The Adventures of....... +gt;+lt; +gt; +gt; +gt; +gt;error +gt;erret The

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\ ____ ____ The Adventures of....... \ (____><____) _____________ _____________ \ [] \____ ______>\ _________> \____/------\____ \ \ \ _____> _\ \_>error \_>erret The Rodent Merchant of _____________ \>\ DEATH! / \ \ / \----\ / For Presented by her owner, the insane mat JASON SCOTT! A plunge into ted the deep world of for Print this out.. the rodent that can't be 80 Columns.... Distribute it EVERYWHERE! stopped... EVER! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= She stood at the end of the ravine... There was a sound of crashing glass nearby. She turned towards the origin of the sound, but it was merely the last window in Tom Mack's cabin falling out. The rest of it was on fire.. With the destruction of Tom Mack, Terror Ferret knew that the BBS world would be that more safer... No more countless revisions innundating the hard disks of unsuspecting SysOp's everywhere... How could they have known that RBBS was a communist plot to take over the Telephone System, and force everyone to talk about Computers and Philosophy.. The Second Ring was the base of operations, and from there they would have eventually had the whole world behind them... But luckily, Terror Ferret discovered what was brewing, and trekked to Great Falls, VA. There, she confronted the nefarious Thomas "Stalin" Mack. He was no match for the power of her two Uzis. She pulled the plug on the headquarters of evil, and set it aflame.... ..But now, where to go? There were still the 2000 or so RBBS's to unplug and destroy, plus the C-NETS to be eradicated. She needed a base of operations, a place where she could figure out how to erase them all.... ...She remembered a number of a board in Chappaqua, NY that was what she was looking for, a PC-BOARD called the Works.... =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=< __ __ \ Call The Works BBS: The only ANTI-RBBS PC-BOARD.. (__><__) / [] / (914)/238-8195 ____/----\______/ ANSI Graphics 10 Megabytes . /, _____________ 900+ Textfiles 300/1200 Baud . <___/ . \ Handles Encouraged 5 Conferences . ... . \ Strange ideas 24 hrs a DAY . . ... . . . \ ........... . / Home of the one and only TERROR FERRET! ....... . . / =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-<


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