Lucasfilm's LOOM solve 4990 Writtentyped by Rom Chip Mega Greets go toBarimor +amp; viper

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Lucasfilm's LOOM solve 4/9/90 Written/typed by Rom Chip Mega Greets go to:Barimor & viper / and of course always to me mega buddy: CANDYMAN of The Humble Guys/Quartex...long live! Heres the complete walkthru for LOOM. I solved this one in no less than 4 hours..its more MOVIE than adventure...anyways, you should have at least fooled around with it abit to get yourself familiar with the game. Your character is BOBBIN, your from the Guild of the Weavers..(they supposedly WEAVE the very fabrics of the universe with their device called the LOOM) On the beggining Island, you have Four major locations:CLIFFTOP, VILLAGE, PIER & FOREST-GRAVEYARD. You start on the hilltop, first of all, go to the guild where the guild members are arguing over your fate, and when its all over, get the most important item of the whole game:The DISTAFF. move pointer and click on the Egg, and watch for the notes displayed on your staff, write those notes down on paper (you should start writing down all the notes when you see them, as they are needed throughout the game as they are your spells.) The first spell you learn is:OPEN...the notes for me, and i think possibly it may be different every game though, E C E D, were my four notes so take note to whatever your four notes will be...also you can cast the reverse of OPEN by playing the notes backwards...example: D, E, C, E =CLOSE So "OPEN" the egg to get the Duck out which is the GOOD WITCH, then after you talk with her, go out and to the FOREST-GRAVEYARD, go past the forest into the graveyard and look for THORNBUSH, search it and a rabbit will leap out causing an OWL to chase it. (YOU DONT REALLY NEED TO LOOK AT THE GRAVE- STONE, BUT YOU CAN IF YOU WANT TO) Now, go to the forest where the Four trees that each have a Knothole in them, click on each one until it says they are all here...upon clicking on the last hole, watch your staff, as you get another spell:LIGHT or "SEE IN THE DARKNESS"...for me it was C C C C notes! four C's in a row. now go to pier and cast OPEN spell on Clam, and the seagull will have his feast. Go then to Village again, go to Hut with Pile of gold and Darkness in the corner of the hut..Cast LIGHT spell on Darkness area, and you'll be able to see a SPINNING WHEEL and some Straw...Click on Wheel and straw and you should get a SPIN GOLD you spin your straw into gold...for me it was notes:D D D E...and remember, to SPIN GOLD backwards it was E D D D and it will turn gold back to straw. Go to Last Hut which is the Good Witch's LAB...Click on the Vial to get an EMPTY/FILL spell, and click on the POT to get a spell:CHANGE GREEN... then cast CHANGE GREEN spell on Both piles of BLUE clothes..the spell for me was:C C C D...and a D C C C turns back from Green...dont forget to grab the book on the table before you leave. Head back up to the Hilltop and click on the leave for no apparant reason, then click on the star-filled sky and cast the OPEN spell. A rip in the Fabric of life will shoot a lightning bolt out and strike the tree next to you. Go to pier and you should see a TREE-BOAT. You should have gained an F note by now, if you have'nt, then you have not done something. LEAVING THE ISLAND:The First Obstacle is a giant ocean Tornado, click it and you'll get another spell:TWIST ...So cast it backwards for UN-TWIST and the tornado should go away..for me it was: C F C C..and C C F C for untwist. Now your on a Beach with a forest to your left and a GREEN Glass city (the GLASSBLOWERS GUILD) on your right..go to the city first and roam all around to get familiar with it...The only thing you need from the GLASS city is to learn the Fear spell, to do this, stand outside near the tallest tower and click on the People you see at the top of the tower...(You should have learned a CAMOFLAGE spell somewhere here, but i forget where.) mine was C G C G..and backwards UN-CAMOFLAGE G C G C..) Cast Camoflage or Un-Camoflage on the men in the tower...(When you see RED magic Swirling, you know your spell is wrong, when its BLUE, you have successfully casted the correct spell)...when you have success with the men in the tower, find your way up, and you should be "Camoflaged" or invisible to them, and they dont notice you as the clean the Scythe in the tower...Anyways, find where the ORB is and click it to learn the FEAR spell (use this spell on the sheperds in the forest to show em you really have powerful magic)...the spell for me was: E F F E. After you got past the shepards (which by the way is where you picked up the Camoflage spell by watching them fade in, copy down the notes..guess you may have to visit the shepards before going to the GLASS CITY, i forgot which must come first, oh well.) anyways, now you've come to a shepard whos sleeping watching his them on, and the jump over the fence and the shepard casts a SLEEP/UN-SLEEP spell to get them back over the other side of the fence and back to you copy that spell down too. should be: C D E A...or A E D C. Then Find the HUT, and talk to the Shepard and when your done, go out and stand in the middle of the flock of sheep..(dont worry about the baby lamb, theres nothing you can do for it)..Cast the CHANGE GREEN: C C C D spell on the flock of sheep and a dragon will swoop down and pluck you instead of a sheep away. Dragons Den:Dont worry, the dragon wont hurt you but you gotta get out so you cast a reverse: SPIN GOLD spell on the dragons gold and it all turns to straw, then cast the spell:FEAR (same on used on the shepards to make em run away) and all the straw should catch on fire and "smoke" the dragon out...go down in the catacombs...Cast :LIGHT spell on Darkness so you can see your way round..this maze is pretty "one way only" so you really can make only few wrong turns or dead ends...just keep walking and eventually you'll fall into an area where a stagnant pool of water on the pool of water to get a spell:REFLECTION ...for me it was: A D D A... then cast Either EMPTY spell of OPEN/CLOSE spell on WATER to Drain it away so you can look at the orb...You cant take it so just look at it then put the water back and leave the area and continue your way out of the caves...When your finally out, you'll see a spiral stairs leading down the mountain outside, cast the Un-TWIST : C C F C spell on the tower and a bridge will form.... Now you should be on a ledge over looking the BLACKSMITH'S GUILD, and you'll see a child asleep here. Cast the Spell:REFLECTION spell Twice. and first, you'll wake him, and second will exchange clothes with him. After he goes back to sleep the second time..cast an Opposite Sleep spell which may be :C D E A or i think it was A E D that the boy wakes up and sees that you've exchanged clothes with me and doesnt mind. Now continue to the right on down to the BLACKSMITH'S GUILD and into the front gate since now you look like one of their own kind...just keep following your way untill you find your Boss/Master...he'll scold you for not finding any wood to burn so he takes your staff and throws it into the fire and you into a cell for sleep on the straw until your faithful GOOD WITCH-DUCK rescues your staff for you and you cast the spell:OPEN on the door to get out. The only place to go now is down into where a SWORD is being made...the trick is to cast a spell on sword when the CLERIC and the other man are talking to the SWORD-FORGER, since the SWORDFORGER pauses to talk to the cleric, he is not hammering the sword and the NOISE doenst disturb your spells..cast the Un-TWIST spell on the Sword itself..i think it was: C C F C for me...anyways, you'll be captured and taken to the CLERIC'S GUILD where your put into a can cast:OPEN spell to get out..then after the guard is killed by looking into your hood, you can go out the door to watch as the cleric uses your staff to summon the dead and rip the fabric of the universe open. After CHAOS rips the Cleric's head off you can get your staff back, go back into the cages room and then back onto the ledge...wonder who that is thats following you onto the ledge..oh no, and wild creature...get the hell out...right into the your " Floating in space" actually your BETWEEN DIMENSIONS in the Rip in the Fabric of the universe...You must cast the CLOSE spell (opposite of OPEN spell) on each hole in space. start with the CLERIC'S guild, then go to BLACKSMITH's GUILD, but before closing the hole, enter it and CAST a HEAL spell on the bones of that kid who got eaten by the dragon becasue of you. (i forgot to mention to get the HEAL spell when you were talking to the shepard concearning tha t baby lamb you couldnt do anything about)..well its: A C C A..for me. and the boy should come back to life... Go to Next hole in space and it should be the Shepards/Flock and they are all dead, cast the heal spell again and your done here too so close it up once your out. And the last hole is the Glassblowers Guild. so go in and talk to the dying man..(there is nothing you can do to heal him so just talk and watch him die.)..CLOSE it up once your out too. Keep going Left till you find the Pond with the Swans..Talk to your mother, and then keep going LEFT to the last hole..Now you should just about be back at the LOOM about now..and you'll see the GOOD WITCH-DUCK, Now the ending is a bit confusing, but there really is no way you can make a mistake. CHAOS will show up carrying the SCYTHE and try to get you to join him...(Come to the Dark Side of the Force LUKE!) Cast the Heal spell on the DUCK...the CHAOS will keep trying to cast spells on the duck to keep her from tellin you the last note needed to destroy the loom...but you can click on the loom every so often to learn a new spell. I think when the duck gets turned into a Glazed Cooked Turkey, you can either cast another HEAL spell or click the loom for the spell to fix the poor duck..i had B C C C...or try it backwards : C C C B... i think its an UNDO EVIL spell...then when the cooked turkey turns to a feather..consult the loom again..for another spell..B F B F... or try it backwards F B F B...on CHAOS...Then you should be able to cast the spell: A B B A which will destroy the loom cause a split in the Fabric When the Swans show up to take you with them, you should have the last note on your staff by now, and by casting: C F G c you should turn into a swan and fly off with the newly formed Patch for the Rip in the will win the game..(NOTE-The last spell; the notes are CFGC, the first C is the NOTE to the Far RIGHT, and the Last C is the NOTE to the FAR left on your staff)....Watch for LOOM II...cuz ya just know that that CHAOS dude is gonna try and Bop your little BOBBIN again..heh heh! hope you have fun solving LOOM. Rom Chip. Call Bloom County BBS-602-843-8261- 19.2k -------------------------------------------------- .---------------------------------. : : : L O O M S O L V E : : : `---------------------------------' Whenever you see a ***STORY*** that means to pay extra attention to story to get the important 4 threads. It is easy to get the 4 threads by lookin at the colors that the distaff releases during the sounds. It is a good idea to save your game before you see these stories in case you couldn't catch it the first time. Also, you have to case reverse of a spell. Example: If the OPEN spell is "ECED" you would use "DECE" in order to get the reverse effect. look leaf goto elder's tent -story- get distaff look egg write down OPEN sound cast OPEN on egg -story- look loom write down SWAN sound goto grave look thorns goto screen that has trees and knotholes look at all 4 trees write down LIGHT sound goto tent with gold look darkness cast LIGHT look wheel write down STRAW TO GOLD sound look straw cast STRAW TO GOLD goto tent that has clothes look book look flask write down WATER sound look boiling pot write down DYE sound look wool cast DYE look heap cast DYE goto cliff look sky cast OPEN sound -story- goto dock jump off bridge get on log look waterspout write down TWIST sound cast reverse of TWIST sound goto land goto forest ***STORY*** write down CAMOUFLAGE sound leave goto city see men in tower cast reverse of CAMOUFLAGE sound go into tower look crystal press crystal look scythe write down SHARPEN sound go to the left look bell ring bell look sphere write ILLUSION sound look crystal press crystal go to right look bell ring bell leave tower goto shepards cast ILLUSION goto fence where sheep are look sheep poke sheep write down SLEEP sound go to house look sheep - keep on look at the sheep until you see the HEAL spell write down HEAL spell leave look sheep cast DYE -story- look gold cast reverse of STRAW INTO GOLD cast STRAW INTO GOLD cast SLEEP on dragon cast reverse of STRAW INTO GOLD -story- go into cave - you must wander around until you fall and see a pool of water look pool write down REFLECT sound cast WATER sound look sphere 3 times - each time gives you a different image leave by going to the right look winding path cast reverse of TWIST leave look at boy - Rusty cast SLEEP cast REFLECT go to blacksmiths guild go into guild look Mr. Stroke look straw -story- get distaff look door cast OPEN leave go down steps look conversation look sword cast reverse of SHARPEN -story- look door cast OPEN -story- look sphere -story- leave look cleric - Mandible -story- get distaff go back to room with cages leave - you fall into large rift - look big blue rift cast HEAL look red rift go into red rift look skeleton -story- look skeleton cast HEAL go back into red rift look red rift cast HEAL goto blue rift go into blue rift look shepards cast HEAL got back into blue rift look blue rift cast HEAL go left until you see green rift go into green rift look man go back into green rift look green rift cast HEAL - keep going left until you see a pond - go into pond -story- go left until you see giant rift enter giant rift go right until you see screen with loom look loom ***STORY*** write down SILENCE sound look duck cast reverse of SILENCE ***STORY*** write down COOK sound look cooked duck cast reverse of COOK ***STORY*** write down rift sound look feather look loom cast RIFT -story- walk into rift look at yourself cast SWAN -story- THE END Well, that's all of it!! Hope you enjoy this solve and this game. -BUCCANEER-- X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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