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SKID ROW PRESENTS: THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND! AMIGA REFERENCE CARD Getting Started Note: If you are playing from floppy disks, we recommend that you first make backup copies of all disks and put the originals in a safe place. The disks are also not copy-protected, so to copy them, just follow the instructions that came with your computer. You can play either a hard drive or a floppy drive: From a floppy drive, insert the Secret of Monkey Island Disk 1 in DF0: and boot off of this disk. Open the disk icon and double-click on the Monkey Island icon. If your Amiga has more than one floppy drive, you can play the Secret of Monkey Island by swapping disks in the drives when prompted. To install the Secret of Monkey Island on a hard disk, double-click on the Install Monkey icon on the Secret of Monkey Island Disk 1. From the list of options, select the hard drive partition on which you want to install the game. Insert subsequent disks as prompted on-screen. To load the game from your hard drive, open the Monkey Island hard drive drawer, and double-click on the Monkey Island icon. KEYBOARD CONTROLS All of the verbs used in the game can also be selected by using keyboard commands. Each key corresponds to one verb. Pressing the appropriate key once is equivalent to moving the mouse pointer over the verb on-screen and pressing the left mouse button. The keys are mapped as follows: O W U Open Walk to Use C P L Close Pick up Look at S T N Push Talk to Turn on Y G F Pull Give Turn off Q - scrolls the inventory up A - scrolls the inventory down #1-6 - selects from inventory objects shown on the screen AND dialog choices in a conversation. SAVE/LOAD INSTRUCTIONS If you are playing from floppy disks, you will need to prepare a blank, formatted disk BEFORE you start play. This disk will become your SAVE/LOAD disk, Hard disk players will have their games saved in the directory with the game files. Press F5 when you want to save or load a game. If you are playing from floppy disks, you should insert your save/load disk when prompted. Note: be sure to wait until the drive light turns on- then off- before selecting LOAD or SAVE. Once the save/load screen is displayed, you can move the mouse pointer and click on SAVE, LOAD, PLAY, or QUIT. The save/load option will not be available during the opeing sequence or the closing credits. TO SAVE: Click on the SAVE option. The current list of save games will be displayed in slots along the left side of the screen. Select a slot by moving the mouse pointer over to it and clicking. Now type a new name for that slot or use the backspace key to change the existing name. Pressing ENTER will reactivate the mouse pointer. Click on OK to save the game, or CANCEL if you have changed your mind and do not wish to save it. WARNING: If you save to a slot that has been used before, the previously saved game will be overwritten by the new one. TO LOAD: Click on the LOAD option. The current list of saved games will be displayed in the slots along the left side of the screen. Select a slot by moving the mouse pointer over to it and clicking. Click on OK to load the game, or CANCEL if you have changed your mind and do not wish to load it. WARNING: loading a previously saved game will cause you to lose the game that you are currently playing. FUNCTION AND COMMAND KEYS Save or Load a Game F5 Bypass a Cut-Scene ESC or press both mouse buttons at once Restart the Game F8 Pause the Game SPACE BAR Message Line Speed Faster + Slower - Reposition Instantly CTRL r (use instant repositioning if you find scrolling too slow) Exit Game CTRL c or ALT x WIN THE GAME (!?!) CTRL w ok, that was the reference on to the incredibly HUGE manual! NO SCANNING WAS DONE TODAY, RYGAR!! MONKEY ISLAND USER MANUAL READ THIS FIRST...IT'S IMPORTANT! Although you may have played other Lucasfilm games, there are a few differences in The Secret of Monkey Island that you should be aware of. The interface you use to play the game now has an "auto-highlight" feature that highlights an appropriate verb when the cursor touches and interesting or useful object on the screen. For example, when the cursor touches a door that can be opened, the verb OPEN is highlighted on the screen. By pressing the right mouse button or equivalent key, you can automatically perform the highlighted action-in this case, opening a door. Don't worry, though, this won't give away solutions to any puzzles! Also, you do not need to double-click on objects (or ANYTHING) to use or activate them. A single click of the controller button should be used consistently through the game. ABOUT THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND In the Secret of Monkey Island, you play the role of Guybrush Threepweed, a young man who has just hit the shores of Melee Island (somewhere in the Caribbean). Our naive hero's travels have lead him to Melee Island in a quest to fulfill his life's become a fierce, swashbuckling, bloodthirsty PIRATE. Unbeknown to Guybrush, however, there have been some strange happenings in the area surrounding Melee Island and on the more mysterious Monkey Island. As he walks into this maelstrom of mystery, Guybrush will soon be very aware that things are not what they appear to be, that even bloodthirsty pirates can be scared, and that there's more to being a pirate than swinging a sword and drinking grog! Here's where you come in..You direct the actions of Guybrush as he first explores Melee Island and then ventures on to Monkey Island. On Melee Island, Guybrush will have to prove himself worthy of becoming a pirate by completing THE THREE TRIALS. Through the course of completing the trials, you and Guybrush will learn much about pirate life and local folklore. But don't be surprised if you find that some of the people that you meet seem rather anachronistic! If this is your first computer adventure, be prepared for an entertaining challenge. Be patient, even if it takes a while to figure out some of the puzzles. If you get stuck, you might need to solve another puzzle first or find and use an object. But hang in there and USE YOUR IMAGINATION, and you will guide Guybrush to discover..the Secret of Monkey Island! (irrelevant sections about COPY PROTECTION skipped!!!) PLAYING THE GAME After the opeing title sequence and introduction, Guybrush will meet the Official Lookout for Melee Island. When they have finished talking, Guybrush will walk down to the dock at one end of the town of Melee. You may begin directing his actions as soon as he gets to the dock. The screen is divided into the following sections: 1) THE ANIMATION WINDOW is the largest part of the screen and where the animated actions take place. It shows the "camera's-eye view" of the room or location that the main character is in. Dialog spoken by the characters, as well as game related messages, also appear here. 2) THE SENTENCE LINE is directly below the Animation Window. You use this line to construct sentences that tell Guybrush what to do. A sentence consists of a VERB (action word) and one or two NOUNS (objects). An example of a sentence you might construct on the Sentence Line is "Use shovel on dirt." Connecting words like "on" or "with" will automatically be inserted by the program. 3) VERBS must be selected from the words in the columns below the Sentence Line. To select a verb, position the cursor over the word and press the LEFT mouse button or the ENTER key. Verbs are highlighted in a bright color when an obvious use for them appears in the Animation Window. For example, when Guybrush is near a door that can be opened, position the pointer over the door will highlight the verb OPEN. Pressing the RIGHT mouse button or the TAB key will use the highlighted verb with the object, which in this case happens to be the door. But remember, although a verb is highlighted, that one verb may not be the only way to use an object. Try other verbs as well! 4) THE INVENTORY is the area to the right of the Verbs. At the beginning of the game the inventory is empty. When Guybrush picks up or is given an object to use during game play, the object is added to the Inventory. There is no limit to the number of objects that Guybrush can carry (after all, he's young and strong!). When there are more than six objects in the Inventory, arrows appear to the left of the list. Use them to move the list up or down. NOUNS (OBJECTS) can be selected in two ways. You may select a noun by placing the cursor over an object in the Animation Window. Many objects in the environment, and all usable inthe game, have names. If an object has a name, it will appear on the Sentence Line when you position the cursor over it. If no name appears for an object on the screen, you can be sure that it has no signifigance other than as part of the background. You may also select nouns by clicking on them in the Inventory. TO MOVE GUYBRUSH AROUND, simply point the cursor where you want to go, and click. Notice that WALK TO is the default verb in the Sentence Line-this is because moving around is what Guybrush will be doing most often. "CUT-SCENES" ARE SHORT, ANAIMATED SEQUENCES-like sequences from a movie-which can provide clues and information about the characters. They're also used to show special animated sequences, as when Guybrush gets himself into a fight while "exploring" a mansion. When you are viewing a cut-scene, you do not direct the action. THINGS TO TRY IN THE TOWN OF MELEE (stupid redundant instructions skipped) Look at the poster on the first house at the dock. Find the SCUMM BAR (off to the right) and go in. Talk to each of the pirates who pop up on the Sentence Line inside the bar...they'll provide useful information. Talk to the Important-looking Pirates seated in the adjoining room. They're full of good advice about how how to become a pirate. See if you can outwit the cook to get into the kitchen for a look around. Once in the kitchen, step out onto the might be able to have some fun with that bird! TALKING TO CHARACTERS There are plenty of "colorful" characters inthe game with whom you can converse. Each person Guybrush meets will have something to say, whether friendly or unfriendly...helpful, or unhelpful! Often, you can talk with someone at one point in the game, and then return to them later to get new information. To talk with a character, position the pointer on them and press the right mouse button or the TAB key to use the Talk to verb automatically. In a conversation, you will have to select what Guybrush says from among the possible phrases at the bottom of the screen. Just click on the phrase you want him to say. Of course, what Guybrush says will affect how other people respond. And, as conversation continues, you could be presented with a new array of dialog choices. Don't worry-we'll never punish you for selecting the wrong or "funny" dialog response. After all, you're playing the game to have fun. (more useless and redundant shit skipped) OUR GAME DESIGN PHILOSOPHY We believe that you buy games to be entertained, not to be whacked over the head every time you make a mistake. So we don't bring the game to a screeching halt when you poke your nose into a place you haven't visited before. We make it clear, however, when you are in a dangerous situation. We think you'd prefer to solve the game's mysteries by exploring and discovering, not by dying a thousand deaths. We also think you like to spend your time involved in the STORY, not typing in synonyms until you stumble upon the computer's word for a certain object. Unlike conventional computer adventures, you won't find yourself accidentally stepping off a path, or dying because you've picked up a sharp object. There are a few dangerous situations where Guybrush can die, but to anticipate them takes a little common sense, not excessive paranoia. Save the game when you think you may be entering a dangerous area, but don't assume that every wrong step will result in death. Usually you'll get another chance. A FEW HELPFUL HINTS Pick up everything you can. Odds are, at some point all those strange things will serve some purpose. If you get stuck and can't figure out how to proceed, try looking through all of the itmes you've found and about how each one might be used. Think about places you've gone and the people you've met. Chances are there will be a connection that'll put you back on track. There is more than one way to solve many of the puzzles. That concludes this doc file..... Greetings to Rastan (too bad you quit the scene; IBM's SUCK! Oh well). Docs By Mictlantecuhtli/SKID ROW!! X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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