Well, welcome to the game cheat for Leisure Suit Larry 3, typed up quite faithfully by The

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Well, welcome to the game cheat for Leisure Suit Larry 3, typed up quite faithfully by The Timelord and Low Rider... As you may know, we are the main support boards for a new organization, GPA. I would like to take the time to thank WCA for copying our release of Leisure Suit Larry 3, it is soo nice to log onto a BBS and find LSL3S1.ZIP, then unzip it and see things like: WCAPLUG.ANS, and INTRO.WCA, umm, yeah guys, real original. Well I am sure you all will probably want to edit this doc file to change it to the WCA Game Solve for Leisure Suit Larry 3, well just to set the record straight... Leisure Suit Larry 3 came out in the stores Friday Nov. 3rd, 1989. We had it on our boards not 30 minutes after it came out. We also had it sent to approximately 20 boards during the weekend. Since there are only 3 of us, and at this time none of us have USR HST's, well it kinda takes awhile to send 2.4 megs to EACH AND EVERY BBS... Now, FiRM supposidly has a crack on this, I havent seen it, YET, but knowing FiRM's rep, I am sure that they didnt steal our files. However, this game solve can be used with the FiRM release... Also to set the record straight on some other Sierra stuff, Codename ICEMAN is not out yet, and it will not be out until December, we got this straight from Sierra itself, so for those people who are saying "I saw it, honest dude!"... Well, prove that it exists.. I would also like to take this time and say thank you to Nightmare for showing us what a complete idiot you are. Of course we are a NEW GROUP, and are not that established, but we are here to stay, and with time, hopefully, we will be as big (or close to it) as some of these other organizations... Its just right now we dont have the members for this. If you have to be such an immature idiot as to not give a starting group a chance, you should be shot. As far as GPA goes, we are VERY VERY SMALL, but always looking for members. If you wish to be a member of GPA, contact either myself (timelord), or Low Rider at one of the two GPA boards: The Tardis GPA Hq [9O4]376-1117 BadLands [9O4]336-6608 And even if you dont want to be a member of GPA, you should call our boards anyways, since we have alot to offer... Now, on to the history of Larry 3... The Larry series, as most of you probably know, is unlike most games. It's more of a "Pornographic Sex Adventure" where you are the bumbling Larry Laffer, on his never ending quest for pussy. This one is quite unique however since you are TWO characters, Larry, and Passionate Patti (Larry's beloved?).. About halfway through the game you will switch into Patti.... I wont go into that now.. There is one part to note, there will be a set of commands called "LEI COMMANDS", they are shortened and are the following set of instructions: Go to cave by Chip-n-Dales Enter cave Save game go to edge of cliff get flowers make lei exit cave go back to whatever you were doing before..Since we had to finish this game with these commands like 5 times due to flowers wilting, well... Also, you can beat the 4000 point score, we finished it with 4337 today (Tuesday, Nov. 7th). Well, now I am going to let someone take over here to get started on the typing here... GPA, Sometimes the first, Always the Best... OK Here We Go..... look through left binoculars look at plaque exit go home go to work go home open mailbox get credit card goto beach look at girl talk to girl give girl credit card WAIT! get ginsu knife leave beach goto casino sharpen knife on casino steps goto wooded are right before house get little peice of wood by small grey tree carve wood goto cave by chip-n-dales cut grass with knife make grass skirt goto cabana get soap by sink drink water from sink enter cabana read wall put on grass skirt goto beach sell wood carving to girl go back to cabana put on suit goto showroom in the casino talk to man show ticket(look at appendix a: to get the number) give man money watch show walk around telephone and wait for girl look at girl talk to girl when girl mentions farm and shit type "deed" goto lawyers office talk to receptionist about deed(until hes not busy) talk to lady lawyer "deed"(until not busy) leave building enter building talk to rec. about deed goto Chari Tart's door knock on door give her deed dance explore island in showgirl outfit(optional(extra points)) goto chari tarts door open door find clothes get dressed goto beach get towel goto lawyers office divorce talk to lady about divorce leave building enter building talk to man about divorce give money to man leave building :LEI COMMANDS!!!!!!! goto bar in casino sit down by girl look at girl talk to girl give girl lei "divorce"(to girl) get card exit look at back of card-(on the back are 3 business' name in order...look in appendix a: and get the page numbers from each business..this is the locker combination in order of business' at entrance of bar, check for magic marker if its there grab it, each time you enter the bar, check, when it appears, get it. goto fat city insert card in far door look at girl talk to girl "workout" (say this to girl) exit room goto door on left insert card "FIND LOCKER 69", type this Face locker open locker put on sweats close locker goto right door in locker room there are 4 exercises, you must do them all... until you lose enough weight, stand next each one 1 by 1, and type "WORKOUT". Now you know where "Pulsating Pectorals" came from, eh? leave workout goto locker 69 open locker take off sweats grab towel grab soap close locker goto left door turn on shower use soap rinse off turn off shower goto locker 69 open locker dry off use deodorant get dressed close locker goto room where woman was working out look at woman type "HELP GIRL WITH VIDEO" :LEI routine goto bar give patti lei "ASK PATTI FOR DATE" goto comedy club get bottle of wine goto casino use elevator PUSH 9 pour wine WAIT!!!!! (Ok, halfway there, now you switch into Patti...What fun, eh?) get panties get nylons get bra get dress get bottle (note, its empty) enter elevator push 1 goto bar get magic marker (if you dont have it) goto piano ****** Note, here is a NICE way to jack up your points, just keep doing the following 2 steps until you get tired of it... look at piano get tips ******** Wheee, what fun.... goto cabana fill bottle with water from sink drink water from sink go in chip-n-dales (optional for points) go past comedy club to cliff SAVE GAME! enter bamboo past upper cliff goto first T, take right follow path ***** DONT DRINK WATER UNTIL DELERIOUS, WE WILL TELL YOU WHEN! first left hook turn right at T follow path left hook drink bottle, if delirious and on knees save game "DRINK FROM STREAM"(Dont fall in!) go up to rock take off nylons tie nylons to rock climb tree SAVE GAME get coconuts climb down get marijuana SAVE GAME smoke marijuana WAIT Restore game make rope walk to edge of cliff by tree throw rope tie rope to tree rip dress save game climb rope go up and left stop take off bra put coconuts in bra walk until boar comes out (dont let him get you) throw bra walk to river go into water move log get on log note, now you have to RIDE the tide, make sure to save as often as possible, its a long ride, but you are almost done.. get captured by nudists when in cage type "USE MAGIC MARKER" when in anti-gravity type "UNPLUG CORD" We hope you have enjoyed playing Leisure Suit Larry 3, and will keep your eye out for all GPA releases... If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call us c/o our BBS's (mentioned above). Appendix A: This part was originally released as LARRYIII.DOX on various boards accross the country... We included it here to save you the time of having to download all the files involved.. Page # Pass Number Business Name ------ ----------- ----------------------------------------- 2 n/a The Punk Flamingo Disco 3 00741 n/a 4 n/a Nontoonyt Tonight 5 55811 All Systems 6 30004 Native Crafts of Nontoonyt 8 n/a The Comedy Hut / Beach Watch 9 18608 Community Calendar 10 25695 Island Computer Center Bippi's Island Liquors Cherri Tart - Nontoonyt Casino Showroom 11 32841 Dining Out 12 00993 Chip-N-Dales Freddies Feral Bar-B-Q 13 n/a Island Office and Voodoo Supply Panty of The Month Club 14 n/a Highlights 15 09170 n/a 16 n/a Dewey Cheatem and Howe 17 n/a Witch Doctor 18 49114 Piggi's Coffee Shop 19 33794 Nontoonyt Nectarine Advisory Board 22 54482 n/a 23 62503 Fat City 24 n/a Hurts Rent-A-Bike 27 32814 Tl's Aphrodesiacs Well, thats it for this cheat and solves.. We hope this helps you out alot, and it took us a while to put it together.. Support our boards (once again): The Tardis GPA Hq! [9O4]376/1117 The BadLands [9O4]336-6608 Oh yeah, no thanks to Olympus for this one.. He didnt want to help us because he was toooooooo lazy.... X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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