Hugo II +quot;Whodunit?+quot; Walkthrough and List of Points Following the instructions in

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Hugo II: "Whodunit?" Walkthrough and List of Points Following the instructions in this list of points should get you all the way through Hugo 2: "Whodunit?", from Hugo's sudden disappearance to the surprise ending. In a few cases, it is helpful to have "pre- pared commands. Type the commands while you are moving, or you may be able to type while on the previous screen, then hit as soon as you are in the new screen. Parlor -- -- Go upstairs to third bedroom (you can't do anything else) Bedroom 3 3 Hugo takes yellow book and disappears 5 8 Look through keyhole 3 11 Take yellow book and go through bookcase Study 1 12 Talk to bird (who saw murder) 5 17 Take matches 5 22 Use telephone (with no result) 10 32 Enter dumbwaiter Baby's Room -- -- (Nothing but the author's little joke) Kitchen 5 37 Take garlic Venus Fly Traps 15 52 Get magnifying glass -- -- (Find your way through the venus fly traps. It is a roundabout route. Exits return to house and gate.) Gardener's Shed 15 67 Eat Garlic (to get rid of gardener) Red button -- Overhead light Yellow button -- Gate lights Green button -- Bug light at bees (you must see it first) 10 77 Blue button -- Gate to maze (you must see it first) -- -- Go right to gate and maze. (If gate is not open, return to shed and push blue button again.) Maze 10 87 Get gun 5 92 Get bell (good to call for help) 15 107 Get bottle (contains serum) Bridge 5 112 Get catnip (sprigs by path) -- -- Drop matches, take a step, pick up the matches, repeat until over bridge -- -- Go right Bees -- -- Stop when you enter area, then return to gardener's shed. (Note: Drop matches before you recross bridge, and pick them up again later.) Gardener's Shed 10 122 Push green button Bees -- -- Wait for bees to fly to light, then walk through. Old Man 5 127 Hit old man for asking dumb questions (automatic) Leave at right; Prepare for next scene Snake 15 142 "Drink serum" -- prevents or cures snake bite Leave to right Doghouse 5 147 Get stick 5 152 Throw stick (dog runs after it) -- -- Get dynamite from doghouse -- -- Return to snake area (dead end) Snake -- -- Go south Phone Booth -- -- Read wall across street 5 157 Enter phone booth (call police, meet in living room of house at 6:00) 15 172 Dial 1-800-333-HUGO Underground 10 182 Shoot robot (prepare while scene is forming) -- -- Walk into underground area 15 197 Meet doctor, who gives you screwdriver (automatic) -- -- Return via phone booth, snake, old man, then down Well 5 202 Climb down rope -- -- Place dynamite (near pile of rocks) -- -- Light dynamite -- then . . . 20 222 Climb rope (type as you walk left) -- -- Climb down rope after blast and walk into cave Left Cave 10 232 Get lamp Center Cave -- -- Cross chasm by walking along front of screen (can not be done after you have met genie) 5 237 Get banana Right Cave 9 246 Rub lamp -- -- Talk to genie 7 253 Give banana (he will open trap door) -- -- Climb ladder through trap door into house Room with Safe 1 254 Look at mouse hole (bite is no problem) 8 266 Open safe with screwdriver 5 271 Take will (automatic) 8 279 Read will Dining Room -- -- Go right to cat room Cat Room -- -- Rub catnip on bell 5 284 Give bell to cat Dining Room -- -- Take album -- before maid returns 5 289 Look at album Kitchen 5 294 (automatic) Music Room 5 299 Talk to Harry Hester's Room 15 314 Read letter -- while Hester is pouring drink. (This must be done on your first trip to room.) Note: Some of these activities must be performed to cause the policeman to arrive. If they are not done, you can not play out the end of the game. I do not know which ones they are, except for the one that I had to find to end my own game. Living Room -- -- Policeman assembles everyone in game (in- cluding genie and snake) 1 315 Answer "whodunit" question correctly Hugo, in Laundry 5 320 Take pencil 5 325 Take newspaper 1 326 Read newspaper -- -- (Note: The answer is "herring," as in red. Ha, ha.) 7 333 Slide paper under door 12 345 Push pencil through keyhole -- -- Get out of room (automatic) In Hallway -- -- (automatic) Note: This gives you 345 out of 350 points. You can get 5 more points if you take the bell back after the cat uses it. I presume this accounts for the last 5 points. I would like to acknowledge the help of Bob Anderson and Charles Freeman in getting through the game. -- Roger Wollstadt


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