CompuServe TEG15017 KING'S QUEST V Part 1 INTRODUCTION Welcome to Roberta Williams's most

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CompuServe TEG-15017 KING'S QUEST V Part 1 INTRODUCTION Welcome to Roberta Williams's most fantastic adventure to date: KING'S QUEST V: ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GO YONDER. This walkthru will aid you in your quest and bring you to a full 260-point conclusion in this 9.5Mb monster of a game! KING'S QUEST V does not pick up from where KING'S QUEST IV ended...well, not directly, that is. With his health fully restored by the magic fruit brought by Rosella from Tamir, King Graham leaves Castle Daventry for a leisurely walk into the beautiful woods surrounding the kingdom. Soon after he sets off on his walk, the evil wizard Mordack (brother of Manannan...uh-oh!) appears from a cloud of darkness outside the castle. Mordack casts a horrible spell, and the castle containing everyone (except Graham) is swallowed by a huge whirlwind, and carried back to Mordack's fortress. Graham hurries home after feeling the Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15019 horrible winds created by Mordack, only to find that there is no home! Graham looks in stunned disbelief at the hole in the ground where his castle once stood! "What happened?" screams a furious Graham. Then, a voice from a tall Oak tree bellows "Who-who-who, I know what happened, I saw the whole thing...." Your quest, Graham, is to retrieve your castle and family from Mordack, and destroy him in the process. Why did Mordack do this to begin with? Well, it seems that your son, Alexander, turned Mordack's brother (Manannan) into a cat back in KING'S QUEST III. The spell that Alexander cast was irreversible, unless the caster reversed it, which is why Mordack needed Alexander. The rest of the family serves as hostages for Mordack to use against Alexander. Your only help on this quest will be from Cedric the Owl, and the kingdom's wizard, Crispin, who is working on a method to defeat Mordack's magic. Crispin's wand will be your only possession when you begin the game. Cedric will be your partner in the game, and will follow you _almost_ anywhere (he's a chicken when it comes to danger). You will notice that this game is different from all the other games in the KING'S QUEST series due of its lack of a parser. Please read Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15021 your manual about the icons, and what each one does. STARTING OUT You will start off in front of Crispin's house. You have no need to go in because you have already spoken to him. You will find that the TRAVEL icon makes it easier to leave this screen. Click TRAVEL or walk one screen down. As you enter the screen, you'll see a poisonous snake guarding the path going to the mountains on the right. In case you missed him, Cedric will warn you of it. You'll want to go one screen left here, so click TRAVEL on the left-most part of the path leading left. When you enter the next screen, you'll see a very depressed young man sitting on a stump. Click TALK on him to find out what's wrong. It seems that his love has been taken away. Another thing for Graham to do; make a mental note: Find girl. Now, go back to the right (one screen). This time on the snake screen, go down a screen. You're now on the outskirts of the town of Serenia. VISITING SERENIA Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15023 Enter the peaceful town. While you're here, there are three stores you'll want visit: the Tailor's, the Shoe Shop, and the Toy Store. Visit the tailor's first; it's the store just to the right of the alley. Enter the store and talk to the clerk. Nothing of interest here, except for that nice cloak. It looks quite warm for cooler travels. You've got nothing to buy it with, Graham, so leave the store. Now, click LOOK and look at that shiny white pixel (it's small) just outside the store. It's a Silver coin! Click ACTION and pick it up. Now, go over to the barrel outside the alley and look in it. A fish? Click ACTION on it to get it. Now that you've got the smelly fish, go to the Shoe Shop (the next store on the right). Talk to the owners. It seems times are tough and they can't make enough shoes to stay in business. Another mental note: Save Shoe Shop. Leave the shop and go to the last shop: the Toy store. Talk to Santa, I mean, the owner. Nothing big happening in the toy world. In fact, there's nothing here for you except that nice sled. It looks like fun for boring winter days! Now that you know what you want, leave the store and the town, and go up one screen, back to the path with the snake. KING'S QUEST V is published and distributed by Sierra On-Line. Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15025 This walkthru is copyright (c) 1991 by RoboCop (Andrew Cogan). All rights reserved. Last page ! CompuServe TEG-15026 KING'S QUEST V Part 2 TEMPLE When you're on the screen with the snake on it, go one screen left, then one screen up. This is the entrance to the Witch's Forest. You have to go in there to find out what happened to that young man's fiance. But don't do it now; you're not prepared for her. Go one screen left and talk to the weeping tree. She's playing a harp in sorrow because of the witch who took away her heart, and she's lost her fiance as well (notice any connection)? Go down one screen. That gnome has a nice marionette there; I wonder if he'd give it to you? Ah, well, guess not. But talk to the elderly gnome and he'll be willing to trade something for it. Go one screen down again. You're now behind the Swarthy Hog Inn, a real dump. Go one screen left. Look at that tree full of bees! There should be a bear there bothering them; if there isn't, exit the Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15027 screen and come back. Throw the fish you got from the barrel at the bear. He'll grab it and wander off for lunch. The Bee Queen will thank you and give you a honey comb as a reward (lucky you!). Grab the stick on the ground and go up one screen. Those ants look busy! There should be a dog there trying to dig up the ant's house; if he's not there, exit the screen and come back again. Throw the stick at the dog and he'll run off to chase it (this dog isn't very bright; he gets lost doing so). The Ant King will thank you and offer his future aid to assist you on your quest. Go left one screen into the desert brushes. Cedric will stay because if his fear of desert bandits. Go down one screen and left five to arrive at an Oasis. Be sure to drink from it before leaving the screen. Go left two screens and down one. Look at that skeleton! Grab his boot (I doubt he'll be needing it). Go left three screens to another Oasis and grab a drink. Go up three screens, and right two. You'll arrive at the entrance to a large temple. Drink from that little puddle in front of the rock, and hide behind the rock until the bandits arrive. Watch the bandits stash their stuff in the temple with that magic staff. You can try and open the door without the staff after they leave, but it'll be useless; you'll have to find the bandits' Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15030 hideout to get that staff. Go left two screens from the "puddle" screen, and down three. Take a drink, go down three screens, and left one. BANDITS You'll arrive at the bandits' hideout but they're all too drunk to notice you! So, drink from the large container in front of the tents, then enter the small tent on the right. The game may ask you for information from your manual to cast a sleep spell. If it does, decode the symbols using your KING'S QUEST V manual. Go into the tent, grab the staff, and get out of there! Drink from the container, go one screen left, and three up. Have a drink, go three screens up, and two right. Have yet another drink and go up one screen to the temple's entrance. Use the staff to open the door. Way to go, ace: You broke the staff! Oh, well, enter the temple quickly, grab the brass bottle and gold coin (just to the right of the door), and get out. If you dally, you'll spend the rest of your life in Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15032 there! Go down one screen, drink, and go eight screens to your right. KING'S QUEST V is published and distributed by Sierra On-Line. This walkthru is copyright (c) 1991 by RoboCop (Andrew Cogan). All rights reserved. Last page ! CompuServe TEG-15033 KING'S QUEST V Part 3 COUNTRYSIDE Welcome back to the countryside; it's nice to see Cedric's back with you! By now, you should be at the gypsy's hut. Pay the man with the gold coin you just got from the temple, and go in to see the gypsy. She'll give you information on Mordack's motive for kidnaping your castle and your family. It seems your son Alexander turned Mordack's brother Manannan into a cat in KING'S QUEST III, and Mordack wants Alexander to turn him back into his normal ugly self. This is pretty heavy stuff! The gypsy will also give you a magic amulet to protect you from magic. Then, she'll kick you out of the hut and let you go about your business again. WITCH Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15034 Go two screens right, put on the Amulet, and get ready to enter the Witch's Forest. Cedric will chicken out again and leave you to do the dirty work by yourself. Enter the forest and follow the left path. Should the Witch show up, she'll try and turn you into a frog, but your amulet will protect you. While she's trying to figure out what's wrong with her spell, give her the brass bottle from the temple. Her greediness will make her open it, and the Jinni inside will be released! After 10,000 years of being in a bottle, he's glad to be out, and he'll stick the Witch in the bottle to take his place. So much for the Witch! Continue on this path until you arrive at the Witch's house. Enter the house (the game may ask you for the codes). What a decorator that Witch was! Open the chest and grab the spinning wheel. Then, get the key from the incense burner hanging from the ceiling. Open the drawer on the left, get the pouch, exit the house, and go right. Follow the path until you arrive at an odd-looking tree. Unlock the safe in the tree with the Witch's key and take the gold heart. This must be the weeping tree's heart! Let's get out of here and give it to her. Leave the forest. Uh-oh, you seem to be lost! Don't worry, though. Go one screen left from the Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15037 Witch's house. See those eyes in the background? One pair must know the way out of here! Use the honeycomb and spill a puddle of honey onto the ground. Then, go into your inventory, change the icon to the LOOK icon, and click on the pouch. There are three emeralds in the pouch! Throw an emerald: A little dwarf will run out, grab it, and dive back into the darkness. Throw another emerald: He'll grab it and leave again. Now, throw the last emerald. This time when he runs out to grab it, he'll get caught in the honey; grab him! Make him tell you how to get out of the forest. He'll agree, lead you out of the forest, and give you special Dwarf shoes as a gift for the emeralds (I don't know; I think Graham got ripped-off!). You'll crawl out from under a rock and be outside the forest again where you'll find Cedric waiting for you. Go one screen left, and give the heart to the tree. The tree will be turned back into a beautiful bride, the lucky groom will show up, and take her off to the ceremonies. She'll leave her harp there, so take it. Go left one screen. The gypsy's gone, but she left a tambourine behind. Pick it Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15039 up, go one screen right, and one down. Give the spinning wheel to the elderly Gnome and he'll give you the marionette in exchange for you returning his stolen spinning wheel. Leave him and go down one screen. Search the haystack. The ants will show up and help you search it in return for saving their house. They'll pull out a golden needle and give it to you. Walk along the path in front of the inn in an easterly direction. When you're near the edge of the screen, a cat should come running along chasing a rat. If he doesn't show up, exit the screen and come back. You only get one shot at this: Throw the boot at the cat. If you hit him, the cat will wander off, and the rat will offer you important future assistance in your quest. Go one screen right, enter the bakery, and buy a pie for a silver coin. Leave and go two screens left into town. BACK TO SERENIA First, go into the Tailor's Shop and give him his golden needle. As a reward, he'll give you the cloak. Then, go to the Toy Shop and give the marionette to the store owner. He'll be so in awe of its craftsmanship, he'll give you the Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15041 sled in return. Finally, go to the Shoe Shop and give the man the Dwarf shoes. With the shoes he'll be rich and will be able to retire from the shoe business. In his haste to enter into retirement, he and his wife will leave a hammer on the counter. Take it, leave the store, and go back to the Inn. Enter the Inn and try to talk to one of the men. He'll knock you out, tie you up, and throw you in the basement. If you saved the rat, it'll show up and gnaw through the rope. (If you didn't, you're stuck!) After the rat leaves, take the rope, and use the hammer on the padlock on the door. Open the door, grab the leg of lamb from the cupboard, and exit to the left. You'll exit through the side door and end up beside the haystack. Go back to the screen with the snake on it. Use the tambourine to scare off the snake. You're now free to venture into the mountains! KING'S QUEST V is published and distributed by Sierra On-Line. This walkthru is copyright (c) 1991 by RoboCop (Andrew Cogan). All rights reserved. Last page ! CompuServe TEG-15016 KING'S QUEST V 1 Introduction, Starting Out, Visiting Serenia 2 Temple, Bandits 3 Countryside, Witch, Back in Serenia 4 Moutains, Hermit 5 Harpie Island, Mordack's Castle, Endgame Enter choice !4 CompuServe TEG-15043 KING'S QUEST V Part 4 MOUNTAINS After getting rid of the snake, follow the path into the mountains. After a few hours, you'll arrive near the top. Wear the cloak for warmth, and if Graham gets hungry, nibble on the leg of lamb. Follow the path to the frozen waterfall, throw the rope onto the ROCK ledge which is jutting out, and climb the rope to the top. At the top, you'll notice several stepping stones. Save the game, and click ACTION on the first stone; repeat these two steps until you're across. (You'll find many stones are loose, and you'll fall, but that's what a saved game's for, right?) Now, click TRAVEL past the log, and Graham will climb over the log. Go one Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15044 screen to the right; a wolf will grab Cedric and run off (no big loss). Use the sled and jump the gorge (the landing will wreck the sled). Get up and follow the path. You'll come across a hungry Eagle. Feed him the rest of the lamb. He'll fly off full, and happy, and in your debt. Follow the path until the wolves capture you. They will take you to the Ice Queen who has captured Cedric, as well. She'll pronounce your sentence, and ask if you have any last words: Play the Harp. The Queen -- a real music lover -- will spare your life, and make a proposal to you: Clear her beautiful crystal cave of the Yeti that has taken up lodgings in it, and she'll set both you and Cedric free (you have to agree). One of the wolves will lead you to the Yeti's cave. Walk up to the cave, and when the Yeti shows up, throw the pie at him! It'll hit him square in the face, and he'll slip off the cliff. Don't leave just yet, though. Go into the cave and use the hammer to get a large crystal from the cave wall. Now, go back to the wolf, and he'll take you back to the Queen. The Queen will let Cedric out of his cage, and both of you will be free to go. Follow the path until you arrive at the flowing ice river. Walk to the huge cliff at the bottom of the screen, then climb the "tunnel" that's at the lower left side of the Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15046 cliff. If you climb the cliff and make it to the top, a roc will grab you and drop you into the nest for her little rocs to feed on. Grab the locket in the nest and hope they don't eat you. The eagle you fed will come streaking down from the sky to your rescue. All the roc will get is your cloak. The eagle will bring you to safety on a nice warm beach; Cedric will be there waiting for you. HERMIT Grab the crow bar, and go down the beach until you reach an odd house. When you ring the bell, a deaf hermit will come out and try to talk to you, but he'll go back inside because he can't hear anything. If only there was a way for him to hear you.... KING'S QUEST V is published and distributed by Sierra On-Line. This walkthru is copyright (c) 1991 by RoboCop (Andrew Cogan). All rights reserved. Last page !\ CompuServe TEG-15049 KING'S QUEST V Part 5 HARPIE ISLAND Welcome to the conclusion of KING'S QUEST V: Glad to see you've made it this far! Now that you've been to the hermit and realized he's more deaf than your Aunt Agnes, go up two or three screens from the Hermit's house, until you reach the shipwrecked boat. Click the used beeswax on the boat to patch its little holes, then hop in the boat and get ready for the high seas. You can try to sail the boat yourself in your quest "to get the old guy to hear," or click ACTION on the boat, go three or four screens right, then one screen down. If you mess up your navigation at all, Mr. Sea Monster will invite you to a game of full-contact water polo. When you arrive at the island, get out of the boat. As soon as you get out of Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15050 the boat, the Harpies will grab you and Cedric. Cedric will disappear, but the Harpies will take you to the summit of the island, and decide who gets your legs and who gets your arms. Play the harp. The Harpies will be so interested in the harp, they'll forget about you, and fly off fighting for it. Grab the silver fish hook on the ground, then go left one screen. Continue left until you find Cedric on the ground. Poor Cedric: The harpies hurt him bad! Pick him up, and continue left. At the beach, take the shiny shell on the left side of the beach, and jump in the boat. Once you're back on the high seas, go left until you arrive back at the Hermit's beach. If you land on a screen other than the one the Hermit's house is on, sail down one or two screens because you can only take Cedric out of the boat at the Hermit's house. At the Hermit's house, ring the bell. When he comes out, give him the Conch shell. He'll use it as a hearing aid, and you can now talk to him. He'll take you and Cedric inside his cozy hideaway, and fix a potion to bring Cedric back to health. He'll also provide you with a guide to Mordack's castle: a mermaid! The next thing you know, you'll be following a mermaid into the sunset in your Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15052 trusty boat. MORDACK'S CASTLE A couple of hours later, your guide will leave you on your own, but don't worry: You'll already be on a crash course with Mordack's Island. SLAM! Your ship will crash into the Island and become firewood; however, you've made it to the last leg of your quest: Mordack's Castle. But can you defeat him? Think not? Read on! Grab the dead fish beside the shipwreck, then go up the stairs. This is a good point to save your game. Keep following the path until you reach two ugly serpent statues on either side of you. For a laugh, keep walking; otherwise, use the crystal you took from the Yeti's cave. The beams from the statues will be reflected back into their own eyes, and destroy them! Keep following the path. When you get to the front door, you'll notice that there is a rather large gap between you and the door. Don't worry, just take a detour to the left, and follow the ledge around the castle until you reach a vent. Use the crowbar to open and enter the vent. Cedric will stand guard, and Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15054 you'll drop into Mordack's maze. In this maze, you are after two things: the Exit, and a large, blue, bouncing beast.... Because of the multiple locations of the beast, I'm afraid I can only offer the location of the exit of the maze. I recommend you map and explore your way around until you find the beast; you're going to have to find your way back to this screen on your own. When you find the beast, use the tambourine. It will grab it, play with it, do a back-flip, and leave. Take the hairpin it leaves behind. Now, go back to the screen with the vent above you. On the vent screen, make sure there are passages to the north, west, and south (save your game here). From there, go down one screen, right three, down one, right three, up one, and right two. You'll arrive at the locked door that leads out of the maze. Use the hairpin and pick the lock with it.'s open! Go in and get the bag of dried peas from the cupboard. Then, go up one screen. Look at the poor lady scrubbing and cleaning. Give the locket from the roc's nest to her. She'll be in your debt forever; believe me, you'll need her help! Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15056 Continue into the dining room and go one screen right. Walk toward the lower left door where a blue beast will show up to escort you to the dungeon. Don't worry, you'll take him out later; let him lock you up. If he doesn't show up, exit the screen and retry. ENDGAME When you get back onto your own feet in the cell, use the fish hook to get the cheese from the mouse hole in the north wall (save your game). Now, wait until that poor maiden you gave the locket to shows up and moves a stone to help you escape from your cell. Quickly leave the cell and follow her back to the kitchen. From the kitchen, go back to the screen where the blue beast captured you last time. This time when the jail guard comes to take you away, use the dried peas. He'll slip on them and knock himself out cold. Go one screen left and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, go to the left. If the cat (Manannan) shows up: Throw the fish at him, then use the empty pea Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15058 sack to trap him. He usually shows up in Mordack's Bedroom. Once you're in Mordack's bedroom, go one screen down into his lab. Read the book on the left side of his bench. All you'll see is four odd pictures; in reality, they're powerful counterspells that you will use to fight Mordack. Once you've read the book, stand to the left of the doorway, and hide until Mordack goes to sleep in his bedroom (you can see him through the doorway). When Mordack's asleep, go into his bedroom, grab his wand from the night table, and go one screen left. Once you're out of his bedroom, go one more screen left. This is Mordack's laboratory. You'll need to fix Crispin's wand quickly before Mordack awakens. Go up the spiral stairs and look at the right-most machine on the top floor. Notice the two stands? Put Crispin's and Mordack's wands on the stands, then drop the cheese from the cell into the machine, and step back! ZAP! The machine will drain Mordack's wand and recharge Crispin's. Uh-oh, Mordack just woke up, and he looks plenty mad! Mordack will appear, use his magic to grab his wand from the machine's stand, Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15060 and cast a deadly bolt of energy in your direction. Suddenly, Cedric will come in a window with news from Crispin and intercept the bolt of evil magic...with his head! He'll nose-dive into the ground and leave you and Mordack to do battle. It doesn't take Mordack long to realize his wand is busted, so he'll have to rely on his own magic. He'll turn into a hideous flying creature. When he turns into the flying creature, click the wand on Graham, and turn him into a tiger. The tiger will best Mordack's creature and take him to the lower level of the lab. Mordack will then turn into a fire-breathing dragon. Turn Graham into a rabbit so he can dodge the fire blasts. Now, Mordack turns into a poisonous snake! Turn Graham into a mongoose to meet Mordack on his own ground. Finally, Mordack will get careless and turn into a ring of fire and surround Graham (pretty careles, huh?). Now's your chance: Turn into a rain cloud and put an end to Mordack's picnic! The rain will quench Mordack for good and end his tyranny. You've done it: You've defeated Mordack! The poor maiden from the kitchen will enter the room to see what the noise was, and be delighted to learn you've put out Mordack's fire! She'll also reveal that she is really Princess Cassima (didn't see that coming, did you?) imprisoned by Mordack. But now, thanks to Press for more ! CompuServe TEG-15062 you, she's free! Now, how about your family? Don't worry, Crispin will show up and return your castle to Daventry, and your family back to family size. He'll also fix up Cedric back into tip-top shape. Cassima will join you and your family as you cuddle up and are warped back to your castle by Crispin. The ending scene is beautiful, so sit back and enjoy your triumph over the best PC game ever published! KING'S QUEST V is published and distributed by Sierra On-Line. This walkthru is copyright (c) 1991 by RoboCop (Andrew Cogan). All rights reserved.


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