King's Quest V Solve! By Opus Outland Roger Wilco +amp; Dr. Strange First we would just li

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-King's Quest V Solve!- By: Opus Outland Roger Wilco & Dr. Strange First we would just like to say that this was one of the easiest Sierra game we have ever played. Second, we would also like to say that this is also one of the best Sierra games we have played.. (Wonder why..-=]) At any rate.. On with the Solve! 1. MAP ------ You'll need a Map of the Land around you so you can figure out what area I'm talking about.. Look for the ANSi Map.. 2. What to do first.. --------------------- Get to know the commands and what they do.. you'll need to know a lot of things later when it is more dependant on the movements.. 3. What to do from the start.. ------------------------------ 1. Get the stick laying in front of the dead tree with the BEES swarming around it.. 2. Go to the ANT hill.. There should be a dog there.. throw the stick at the dog.. 3. Go to the INN and put the hand on the hay stack outside. 4. Goto the TOWN and look in the barrel near the broken wagon. Get the Fish inside the barrel. 5. Talk to the man working on the wagon. 7. Go into the Tailor store.. (First store that you can go to) and give the man inside the golden needle. (You'll get the coat) 8. Now when you're outside pick up the silver coin that is laying near the wagon. 9. Go to the BAKERY and get the pie. (Don't Eat it Yet!) 10. Go to the screen with the GYPSIES. and start heading out into the dessert.. (*NOTE* you have to start at the gypsies or you could die). 11. Directions for the first Oasis from the Gypsies.. LEFT-LEFT-LEFT-LEFT-LEFT-LEFT (Drink the Water!!) 12. Hide behind the Big rock on the left of the Oasis and wait for the horsemen to come and go.. Watch them closely.. 13. Now to get the boot.. DOWN-DOWN-RIGHT-DOWN Pick it up! Now to the Oasis go.. DOWN-DOWN 14. Drink the Water at the Oasis! 15. Then to get to the CARAVAN go.. LEFT-DOWN-LEFT-LEFT-LEFT 16. At the CARAVAN go into the Empty tent on the right... when you enter the tent grab (with the hand) the Rod in the back.. Then walk to the right side of the tent THEN out.. if you walk straight out you'll hit the sleeping man's feet and he'll kill you.. 17. Once outside the Tent goto the Vase right near the fire and drink the water! 18. Then head back to the Second Oasis. Reverse.. For those of you who are dumb enough not to know how.. it's RIGHT-UP-RIGHT- RIGHT-RIGHT.. 19. Then Drink the Water there and Go back up to the first Oasis. UP-UP-LEFT-UP-UP-UP 20. Then drink some water and goto the Temple and use the Rod you got from the Caravan on the big door.. (You have to go extremely fast.. so save your game here!) 21. Once inside. Make great haste in grabbing the lamp and the golden coin on the inside right near the door.. The Door WILL close on you so work fast and don't get trapped forever! (DO NOT RUB THE LAMP!!!!) 22. After you get outside the Temple go to the First Oasis and drink the water.. then go right until you reach the GYPSIES. 23. Then give the man outside the Gypsies the golden coin you got from the temple. You will be given an amulet from the Gypsy that will protect you from the magic of the Witch.. 24. Then Go into the Witch's Forest and when you first encounter her. Talk with her and then give her the Lamp.. She will vanish and then you can go to the WITCH'S HOUSE. Inside open the little incense burner and grab the key. Then open the trunk and get the Yarn spinner.. Then open the small drawer and get the bag of emeralds. Look closely for these things.. They are hard to find with VGA screens. 25. Once out of the Witch's House go Right and open the hole in the Tree and retrieve the golden heart. 26. Then go LEFT twice from the tree with the hole. Here you will find your way out here. First go as far left as possible and get as close to the middle of the left-hand side as you can.. Then use the honey comb you got from the BEES and you should have squeezed it so there is a pile of Honey on the ground. Then (If you haven't already done so) Open the pouch and find the emeralds inside. Then toss the emeralds down at the honey. A little man will come out and gab the emeralds.. after the third time of this you should throw it into the honey and the little man should get stuck in it. You should grab him (If the computer doesn't) and he'll show you the way out.. follow him! He'll give you a pair of shoes. 27. Now go left to the Weeping Willow tree and give her the Golden heart. She will drop her harp. Pick it up! Now go down and give the old gnome the yarn spinning machine. Get the Marionette! 28. Go to Town and enter the Toy store and give the Man the marionette! He should give you the sled. 29. Go to the Shoe shop and give them the shoes. They should give you their hammer. 30. Then go to the outside of the Bakery and when the cat comes chasing the mouse throw the old shoe you picked up in the desert at the cat. You'll be big buddies with the Mouse. 31. Now you should go into the INN.. you'll be knocked out but don't worry. The mouse will untie you.. Get the Rope, Use the Hammer on the door, Open the Door, Go out of the Cellar and you'll be in the kitchen. Open the Cupboard get the lamb-leg, and go out the door on the left! 32. Go back to where the GYPSIES were and pick up the Tambourine. Go to the screen with the snake and rattle the tambourine at it. 33. At the Icy Mountains, Put on the coat and go to the next screen. 34. At the next screen eat part of the lamb leg and use the rope and throw it up to lasso on the rock. (NOT THE TREE!). 35. Once you're up there put the hand on the first stepping stone to the left top of the group. Then jump to the next TOP stepping stone. Do the Same with the last one until there is only one to jump to. Then walk close to the right side of the old log and just use the travel command. (Just walk across) 36. On the next screen a wolf will grab the Owl you've been traveling with. Use the sled on the ground and take off after them! 37. On the outside of the Cave there will be an Eagle. Give the eagle your Lamb leg. He will save you later. Then walk toward the cave. 38. When inside the cave. At the First chance, Play the harp and she will let you go kill the Yeti. 39. When you are at the Yeti's cave and he is rushing at you, Throw the pie at him. That will kill him. Then go inside the cave and in the center of the room will be a crystal. Use the hammer on the crystal. Get the crystal (if it doesn't get it for you) and head back to the wolf. 40. Once the Wolf lets you go after you've been back to the cave go down and you'll be a the cliff. 41. at the cliff follow the path around to the top of the screen and then once you are at the right side, move over. Then when you are at middle of the path try to climb the cliff by walking near the side of the cliff you can see. 42. You'll be captured and taken to the nest of the big hungry bird. Grab the shiny thing next to you fast and wait for the eagle you helped out to come. 43. After you're dropped off by the eagle pick up the pipe kind of thing at the bottom of the screen and go to the screen above it. 44. Put the bee's wax in the boat. You'll seal the patch in it. Then push on the boat and here's the directions to the Harpies Island. RIGHT-RIGHT-RIGHT-DOWN 45. Here you will be captured and they will eat you unless you play the harp. Once you do that they will go fight over it and you should grab the hook on the ground and go left. Pick up your friend the owl and go left again. Now before you get into your boat and head off get the shell on the beach THEN head off. 46. Once in the Ocean head left until you hit the land. Then ring the bell of the Hermit's house and give him the shell. He will fix up your friend the owl and show you on your way to the Castle of the Evil wizard. 47. Here get the fish and start heading up to the top of the stairs. Here after you get to the screen with the two dragon heads on both sides of the path, use the crystal that you got from the Yeti cave and use it on yourself you can pass through the two dragon heads without any trouble. 48. Once up to the main gate of the castle go to the left side of the castle. Once there on the side, pry the grading open and go down into the maze. Once in the maze hunt around for a grey guy who looks like a rock. Once you find him give him the tambourine and he will jump up and down and drop a hair pin. Grab that and find the door in the maze and use the hair pin on it. -NOTE- FROM HERE ON IN IS LUCK.. YOU JUST HAVE TO WORK AT IT A BIT TO GET BY.. TOOK ME AGES. 49. Once inside the actual castle open the cabinet on the left and grab the bag of peas. You will need it when you see The evil magician's henchmen. When you do see them (at about any time) throw the peas at them. But if you get captured don't worry the lady will rescue you.. now on to the screen with her. 50. After getting the peas go up and give the lady washing the floors the locket. She will help you get out of the dungeon. 51. YOU MUST GET CAUGHT BY THE HENCHMAN ONCE AND USE THE FISH HOOK ON THE MOUSE HOLE IN THE DUNGEON TO GET THE MOLDY CHEESE!!! but first.... Don't forget to do # 50!!! 52. Now from the Kitchen where the lady is go right twice and then down. Wait for the henchman on the far right side of the screen. If you haven't used the peas yet BUT have been captured, wait for the henchman to come and throw the peas at him. (You'll need the bag that the peas were in later). When you see the black cat on any screen throw the fish at him then use the empty pea bag to capture him. Now go left and up the stairs. Then go to the left and then down till you are in the library and put the hand on the TOME on the table and you will learn spells to defeat the evil wizard. Wait until the Wizard goes to sleep in the study. You will see him appear and then fall asleep. Go up into his bedroom and grab his wand. Then go to the right twice and up the spiral staircase. 53. Go to the far right side after climbing the stairs. After the screen appears. Put The evil wizard's wand down on the machine. Then put Crispin's Wand on the other side. Then put the moldy cheese inside the machine and let it switch the power from the Evil Wizard's Wand into Crispin's. Then the Evil wizard will come into the room and you have to use Crispin's wand to cast Tiger spell when he becomes the dragon fly. Then cast Rabbit when he becomes the dragon. Then cast Mongoose when he becomes the snake. Then Cast Storm when he is the ring of fire around you.. 54. Sit back and watch the ending.. Enjoy! While your at it.. 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