Codename ICEMAN Paragraphs Typed by Golden One +amp; Hill Billy 232000 3181990 Page 5 U.S.

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Codename: ICEMAN Paragraphs Typed by Golden One & Hill Billy 23:20:00 3/18/1990 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Page 5 U.S. WHEN TO READ LOST PHOTO CONTACTING IN SEPARATE SEND PLACING MOTION VITAL FOR DECEMBER DESTROY ADMISSION PEOPLE TO FIND PASS TIME SO LINE OVER WANT WITH MARINE AND SHADE COONTZ SERVICE EXHIBIT CLOCK INTRODUCTION WEAPONRY OF NEAREST DECISION IS JUSTIFIED UNDER TOMORROW IS EVERY SILVER DEGREE ---------------------------------------- Page 7 NEXT STRANGE GO COMMUNIQUE SOMEHOW LAST OFF BUT IT ACTIVITIES DO CONFIDENTIAL FIRST ANNOUNCE MONEY IF RIGHT WEAPONS YOUR CAN OVERTHROW UPDATE ROLL CROSSINGS SERIES WILL 170 THING GOING RIBBON AFTER LARGE STAMP FALL OUT COURSE OF SHOE MAY CAUTION SAND TOP MOUSE RIVER MOON SHIP ---------------------------------------- Page 9 SONAR ANOTHER CAN SEE FACE 50 OFFICIAL NEWS AGENT WIT SOMEONE LOCATE WICK SIX 1000 LATITUDE QUEEN TELEVISION AS LONG IS PLAY THE OPEN STUFF LOOK ON SHALL DEGREES HEARD BEARING TEN 28NM WONDERFUL STILL IS ERRATIC FUNCTION THERE RUSSIAN SWORD DIRECTION CONTACT BUTTON BOWL SURFACE TWO TENT ---------------------------------------- Page 11 INSTRUCTION TO MINT WITH PARK REDWOOD DEAD MISSION UNDER THERE 4100 EXTREME 32 BIG CAPITAL FISHERMAN TYPE LOCK NECESSARY CALIFORNIA CAN BOTTLE PHONE OCEAN OFF YEAR RENDEZVOUS DONE CALL HOOD OLD BOY LONGITUDE WATER NOTHING FOR USE NIGHT CLIP HALF FOOT IN PING 7575/386 ---------------------------------------- Page 14 WITHIN NAME TO THE PUBLISHED DIRECTORY MESSAGE TACTIC GENERIC UNDERSTAND CODE NUMBER SIGNAL PAGE BEEP WRONG ON AS YOUR LIQUID COLUMN U2 IN SAND BANNER CARD WAR BADGE MEMBERSHIP SO WAR BOX CLUB MANTLE THROUGH JANUARY 1/24/2000 SCREEN SHOW TAPE OF MEDAL USS DEVELOP SEA ---------------------------------------- Page 15 TOUCH ACHIEVED SCROLL CALCULATIONS CAN WORD SPELL FROM STEER FISHERMANS CCAKE DONATION SHIPS SET TELEPHONE CRY DRILLING DEATH HOUSE UNTIL NET FEEL THAT 35 SHOULD ALLWAYS SHORE DIFFICULT AREA 10 ELEPHANT TOO A CERTAIN FILE OF WORTH VERY SMALL AT FURTHER IDEA TO BE WAY DIRECTLY UNEARTH Page 17 CAN INDIAN STRAITS ARIZONA 2700/56/000 BELIEVE BLUE ND ALPHA ONE EXPOSED LIGHT TANK PATROL. TOLL FIRE WETTING MERLIN ONE TEN HANG SUCH 20 BIGGEST GROUP CLEAR OCEAN DAVID REMOVE PAPER BY HELP THE NEED HOURS DEDICATED REMAINDER TOOL CHOICE 5NM PARTY LAMP %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Codename: ICEMAN Solution Typed by Golden One & Hill Billy 23:20:00 3/18/1990 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Follow (do what it says) the instructions in parenthesis "()." Type the instructions that are not in parenthesis "()." %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% TAHITI: Read paper Get up (Don't get shirt yet.) (Walk left.) Talk lady Play ball (Wait for girl to go in water.) (Go after girl.) (Use CPR. Type the following numbered commands in order) 1. Lay victim on back (Already done) 2. Shake and shout 3. Call for help 4. Establish airway 5. Look, listen, feel 6. Give 2 breaths 7. Look, listen, feel 8. Check pulse 9. Begin Compression (Now go to your bungalow. Go left, then up.) (Enter bottom bungalow.) Open drawer Get ID Get change Open closet Get book (It's at phone book in your coat pocket) (Go back to original screen.) Get shirt (Go up a screen.) Deposit change (In paper stand.) (Open door next to stand and enter.) Talk lady (Receptionist) Get key Get message (After she tells you she has a message for you.) Read message (Go to sign posted by upper-right plant.) Read sign (Write number down, 555-6969.) Enter Chi Chi bar (Right door) (Go to brunette at table.) Talk lady Dance Sit Talk lady Order girl drink Sit (Say 'Yes' when she asks you to go back to her place.) Kiss (Say 'Yes' when she asks you to go inside.) Kiss (Until you see fireworks.) (Exit house) Look ground Get earring Look earring Open earring Look in earring Get film (Go to your bungalow, left, left, left, up, bottom bungalow.) Dial General Braxton (Number in book) (Say 'Hi' when he answers.) (After he hangs up, dial number from sign, by Chi Chi bar door.) (Say 'Hi' when guy answers.) (Go to original screen.) (Get on dingy.) (Now sit back and relax for the plane ride.) AIRPORT: (Go outside and wait for limo.) (Say 'Yes' when driver asks if you're Commander John.) Show ID PENTAGON: Talk man (At the desk.) Show ID Push button (By the elevator.) Talk man (The guard.) Show ID Open door (upper-right) (Watch scene and write stuff down, especially stuff dealing with numbers.) Get up Get envelope Salute flag Leave Get ID (From guard, make sure it's yours.) Push button (Go back to limo.) PEARL HARBOR: Talk man (Say 'Yes' when he asks if you're Commander John.) Show orders USS BLACKHAWK: (Go to officer.) Salute flag Salute officer Talk officer CABIN: Open shelf Get book (US NAVAL INTELLIGENCE DECODING BOOK) Open drawer Get caliper Open door (Left side) PILOTING BLACKHAWK: *NOTE* Always wait for the captain to say it before you do it. Use with the ansi of the control panel. Close hatch Shift-F1 (Closed Circuit Monitor.) + (Engine Lever, 1 time.) Right arrow key (Turn 180 degrees, look under map display for degrees.) Left arrow key (Turn wheel back to center.) Right arrow key (270 degrees.) Left arrow key (Turn wheel back to center.) Up arrow key (Hold her steady until green sub in attitude indicater is centered with lines.) + (Engine Lever, 1 time.) Green board acknowledged (Prepare for dive sequence.) Up arrow key Down arrow key (Level off 200 feet, display is at upper-right hand corner, line 1.) Depth Attained (When depth is attained.) Right arrow key (360 degrees.) Left arrow key (Turn wheel back to center.) + (2 times.) Left arrow key (355 degrees.) Right arrow key (Turn wheel back to center.) - (4 times.) Get up (Wait til sub is at complete stop, upper-right hand corner, line 4.) CAPTAIN'S ROOM: 134 (Your part of the combo that you wrote down at the meeting at Pentagon.) Get combination (The captain will give it to you and you will write it down, in real life.) Look case Get envelope Open envelope Read orders (Write the stuff down.) Look chart (Follow Captain.) CHART IN SUB: Go to map Look map Plot course (To plot course use cursor and press enter. Press enter twice when done.) (Type 'Change course' to go back one Waypoint.) Coordinates are: LAT: LONG: WP 0 30 170 WP 1 72 170 WP 2 86 86 WP 3 83 2 WP 4 65 23 WP 5 36 12 WP 6 00 00 Leave map (Go back to seat to get radio messages.) (Follow captain's instructions to radio contact.) CONTROL ROOM: Talk to radioman (He'll give you codes from Washington and CIA. Use decoding instructions below to decode messages.) (Go to Captain's quarters, open safe with combo 23448803, open case with combo 762134.) Insert ID Insert film (Write the offsets down, yours will be N = 3 because you are Navy.) *DECODING* Washington: 1. Your message will consist of two groups of 3 letters, write them down. Look decoder book in your inventory. 2. Replace first group of three letters from the code with the corresponding number from the decoding book. Those three numbers represent page number, line and word. 3. Look at the file PAGE.DOC for the page indicated. Find line and word, that is your primary word. 4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the second group of 3 letters. That is your secondary word. 5. Enter primary and secondary words into the computer in your quarters. CIA 1. Your message will consist of two groups of 3 letters, write them down. Read the decoding book in your possession. 2. Replace the first group of 3 letters from the code with the corresponding numbers in the decoding book. Add the CIA offset to the number you get from the decoding book (be sure to select the N for Navy offset). Anytime you get a number greater than 10, subtract 10 and the remaining number is your true number. Those three numbers represent page number, line, and word. 3. Look at the file PAGE.DOC for the page indicated. Find the line and word, that is your primary word. 4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the second group of 3 letters. That is your secondary word. 5. Enter primary and secondary word into the computer in your quarters. TORPEDO ROOM: (After you are done decoding your message, go to control room, down the stairs, left to tube, climb down, go right.) Inspect machine (At first they'll say nothing.) Cycle machine (After scene, inspect machine again.) Get cylinder Measure cylinder (Go to Machinery room, up tube and left.) MACHINERY ROOM: Open cabinet Get pin Get nut (This is for later.) 1/2" Get washer (This is for later.) 1/2" Get cylinder 6" (Go to lathe, center towards the back of the room.) Use lathe Set lathe 1" Turn on lathe Use drill (Machine next to grinder.) Select bit 1/4" Turn on drill Use grinder (Last machine.) (Go two screens left.) Open drawer (In Engine room.) Get hammer Get wrench (This is for later.) 1/2" (Go to torpedo room, three screens right, down tube, and right.) TORPEDO ROOM: Put in new cylinder Put in pin Cycle machine (Go to cafeteria, up tube and right.) CAFETERIA: Get bottle (Say 'Yes' when he asks you if you want to play.) (You can only restore twice when you're playing before he calls you a cheater.) How to play the game: (You are trying to win the bottle of rum, all of his money, and a magnetic device.) C = Call R = Roll N = New game / roll again (Go upstairs and to helm.) HELM & DESTROYER: (Try and do the below so that you only use one decoy.) (Bring down weapon control panel. Turn off active sonar, F3. Turn on silent running, F4. Dive to below 600 feet. Slow down to 5 knots.) (Don't attack too soon and give your position away. Shoot decoy, Shift + F6 to lock, then Shift + F8 to fire, to get rid of torpedo. Try to use only one.) (When a white line appears and gets to the middle of the Close Circuit Monitor, shoot your Harpoons ONLY. You have to hit him at least three times before he sinks.) Get up (Get code and decode it.) (Go back to helm.) HELM & ICEBERGS: (Navigate it so that you are always going north, 350-15. Try not to hit anything.) Contact ice station (Once you're through and your sonarman tells you that it's Ice Station.) Get up (Get code and decode.) (Go to helm.) HELM & ALPHA SUB: (You're now fighting the Alpha sub. Dive to 1200 feet. Stay there, turn off your Active sonar and turn on your silent running. Do not shoot your decoys for the first group of about 6 torpedos. After the first 6 past, dive quickly and turn on your Active sonar. Use your decoys to get rid of the torpedos. Also, decrease to 0 knots. Shoot your decoys immediately after the torpedos appear on the screen.) (Once you see the bottom on your active sonar screen, get it so that you're as close to it without breaching your sub. Then turn off your active sonar, turn on your silent running and wait. Watch the sub on your Close Circuit Monitor. Wait until the white line goes all the way across the screen and then almost all the way back to his screen, about 2 or 3 centimeters from leaving the screen. Then shoot two or three Stingers. Then increase your speed, and turn. Try not to get hit by the torpedos that the sub will launch.) (Wait till your sonarman says that he hears irregular pings. Then turn on your active sonar and turn it off quickly.) (You then follow the Coontz, which will be the cross on your screen. Imagine your screen as a compass with 0 degrees being North, 90 degrees being East, 180 being South, and 270 being West. As the Coontz moves, follow them right into Tunisia. One note, you can turn faster if you are moving faster.) DIVING: (Go to torpedo room. Open cabinet. Get flares and explosives) (Leave and go to the machinery room.) Get key (Go right to tube, down, and left.) Open locker (Go to machinery room, right, and right.) Push button Get diver Inspect diver Examine vibration Check shaft Measure shaft Put washer on shaft Put nut on washer Tighten nut Climb Open door DIVING: Put on gear (You then get to maneuver the diver. Maneuver so that you get as close to the heading, display at upper-right of screen, as possible and then go in a direction so that the distance decreases.) OIL RIG: Set explosives (You then maneuver to the harbor. Do the same so that you get as close to the correct heading as possible and then go in a direction so that the distance decreases.) HARBOR: (Swim left.) Use device (Swim up, right, right, right.) Tie diver to pillar (Swim left, left.) (Wait for net to come down.) Put bottle in net (Wait for net to come down, then go up) ISLAND: (Go to old man.) (Say 'ICEMAN' to man.) Get fish Look fish Get line Look line Look weight Open capsule Look map (Follow map to room.) Get disguise (Try to avoid the guard, go right, up, left, to oasis.) (Say 'ICEMAN' to lady, which happens to be Stacy.) Get map Look map (Follow map to room, right, right, up, left, through door 84.) ROOM: Get sugar container (Container on counter on left.) Open container Empty sugar Remove bottom Remove foam Get gun Look out window Open refrigerator Get butter Remove lid Get paper Read paper Get card (By the phone.) Read card Dial (03-120-1204) Talk man Dial (13-555-8097) Order food Get tape Open door (When caterer knocks.) Use gun Get clothes Use tape (Leave room after Stacy comes and goes.) VAN: Get food Hide gun (In the food.) Open door (Go to guard and follow.) ROOM W/AMBASSADOR: Give food Remove lid (Do the commands below as quick as possible or you die.) Get gun Shoot guard (Press F3 immediately after 1st guard is shoot.) Shoot guard Free ambassador (Wait for him to finish talking.) Disguise ambassador (Leave) VAN: (You can either drive through the screen, going fast on straightaways and slow on turns, or you can skip it with F8.) CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE JUST FINISHED CODENAME: ICEMAN!!! %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Codename: ICEMAN Control Panel %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% By: Mephistopheles /2\ Code-name: ICEMAN \/ Control Panel A B C D Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ Ĵ5 3 Ĵ6 Ĵ7 1 Ŀ Ĵ8 31 Ĵ9 4 30Ŀ 2811 \\ \/ // Ŀ 29\\ 24 //10 27 \\ \/ // 14 Ŀ 15 ¿20 18 17  \ 26 Ŵ23  \ \ \ 12 25 21  16 32 \ \ 13\ / \ 33 22 19 \ / \ \ \ %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Part ][ of Code-name: ICEMAN 1. Map 18. Attitude Indicator 2. Fire Control Panel 19. Wheel 3. Vertical Sonar 20. Closed Circuit TV On/Off 4. Ranging Sonar 21. Torpedo Tube Indicator On/Off 5. Depth Gauge 22. Torpedo Tube Flood On/Off 6. Water Temperature 23. Fire Control Panel Activate 7. Time Clock 24. Rudder Indicator 8. Speed (In Knots) 25. Emergency Ballast Control 9. RPM Indicator 26. Hatch Indicator 10. Stern Plane Indicator 27. Compass 11. Longitude Indicator 28. Latitude Indicator 12. Dive Lever 29. Bow Plane Indicator 13. Engine Lever 30. Heading Indicator 14. Ballast Indicator 31. Multipurpose View Screen 15. Silent Run On/Off 32. Throttle Speed Indicator 16. Silent Run Indicator 33. Dive Plane Indicators 17. Sonar On/Off


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