King's Quest Romancing The Throne

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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ((((() ())))) ((((() King's Quest //: Romancing The Throne ())))) ((((() ())))) ((((() The Complete Solve ())))) ((((() By ())))) ((((() ())))) ((((() Crystal Axe ())))) ((((() & ())))) ((((() The Devilworshiper ())))) ((((() ())))) ((((() %10%23%85% ())))) ((((() ())))) ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Key: ---- < : Stands for the Left arrow key, or West > : Stands for the Right arrow key, or East ^ : Stands for the Up arrow Key, or North D : Stands for the Down arrow key, or South All Commands case in parentheses. Now onto the game... D,D,D,GET SHELL,GET BRACELET,D,D,GET TRIDENT,>,(Beware of the Witch, Dwarf, and the Sorcerer, avoid at all times),>,LOOK LOG,GET NECKLACE,>,>,LOOK HOLE, GET MALLET,>,D,>,^,READ DOOR,D,<,<,<,<,OPEN DOOR,D,>,GET POT IN FIREPLACE, OPEN CHEST,GET EARRINGS,<,^,<,<,<,(Go into the cave, if the Witch is there, go outside and wait until she shows up outside the cave, then go back in the cave and get the cage,then jam),<,^,^,^,^,(Swim towards the mermaid, and give her the earrings),SAVE GAME,RIDE SEAHORSE,(Just wait until the seahorse stops at the king),GO NEXT TO KING AND SHELL,GIVE TRIDENT TO KING,GET KEY, >,(Go until the seahorse stops),>,>,D,D,>,>,>,>,^,^,^,^,<,OPEN DOOR,(Go up to the priest, and type: PRAY, then type: Graham, he should give you a cross),WEAR CROSS,LEAVE CHURCH,^,>,^,UNLOCK DOOR,READ DOOR,D,<,^,^,<,D,D,D, D,D,>,OPEN DOOR,YES,GIVE LADY CAGE,(She should give you a lamp),RUB LAMP, RIDE CARPET,>,RUB LAMP,RUB LAMP,THROW BRIDLE ON SNAKE,TALK HORSE,>,>, GET KEY,<,<,<,RIDE CARPET,^,LOOK HOLE,GET BROOCH,>,^,<,^,SAVE GAME,>,^, UNLOCK DOOR,READ DOOR,D,<,^,^,<,<,<,<,<,^,>,GET STAKE,>,^,^,^,OPEN BOX, GET BASKET,SAVE GAME,OPEN DOOR,(Leave *quickly* if wolf is in bed, if not then GIVE GRANDMA SOUP),LOOK UNDER BED,D,<,(Fu** around until you see Red Riding Hood then:),GIVE BASKET TO RED RIDING HOOD,WEAR RING AND CLOAK, SAVE GAME,^,>,>,^,^,TALK MAN,GET IN BOAT,GET OUT OF BOAT,SAVE GAME, (Now comes a bitch of a time...goto the door carefully, without touching the vines),OPEN DOOR,<,SAVE GAME,GO UP STAIRS,OPEN DRAWER,GET CANDLE, DOWN STAIRS,SAVE GAME,LIGHT CANDLE ON TORCH,(The torch on the stairs),>,>, GET HAM,>,(Goto the hole on the left),LOOK IN COFFIN,GET PILLOW,GET KEY, OPEN COFFIN,KILL VAMPIRE,GET KEY,>,^,^,SAVE GAME,CLIMB STAIRS,UNLOCK CHEST, OPEN CHEST,GET TIARA,DOWN STAIRS,OPEN BOTTLE,SAVE GAME,D,<,D,(Make your way to the boat man),GO BOAT,>,>,>,D,<,D,>,D,UNLOCK DOOR,^,GET NET,FISH, (Keep fishin' till' you catch a fish),GET FISH,THROW FISH IN WATER, RIDE FISH,SAVE GAME,>,GET AMULET,D,OPEN DOOR,SAVE GAME,CLIMB STAIRS, GIVE LION HAM,OPEN DOOR,(Game almost finished!!!!),KISS GIRL,(Ok..ready? now just type............: HOME) Congratualtions!!!!!! You have won King's Quest //!!!!!! But now be on the lookout for King's Quest ///: To Heir Is Human ((((() Call These Rad Boards ())))) )))))) (((((( ())))) The Paradise Bar & grill ((((() (((((( 10Megs 818/792/3400 )))))) ((((() ())))) )))))) The Patio (((((( ())))) 10Megs!! 818/352/8290 ((((() ((((((((((((((((()()))))))))))))))))))) Sent By - The Ghostbuster


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