THE LEGEND OF KYRANDIA SOLVE by Vision Assembler 08 09 92 Well, here's another solve by th

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THE LEGEND OF KYRANDIA SOLVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by Vision Assembler 08 / 09 / 92 Well, here's another solve by the man himself. Thanks go to Neural Plexus for his little help. Anyway, this game was excellent and was well worth the time. The graphics are truly amazing and the sound track was pretty pleasant also. What really amazed me about the game was the intro when they did the focusing from hand to head and then to the window. That was pretty cool. Overall, smooth animation even on a 286 (very enjoyable). Now, let's get started: TREEHOUSE: ~~~~~~~~~~ We start off as Brandon the grandson of... your grandfather. Pick up the garnet (red jewel) on the table. Pick up the note from the table. Pick up the saw from under the table. Click on the big pot (you get an apple). Leave this place. OUTSIDE: (FOREST 1) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two screens to the right you will find a pond of (salty) water. Click on the pond and get a teardrop. Proceed to the right. A leaf should fall and will turn into a (green) peridot. Pick up the peridot. (On your way around this place, you will find an Amethyst. If you do find it, pick it up also. It's a purple jewel.) After you pick up the peridot, go up and then left. Here is the Forest Altar. Pick up a lavender rose here. Go to the right. (The Amethyst usually appears here.) Let's proceed back. Go left, left, down, left, left, left, left. Here lies a half-dead willow tree. Use the teardrop on the willow. Merith comes a long at this moment and asks you if you want to play. Merith has the marble so follow him to the right. Follow Merith until he has disappeared. Go to the south. Go south again and then to the left. There's Herman. He tends this bridge, which is now broken. Talk to Herman. Give your saw to Herman. Leave the cave to the right and go north and north again. Go all the way to the left until you can no longer proceed that way. Now go up and enter the church building. Brynn enters the room. Talk to Brynn. Give Brynn the note. She will decipher it for you. Give Brynn the lavender rose. You now have a silver rose. Leave this place and go south. Go all the way to the right and then up. Merith should be here. Just watch. Pick up the marble when Merith is gone. Go to your right. Here is the forest altar. Use the marble on the altar. Use the silver rose on the altar. You now have the amulet. Now go left and all the way south and then left again. You're back in the cave, and by this time, Herman should have fixed up the bridge. Now you can cross the bridge safely. AREA 2: (FOREST 2) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once across the bridge, proceed to your left. Enter the hut. Talk to Darm the wizard. He will tell you to find a quill for him. Leave the hut and go south. This is a small forest and is a near quadilateral shape so it is not hard to find your way around. During your exploration, you will find certain gems and jewels. It would be convenient to put these in front of the golden plate altar once your inventory is full. Look for three items. An acorn (on a tree), a walnut and a pinecone. Once you have found these items, go to the screen (at the bottom of the area) where there is a hole in the ground. Drop these three nuts into the hole. A Pseudobushiahugiflora will appear and will give you the first stone to your amulet. It allows you to have the power of healing. Now go north a few screens until you see a bird nest with a bird on it. Click on the yellow stone on your amulet. Pick up the quill. Go back to the hut and give the quill to Darm. In return, he will give you a magical scroll. You can try this scroll out if you wish. Once you have the scroll, Darm will tell you about the birthstones. The first birthstone you seek is at the fountain in the river. Go to the river and click at the bottom of it. Voila, a SUNSTONE. During your exploration around this forest, you should have found quite a few gems and jewels. (i.e. Onyx, Topaz, Opal) Anyhow, the other three birthstones you need are in order: (SUNSTONE) GARNET, TOPAZ, and RUBY. To get rubies, grab a few from the ruby tree. Use the yellow stone on your amulet after you've gotten your rubies. Once you have all the right stones and have placed them in order, you will get a flute. Now go to the bottom right screen of the forest. Here is the entrance to the fiery dragon cave. Let's go in. Well, here's ol' Malcolm trying to stop you. Once he throws one of his knives at you, throw it back at him. Malcolm will chicken out but he shields the cave now. Here's your chance to use your flute. NOTE: Before you enter the cave, make sure you have some empty slots in your pockets. You will no longer need the flute nor the note. Nor do you need any gems. Drop the apple outside of the cave. So you should only have a scroll when you enter the cave. Enter the cave. IN THE LABYRINTH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Labyrinth is pretty deep and dark. If you wish to explore this labyrinth on your own, you can draw a grid map for yourself. It'd make it a lot easier. Here I will just direct you through the labyrinth from the cave entrance where there is a pond of water: Go right. Go right. (Gate will close behind you) Go right. Pick up three fireberries here from the bush. Go up. Drop a fireberry here. Go right. Drop a fireberry here. Go down. Drop a fireberry here. Go down. Pick up three fireberries here. Go right. Drop a fireberry here. Go up. Pick up the rock. Drop a fireberry here. Go up. Drop a fireberry here. Go right. Pick up two fireberries. Go up. Drop a fireberry here. Go right. Drop a fireberry here. Go right. You have now reached the Pantheon of Moonlight. Talk to the purple wisps here. Go right. Pick up three fireberries. Go down. Pick up the rock. Drop a fireberry here. Go down. Drop a fireberry here. Go left. Drop a fireberry here. Go down. Pick up two fireberries. Go down. Drop a fireberry here. Go down. Drop a fireberry here. Go right. You have now reached the Cavern of Twilight. Pick up the gold coin and the rock at the right of the screen. Go right. Pick up three fireberries. Go right. Drop a fireberry here. Go up. Drop a fireberry here. Go left. Drop a fireberry here. Go up. Pick up one fireberry. Go up. Pick up the rock. Drop the fireberry here. Go down. Pick up three fireberries. Go right. Drop a fireberry here. Go up. Drop a fireberry here. Go right. Drop a fireberry here. Go down. Pick up two fireberries. Go right. Drop a fireberry here. Go up. You have now reached an Emerald Cavern. Pick up the two emeralds. Go up. Drop a fireberry here. Go right. Pick up two fireberries. Go right. Drop a fireberry here. Go up. Pick up the rock. Drop a fireberry here. You should now have five rocks, two emeralds, a gold coin and a scroll. Now return to the gate. To make your life easier, go: down, left, left, down, down, left, up, left, down, left, down, right, down, left, left, left, up, up, up, right, up, up, left, left, left, down, left, down, down, down, left, up, up, left, down, left. Okay. Put all the rocks on the counterweight thingio. The gate opens. Let's get out of here. Go to the (wishing) well. Drop in the golden coin. Et voila, you have a moonstone. Let's go back into the cave, and into the Pantheon of Moonlight. To make your life easier again, start at the gate and go: right, up, right, down, down, right, up, up, right, up, right, right. Here we are at the Pantheon of Moonlight again. Use the moonstone in the altar. It should fit nicely. Now the two purple wisps will combine into one and combine with you. You now have a purple stone in your amulet. Eager to find out what the purple stone does? Save it and see. Click on the purple stone. Your are now a ball of (purple) moonlight. Travel: right, right, right, right, down, down, left, down, left, down, right, right, right, right, down, right. Here we are. You're at a river of fire. You should shift back to your normal self now. Use your magical scroll. Go north. Get the key. Go south. Click on the purple stone. Travel: left, up, left, left, left, left, up, up, up, up, left, left, left, left, left, down, left, up, (cross chasm), up, and right. We are finally out of this darn cave. AREA 3: (FOREST 3) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now I'm going to let your worry about your inventory. When you run out of room, drop an item somewhere, but make sure you can find it at your convenience. Go to your right two screens. You will be clobbered by a tree. You will wake up in Zanthia's home. After a brief conversation, she will tell you to fetch magic water. Pick up the empty bottle. Go left three screens. Here you meet Malcolm. Malcolm has taken a magic lamp (or whatever) from the fountain. You have to get it back. I think you go all the way down, one screen to the left, and a few screens up. You should find a place on fire. If you are not in the right place, find it yourself. Once you find this place, use your magical scroll once more. This will be the last time you use this scroll so you can throw it away if you like. Get the lamp and find your way back. Use the lamp on the magical fountain and get some water. Drink it. You now have a blue stone in your amulet. Get some more magic water. Go three screens to your right to Zanthia. Give Zanthia the magic water. Another brief conversation with Zanthia and she'll tell you to gather some blueberries. Go two screens to the left. Here would be a great place to drop items which you might need later. Such as the emeralds, gems, jewels. Blueberries are: extreme South, extreme Right, Up, right, up. Somewhere there. It shouldn't be too hard to find. Get one blueberry, it's all you need. Go back to Zanthia and she'll probably tell you to get some fresh blueberries. Go get another blueberry. Come back to Zanthia and she should be gone. Put the blueberry in the pot. The liquid should turn bluish. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- || Here are the potions which you want to make: Amount: || || || || (BLUE) SAPPHIRE + (BLUE) BLUEBERRIES = BLUE POTION (1) || || || || (RED) RUBY + (RED) EXOTIC FLOWERS = RED POTION (2) || || || || (YELLOW) TOPAZ + (YELLOW) TULIP = YELLOW POTION (1) || ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go get your sapphire, rubies, tulip, topaz, apple and rose back in forest 2. You need the apple & rose for later on in the game. Even though you've used the jewelry, they should reappear. Make sure to click on the purple stone before you re-enter the cave. Once in the cave. Go all the way down and all the way to the left. Get the items To get the EXOTIC FLOWER go back to Zanthia's place and click on the carpet. You've discovered a secret doorway. Go in. AREA 4: FOREST (4) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, the exotic flower, should be to the NORTH EAST. (UP AND RIGHT). The exotic flowers are on a beach where there are two golden unicorns at the side of a chopper landing place. Pick one up. Go and mix your potions now. Once you have a blue potion, a yellow potion, and 2 red potions. Go through the secret doorway again. From here, go: 2 screens down 1 screen left 2 screens down 1 screen right 1 screen up You should now be at a place where there are two big green crystal towers. MIX BLUE POTION WITH RED POTION. Result = magical purple potion. MIX RED POTION WITH YELLOW POTION. Result = magical orange potion. These are all the potions you need throughout the rest of the game. If you want to play around with the other potions such as the magical yellow, blue, and red potions then go ahead. They're nothing special, nothing to see. Yellow tastes like furniture polish. Blue gives you hiccups. And red tastes warm and good (chili?). Well, since you have mixed these potions, let's go get the Royal Chalice. You may have seen this in forest 2. Go back to Zanthia's place. From there, go to the fountain. Go down and to the left. The grail should be floating in the air here. Click on the blue stone. Hmmm... you didn't quite get the grail did you? Let's go 1 screen to the right. Click on the door. Drink the purple potion. You're inside. The pipsqueak wants something good. So why not a rotten apple? Give the pipsqueak the apple. Go outside and get the royal chalice. Once you have the royal chalice, let's go to the chopper landing site. (You know, the one with the two gold unicorn statues) Once you are there, drink the orange potion. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you have the following before you drink the orange potion: the key one lavender rose the royal chalice CASTLE LAND: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once you reach the island, go to the right. Put the rose on the grave. Your mother will appear (as a ghost). She will speak to you. After a brief conversation with your mother, you will receive the last stone of your amulet. The red one. Go one screen to the right. Go right again to the castle. Click on the red stone. Use the key in the keyhole. You're in. IN THE CASTLE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once in the castle, Malcolm will welcome you inside. Go right. Go up. Go left. In the foyer, go to the second door to your right. Go right. You're in the kitchen. Pick up the sceptre. Leave the kitchen. In the foyer again, go the the second door to your left. Go left into the library. Pull out the following books: "O" pal "P" otions "E" nchantment "N" ature Get the crown. Go upstairs. Go left. Go up. Here you should meet Herman. Click on the yellow stone on your amulet. Go left. Pick up the mallet, and play - DO FA MI RE (green, white, gold, blue) Get the key from the safe. Go back downstairs and to the big door. Use the gold key in the door. Go to the library and step into the half circle. The trap door turns and you're into the catacombs. Find your way to the green force field. Click on the blue stone on your amulet. Go up. Go left and left. Click on the false stone on the ground. Pick up the key. Leave the catacombs and go back to the big door. Use the key in the door. Go in. Use the crown (middle) Use the sceptre (left) Use the royal chalice (right) (remember to save) The door opens. Malcolm steps in to warn you. Go right. Step in front of the mirror. Congratulations, you have followed my instructions accurately and have finished the game! Thanks to me. Hmmm... I spent approximately 3 hours writing this solution (entirely from memory) and come to think of it, there is no reward. What a waste of time. I think this will be my last solution. Well, if you can do me a favour, call Syncronicity. If you have or had any problems with this solution, contact me at Syncronicity. TTYL all. -VA X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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