Walkthrough for GOBLIINS 2 Henning Koch Level 1 Village, Well, Giant First Fingus has to s

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Walkthrough for GOBLIINS 2 Henning Koch ========================== koch_h@lifra.lif.de Level 1 (Village, Well, Giant) ------------------------------ First Fingus has to steal the bottle, while Winkle tries to steal the sausage. At the well Fingus has to push the statue. While the statue is spiting water, Winkle has to fill the bottle. Then Winkle has to scare off the frog with the bottle. Take the stone. With the stone Winkle must use the mechanism. Let Fingus pull down the mechanism, while Winkle goes up. After Fingus has spoken with the magician, let Winkle jump into the chimney. Now the door is open. In the house Winkle has to kick the tail. While the mouth is open, Fingus has to take the matches. Now you must use the bottle and the matches on the kettle (wait). Then one of them has to blow out the fire. Take the key, put it into the clock, turn the key and while the bird comes out, Winkle has to throw the stone on the bird. With the key you can open the door to the wine-cellar. Take the wine. In the village give the poured flower to the old man with the sausage. Now you must put Winkle on the mat in front of the house and Fingus has to push the button. From the top of the house Winkle can take the sausage. In the level with the giant Winkle has to grab the hen. While he holds the hen, Fingus must use the sausage on the hen's head. Take the egg. While Fingus is putting the sausage through the hole in front of the dog, Winkle goes past the dog and goes through the tree. Then both Goblins go back through the hole in the wall. After one of them fire the wood, Fingus has to put the egg into the fire. Then wake up the giant and give the sausage and the wine to him. Now you can go into the next level. Level 2 (Ditch, Kael, Vivalzart, Musicroom, Tom) ------------------------------------------------ Fingus has to take a bomb out of the tower. While he holds it, Winkle fires it with the matches. Then Winkle takes a bomb and fires it while Fingus holds it. After that Fingus takes a bomb again and fires it while Winkle holds it. Then one of them goes on the carpet and speaks with the magician. In the level with Kael Winkle has to use the bottle on the nymph. After Winkle gives the bottle to Kael and stands on his branches, put Fingus on the rock under the branches. And now they have a flower. One of them has to put the flower in the stone and you get honey. Winkle opens the stone and Fingus has to jump on the bee. He gives the honey to the nymph and takes the mushroom which the nymph shows you. Let Winkle knock on the door and Fingus shows the mushroom to Vivalzart. In the house Winkle has to take a worm. Put Fingus on the plate under the vulture. Winkle must push the button and while Fingus is hanging on the meat, Winkle has to throw the worm to the vulture. Give the meat to the piranha and take the bone. Then Winkle has to put the mushroom in the machine and Fingus must push the button. After that Fingus goes on the dustbin and Winkle gives the bone to Vivalzart. Then take the wash-clip. Now both must fill the bottle and then they are at the musicroom. Winkle has to grab through the floodlight and put the blowstick through the catch- sock. Then he has a catch-net. Now Fingus has to jump on the feather. And while he is jumping, he has to grab through the floodlight. Now both have to jump on the feather (together). Then Winkle has to clamp the pipe with the wash-clip. Fingus goes to the guitar player through the hole on the left side. Winkle jumps into the hole on the right side and catches the guitar player's note with the net. Winkle blows the saxophon player with the pump. Then Fingus has to go through the hole and catches the mosquito. Now Fingus has to blow the saxophon player and Winkle catches the note. Now Winkle has to put the mosquito through the floodlight and Fingus catches the last note. Now they are in the level with Tom. Winkle has to throw the ball with the stone. Now he has to go into the house with the boy. While Winkle goes in, Fingus has to go into the house on the top. Now Fingus gives the ball to the basketballplayer. While the ball is jumping on the basket, Winkle has to jump into the basket. After you spoke with the mayor and Tom, Winkle has to throw the melody into the house at the bottom. Then speak with Tom. Take the sand-clock and use it on the ditch. Go through the hole and you're in the next level. Level 3 (Guards, Blacksmith, Well) ---------------------------------- In the level with the guards Winkle has to wake up Krusty. While the mouth of one guard on the right side is open, Fingus has to grab the bubble gum. One of them puts the bubble gum into the keyhole. Winkle has to put the mayonnaise under the mask on the floor. Then Fingus goes above the board on the top of the screen and jumps on the mayonnaise. While the guard is deverted Winkle has to grab the rapier. Give the rapier and the stamp to the blacksmith. Then Winkle has to use the stool on Oto. Fingus quickly has to jump on the lance. After Fingus jumps on the bellow, he goes to the blacksmith and takes the key and the anvil. While Winkle gives the mayonnaise to the gnome on the right side, Fingus takes a piece of meat with the stool. In the level with the guards Winkle gives the meat to the gnome with the teeth. Then one goblin opens the cupboard. Take a diving suit with each goblin. In the level with the well the well goes into the tunnel. Then he lifts the axe. Now Fingus pushes the button at the axe. Fingus goes into the tunnel. And while the mouth is moving, Winkle goes into the door. Now Fingus quickly goes on the stool and ties the rope on Schwarzy. Then Winkle shocks Schwarzy with the teeth and gives the anvil to him. Finnaly both goblins put on their diving suit and go into the well. Now you can swim into the next level. Level 4 (Wreck, Mermaid) ------------------------ Fingus has to push the light-fire. Then Winkle has to catch the lamp-fish. Now Winkle puts the lamp-fish to the ??? on the right side. In the level with the blind mermaid Fingus slips through the hole besides the exit. While Winkle is throwing the shell, Fingus catches it. Now Fingus climbs on the sea-horse with the stool. Then he grabs into the cave and while the glove appears, Winkle throws the shell from the place where Fingus catched the shell. Now Winkle grabs the shell and takes a glove and a starfish. Then Fingus puts the glove above the gel-monster, takes the bottle and gives the parchment to the octopus. Now Winkle takes the bottle, takes the pearl and gives it to the mermaid. Then he takes the glove and goes back to the wreck. There Winkle calls the moray per light-fire. Now put Fingus on the big shell. When Winkle uses the control wheel, Fingus will catapult up. While Winkle throws the starfish on the chest, Fingus has to touch the statue and takes the rapier. Now Winkle goes through the door and Fingus throws the rapier against the skull. He takes the diamond, gives it to the mermaid and goes to the exit (don't forget the stool). Now you are in the next level. Level 5 Stock Chamber, Throne Room, Armament Chamber) ----------------------------------------------------- In the stock chamber Fingus has to touch the sword-fish. Now Fingus lifts the cover of the pot and Winkle puts the salt into the pot. Take the file out of the three pots. Then Winkle goes to the rope above the cook. While Fingus takes the rope on the other side, Winkle pulls on the rope. Fingus has to file the chain of the cage and takes a nail. Winkle has to put the salt on the meat balls, while Oumkapok takes up the cook. Winkle has to put the nail on the box. Now Fingus must pour the friend- drink above the flying meat ball and Oumkapok is now friendly. Then you must go to the throne room. Fingus takes the pepper. Winkle holds his hands on the parapet and Fingus goes on them. Now Fingus pushes the button and Winkle goes through the door on the right side. Fingus goes to the tongue and pulls it while Winkle is in the ear. Now Winkle pulls the tongue while Fingus is in the ear. Then Fingus grabs in the hole on the right side with the glove while Glotziok is deverted from Winkle whilst he puts his head through the opening on the right side. You must put the cockroach in front of the hole on the right side and pour friend-drink on it. Now you let a cockroach come again, take the cockroach and go to the armament chamber. At the armament Fingus jumps per stone-pressure in front of the window. He opens the visor and puts the crown on the helmet. Then you take a feather from the helmet and put this feather in the red paint at the painter, put the cockroach in front of the hole, pour the friend-drink above it, use the red feather on it and put pepper on it. The fool is free now and can reduce the both goblins. Now you are in the next level. Level 6 (Board) --------------- At the map Winkle takes the point of the knife and Fingus takes the grasp. You must repeat this process some times. Now take the reader-sign. Winkle has to lever the eye with the match and the fool kicks the eye. Put the reader-sign in the candle and hold the fragment into the light-ray. You must put the wax into the seal and take the imprint. You must put this imprint into the stamp. Put the seed on the Village on the map, slide down the beanpole and you are in the next level. Level 7 (Kael, Dreamland, Mountain) ----------------------------------- Winkle climbs through the hole and takes a bean. He gives this bean to the mole. While the mole is pulling the bean, Fingus takes the moles' cap. Now Winkle takes with the match an apple from the tree. While the apple is jumping, Fingus catches it with the cap. Winkle puts the apple in the hole. Finally both goblins must eat a mushroom. In the dreamland Fingus touches the cone and while the ball is jumping, Winkle goes on the star. Winkle puts the ball on the cover and stay with it there. Now Fingus has to stand on the plate (safety-pin). You take a ball again, put it on the cover and put Fingus on the catapult. Fingus jumps on the plate again and Winkle is up. There Winkle has to push the aerial, put himself on the bubble and when he lands on the cover, Fingus must jump on the plate (safety-pin). Now you put Winkle up again. Put Fingus on the plate in front of the bubble-man and Winkle jumps on the topmost plate. Now Fingus is up, too. Fingus pushes the button. And while the fool is catched in the bubble-ring, Winkle pushes the aerial. Now you must prick the bubble with the safety-pin and they are in the level with the beanpole again. Put the fool on the catapult. While Fingus pushes the button (then the key comes), Winkle catapults the fool to the key (try it, until a bird comes). Now you can go to the mountains. While Fingus lifts the stone, Winkle takes it. Now Fingus takes the stone, which Winkle lift to him. Then put Winkle on the head of the lion and let Fingus throw the stone. Winkle pushes down the head. You must lift the stone again, but this time only to the second floor. Then Winkle goes on the head of the lion again and Fingus throws the stone. Fingus goes on the head of the lion and Winkle let fall the head. Now you let jump Fingus on the !!! until Winkle can reach the rock. Winkle makes a bridge between the rocks. Fingus goes above the bridge, file the bird out of his cage, takes the key and the fool, goes into the screen with the beanpole, unlocks the door and goes into the next level. Level 8 (Tazaar) ---------------- Give the magic water to the fool. Winkle has to paint with the pencil on the portrait and a boomerang comes fly, which Winkle can take from the arm-chair. Winkle pours water on Tazaar with the cup and Fingus takes the teeth-poke with the boomerang. Now Winkle has to paint on the board with the pencil three times. Winkle opens the skeleton with the teeth-poke and makes the sponge wet in the puddle. Winkle blows the whistle and Fingus holds the sponge into the smoke. Now you must go through the door and you are in the next level. Level 9 (Death-Empire) ---------------------- There Winkle goes to the !!! and Fingus on the eye. While the crocodile wants to snatch the mouse which Fingus holds to it, put Winkle on the head. He will catapult up, throws the boomerang against the teeth and quickly goes the !!!. Winkle puts the sponge on the rock. Now put the fool on the eye and catapult him to the sponge. While the water runs out, Fingus quickly must paint a door on the rock and Winkle quickly must open the door. Go out of the door and you can enjoy the Happy-End. Henning. -- Henning Koch, koch_h@lifra.lif.de D-6367 Karben 5, Germany, Phone: +49 6034 5237 (Errors in my English? I'm only 12 years old and still learning...) X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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