Karateka by Jordan Mechner Getting Started If you don't know by now how to g

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|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=| | Karateka | | by | | Jordan Mechner | |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=| Getting Started If you don't know by now how to get started then you insert the disk in to drive one and turn the computer on. When you are ready to play then push the joystick button. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Controls Joystick Push the joystick up to stand up, and release it to get into a fighting stance. When you are in fighting stance, press button 1 and button 0 to kick and punch. Move the joystick up and down to control the height of your punches and kicks. Push the joystick to the right to advance and to the left to retreat. When you are standing up, push the joystick to the upper right to run forward. Press button 1 to bow. Keyboard When you are in fighting stance: Q/A/Z punch high/middle/low W/S/X kick high/middle/low --> advance <-- retreat SPACE stand up When you are standing up: B bow --> run forward <-- stop SPACE get into fighting stance The Game The game begins after you have made a long, hard climb up the rocky cliff beneath Akuma's castle. You pull yourself up onto solid ground only to find yourself standing before a massive gateway, your way barred by the first of the palace guards. Beyond the gateway, Akuma's palace looms in the distance. The row of orange arrows running across the bottom left of the screen tells you how many hits you can withstand. Every time you get hit, you lose one arrow. If your last arrow disappear, you DIE. When you are not getting hit, your arrows are gradually repenished. The row of blue arrows the bottom right gives you the same information about your enemy. Every guard has his own fighting style and can be identified by his headgear. As a rule, the guards get tougher as you get farther into the palace. When you kill a guard, take advantage of the opportunity and run. Your objective is to rescue the Princess Mariko, not to waste time sparring with flunkies. When you stand up, you drop your guard, leaving yourself extremely vulnerable to attack-a single well-armed blow may kill you-so be especially alert for signs of danger when you are standing or running. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This was typed exclusively for The Cracksmith's Forge no p/w An AE/CATSEND (214)263-9017 This was typed by Yellowbeard If you need more docs to other games just leave a message on the cracksmith's forge and I will get to you.. Special Keys ------- ---- ESC Freeze game J Select joystick control K Select keyboard control ^R Return to demo ^S Turn off music. Press again to turn off sound. ^X Flip joystick X-axis ^E Exchange X and Y axes ^B Exchange joystick buttons ^N Reset joystick parameters to normal values. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: TO THE CRACKSMITH, TO THE INTERN AND TO ALL THE PIRATES WHO MAKE GETTING THESE WARES POSSIBLE.. AND A SPECIAL THINKS MUST GO TO BRODERBUND WHO SEEM TO BE PRODUCING BETTER GAMES LATELY.. <=-=-=-----------------------------=-=>


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