INFIDEL by Infocom This is really one of infocom's easiest games to date... and with a som

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========================================================================== INFIDEL by Infocom ========================================================================== This is really one of infocom's easiest games to date... and with a somewhat disappointing ending. But it is still an infocom product and that means first rate adventuring! When you start off, you have been left in your tent by your muntinous workers. a crate is airdropped as you start out, but all that is in there is a navigation box that you need to locate the proper area to dig for the pyramid... of course this area is spelled out on the map that comes with the game package (shades of starcross) but don't worry... you don't need the crate's contents if you follow this step by step tutorial TO BEGIN: Get up, S, S, get rock and pack and matches, W, W, get axe and shovel, E, E, S, S, open sack, put pack and matches and axe in sack, get canteen, get sack, N, N, N, N, break lock with rock, get lock, drop lock and rock, open trunk, get beef and map, S, W, W, drink, open canteen, fill canteen, close canteen, E, E, E, S, S, E, E, dig in sand, again, again, again, again, unfold map, put cube in opening, drop map and shovel, D ==> You are now in the pyramid and ready to explore. You first need to eat, drink and light the torch, so: drop sack, eat beef, open canteen, drink, close canteen, drop canteen, get rope, tie rope to altar, throw rope north, get torch and jar and matches, open jar, pour liquid on torch, close jar, light match, light torch, put matchbook and jar in sack, get sack, D ==> OK, here is where you rack up alot of points... if you're interested in how the later puzzles are solved, note what jewel is found in which room (NW, SW, SE, NE) and also study the hieroglyphics in each room. If you're just out to solve this bugger, then just keep following these steps: push statue, get head, push statue NW, drop head, SE, SE, SE, get opal, NW, NW, NW, get head, push statue SE, again, drop head, NW, NW, NW, get diamond, SE, SE, SE, get head, push statue NW, push statue NE, drop head, SW, SW, SW, get emerald, NE, NE, NE, get head, push statue SW, again, drop head, NE, NE, NE, get ruby, SW, SW, U, drop all but torch ==> Whew! Well that was a pain. On to more interesting stuff: S, D, NE, NW, N, E, D, W, put torch in knothole, get shim, drop shim, push up beam, get torch, E, U, W, get beam, S, W, N, E, N, D, D, N, N, E, S, get silver chalice, N, W, W, S, get golden chalice, N, E, S, S, U, U, S, W, S, E, SE, SW, U, U, put ruby and diamond and emerald and opal in sack, get sack, W, S ==> Now you need to remove the right combination of bricks from this panel which will open the secret doorway. this combination is revealed in the papyrus scroll found on board the barge (study those hieroglyphics carefully!) get first brick, drop first brick, get third brick, drop third brick, get fifth brick, drop fifth brick ==> And now for the final sets of puzzles! E, N, D, drop sack, get axe, break plaster with axe, get sack, W, W, W, put beam in niches, stand on beam, break plaster with axe, open door, W, get beam, S, put beam in doorway, open door, W, drop sack ==> OK, now you must put the proper jewel clusters in the proper holes on the slab. the room direction in which you found the jewel determines which corner you put it on the slab: put diamond in first hole, put ruby in second hole, put emerald in third hole, put opal in fourth hole, open slab, get book ==> Now's a good time to replenish your torch, so: get jar, open jar, pour liquid on torch, drop jar, get sack, E, get beam, N, N, put beam under lintel, break seal with axe, drop axe, open door, N, E, put silver chalice on left, put golden chalice on right, drop sack, put pack in silver chalice, get scarab, W, put book in large recess, put scarab in small recess ==> Reading the book (using the spatula), and examining both the book and the scarab gave the clues to the above actions with the book and scarab. now, you must unlock the statues in a particular order. the clue to that order was in the headings to the hieroglyphics in each of the four rooms of the gods. the order is: turn neith, turn selkis, turn isis, turn nephthys, open sarcophagus ==> You've done it! But you're also dead. OK, interesting ending, huh? Not still, somehow very unsatisfying. Oh well, at least it's different!


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