King's Quest III Hints John Geiser So your stuck huh? Well I tell you there were times whe

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King's Quest III Hints John Geiser So your stuck huh? Well I tell you there were times when I was going to throw the game, no, the whole computer out my window because the game was driving me nuts and I thought it was impossible to solve! But that just makes you feel better when you finally finish the game. So please DON'T go through this and read everything. Read only when you are REALLY stuck. If you use your brain you can get almost all of the puzzles. IN THE HOUSE: In here the first thing you should do is do what the wizard tells you (ie. Sweep the kitchen, feed the chickens). Then get everything you can in the house. But DON'T get anything from the basement. In the wizards bedroom you will find lot's of helpful things. One word of caution: the wizard will leave on a trip and he always returns around 30 minutes of playing time, so don't have anything magical in possession because the wizard will kill you. The next thing to do is leave the house and be careful going down the path. OUTSIDE THE HOUSE: Once down the path be careful of the two muggers (if you get mugged it's okay, I'll tell you about that later). Next you should get everything you can. (Another hint: On the disk is a file called OBJECTS, TYPE this file to see all the Items you need to get in the game.) If you get mugged you can get everything back in a tree by the desert. You must pull a rope beneath the tree in a hole and a ladder will come down you then climb it and there is a tree fort on the tree. You must get the porridge from the three bears cottage, but DON"T eat it, you will need it later. You must also get a thimble from the house and fill it up with dew drops from the flowers. To get the snake skin you must first kill Medusa. You can do this by going in a desert screen and have your man facing the right side of the screen, then when Medusa appears enter "use mirror" (which you got in the house) and she will fry! (turn into stone) then walk along the desert, ONLY up or down but never to the left because this leads nowhere and is useless. If you haven't already been in the fort in the tree you will need to go there to get some coins. Go to the store and buy one of everything. Keep an eye on your time because when the time gets around 30 minutes the wizard comes back from his trip and if your out of the house he will kill you. Get everything you need (Mistletoe, some mud from ocean, a cup of ocean water etc) then head back home. BACK IN THE HOUSE: Okay now you back home with all of that magic stuff so what do you do? Go upstairs and put all under bed. Then wait for wizard to come back. When he does he will want to eat so feed him some food, BESIDES the porridge, because you will need this later. The wizard will then go to sleep. At this time you will need all the stuff from outside the house and the wizards wand to make the spells. Having trouble finding the wand? Well all I will tell you is that the key to the wand is in the wizards bedroom, but DON'T take it when the wizard is sleeping, he will zap you. Having problems finding the fly wings? They are in the telescope room. Go in the basement (to do this move books in wizards den and then pull lever). Go downstairs to basement and watch out for the cat! If he is by the stairs leading to the basement you will trip over him and die. By the way did you get the cat hair from the cat and the dog hair from the dog in the store outside the house? If not you will need it. Next make the spells by typing the steps from the instruction booklet. Be careful you MUST type the spells exactly as the book shows them or you will die a horrible (and very funny) death! When you are done with the spells. Put everything under your bed except the porridge and the cookie that changes people into a cat. Put the cookie in the porridge and when the wizard wakes up feed the poison porridge to the wizard and then.... THE STUPID WIZARD IS DEAD!!!!!! (Well actually just a cat!) Have you been wondering how to get in the cave with the spider? Now that you have the spell to fly like an eagle, go to that screen and use it. You will pick up the spider and drop it in the ocean. To get a boat to travel across the sea go to the bar and give coin to captain. He will let you on the ship! NOTES: This is only part of the adventure if you need more help on the above hints drop me (that's John Geiser) a note and I will get back to you!. I also have solved Space Quest , King's Quest, King's Quest II and The Black Caldron if you need any help just ask! P.S. The most important thing when playing this adventure is to save the game frequently!! This helps dramatically!!!!! You MUST do this to win (unless you're real good). 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