Here is one solution to Hugo's House of Horrors V1.2 Points OUTSIDE HOUSE 1. walk to pumpk

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Here is one solution to Hugo's House of Horrors V1.2 Points OUTSIDE HOUSE: 1. walk to pumpkin 2 2. GET PUMPKIN 7 3. SMASH PUMPKIN 12 4. GET KEY 5. UNLOCK DOOR 6. OPEN DOOR 23 7. walk in door IN THE HALL: 26 1. GET CANDLE 34 2. LOOK IN HOLE 40 3. GET PENKNIFE 46 4. GET WHISTLE UPSTAIRS DOOR TO LEFT (Bedroom) 1. OPEN DOOR 2. walk to wardrobe 3. OPEN WARDROBE 4. walk to object 50 5. PICK UP MASK 6. walk out of room UPSTAIRS MIDDLE DOOR (Bathroom) 1. OPEN DOOR 2. walk to mirror 3. LOOK AT MIRROR 4. walk out of room UPSTAIRS RIGHT ROOM (Lab) 1. walk in room (lose 4 points on mask) 2. walk in box 3. while shrunk, walk to table on left 4. LOOK TABLE 5. walk behind glass door 57 6. GET BUNG 7. return to box 8. ASK IRGOR TO PRESS RED BUTTON 9. ASK IRGOR TO PRESS YELLOW BUTTON 10. ASK IRGOR TO PRESS GREEN BUTTON 11. walk out of room DOWNSTAIRS DOOR TO RIGHT (Dining room) 1. walk to door 61 2. PUT ON MASK 3. walk in room and wait for waiter to ask question 69 4. answer YES 5. walk out back door on left side of screen KITCHEN: 1. walk out center door GARDEN: 1. walk to shed 2. OPEN DOOR 78 3. answer 333 4. walk in shed 5. LOOK 82 6. GET OILCAN 7. walk back to kitchen Solution to Hugo's House of Horrors V1.2 - Page 2 KITCHEN: 1. type THROW CHOP TO DOG before walking in room to left, do not press enter until you are in the room 2. walk to right edge of rug 90 3. LIFT RUG 4. OIL BOLT 5. UNDO BOLT 107 6. OPEN TRAPDOOR BASEMENT: 1. you can do nothing here except walk between the two rocks to the right of the door. BATCAVE: 126 1. BLOW WHISTLE (quickly) 2. walk to opening in back of cave 3. save your game here, next room may require several restores 4. walk through opening MUMMY ROOM: 1. walk to left of small rock on left of screen and experiment coming back to rock so that the mummy gets hung up on rock to right. 2. walk between rocks and again walk straight up to get mummy to come around the top of the rock, you must be very quick to start back down and then go to the right which will cause the mummy to get hungup on the left side of rock. 3. walk to the gold 136 4. PICK UP GOLD 5. quickly walk in mummy's coffin LAKEROOM: 1. walk to boat 2. GET IN BOAT 3. PLUG HOLE WITH BUNG 4. CUT ROPES 5. PUSH OFF 6. boat will drift over to the old man, you can not get out of boat 7. ASK OLDMAN TO SPEAK 8. answer the questions that the old man asks: 1) BILBO 2) NARNIA 3) BRAM STOKER 4) C 5) MAN 6) BULLET 169 7) YES 9. GET OUT OF BOAT 10. walk to tunnel DEADEND: JAIL: 1. LOOK 2. walk to guard 190 3. GIVE GOLD TO GUARD 4. walk in door (Game over, press enter for messages)


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