't exist. Upgrade skills. [464,160] Screaming Fist (Same as above) Software: Slow 3.0, DepthCharge 3.0, Python 3.0, KGB 1.0, Armorall 1.0, Easy Rider 1.0 Note: KGB takes you to KGB in Zone 6. Easy Rider lets you go from Zone to Zone You also will find a history of Armitage. Zone 4 - 2 bases [48,320] Sense/Net (Slow 3.0, Injector 3.0, DepthCharge 3.0, Concrete 2.0, Drill 3.0, Armorall) You will find ROM numbers here. There are only three ROMS. The others you can't have. The number for the ones you can get are: Dixie Flatline 0467839 Toshiro Mifune 6905984 Rombo 5521426 You can get one of them only. Go to Sense/Net lab and get the ROM. (Don't forget to get security pass from Lupus). There is no difference between ROMs except the way they talk. You can use ROM in Cyberspace to debug or analyse software. Also in monitor mode they give some info like when you are being flatlined or the ICE is about to crack etc. [160,320] Gridpoint (Same as above) Software: Jammies 3.0, ThunderHead 3.0, Hammer 5.0, Injector 3.0, Armorall 2.0 Cowboys message board. Zone 5 - 5 bases [304,320] Gemeinschaft Bank (Slow 3.0, Injector 3.0, DepthCharge 3.0, Concrete 2.0, Drill 3.0, Hammer 5.0 plus Armorall 1.0 and 2.0) [336,368] Bank of Zurich (Same as above) [384,288] Bell Europa (Same as above) Software: ThunderHead 4.0, Acid 5.0, Cyberspace 1.0 [416,368] Nihilist (Slow 3.0, Acid 5.0, DepthCharge 3.0, Concrete 2.0, Drill 3.0, Hammer 5.0, plus Armorall 1.0 and 2.0) Software: Python 5.0, Slow 4.0, Acid 3.0, LogicBomb 3.0 [448,320] INSA (Slow 4.0, Acid 5.0, DepthCharge 3.0, LogicBomb 3.0, Concrete 2.0, Armorall) Software: Armorall 3.0, Hammer 6.0, LogicBomb 3.0, Injector 5.0, Doorstop 4.0 Upgrade Cryptology skill. Has an online code breaker. Zone 6 - 2 bases (Use KGB or Easy Rider prgs to get to this Zone) [112,416] KGB (Slow 4.0, Injector 5.0, DepthCharge 3.0, LogicBomb 3.0, Doorstop 4.0, Concrete 2.0 and Armorall) AI: Lucifer. Weakness: Logic. Software: Slow 5.0, Armorall 4.0, LogicBomb 6.0, Concrete 5.0, DepthCharge 8.0 Probe 15.0, Injector 5.0, Jammies 4.0 Note: These are the most powerful softwares. [112,480] Maas BioLabs (Slow 5.0, Injector 5.0, Depthcharge 8.0, LogicBomb 6.0, Concrete 5.0, Doorstop 4.0, and Armorall as needed) AI: Sangfroid. Weakness: Phenomenology You can unlock the door and turn off the alarm at Maas BioLabs here. Zone 7 - 3 bases [320,464] Phantom (Same as above) AI: Phantom. Weakness: Logic. Either kill it or use BattleChess 4.0 to get him out of the way. (Recall from an earlier message that this AI is a chess master). Software: Hemlock 1.0, used to kill Greystoke at Musabori in Zone 2. [384,416] Tessier-Ashpool (Same as above) AI: Wintermute. Weakness: Sophistry. [432,464] Allard Technologies (Same as above) AI: Neuromancer. Weakness: Unknown. This is the final battle. After you break through the ICE, Neuromancer will send you to a prison island. Cycle through your skills (Logic, Phenomenology, Philosophy and Sophistry) until you are out and back to this DB again. Fire Kuang Eleven prg at it, and then cycle through above skills in a fixed order until you kill it. I have killed it using many different combinations of skills, but this is the most straightforward. Don't forget to use Zen skill as needed. Neuromancer Code Wheel First, a short explanation of the evolution of code wheels. The code wheel is a form of protection against piracy of a particular game. They first appeared (to my knowledge) in the Electronic Arts game Amnesia in the form of a "street index". The next appearance was much later, in Legacy of the Ancients, also EA. The third (and most complicated one) was included in Bards Tale III. And, as you may have guessed, the latest use is in Neuromancer. The first two also included disk protection, but the companies seem to be relying on just the code wheel for their protection against piracy, as the last two have had no disk protection whatsoever. The protection comes when, at certain points in the game, you will be given a set of two, three or four (depending on the complexity of the wheel) words or locations or whatever, and, using the code wheel, you must provide the required answer, or you will not be able to proceed with that function. Without the wheel and without altering the programming of the disk, you are stuck. What is a code wheel? It is two or three concentric paper circles, each one smaller than the one beneath it, so that only the outer ring of the larger one(s) shows. It is on the outer ring that one set of words are printed. On the outside edge of the smallest circle can be found the second set of words. One or several small windows are also cut out of the smallest circle (and in the case of three wheels, windows may also be cut out of the middle wheel at random points) so that the requested code numbers or words may be seen through them. If there is more than one window, each window will have its own name printed above or below it. In the most simple application, the use would be something like this: the player is given the conditions of A and B. He would rotate the code wheel until A on the outer circle lines up with B on the inner circle and observe the code through through the window. In the case of multiple windows, he would have been given A, B, and C, rotated as before to line up A and B and look through window C for the answer. Such is the case with Neuromancer. The code wheel in Neuromancer is used to operate the PAX machine found at various locations throughout the game. You will be given three access codes and asked for a verification code. There are 16 possible A's, B's and C's. The codes are broken down into two tables. The first tables gives A (outer ring) and B (inner ring), to be cross referenced to each other to get a position number. This position number will be cross referenced with C (windows) to give the 3 to 6 digit verification code. The access codes you will be given are listed below with THREE LETTERS IN UPPER CASE (usually the first three, but not always, so I have tried to draw your attention to the ones that do not have the first three in caps). These will correspond to the abbreviations in the tables. Good luck! A B C --------------- --------------- ---------------- NIGht city news EMPeror norton ASAno computing CHAtsubo CYBerjack SPAcedock CYBerspace RATz SPace Colony <-- GEMeinschaft HOLografix FLAtline CRAzy edo LARry moe ZIOn cluster MICrosofts PAX MARcus garvey CHEap hotel SKIll chips CRYptology JULius deane SHIn's pawn AI (two letters) DONut world GENtleman loser BANk of berne LAWbot MAAs biolabs BAnk of Zurich <-- DATabase JUStice booth CHIba city SHIva CYberDeck <-- FUJi electric FREeside COMlink HOly Joystick SOFtwarez ICEbreaker COMpu-judge MATrix ROM construct HITachi biotech MAtt Shaw <-- COWboy ONO-sendai Table 1 A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ N C C G C M C J D L D S F S M M I H Y E R I H U O A A H R O A A G A B M A C E L N W T I E F T S ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EMP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 CYB 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 RAT 15 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 HOL 14 15 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 LAR 13 14 15 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 PAX 12 13 14 15 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 SKI 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 B SHI 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 GEN 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 MAA 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 JUS 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 2 3 4 5 6 CYD 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 2 3 4 5 COM 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 2 3 4 ICE 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 2 3 ROM 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 2 COW 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Table 2 C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ASA SPA SPC FLA ZIO MAR CRY AI BAN BAZ CHI FUJ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 113667:162324:152777:056201:71312:43267:61255:34755:5517:4102:1337:4327 2 060734:073611:040327;054127;44321;21400;07362;23671;7107;0170;4300;0703 3 131265:061254:004713;114352;76631;65110;61645;71724;4102;5116;0072;6040 4 063124:127170;051435;126443;61543;61723;36112;00206;0170;6160;4120;5150 5 162324:067144;157223;030654;70012;51666;50127;22372;5116;5165;1316;6162 6 073611:031776;056201;014527;34770;31270;74655;42074;6160;0017;3601;2174 P 7 061254:031770;054127;132077;43267;45771;67237;71226;5165;1053;3347;6124 O 8 127170:121777;114352;067123;21400;41317;34755;61627;0017;5423;1777;1337 S 9 067144:117372;126443;036160;65110;61456;23671;01326;1053;3173;2730;4300 10 031776:011772;030654;013026;61723;44312;71724;61255;5423;0423;4327;0072 11 031770:115721;014527;152336;51666;71312;00206;07362;3173;5120;0703;4120 12 121777:021655;132077;152777;31270;44321;22372;61645;0423;6116;6040;1316 13 117372:113667;067123;040327;45771;76631;42074;36112;5120;3121;5150;3601 14 011772:060734;036160;004713;41317;61543;71226;50127;6116;0177;6162;3347 15 115721:131265;013026;051435;61456;70012;61627;74655;3121;5517;2174;1777 16 021655:063124;152336;157223;44312;34770;01326;67237;0177;7107;6124;2730 Table 2 (cont'd) C ------------------------ HOJ COM HIT ONO ------------------------ 1 512;533;236;473 2 700;673;714;614 3 254;333;024;672 4 017;434;424;321 5 533;300;473;072 6 673;410;614;507 7 333;054;672;725 8 434;313;321;571 9 300;733;072;430 10 410;616;507;775 11 054;167;725;103 12 313;213;571;045 13 733;512;430;236 14 616;700;775;714 15 167;254;103;024 16 213;017;045;424


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